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Patent numberINVENTORS NAMESAssigneesTitlePlace Date
433,061Aarons, Gusta Window fire escape Milwaukee, WIJuly 29, 1890
462,071Abbey, Marietta Label holding frame Dailey, MIOct. 27, 1891
286,891Abbot, Charlotte E. Folding table Portland, MEOct. 16, 1883
487,009Abbott, Cary F. Ash sifter Nashua, NHNov. 29, 1892
332,031Abell, Clara Hat and bonnet fastener Geddes, NYDec. 8, 1885
504,647Abell, Clara Dishcloth holder Baldwinsville, NYSept. 5, 1893
421,467Abraham, Martha L. Bedpan Chicago, ILFeb. 18, 1890
400,992Achard, Julia A. Liniment Lodi, CAApr. 9, 1889
498,098Ackerman, Cordula Coffee making pot or utensil Pekin, ILMay 23, 1893
387,479Ackerman, Emma M. Colby, William M. (1/2) Sewing machine Quincy, MAAug. 7, 1888
351,240Adair, Annie E. Ironing table Sulphur Springs, TXOct. 19, 1886
212,343Adams, Catherine A. Improvement in kitchen cabinets Milford, CTFeb. 18, 1879
264,427Adams, Catharine Anne Corset busk and clasp Milford, CTSep. 26, 1882
1,940Adams, Elizabeth Corset to be worn by females during pregnancy or suffering under umbilical hernia or abdominal weakness Boston, MAJan. 21, 1841
38,010Adams, Henrietta H. Hair crimpers New York, NYMar. 24, 1863
238,477Adams, Laura M. Syringe New York, NYMar. 8, 1881
244,415Adams, Lorinda E. Egg poacher Cleveland, OHJul. 19, 1881
215,310Adams, Margaret E. Improvement in dress makers charts South Bend, INMay 13, 1879
438,517Adams, Mary C. Clothes rack for houses or exhibiting garments Atlantic City, NJOct. 14, 1890
372,648Adams, Mary L. W. Griddle greaser Nashotah, WINov. 8, 1887
362,051Addoms, Phebe Rosalie Ventilator Brooklyn, NYMay 3, 1887
342,989Addoms, Phebe Rosalie Ventilator Brooklyn, NYJune 1, 1886
105,405Aderhold, Luna J. Improvement in hoes Wedowee, ALJuly 19, 1870
434,311Aderhold, Luna J. Machine for making wire braces Waco, GAAug. 12, 1890
92,926Adkins, Marcia Hair curling apparatus Oswego, NYJuly 27, 1869
483,275Adler, Hattie Mollerup, Carl C. (1/2) Clothes drier Denver, COSept. 27, 1892
450,604Agney, Luella A. Bread raising cabinet Freeport, ILApr. 21, 1891
452,155Ahlstrom, Jenny Combined eye shade and head shield New York, NYMay 12, 1891
439,569Ahrens, Ella H. Broiler support Philadelphia, PAOct. 28, 1890
26,005Alden, Mrs. Corintha Apparatus for ironing clothes Cassadaga, NYNov. 8, 1859
444,414Aldrich, Addie Reticule or pocketbook Cincinnati, OHJan. 13, 1891
16,518Alexander, Elisa Attachment to sewing machines New York, NYFeb. 3, 1857
136,354Alexander, Eliza H. Braider for sewing machines New York, NYMar. 4, 1873
136,355Alexander, Eliza H. Braiding attachment for sewing machines New York, NYMar. 4, 1873
140,233Alexander, Eliza H. Improvement in attachments for sewing machines New York, NYJune 24, 1873
281,225Alexander, Eliza H. Braiding attachment for sewing machines New York, NYJul. 17, 1883
293,840Alexander, Eliza H. Apparatus for and method of embroideing New York, NYFeb. 19, 1884
517,970Alexander, Helen L. Veil clasp Washington, DCApr. 10, 1894
459,940Alexander, Louisa E. ; Hatch, William B. Rotary screen and sifter Elmira, NYSept. 22, 1891
135,460Alexander, Mary H. Wood pavement Newark, NJFeb. 4, 1873
62,800Allen, Charlotte W. Improved smoothing iron stand Newport, KYMar. 12, 1867
485,731Allen, Eliza Dress trimming New York, NYNov. 8, 1892
245,927Allen, Emma Magnifying glass support for retouching frames Freeport, ILAug. 23, 1881
270,923Allen, Emma Retouching machine Freeport, ILJan. 23, 1883
404,668Allen, Emma Whip socket Freeport, ILJune 4, 1889
340,027Allen, Harriet B. Pan for washing dishes St. Louis, MOApr. 13, 1886
355,368Allen, Maria E. Diaper Brooklyn, NYJan. 4, 1887
307,251Allender, Charlotte P. Crib Cuba, NYOct. 28, 1884
467,906Allison, Emeline Doubling and winding device for domestic use Omro, WIFeb. 2, 1892
358,914Alplanalb, Anna Bustle Chicago, ILMar. 8, 1887
457,692Alvord, Kitina M. Draft attachment for sleighs Huntington, MAAug. 11, 1891
164,122Alvord, Mary A. Improvement in spout attachments for dumping carts New York, NYJune 8,1875
412,009Ambery, Martha E. Cloak and skirt protector Fishkill on the Hudson, NYOct. 1, 1889
147,354Ambler, Harriet D. Daby, Augustine W. Improvement in children's carriages Brooklyn, NYFeb. 10, 1874
515,735Amerman, Charlotte M. Attachment for school desks Onarga, ILMar. 6, 1894
86,488Ames, Emily K. Improvement in culinary vessels Chicago, ILFeb. 2, 1869
163,433Ames, Josephine N. Improvement in corsets New York, NYMay 18, 1875
296,104Amia, Nannette Catamenial sack Brooklyn, NYApr. 1, 1884
413,747Anderson, Eliza Tag Kansas City, MOOct. 29, 1889
302,536Anderson, Eliza M. C. Maize grater New York, NYJuly 29, 1884
305,497Anderson, Eliza M. C. Clamping device New York, NYSept. 23, 1884
287,080Anderson, Eliza M. C. Green corn cutter New York, NYOct. 23, 1883
137,647Anderson, Ellen D. Shutter fastening Frederick, MDApr. 8, 1873
528,062Anderson, Gerda A. Veil fastener New York, NYOct. 23, 1894
428,996Anderson, Johanna Washing machine Braceville, ILMay 27, 1890
D20,526Anderson, Lelia Zeb Match safe Philadelphia, PAFeb. 24, 1891
40,668Anderson, Louisa E. Rheumatic liniment St. Louis, MONov. 17, 1863
254,898Anderson, Sallie J. Dish washing machine Bartlett, TNMar. 14, 1882
528,135Andersson, Hilda Karolina Sjostrom, David (1/2) Disinfecting apparatus Stockholm, SwedenOct. 30, 1894
364,078Andrews, Amelia V. Bed pan Philadelphia, PAMay 31, 1887
157,981Andrews, Lucy Emma Improvement in safety pins San Francisco, CADec. 22, 1874
502,455Andrews, Mary B. Game apparatus Philadelphia, PAAug. 1, 1893
521,873Andrus, Sallie T. Combination trunk, bureau, and writing table Aurora, ILJune 26, 1894
