Brill Question of the Month

Brill Science Library has their November Question of the Month up on their blog and in the library. Put your thinking cap on to win a $10 gift certificate to somewhere in Oxford!

  1. What is the "rule of three" in awarding the Nobel Prize?
  2. What are the three kinds of RNA (riboncleic acid) involved in the biochemical process of translation?
  3. Provide a citation for a research paper about ribosomes which was:
    • written by a Miami faculty member
    • OR written by the 2009 Chemistry Nobel Laureate who earned his PhD in Ohio

Make sure you get your answers in by November 30th to be eligible for the $10 gift certificate to anywhere in Oxford (your choice)! To submit your answers, come on in to the Brill Science Library or fill in the form here and submit your responses to


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