The Routledge Concise Compendium of the World's Languages

We have a new reference book called The Routledge Concise Compendium of the World's Languages. The call number for this book is P371 .C37 2011, and it can be found in the Reference section on the first floor of King. Features of this book include morphology descriptions for all languages, statistical data on topics such as the number of speakers of a language, illustrative text samples, a glossary of technical terms, comparative tables of the numerals 1-10 in all languages covered, an appendix of scripts (with the alphabets of different languages), an extensive bibliography, and classification by genetic relationships of all languages covered. Entries include the following sections: introduction, phonology, script, morphology and syntax, and the sample of the written language. Though this reference book is mostly meant for students and scholars of Linguistics, it has interesting information for anyone fascinated by languages. For example, did you know that Hausa (the major language of West Africa) is spoken by over 25 million people? How about the fact that French is the second most commonly taught second language in the world (after English)? All of these facts can be found in this compendium!


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