258,689Angell, Ida R. Flat iron heater Delphos, OHJun. 6, 1882
521,694Anker, Fannie Preserving food compounds Jersey City, NJJune 19, 1894
74,786Annis, Emeline T. Improved pillow support Mount Morris, NYFeb. 25, 1868
118,671Antrim, Mary E. Attachment for sewing machines Philadelphia, PASept. 5, 1871
260,922Appleton, Clara Stocking Bristol, PAJul. 25, 1882
372,192Ardery, Nevada Florence Bustle New Cumberland, INOct. 25, 1887
464,413Armstrong, Alice Sash fastener Noblesville, INDec. 1, 1891
90,719Armstrong, Margaret Cooking stove West Alexander, PAJune 1, 1869
237,154Armstrong, Mary E. Dust brush Baltimore, MDFeb. 1, 1881
235,487Arnold, Ann Eliza Fumigating compound Providence, RIDec. 14, 1880
171,967Arnold, Eliza M. Improvement in umbrella supporters Houston, TXJan. 11, 1876
323,288Arrowsmith, Mary A. Fire escape Freehold, NJJuly 28, 1885
454,445Ashby, Louisa Manufacture of mattresses, pillows, etc. Lafayette, INJune 23, 1891
393,496Ashby, Sarah M. Sponge and slate pencil holder Cassopolis, MINov. 27, 1888
463,434Ashby, Sarah M. School pencil and sponge holder Lincoln, NENov. 17, 1891
50,674Ashley, Kate E. Improved stand for preserve jars Williamsburg, NYOct. 31, 1865
478,076Asten, Josephine Skirt elevator Washington, DCJuly 5, 1892
128,997Atkins, Elizabeth Improvement in beefsteak choppers Monroe, LAJuly 16, 1872
279,852Atkins, Sophronia Cordage to be used for bale bands or ties River Falls, WIJun. 19, 1883
333,098Atkinson, Mary C. Milk skimmer Baltimore, MDDec. 29, 1885
354,032Ator, Margaret W. Letter box bell Bloomington, ILDec. 7, 1886
U1,834AAtwell, Phebe Ward, Levi Fur, extracting from skins and manufacturing it into yarn Walworth, NYApr. 30, 1834
317,433Atwood, Eliza Chester Dust pan Geneva, NYMay 5, 1885
397,061Atwood, Julia E. Suspenders Swanton, VTJan. 29, 1889
271,765Augir, Viola J. Album for photographs, &etc Spencer, IAFeb. 6, 1883
315,377Austen, Frances M. Boiler for heating fruit in jars Dickinson, NYApr. 7, 1885
489,406Austin, Louise Pinking shears Whatcom, WAJan. 3, 1893
379,500Austin, Martha E. Salve New Orleans, LAMar. 13, 1888
406,330Austin, Pauline Child's carriage attachment Brooklyn, NYJuly 2, 1889
231,141Avery, Frances E. Oven grate or shelf Metuchen, NJAug. 17, 1880
205,519Ayers, Mary P. Improvement in file guards San Francisco, CAJul. 2, 1878
533,422Ayerst, Sarah A. Hatstand Aberdeen, SDFeb. 5, 1895
517,561Ayres, Augusta N. Utensil for cooking food over lamp chimneys Beverly, MAApr. 3, 1894
385,988Babcock, Melvinia V. Hair dressing Boston, MAJuly 10, 1888
191,092Bachmann, Sophie E. Improvement in toy skating rinks New York, NYMay 22, 1877
497,162Backman, Bertha A. Kitchen utensil Malden, MAMay 9, 1893
330,003Bacon, Charlotte Augusta Detachable spout for milk pails Charlton Depot, MANov. 10, 1885nee Davenport
480,703Baer, Hermine Dress form San Francisco, CAAug. 16, 1892
416,249Balfour, Emma Device for holding paper over cakes in ovens Sherman, TXDec. 3, 1889
218,915Baglin, Amelia Improvement in hats and other head coverings Brooklyn, NYAug. 26, 1879Reissued as R8,972 Nov. 18, 1879
352,386Bailey, Anna E. Portable warming apparatus Chicago, ILNov. 9, 1886
482,434Bailey, Ella E. Cake box Baltimore, MDSept. 13, 1892
527,231Bailey, Ella E. Flower holder Baltimore, MDOct. 9, 1894
388,009Bailey, Ellene A. Combined needle and cord New York, NYAug. 21, 1888
342,773Bailey, Ellene A. Needle St. Charles, MOJune 1, 1886
471,680Bailey, Ellene Alice Powder puff New York, NYMar. 29, 1892
529,352Bailey, Ellene Alice Rain boot or legging for ladies or children New York, NYNov. 20, 1894
533,423Bailey, Ellene Alice Binder fastener for garment openings New York, NYFeb. 5, 1895
233,461Bailey, Ellene Alice Boot St. Charles, MOOct. 19, 1880
295,612Bailey, Ellene A. Shoe button needle St. Charles, MOMar. 25, 1884
301,849Bailey, Ellene A. Corset protecor St. Charles, MOJul. 15, 1884
372,288Bailey, Hannah C. Attachment for beds for invalids Utica, NYNov. 1, 1887
407,318Bain, Nelly Armpit shield New York, NYJuly 23, 1889
485,081Baird, Ariette Combined baby tender and crib Riverhead, NYOct. 25, 1892
499,951Baird, Carrie S. Dish drainer Brisbin, PAJune 20, 1893
467,604Baird, Jane Strainer North Topeka, KSJan. 26, 1892
87,618Baker, A. L. Improved compound for renewing hair Newark, NJMar. 9, 1869
156,968Baker, Adelaide Improvement in oyster salvers Hoboken, NJNov. 17, 1874
297,555Baker, Harriet E. Scrubbing brush Springfield, MAApr. 29, 1884
436,071Baker, Mary Dent Fire escape Washington, DCSept. 9, 1890
336,077Baker, Mattie J. Ironing table San Jose, CAFeb. 16, 1886
172,072Baker, Phoebe G. Improvement in skirt elevators and adjusters South Yarmouth, MAJan. 11, 1876
54,094Baker, Sarah J. Improvement in stocking heel protectors Chicago, ILApr. 24, 1866
216,717Baker, Sophia H. Improvement in fowl steamers Wilmington, ILJun. 24, 1879
105,885Baker, Virginia L. Improvement in bedsteads and cots Richmond, VAAug. 2, 1870
212,423Baldwin, Anna Curry Improvement in cow milkers Newark, NJFeb. 18, 1879
78,640Baldwin, Anna E. Improved process of treating milk to obtain useful products Newark, NJJune 9, 1868
93,582Baldwin, Anna E. Improvement in milk separators Newark, NJAug. 10, 1869
93,583Baldwin, Anna E. Improvement in milk coolers Newark, NJAug. 10, 1869Reissued as R4,573 Oct. 3, 1871
R4,573Baldwin, Anna E. Improvement in milk coolers Newark, NJOct. 3, 1871Original 93,583 Aug. 10, 1869
313,642Baldwin, Jeannette D. Back for piano stools Moore's Hill, INMar. 10, 1885
449,514Baldwin, Mariam A. Door or window screen attachment Pueblo, COMar. 31, 1891
235,403Baldwin, Mary H. Shirt ironing board Hamlin, TXDec. 14, 1880
