100 most popular scientists for young adults biographical sketches and professional paths / Kendall Haven and Donna Clark

Author(s): Haven, Kendall F
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Published: Englewood, Colo. : Libraries Unlimited, 1999
Series: Profiles and pathways series
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Luis Alvarez, "The Wild Idea Man" 1
Isaac Asimov, "From Science Fact to Science Fiction" 6
Robert Bakker, "Hot Blooded Dinosaurs" 11
Robert Ballard, "Titanic Discoveries" 16
John Bardeen, "Taming the Transistor" 21
George Beadle, "Bread Mold to Nobel Prize" 26
Jacob Bjerknes, "The King of Atmospheric Sciences" 31
Niels Bohr, "Cracking the Code" 36
Max Born, "Quantum Career" 41
Jane Brody, "From Test Tube to Sauce Pan" 46
David Brower, "Our Number 1 Conservationist" 51
Luther Burbank, "The Plant Wizard" 56
Jocelyn Bell Burnell, "A Little Bit of Scruff" 61
Nolan Bushnell, "King Pong" 66
Wallace Carothers, "Mr. Nylon" 71
Rachel Carson, "The World Took a New Direction" 76
George Washington Carver, "The Plant Doctor" 81
Karen Chin, "Messing Around with Dinosaur Poop" 86
Bernard Chouet, "The Earth, My Laboratory" 91
Eugenie Clark, "Shark Lady" 96
Albert Claude, "The Founder of Modern Cell Biology" 101
Jewel Plummer Cobb, "The Best Pathway" 106
Stanley Cohen, "Factoring the Growth of Cells" 111
Barry Commoner, "The Paul Revere of Ecology" 116
Gerty Radnitz Cori, "Lifting Nature's Veil" 121
Jacques Cousteau, "Studying the Drowned Museum" 126
Francis Crick, "The Most Significant Discovery of the Century" 131
Marie Curie, "A New Age of Science" 136
Jean Dausset, "Typing Tissues" 141
Paul Dirac, "Quantum Mathematics" 146
Benjamin Duggar, "The Wonder Drug" 151
Paul Ehrlich, "Breeding Ourselves into Oblivion" 156
Albert Einstein, "The Troubled Amateur" 161
Loren Eiseley, "The Gift of Tongues" 166
Gertrude Elion, "The Real Reward" 171
Philo T. Farnsworth, "Father of Television" 176
Enrico Fermi, "Navigating into a New World" 181
Richard P. Feynman, "The Most Brilliant Young Physicist" 186
Dian Fossey, "The Old Lady Who Lives in the Forest" 191
Rosalind Franklin, "The Outsider" 196
Dennis Gabor, "My Luckiest Find Yet" 201
William Gates, "Best Hacker in the Group" 206
Hans Geiger, "Mister Counter" 211
Robert Hutchings Goddard, "The Moon-Rocket Man" 216
Jane Goodall, "The White-Skinned Ape" 221
Gordon Gould, "A Flash of Insight" 226
Stephen Jay Gould, "A New Explanation" 231
George Hale, "Bigger Is Better" 236
Alice Hamilton, "Exploring the Dangerous Trades" 241
Wesley Harris, "A Shining Example" 246
Stephen Hawking, "Finding the Big Bang" 251
Werner Heisenberg, "The Birth of Uncertainty" 256
Warren Henry, "Leaving His Mark" 261
Matthew Henson, "A Special Kind of Scientist" 266
Harry Hess, "Seafloor Spreading" 271
Ted Hoff, "The Computer on a Chip" 276
Robert Hofstadter, "Into the Sun: Peering Inside the Nucleus" 281
Arthur Holmes, "Dating the Age of the Earth" 286
Edwin Hubble, "Measuring the Stars" 291
Shirley Jackson, "Superconductivity and Super Conduct" 296
Jack Kilby, "Breaking the Tyranny of Numbers" 301
Edwin Land, "Instant Success" 306
Ernest Lawrence, "Accelerating the Search" 311
Louis Leakey, "The Black Man with a White Face" 316
Edward Lorenz, "The Butterfly Effect" 321
Shannon Lucid, "Patient Explorer" 326
Maria Goeppert Mayer, "The Madonna of the Onion" 331
Barbara McClintock, "Jumpin' Genes" 336
Margaret Mead, "Education for Choice" 341
Lise Meitner, "The Discovery of the Century" 346
Albert Michelson, "Faster Than a Speeding Light Beam" 351
Cynthia Moss, "The Elephant Bug" 356
John Muir, "Father of Our National Parks" 361
Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" 366
Julius Robert Oppenheimer, "Father of the Bomb" 371
Wolfgang Pauli, "The Conscience of Physics" 376
Linus Pauling, "The Unconventional Genius" 381
Roger Penrose, "The Math Wizard" 386
Max Planck, "Planck's Constant and the Foundation of Quantum Understanding" 391
Wilhelm Reich, "Father of the Sexual Revolution" 396
Charles Richter, "Measuring the Beast" 401
Sally Ride, "The Most Fun I'll Ever Have" 406
Albert Sabin, "A Better Vaccine" 411
Florence Rena Sabin, "The Little Doctor" 416
Carl Sagan, "The Cosmic Explainer" 421
Jonas E. Salk, "The Total Conquest of Polio" 426
Albert Schweitzer, "Reverence for Life" 431
Glenn Seaborg, "Father of the Transuranic Elements" 436
Roger Sperry, "A Brain for the Brain" 441
James Starrs, "Leading the Science Orchestra" 446
Howard Temin, "Information Transfer" 451
Nikola Tesla, "Lightning in His Hands" 456
James Van Allen, "Mapping Belts in the Sky" 461
Wernher von Braun, "The Father of NASA" 466
An Wang, "Technology Visionary" 471
Annie Wauneka, "Badge Woman" 476
Cyril Wecht, "Modern Murder Mysteries" 481
Steve Wozniak, "The Electronic Whiz Kid" 486
Chien-Shiung Wu, "Courageous Hero" 491
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, "The Fighter" 496
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App. B. Scientists by Field of Specialization 513
Index 515
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