Handbook of qualitative research / Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln, editors

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Subjects: Social sciences--Research
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Edition: 2nd ed
Published: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2000
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Table of Contents: Preface
1. Introduction: The Discipline and Practice of Qualitative Research / Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln 1
Pt. I. Locating the Field 30
2. Qualitative Methods: Their History in Sociology and Anthropology / Arthur J. Vidich, Stanford M. Lyman 37
3. Reconstructing the Relationships Between Universities and Society Through Action Research / Davydd J. Greenwood, Morten Levin 85
4. For Whom? Qualitative Research, Representations, and Social Responsibilities / Michelle Fine, Lois Weis, Susan Weseen 107
5. Ethics and Politics in Qualitative Research / Clifford G. Christians 133
Pt. II. Paradigms and Perspectives in Transition 156
6. Paradigmatic Controversies, Contradictions, and Emerging Confluences / Yvonna S. Lincoln, Egon G. Guba 163
7. Three Epistemological Stances for Qualitative Inquiry: Interpretivism, Hermeneutics, and Social Constructionism / Thomas A. Schwandt 189
8. Feminisms and Qualitative Research At and Into the Millennium / Virginia L. Olesen 215
9. Racialized Discourses and Ethnic Epistemologies / Gloria Ladson-Billings 257
10. Rethinking Critical Theory and Qualitative Research / Joe L. Kincheloe, Peter McLaren 279
11. Cultural Studies / John Frow, Meaghan Morris 315
12. Sexualities, Queer Theory, and Qualitative Research / Johua Gamson 347
Pt. III. Strategies of Inquiry 366
13. The Choreography of Qualitative Research Design: Minuets, Improvisations, and Crystallization / Valerie J. Janesick 379
14. An Untold Story? Doing Funded Qualitative Research / Julianne Cheek 401
15. Performance Ethnography: A Brief History and Some Advice / Michal M. McCall 421
16. Case Studies / Robert E. Stake 435
17. Ethnography and Ethnographic Representation / Barbara Tedlock 455
18. Analyzing Interpretive Practice / Jaber F. Gubrium, James A. Holstein 487
19. Grounded Theory: Objectivist and Constructivist Methods / Kathy Charmaz 509
20. Undaunted Courage: Life History and the Postmodern Challenge / William G. Tierney 537
21. Testimonio, Subalternity, and Narrative Authority / John Beverley 555
22. Participatory Action Research / Stephen Kemmis, Robin McTaggart 567
23. Clinical Research / William L. Miller, Benjamin F. Crabtree 607
Pt. IV. Methods of Collecting and Analyzing Empirical Materials 632
24. The Interview: From Structured Questions to Negotiated Text / Andrea Fontana, James H. Frey 645
25. Rethinking Observation: From Method to Context / Michael V. Angrosino, Kimberly A. Mays de Perez 673
26. The Interpretation of Documents and Material Culture / Ian Hodder 703
27. Reimagining Visual Methods: Galileo to Neuromancer / Douglas Harper 717
28. Autoethnography, Personal Narrative, Reflexivity: Researcher as Subject / Carolyn Ellis, Arthur P. Bochner 733
29. Data Management and Analysis Methods / Gery W. Ryan, H. Russell Bernard 769
30. Software and Qualitative Research / Eben A. Weitzman 803
31. Analyzing Talk and Text / David Silverman 821
32. Focus Groups in Feminist Research / Esther Madriz 835
33. Applied Ethnography / Erve Chambers 851
Pt. V. The Art and Practices of Interpretation, Evaluation, and Representation 870
34. The Problem of Criteria in the Age of Relativism / John K. Smith, Deborah K. Deemer 877
35. The Practices and Politics of Interpretation / Norman K. Denzin 897
36. Writing: A Method of Inquiry / Laurel Richardson 923
37. Anthropological Poetics / Ivan Brady 949
38. Understanding Social Programs Through Evaluation / Jennifer C. Greene 981
39. Influencing the Policy Process With Qualitative Research / Ray C. Rist 1001
Pt. VI. The Future of Qualitative Research 1018
40. Qualitative Inquiry: Tensions and Transformations / Mary M. Gergen, Kenneth J. Gergen 1025
41. The Seventh Moment: Out of the Past / Yvonna S. Lincoln, Norman K. Denzin 1047
Author Index 1-1
Subject Index 1-17
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Additional Authors: Denzin, Norman K
Lincoln, Yvonna S
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ISBN: 0761915125 (acid free paper)
Includes bibliographical references and indexes
Contents: Introduction: The discipline and practice of qualitative research / Norman K. Denzin and Yvonna S. Lincoln -- Qualitative methods: their history in sociology and anthropology / Arthur J. Vidich and Stanford M. Lyman -- Reconstructing the relationships between universities and society through action research / Davydd J. Greenwood and Morten Levin -- For whom? qualitative research, representations, and social responsibilities / Michelle Fine ... [et al.] -- Ethics and politics in qualitative research / Clifford G. Christians -- Paradigmatic controversies, contradictions, and emerging confluences / Yvonna S. Lincoln and Egon G. Guba -- Three epistemological stances for qualitative inquiry: interpretivism, hermeneutics, and social constructionism / Thomas A. Schwandt -- Feminisms and qualitative research at and into the millennium / Virginia L. Olesen -- Racialized discourses and ethnic epistemologies / Gloria Ladson-Billings -- Rethinking critical theory and qualitative research / Joe L. Kincheloe and Peter McLaren -- Cultural studies / John Frow and Meaghan Morris -- Sexualities, queer theory, and qualitative research / Joshua Gamson -- The choreography of qualitative research design: minuets, improvisations, and crystallization / Valerie J. Janesick -- An untold story? Doing funded qualitative research / Julianne Cheek -- Performance ethnography: a brief history and some advice / Michael M. McCall -- Case studies / Robert E. Stake -- Ethnography and ethnographic representation / Barbara Tedlock -- Analyzing interpretive practice / Jaber F. Gubrium and James A. Holstein -- Grounded theory: objectivist and constructivist methods / Kathy Charmaz -- Undaunted courage: life history and the postmodern challenge / William G. Tierney -- Testimonio, subalternity, and narrative authority / John Beverley -- Participatory action research / Stephen Kemmis and Robin McTaggart -- Clinical research / William L. Miller and Benjamin F. Crabtree -- The interview: from structured questions to negotiated text / Andrea Fontana and James H. Frey -- Rethinking observation: from method to context / Michael V. Angrosino and Kimberly A. Mays de Pérez -- The interpretation of documents and material culture / Ian Hodder -- Reimagining visual methods: Galileo to neuromancer / Douglas Harper -- Autoethnography, personal narrative, reflexivity: researcher as subject / Carolyn Ellis and Arthur P. Bochner -- Data management and analysis methods / Gery W. Ryan and H. Russell Bernard -- Software and qualitative research / Eben A. Weitzman -- Analyzing talk and text / David Silverman -- Focus groups in feminist research / Esther Madriz -- Applied ethnography / Erve Chambers -- The problem of criteria in the age of relativism / John K. Smith and Deborah K. Deemer -- The practices and politics of interpretation / Norman K. Denzin -- Writing: a method of inquiry / Laurel Richardson -- Anthropological poetics / Ivan Brady -- Understanding social programs through evaluation / Jennifer C. Greene -- Influencing the policy process with qualitative research / Ray C. Rist -- Qualitative inquiry: tensions and transformations / Mary M. Gergen and Kenneth J. Gergen -- The seventh moment: out of the past / Yvonna S. Lincoln and Norman K. Denzin
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