35,289Baldwin, Sarah A. Combination of sofa and bathing tub Waterbury, CTMay 20, 1862
36,388Baldwin, Sarah A. Door plate and card receiver Waterbury, CTSept. 9, 1862
193,471Baldwin, Theursa D. Improvement in car couplings Albion, MIJuly 24, 1877
492,755Baltzell, Virginia C. Apparatus for hanging and adjusting window curtains Madison, WIFeb. 28, 1893
D23,006Balfour, Minnie T. Card holder Augusta, ILJan. 6, 1894
7,627Balis, Louisa Corset stay Oneida County, NYSept. 10, 1850
348,373Ball, Sarah E. Combined work table and basket Brooklyn, NYAug. 31, 1886
179,503Ballou, Lydia K.; Lee, George G. Improvement in mosquito nets and canopies Water Viet, MIJuly 4, 1876
133,962Balmforth, Elizabeth Portable balcony Danbury, CTDec. 17, 1872
150,510Bancroft, Sarah H.; Tucker, Sarah W. Improvement in bathing chairs Media, PAMay 5, 1874
172,372Banfield, Julia D. Improvement in corset attachments Boston, MAJan. 18, 1876
355,369Banfield, Julia D. Garment supporter Boston, MAJan. 4, 1887
197,587Banfield, Julia D. Improvement in stocking supporters Boston, MANov. 27, 1877
197,588Banfield, Julia D. Improvement in corsets Boston, MANov. 27, 1877
202,398Banfield, Julia D. Improvement in bosom forms Boston, MAApr. 16, 1878
203,400Banfield, Julia D. Improvement in corset busks Boston, MAMay 7, 1878
217,721Banfield, Julia D. Improvement in corsets Boston, MAJul. 22, 1879
266,008Banfield, Julia D. Corset Boston, MAOct. 17, 1882
241,589Banker, Imogene E. Banker, Imogene E.; Punchard, Henry Corset Brooklyn, NYMay 17, 1881
377,979Banks, Ann Eliza Liniment Bland Court House, VAFeb. 14, 1888
275,012Banning, Carina B. Banning, Carina B. ; Murray, Robert A. Dust pan Boston, MAApr. 3, 1883
425,972Baraco, Rosalie V. Closet attachment Fresno, CAApr. 22, 1890
442,565Barager, Mary M. Curtain ring Candor, NYDec. 9, 1890
370,035Barber, Anna E. Fruit preserver Brodhead, WISept. 20, 1887
D21,585Barbero, Mamie C. Badge Maquon, ILMay 31, 1892
182,343Barbour, Mary G. Improvement in plate lifters Portland, MESept. 19, 1876
320,529Barbour, Mary G. Broiler or toaster Bradford, MAJune 23, 1885
283,189Bardeen, Amy Grain elevator Blackstone, MAAug. 14, 1883
357,895Bardill, Maggie Wash boiler Groton, Dakota TerritoryFeb. 15, 1887
54,998Bardwell, Anna M. Bardwell, H.J., Clapp, C.D. Improvement in hoop skirts Amherst, MAMay 22, 1866
133,693Bardwell, Anna M. Carriage curtain fastening Amherst, MADec. 10, 1872
163,852Barfoot, Mary Emily; Denman, William S. Improvement in lid holding attachments to stove pipes El Paso, ILJune 1, 1875
245,430Barhydt, Mary R. Attachment for pants Burlington, IAAug. 9, 1881
454,700Barker, Emma Game attachment London, EnglandJune 23, 1891
198,181Barker, Laura B. Improvement in attachments for casters Springfield, MADec. 18, 1877
268,852Barlow, Eliza J. Barlow, Nathan P.; Watson, Henry Culinary utensil Gowen, MIDec. 12, 1882
154,781Barnes, Mary Improvement in artificial flowers Truckee, CASept. 8, 1874
146,566Barnes, Mary A. Improvement in boiler washing machines Olympia, WAJan. 20, 1874
350,966Barnes, Mary H. Sad iron cleaner Binghamton, NYOct. 19, 1886
132,233Barnes, Sarah M. Medical compound or anti-dyspeptic bitters Lafayette, VAOct. 15, 1872
438,833Barnett, Flora Method of decorative painting New York, NYOct. 21, 1890
343,688Barney, Susan E. Napkin ring New York, NYJune 15, 1886
316,324Barnwell, Charlotte C. Folding bath stand Beaufort, SCApr. 21, 1885
508,907Barr, Mary L. Folding bed Indianapolis, INNov. 21, 1893
517,598Barr, Mary L. Baby carriages Indianapolis, INApr. 3, 1894
532,631Barrett, Esther M. Traveling bag Lexington, MAJan. 15, 1895
234,384Barringer, Medora D. Thread cutter Silver Creek, MINov. 16, 1880
415,893Barron, Nell Louise Cake mixer Barton, VTNov. 26, 1889
318,681Barry, Charlotte M. A. Waist Boston, MAMay 26, 1885
281,659Barry, Charlotte M. Adams Corset Boston, MAJul. 24, 1883
45,308Bartelett, Clara A. Improvement in side saddles Ferndale, CADec. 6, 1864
251,507Bartlett, Caroline F. Adjustable support for persons during dress fitting Boston, MADec. 27, 1881
56,875Bartlett, Clara A. Improvement in side saddles Oakland, CAAug. 7, 1866
U1,833BBartlette, Elizabeth Balsam lavender New York, NYJan. 29, 1833
131,324Barton, Kate C. Sewing machine Philadelphia, PASept. 17, 1872
182,096Barton, Kate C. Improvement in sewing machines Philadelphia, PASept. 12, 1876
425,561Bass, Bettie Corset Windsor, MOApr. 15, 1890
182,742Batcheller, Fanney C. Improvement in corsets Boston, MAOct. 3, 1876
216,498Batcheller, Fanney C. Improvement in ear holders Boston, MAJun. 17, 1879
237,948Batcheller, Fanny C. Device for restoring facial symmetry Boston, MAFeb. 22, 1881
237,949Batcheller, Fanny C. Finger compress Boston, MAFeb. 22, 1881
183,743Bates, Julia A. Improvement in corsets and pads New York, NYOct. 31, 1876
119,109Bates, Mary A.; Bates, Joseph W. Improvement in wash boilers St. Paul, MNSept. 19, 1871
499,903Bates, Sadie M. Hall, George F. ; Thompson, Lewis M. Luggage carrier for velocipedes Newark, NJJune 20, 1893
507,098Bates, Zervah E. Game apparatus Grand Rapids, MIOct. 24, 1893
489,520Bates, Zervah E. ; Collins, Mary E. Hook and eye Grand Rapids, MIJan. 10, 1893
509,347Bates, Zervah E. ; Collins, Mary E. Hook and eye Grand Rapids, MINov. 21, 1893
297,054Bateson, Elizabeth Ash sifter Detroit, MIApr. 15, 1884
103,412Battles, Lucretia Improvement in parasols Gloucester, MAMay 24, 1870
27,095Batty, Henrietta G. Egg cup Springfield, MAFeb. 14, 1860
430,059Baughman, Melvina E. ; Baughman, Jacob S. Chart for drafting garments Burlington, IAJune 10, 1890
398,119Baughn, Ollie Potato planting attachment Tobias, NEFeb. 19, 1889
