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Catalyst '23 steams ahead

The University Libraries have passed the halfway point of Catalyst, the organization’s yearly approach to strategic planning. This year, the Libraries are forging deeper connections with partners across the university through five initiatives grounded in the Libraries’ mission, vision, and values.

The current iteration of Catalyst began in September and will continue through June. The early months of the strategic plan involved forming teams, determining objectives, and creating action plans to guide this cycle’s work. Now, initiatives workgroups are implementing their action plans and to accomplish the objectives they set. Library staff hear updates on the plan’s progress of through a project dashboard, internal website, and monthly communications.

Several initiative workgroups have already accomplished a portion of their goals:

Over the next three months, teams will continue collaborating to create meaningful change within the Libraries to benefit staff, students, and the campus community.

A detailed breakdown of the plan and the Libraries’ mission, vision, and values can be found at