D21,845Baxter, Sara Clasp New York, NYSept. 6, 1892
497,485Bayless, Arzela M. Copyholder Chicago, ILMay 16, 1893
117,967Baylis, Mary Emma Baylis, Henry Improvement in paper wrappers for needles Redditch, EnglandAug. 15, 1871
380,973Beaird, Kate Palmer Hand propelling device for sewing machines Tyler, TXApr. 10, 1888
440,217Beal, Dorothy Lady's wrap Leicester, EnglandNov. 11, 1890
330,548Beal, Sarah Vincent Bed pan Ann Arbor, MINov. 17, 1885
463,473Beam, Belle S. Funnel for canning purposes Strother, MONov. 17, 1891
117,728Beaman, Aurelia W. Improvement in shoulder braces Boston, MAAug. 8, 1871
120,233Beardsley, Emilie A. Improvement in combined heaters and stands for table purposes Binghamton, NYOct. 24, 1871
126,512Beardsley, Emilie A. Haynes, Edwin M. (1/2) Improvement in composition handles for stove cover lifters Binghamton, NYMay 7, 1872
151,464Beardsley, Emilie A. Improvement in kettle covers Canaseraga, NYJune 2, 1874
341,721Beasley, Maria E. Steam generator Philadelphia, PAMay 11, 1886
352,850Beasley, Maria E. Process of making barrels Philadelphia, PANov. 16, 1886
448,905Beasley, Maria E. Notching and cutting hoops for barrels Philadelphia, PAMar. 24, 1891
202,919Beasley, Maria E. Improvement in foot warmers Philadelphia, PAApr. 30, 1878
214,084Beasley, Maria E. Improvement in roasting and baking pans Philadelphia, PAApr. 8, 1879
226,264Beasley, Maria E. Life raft Philadelphia, PAApr. 6, 1880
245,050Beasley, Maria E. Barrel hoop driving machine Philadelphia, PAAug. 2, 1881
256,951Beasley, Maria E. Thompson, William Robert (1/2) Machine for driving hoops upon casks Philadelphia, PAApr. 25, 1882
258,191Beasley, Maria E. Life raft Philadelphia, PAMay 23, 1882
300,194Beasley, Maria E. ; Hugentobler, Emil M. Beasley, Maria E. Barrel stave shaping machine Philadelphia, PAJun. 10, 1884Hugentobler assign to Beasley
300,193Beasley, Maria E. ; Hugentobler, Emil M. Beasley, Maria E. Barrel making machine Philadelphia, PAJun. 10, 1884Hugentobler assign to Beasley
258,004Beasley, Maria E. ; Wiegand, S. Lloyd Beasley, Maria E. Machine for pasting shoe uppers Philadelphia, PAMay 16, 1882Wiegand assign Beasley
380,976Beasley, Maria E.; Rehfuss, George; Rehfuss, J. George; Rehfuss, Martin American Barrel and Stave Company Barrel making machine Philadelphia, PAApr. 10, 1888
393,683Beasley, Maria E.; Rehfuss, John George ; Newhall, George M. American Barrel and Stave Company Barrel setting up machine Philadelphia, PANov. 27, 1888
199,684Beattie, Cinthia Jane Improvement in ointments Pueblo, COJan. 29, 1878
457,931Beattie, Ida B. Bed lounge Little Rock, ARAug. 18, 1891
310,641Beatty, Laura A. Shawl strap Galesburg, ILJan. 13, 1885
362,705Beatty, Laura A. Heating attachment for lamp chimneys Galesburg, ILMay 10, 1887
194,571Beaudette, Louisa L.; Beaudette, Agide J. Improvement in kettle covers Fond du Lac, WIAug. 28, 1877
198,267Beaumont, Cornelia E. Improvement in life boats Cleveland, OHDec. 18, 1877
500,844Beazell, Ella W. Fastening for barrel or other hoops Beaver, PAJuly 4, 1893
509,356Bechmann, Albertina Slate ruler Cincinnati, OHNov. 28, 1893
521,360Bechmann, Albertina Educational appliance Cincinnati, OHJune 12, 1894
492,899Becker, Margaret J. Window cleaner Cohoes, NYMar. 7, 1893
484,284Becker, Margaret J. Window cleaner Cohoes, NYOct. 11, 1892
42,157Bedford, Elizabeth F.; Bedford, Sidney S. Lady's leggin Johnstown, NYApr. 5, 1864
44,039Beecher, Evelyn Hoadley, Beecher & Co. Basket Waterbury, CTAug. 30, 1864
219,796Beecher, Evelyn Improvement in till alarms New Haven, CTSep. 23, 1879
364,792Beecher, Evelyn Rotary cutter New Haven, CTJune 14, 1887
516,425Beecher, Hattie Foster Easel Port Townsend, WAMar. 13, 1894
485,165Beecher, Zina A. Attachment for cultivators Marysville, OHNov. 1, 1892
243,754Beer, Mary Composition for cleaning and disinfecting feathers Philadelphia, PAJul. 5, 1881
310,171Beers, Martha Jane Bathing garment Boston, MAJan. 6, 1885
244,529Beggs, Christena Limb support for car seats Allegheny City, PAJul. 19, 1881
229,944Beggs, Christina Car seat Allegheny, PAJul. 13, 1880
145,329Beissel, Sarah Improvement in meat holders Shamokin, PADec. 9, 1873
D20,050Belcher, Etta Bubble blower Providence, RIJuly 22, 1890
372,109Belden, Ann Macy Magazine stove Bloomington, ILOct. 25, 1887
354,764Bell, Catharine E. Heater for beds West Point, MSDec. 21, 1886
430,913Bell, Elizabeth B. Telephone mouthpiece and holder Washington, DCJune 24, 1890
452,251Bell, Ollie E. Churn Derby, KSMay 12, 1891
18,729Bellinger, Elizabeth Composition fuel Mohawk, NYDec. 1, 1857
26,408Bellinger, Elizabeth Composition for kindling fires Mohawk, NYDec. 13, 1859
432,505Belsher, Julia A. Extension for bedsteads Whitesborough, TXJuly 22, 1890
452,826Bemis, Bertie G. ; Cummings, Orson D. Ladder Charlestown, NHMay 26, 1891
495,008Benas, Marie Necktie box New York, NYApr. 11, 1893
123,220Bendall, Henrietta J. Improvement in compound salves or plasters for the cure of cancers Jarratt's Depot, VAJan. 30, 1872
493,146Bender, Harriet Garden seed drill Denver, COMar. 7, 1893
D22,857Bendl, Marianne Bosom protector Vienna, Austria-HungaryOct. 31, 1893Astro/Hungary patent 3,909; Belgian patent 161,727; English patent 18,278; French patent 225,330;Italian patent 32,834; Nowegian patent 2,873; Spanish patent 13,869'; Swiss patent 6,320
514,435Benedict, Maria ; Benedict, Hiram A. Gridiron or broiler New York, NYFeb. 13, 1894
386,289Benjamin, Miriam E. Gong and signal chair for hotels, etc Washington, DCJuly 17, 1888African-American, her invention was apopted for use by the U.S. House of Representatives.
486,423Bennett, Caroline ; Parkinson, Arthur E. Bennett, Caroline House letter box Kansas City, MONov. 22, 1892
426,902Bennett, Elizabeth Toy puzzle Kansas City, MOApr. 29, 1890
509,286Bentinck, Eliza J. ; Renner, Julia A. Digging machine Galveston, TXNov. 21, 1893
129,919Bergen, Margaret H. Improvement in skirt elevators Brooklyn, NYJuly 30, 1872
149,911Bergen, Margaret H. Improvement in dress elevators Brooklyn, NYApr. 21, 1874
188,228Bergen, Margaret H. Improvement in catches for corset clasps, & c Brooklyn, NYMar. 13, 1877
468,147Cornet, Catherine Hemain ; Berger, Anatole ; Limoges, Martin Charles Heating cup Lyons, FranceFeb. 2, 1892
228,026Berger, Mari Liniment New York, NYMay 25, 1880
433,711Berry, Ellen A. McDaniel, Samuel W. (1/2) Marking patterns for dress waists Boston, MAAug. 5, 1890
447,554Berry, Ellen A. Jacket for making garment patterns Boston, MAMar. 3, 1891
410,682Berry, Ida May Meat and vegetable chopper Sullivan, ILSept. 10, 1889
339,521Berry, Julia Betner Manufacture of fabric for hats, & c New York, NYApr. 6, 1886
334,634Berry, Mary Hannah.; Butler, Frank H. Ointment San Francisco, CAJan. 19, 1886
377,663Bettes, Sephora Louise Ruling attachment for blackboards Washington, DCFeb. 7, 1888
492,263Bettingen, Paulina Bust form New York, NYFeb. 21, 1893
224,272Beull, Harriet J. Combined folding chair and pillow rest New York, NYFeb. 10, 1880
389,357Bicknell, Bettie Heiskell Bake pan Loudon, TNSept. 11, 1888
400,291Biddison, Stella D. Biddison, Samuel M. Retort vaporizer and superheater Forth Worth, TXMar. 26, 1889
265,741Bidwell, Jane A. Carpet stretcher Plain City, OHOct. 10, 1882
308,459Bidwell, Mary Hand protector Springfield, OHNov. 25, 1884
163,043Bidwell, Susan; Bidwell, James; Bidwell, Arthur Improvement in tooth brushes London, EnglandMay 11, 1875
380,079Biggin, Mary Morley, S. H.; Morley, Howard; Morley, Charles; Morley, William; Thomas, John; Goodyear, Frederick; Hill, Thomas Glove Bradway, County of Derby, EnglandMar. 27, 1888
245,271Bigham, Maggie Washing machine Pontoc county, MSAug. 9, 1881
310,020Bilinski, Clara Olive Clothes sprinkler Diamond Lake, ILDec. 30, 1884
438,757Bliss, Eleanora E. Game or educational device or appliance Washington, DCOct. 21, 1890
130,691Binford, Martha Eleanor Washing machine Jackson, TNAug. 20, 1872
491,977Bingham, Calista Kneading and cooling board Padua, ILFeb. 21, 1893
277,665Bingaman, Mollie E. Method of producing transferable embroidery patterna New York, NYMay 15, 1883
160,564Binney, Josephine Improvement in picture holders Boston, MAMar. 9, 1875
91,704Bird, Amelia S. Bird, Amelia S. ; Peugeot, Peter Improvement in steam and other whistles Buffalo, NYJune 22, 1869
443,742Birdsall, Anna E. Bailey, Ellene A. Bed clothes fastener Brooklyn, NYDec. 30, 1890
471,462Birdsong, Mary L. Sewing machine operating attachment Arcola, MSMar. 22, 1892
360,197Birnbaum, Mary E. Stove Santa Barbara, CAMar. 29, 1887
U1,831BBishop, Luna Bellows New Haven, CTDec. 22, 1831
384,674Bishop, Mary F. Means for operating egg beaters Bridgeport, CTJune 19, 1888
514,436Bishop, Mary F. Device for heating water over alcohol Bridgeport, CTFeb. 13, 1894
514,437Bishop, Mary F. Hot water heating device Bridgeport, CTFeb. 13, 1894
187,587Bixby, Lucy J. Improvement in pattern charts for cutting garments Binghamton, NYFeb. 20, 1877
486,076Black, Ellen Agnes Hose supporter Beckwith, CANov. 15, 1892
D21,920Black, Estell M. Spoon Harper's Ferry, WVOct. 25, 1892
229,946Blacker, Mary W. Strap for baby carriers Bentwood, NYJul. 13, 1880
315,382Blaine, Sarah C. Bolster spring Chattanooga, TNApr. 7, 1885
515,277Blair, Maud Holder for griddle greasers Sandy Lake, PAFeb. 20, 1894
499,704Blaisdell, Mary F. W. Combined trunk and couch Franklin, MEJune 20, 1893
532,439Blaisdell, Mary Hall Fly screen for windows, doors, etc. Lewiston, MEJan. 15, 1895
179,745Blake, Euphemia Vale Improvement in satchels Brooklyn, NYJuly 11, 1876
499,705Blake, Laura Anna Shears East Templeton, MAJune 20, 1893
387,040Blake, Minna G. Sewing machine table Vicksburg, MSJuly 31, 1888
155,823Blake, Sarah W. Improvement in piano pedal attachments Waterbury, CTOct. 13, 1874
D22,375Blaker, Eliza Ann Spoon, etc. Indianapolis, INMay 2, 1893
433,591Blakey, Mildred Welding seams of pipes Pittsburg, PAAug. 5, 1890
503,307Blamyer, Frances Milward Meat broiler Olema, CAAug. 15, 1893
141,987Blanchard, Helen A. Improvement in sewing machines Boston, MAAug. 19, 1873
152,721Blanchard, Helen A. Improvement in sewing machines Boston, MAJuly 7, 1874
161,471Blanchard, Helen A. Improvement in sewing machines Boston, MAMar. 30, 1875
161,472Blanchard, Helen A. Improvement in sewing machines Boston, MAMar. 30, 1875
162,019Blanchard, Helen A. Improvement in elastic seams for garments Boston, MAApr. 13, 1875
167,492Blanchard, Helen A. Bigelow, John; trustee Improvement in methods of uniting knit goods, & c Boston, MASept. 7, 1875
167,732Blanchard, Helen A. Improvement in elastic gorings for shoes Boston, MASept. 14, 1875
174,764Blanchard, Helen A. Improvement in welted and covered seams Boston, MAMar. 14, 1876
193,216Blanchard, Helen A. Bigelow, John trustee Improvement in crochet attachments for sewing machines Boston, MAJuly 17, 1877
276,344Blanchard, Helen A. Spool case Philadelphia, PAApr. 24, 1883
304,900Blanchard, Helen A. Pencil sharpener Boston, MASept. 9, 1884
394,817Blanchard, Helen A. Corset cord fastener Philadelphia, PADec. 18, 1888
496,929Blanchard, Helen A. Securing reeds or cords to the edges of materials New York, NYMay 9, 1893
500,556Blanchard, Helen A. Sewing needle New York, NYJuly 4, 1893
527,263Blanchard, Helen A. Surgical needle New York, NYOct. 9, 1894
252,992Blanchard, Helen A. Sewing machine needle Philadelphia, PAJan. 31, 1882
129,708Bland, Mary Cora Improvement in compounds for polishing metals, glass, & c Chicago, ILJuly 23, 1872
141,849Blauvelt, Mary Improvement in dress makers marking and cutting gages Ithaca, NYAug. 19, 1873
459,571Blazier, Mary B. Combined window chair and stepladder Brooklyn, NYSept. 15, 1891
318,536Blenker, Bianca Bustle New York, NYMay 26, 1885
200,891Bliss, Josephine Improvement in kitchen tables Primghar, IAMar. 5, 1878
472,613Bliss, Mary M. Corset Pawtucket, RIApr. 12, 1892
479,548Blizzard, Jennie Dress chart Fort Recovery, OHJuly 26, 1892
511,193Block, Bertha A. J. Wood horse collar and manufacture of the same Racine, WIDec. 19, 1893
305,567Blood, Lydia A. Tug for harness Chicago, ILSept. 23, 1884
312,799Blood, Lydia A. Tug for harness Chicago, ILFeb. 24, 1885
320,213Bloom, Eliza Seal lock New York, NYJune 16, 1885
521,598Bock, Ada F. Safety attachment for brooch pins Akron, OHJune 19, 1894
504,515Boden, Annie ; Peers, Joseph ; Saxon, Samuel Invalid bed San Francisco, CASept. 5, 1893
431,432Bohannan, Jenetta Valentine Cigarette machine Washington, DCJuly 1, 1890
456,644Bohannan, Jenetta V. Cigarette machine Washington, DCJuly 28, 1891
481,159Bohannan, Jenetta V. Meat slicer Baltimore, MDAug. 23, 1892
445,945Bohne, Hattie C. Bohne Knitting Works (1/2) Knit garment Jacksonville, ILFeb. 3, 1891
393,882Boleman, Pamelia M. Catamenial sack New York, NYDec. 4, 1888
D22,518Boller, Charity M. Beeson Work table Brownsville, WIJune 6, 1893
377,797Bolton, Lucy C. Varnish for finishing wood Peoria, ILFeb. 14, 1888
417,978Bomar, Mattie A. Balfour, Emma (1/2) Curtain fixture Sherman, TXDec. 24, 1889
352,294Bond, Addie Cuff retainer New York, NYNov. 9, 1886
368,750Bond, Addie Jenkins, Joel Cuff retainer New York, NYAug. 23, 1887
385,994Bond, Catherine Ann Car coupling Seneca, NYJuly 10, 1888
194,069Bonesteel, Louisa Improvement in glove fasteners Rochester, NYAug. 14, 1877
456,790Bonham, Angelina G. ; Bonham, Andrew F. Hand and foot churn power Seven Mile Ford, VAJuly 28, 1891
217,768Bonham, Harriet E. Improvement in ear muffs St. Joseph, MOJul. 22, 1879
452,253Bonn, Barbara J. Umbrella holder New York, NYMay 12, 1891
171,467Bonney, Lydia P. Ryan, Agnes Improvement in under garments Chicago, ILDec. 28, 1875
527,316Bonsall, Millie V. Pelzer Art Co. Lace curtain frame Salem, OHOct. 9, 1894
381,323Boone, Annie L. Gaslight shield and reflector San Francisco, CAApr. 17, 1888
473,653Boone, Sarah Ironing board New Haven, CTApr. 26, 1892
476,725Booss, Catharina Guiding attachment for fur sewing machines New York, NYJune 7, 1892
456,467Borton, Christina P. Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Co. Manufacture of sewed garments Providence, RIJuly 21, 1891
346,982Bortree, Hannah M. Combined corset and garment supporter Madison, WIAug. 10, 1886
439,101Bosse, Adele Cosmetic Paris, FranceOct. 28, 1890
454,251Bostick, Maria M. Combined chair and sewing machine top Washington, DCJune 16, 1891
D19,187Botts, Margaret Virginia Combination under garment for ladies Philadelphia, PAJuly 2, 1889
190,117Boudeman, Jennie Improvement in book supports Kalamazoo, MIMay 1, 1877
111,429Boughton, Mary Ann Improvement in the modes of forming the air chamber in dental plates Norwalk, CTJan. 31, 1871
113,842Boughton, Mary Ann Improvement in cooking stoves Bridgeport, CTApr. 18, 1871
142,764Boupart, Marie Improvement in bustles Fordham, NYSept. 16, 1873
455,700Bourne, Jane DeBord, Albert Matthew Stocking, etc. Silver Cliff, COJuly 7, 1891
511,111Bowden, Louise M. Doll pattern Newark, NJDec. 19, 1893
491,833Bowen, Annette S. ; Bowen, Goodridge S. Musical block New York, NYFeb. 14, 1893
381,824Bowersock, Sallie E. Bread, cake, or cheese box Baltimore, MDApr. 24, 1888
202,141Bowie, Henrietta Improvement in medical compounds Houma, LAApr. 9, 1878
232,107Bowker, Hannah H. Unhitching device for stable stalls Boston, MASep. 14, 1880
496,185Bowling, Mary Ann Clothes drier Scandia, KSApr. 25, 1893
360,313Bowman, Helen L.; Lewis, George Rix Pencil sharpener Lamoille, ILMar. 29, 1887
326,838Boyce, Caroline Book cover or protector New York, NYSept. 22, 1885
329,131Boyd, Carrie C. Handle for package carriers Fruitport, MIOct. 27, 1885
530,927Boyd, Gertrude R.; Congelton, Osborn Bair, Oliver H. (1/3) Hat pin Philadelphia, PADec. 18, 1894
182,636Boyd, Lizzie J. Improvement in plaiting machines Coatesville, PASept. 26, 1876
318,538Boyd, Maggie Combined storm shield and overdress Riverside, CAMay 26, 1885
68,836Boyd, Margaret D. Improvement in ladders Buffalo, NYSept. 17, 1867
311,283Boyd, Margaret Emily Foot warmer Carthage, ILJan. 27, 1885
419,177Boyd, Maria W. Bread, cake, and pie protector Londonderry, NHJan. 14, 1890
526,373Boyer, Camilla E. Game board Philadelphia, PASept. 25, 1894
387,760Brack, Mary S. Kitchen table and cabinet El Paso, TXAug. 14, 1888
D22,728Bradfield, Lucetta; Riggs, R. Coselmac Holder for soap cups Harrisonville, OHAug. 22, 1893
386,574Bradish, Almeda G. Method, John S. (1/2) Slate cleaner Onieda, ILJuly 24, 1888
198,505Bradley, Clara Lynne Improvement in undersuits San Francisco, CADec. 25, 1877Reissued as R8,069 Feb. 5, 1878
199,780Bradley, Clara L. Improvement in underwear San Francisco, CAJan. 29, 1878
R8,069Bradley, Clara Lynne Improvement in combination San Francisco, CAFeb. 5, 1878Originally 198,505 Dec. 25, 1877
137,340Bradley, Elizabeth N. Wall or window washer Bridgeport, CTApr. 1, 1873
167,215Bradley, Maria Improvement in rubber drawers for invalids New York, NYAug. 31, 1875
168,133Bradley, Maria Improvement in portable lunch heaters New York, NYSept. 28, 1875
195,255Bradley, Maria Improvement in portable lunch heaters Morrisania, NYSept. 18, 1877
291,284Brady, Elmina Composition of matter for molding fruits, fancy topped table, birds &etc Portlandville, NYJan. 1, 1884
128,784Brady, Lizzie E. Brady, Lizzie E.; Brady, John; Langston, Annesia Improvement in pile remedies Gatesville, NCJuly 9, 1872
169,515Bragg, Ella C. Improvement in armpit shields Lynn, MANov. 2, 1875
D23,653Brandenstein, Julia Hat Brooklyn, NYSept. 25, 1894
244,540Brass, Margaret A. Dish washer Juniata, NEJul. 19, 1881
508,808Bray, Eliza J. Incubator Fair Forest, SCNov. 14, 1893
469,442Bray, Isabella Dress stay New York, NYFeb. 23, 1892
480,994Bray, Isabella Dress stay New York, NYAug. 16, 1892
494,242Bray, Isabella American Dress Stay Company Dress stay New York, NYMar. 28, 1893
400,738Breadin, Anna M. School desk Philadelphia, PAApr. 2, 1889
509,359Brennan, Mary Florence ; Brennan, Helen Elizabeth Article made from shells Brooklyn, NYNov. 28, 1893
431,325Brewer, Marian L. Shutter fastener Hartford, CTJuly 1, 1890
524,664Brewster, Flora A. Fairchild, Henry L. Electric belt Baltimore, MDAug. 14, 1894
499,510Brewster, Kate L. Collapsible cover supporting frame for dough receptacles Kearney, NEJune 13, 1893
411,976Bridgers, Eliza Eagles Grate and fireplace cornice and mantel protector Wilmington, NCOct. 1, 1889
273,453Bridges, Mary Jane Bridges, Mary Jane ; Gunn, Martha E. Combined clothes washer and churn Wimberly Mill, TXMar. 6, 1883
453,353Bridgman, Mary E. Brush Penn Yan, NYJune 2, 1891
133,197Briggs, Elizabeth W. Ink and preparation for indelible marking Brooklyn, NYNov. 19, 1872
388,393Briggs, Emma Flora Motor for sewing machines San Marcos, TXAug. 28, 1888
132,350Briggs, Mary G. Spring seat for furniture or cars Boston, MAOct. 22, 1872
123,326Briggs, Mary Georgiana Improvement in abdominal supporters Boston, MAFeb. 6, 1872
131,048Brightman, Carrie Medical compound for treatment of dyspepsia Crittenden County, KYSept. 3, 1872
101,576Brine, Mary D. Improvement in portable swings Chicago, ILApr. 5, 1870
71,692Brigham, Emeline T. Improved pessary Philadelphia, PADec. 3, 1867
167,602Brinkerhoff, Marion Improvement in soot arresters for chimneys Mansfield, OHSept. 14, 1875
211,552Brisbane, Margaret L. Improvement in dishes for refrigerating and preserving foods New York, NYJan. 21, 1879
83,453Brisbane, Sarah H. Improvement in scissors Fordham, NYOct. 27, 1868
37,851Britain, Clarissa Floor warmer St. Joseph, MIMar. 10, 1863
39,460Britain, Clarissa Ambulances St. Joseph, MIAug. 11,1863
40,157Britain, Clarissa Boiler St. Joseph, MIOct. 6, 1863
41,274Britain, Clarissa Lantern dinner pail St. Joseph, MIJan. 19, 1864
43,087Britain, Clarissa Improvement in vegetable boilers St. Joseph, MIJune 14, 1864
43,088Britain, Clarissa Improved dish drainer St. Joseph, MIJune 14, 1864
44,393Britain, Clarissa Improvement in lamp burners St. Joseph, MISept. 27, 1864
58,163Broad, Lucy Broad, Charles A. Improved disinfectant St. Louis, MOSept. 18, 1866
64,066Broad, Lucy Child's toy St. Louis, MOApr. 23, 1867
321,576Brock, Adaline Fence Dunellen, NJJuly 7, 1885
373,123Brock, Addie M. Fence rail North Plainfield, NJNov. 13, 1887
520,558Brockway, Adna F. Watchmaker's calipers Pasadena, CAMay 29, 1894
287,224Brockway, Anna Fruit bleacher Ingalls Crossing NYOct. 23, 1883
D19,909Brockway, Martha A. Spool Boston, MAJune 17, 1890
308,462Bromwell, Alice B. Blotting thimble or pad Washington, DCNov. 25, 1884
39,461Bronson, Laura M. Fastening for studs or buttons New York, NYAug. 11, 1863
355,583Brooke, Emily Method of fitting garments Brooklyn, NYJan. 4, 1887
220,697Brookes, Rose E. Improvement in dress buttons Chicago, ILOct. 21, 1879
36,272Brooks, Adeline J. Corset Philadelphia, PAAug. 26, 1862
187,095Brooks, Caroline S. Improvement in the methods of producing lubricated molds in plaster Helena, ARFeb. 6, 1877
R9,820Brooks, Mary; Ball, James Smoke stack for locomotives Zanesville, OHJul. 26, 1881Original 59,175 Oct. 30, 1866 to Hugh Brooks and James Ball. Mary Brooks named inventor as adminstrator for Hugh Brooks, deceased
190,734Brough, Eliza Improvement in reciprocating churns Greenville, MIMay 15, 1877
197,991Brough, Eliza Improvement in churns Greenville, MIDec. 11, 1877
501,819Broun, Matilda C. S. Detachable umbrella cover Berkeley, CAJuly 18, 1893
395,542Brown, Clara P. Insect trap New York, NYJan. 1, 1889
247,606Brown, Eliza Weyburn, Sarah E. (1/2) Pillow sham holder Breedsville, MISep. 27, 1881
420,766Brown, Emma H. Hook and eye Wethersfield, CTFeb. 4, 1890
447,002Brown, Flora L. Apparatus for making coffee Chicago, ILFeb. 24, 1891
392,493Brown, Harriet A. Dress waist Boston, MANov. 6, 1888
392,494Brown, Harriet A. Method of making dress waists Boston, MANov. 6, 1888
373,124Brown, Iona E. Maguire, Emma A. ; Maguire, Mary M. Baking tin Rutland, VTNov. 15, 1887
531,505Brown, Jeannette P. Life preserver Salt Lake City, UTDec. 25, 1894
58,590Brown, Julia P. Improved application of bedsteads to apartments Boston, MAOct. 9, 1866
343,698Brown, Martha E. Water proof undergarment Erie, PAJune 15, 1886
439,103Brown, Mary L. Waterproof garment Erie, PAOct. 28, 1890
243,203Brown, Rebecca S. Abdonimal supporter Greenville, ILJun. 21, 1881
143,959Brown, Ruth T. Improvement in buckets Newport, KYOct. 28, 1873
238,564Brown, Sarah W. Cap protector and lifter Hudson, NYMar. 8, 1881
169,949Brown, Sarah W.; Brown, Jerome B. Improvement in ointments Willoughby, OHNov. 16, 1875
356,679Brown, Stella C. Combined sleeve holder and finger guard Battle Creek, MIJan. 25, 1887
136,410Browne, Mary A. Attachment for sewing machine tables Chicago, ILMar. 4, 1873
67,407Browne, Sarah F. Brunner, Charles W. Improvement in markers for sewing machines Savannah, GAAug. 6, 1867
252,925Browning, Sarah E. Hat holder Worcester, MAJan. 31, 1882
461,492Browning, Virginia N. Toe protector for children's shoes Camden, NJOct. 20, 1891
211,131Bruce, Esther Jane Improvement in change counters New York, NYJan. 7, 1879
229,088Bruce, Mary E. Pattern chart for use in cutting dresses New York, NYJun. 22, 1880
310,180Brundage, Agnes M. Sled Brooklyn, NYJan. 6, 1885
97,349Bruner, Catharine Preserving eggs and other articles Marshall, MONov. 30, 1869
404,163Brunner, Marie Skirt belt Brooklyn, NYMay 28, 1889
U1,815BBrush, Mary Corset New York, NYJuly 21, 1815
187,594Brusie, Rebecca Sarah Improvement in churns Sonora, CAFeb. 20, 1877
422,371Bryan, Catharine M. Dish washing and straining machine NewSharon, IAMar. 4, 1890
416,711Bryan, Sarah N. Culinary utensil Farmer, OHDec. 10, 1889
451,166Bryant, Fannie F. Egg boiler and cooker Lincoln, KSApr. 28, 1891
145,623Bryant, Jane Ann Improvement in devices for removing snow from railways Pottsville, PADec. 16, 1873
181,034Bryant, Mary A. Improvement in ironing boards Freeport, MEAug. 15, 1876
486,429Bryant, Sallie P. Cigarette holder Baltimore, MDNov. 22, 1892
374,172Bryarly, Lucie Dress shield Clarksville, TNDec. 6, 1887
410,954Buchanan, Laurena E. Combined dress stay and fastener Waco, MOSept. 10, 1889
510,324Buchanan, Nancy J. Skirt protector Ickesburg, PADec. 5, 1893
519,233Buck, Francena M. Attachment for pails Spokane, WAMay 1, 1894
356,348Buck, Martha C. Wire dust whip Ogden, MIJan. 18, 1887
516,911Buckingham, Amanda E. Scrubber Hermosa, SDMar. 20, 1894
517,789Buckley, Margaret L. Shield for pitchers, etc. Freeport, PAApr. 3, 1894
227,480Bucknam, Lucinda A. Method of preparing absorbent cotton Needham, MAMay 11, 1880
200,504Buell, Harriet J. Improvement In pillows New York, NYFeb. 19, 1878
474,156Buell, Lillian H. Clasp Boston, MAMay 3, 1892
455,162Bugbee, Anna M. Portable cabinet Milwaukee, WIJune 30, 1891
189,602Bugh, Samantha J. Improvement in sad irons St. Joseph, MOApr. 17, 1877
U1,828BBulkley, Elizabeth H. Sheet iron shovel Colchester, CTFeb. 28, 1828
65,163Bulkley, Mellissa E. Improvement in corset clasps Providence, RIMay 28, 1867
122,152Bulkley, Mellissa E. Improvement in supporting busks for corset fastenings Providence, RIDec. 26, 1871
461,912Bull, Annabell C. Cake or pudding stirrer Peoria, ILOct. 27, 1891
502,066Bull, Annabell C. Cake or pudding stirrer Peoria, ILJuly 25, 1893
519,760Bull, Annabell C. Knee protector Peoria, ILMay 15, 1894
D22,552Bull, Annabell C. Belt Peoria, ILJune 27, 1893
D22,767Bull, Annabell C. Knee protector Peoria, ILSept. 5, 1893
464,749Bullard, Josephine H. Finger ring Boston, MADec. 8, 1891
442,099Bullene, Emma F. Jay Ventilated cushion Chicago, ILDec. 9, 1890
346,892Bullock, Marie D. Game Philadelphia, PAAug. 10, 1886
322,578Bundsen, Victoria Isabella Heliodora Apparatus for affixing stamps London, EnglandJuly 21, 1885
D21,240Bunker, Caroline Spoon Providence, RIDec. 15, 1891
377,512Bunn, Annie Chair Birdsborough, PAFeb. 7, 1888
460,552Burbank, Alice N. Puzzle Napoli, NYOct. 6, 1891
515,817Burbank, Lydia M. Tool or implement holder Toledo, OHMar. 6, 1894
499,317Burch, Catherine H. Game apparatus St. Louis, MOJune 13, 1893
324,079Burch, Nancy Ella Flower stand Carthage, MOAug. 11, 1885
323,781Burchfield, Mary M. Steam fruit drier Kingston, ILAug. 4, 1885
U1,825BBurdick, Frances Roping and spinning wool and cotton Kortwright, NYMay 30, 1825
470,660Burger, Celia Dress stay Wichita, KSMar. 15, 1892
523,260Burgess, Carrie Augusta Waist Detroit, MIJuly 17, 1894
461,520Burgoyne, May Mask for vaporizing the skin New York, NYOct. 20, 1891
475,663Burke, Mary C. Wash board Montpelier, IDMay 24, 1892
496,839Burke, Mary J. Window ventilator Rowley, MAMay 2, 1893
309,760Burkhead, Susan T. Corset New Berne, NCDec. 23, 1884
311,640Burlingame, Amy L. Napkin pin or holder Willett, NYFeb. 3, 1885
267,323Burlingham, Myra Ironing board Oradell, NJNov. 14, 1882
U1,823BBurnap, Lucy Weaving grass hats Merrimac, NHFeb. 16, 1823
515,902Burnham, Hattie L. ; Burnham, Arthur W. Hildreth, Fred Plate lifter Gardiner, MEMar. 6, 1894
169,145Burns, Dorinda F. Improvement in bird cages New York, NYOct. 26, 1875
100,497Burns, Elizabeth A. Improvement in desulphurizing ores Meadow Lake, CAMar. 8, 1870
491,008Burns, Priscilla M. Flour sifter with reversible closed bottom and cover St. Louis, MOJan. 31, 1893
470,541Burns, Priscilla M. ; Bartholomew, Nancy Case Corset fastener St. Louis, MOMar. 8, 1892
417,228Burns, Rhoda A. Sadiron holder Shrewsbury, MADec. 17, 1889
159,539Burns, Susanna E. Improvement in corsets Eastport, MEFeb. 9, 1875
185,818Burr, Laura E. Montgomery Improvement in sketching albums Lansing, MIJan. 2, 1877
303,601Burr, Victoria A. Glove fastening Washington, DCAug. 12, 1884
232,934Burridge, Sarah N. Hood Somerville, MAOct. 5, 1880
466,154Burriss, Mary Alice Broiling device New York, NYDec. 29, 1891
523,103Burt, Eliza C. Washing machine Detroit, MIJuly 17, 1894
453,255Burt, Emma Ruby Chemise Gatesville, TXJune 2, 1891
471,808Burt, Helen Alicia Harris, Anthony Coin freed or actuated machine London, EnglandMar. 29, 1892
408,576Burt, Lou Burt & Hurlbut Company Jewelry tray Detroit, MIAug. 6, 1889
414,751Burt, Lou Box for jewelry, silverware, etc Detroit, MINov. 12, 1889
514,541Burton, Ella S. ; Burton, Garrett G. Combined writing packet and copyholder Topeka, KSFeb. 13, 1894
188,100Burton, Susannah P. Improvement in awnings for bird cages San Francisco, CAMar. 6, 1877
192,957Buscall, Kate; Buscall, Charles F.; Walgrain, William Improvement in school desks New York, NYJuly 10, 1877
499,965Bushnell, Emma F. A. Pocket outdoor mosquito cap Haverstraw, NYJune 20, 1893
341,832Bussell, Annah E. Rein holder Nashua, NHMay 11, 1886
498,877Butler Mary J. Armpit shield Peoria, ILJune 6, 1893
406,257Butler, Cora A. Fire escape Canton, OHJuly 2, 1889
486,275Butler, Janet N. Back rest Asbury Park, NJNov. 15, 1892
127,405Butler, Mary J. Improvement in sifting shovels Cooperstown, NYJune 4, 1872
440,005Butler, Nellie L. Sunbonnet Frankfort, KSNov. 4, 1890
105,168Buttrill, Lucy J. Improved medical compound Jackson, GAJuly 12, 1870
350,866Byers, Sarah J. Ash pan Lafayette, INOct. 12, 1886
217,679Byrkit, Martha Improvement in combined lap tables, work boxes and work stands Knightstown, INJul. 22, 1879
437,565Byrne, Amanda J. Flower pot Tuscarora, NVSept. 30, 1890
283,071Byrne, Mary A. Toilet case New York, NYAug. 14, 1883
333,825Cadwell, Lydia J. Drier Chicago, ILJan. 5, 1886
353,016Cadwell, Lydia J. Drier Chicago, ILNov. 23, 1886
353,017Cadwell, Lydia J. Method of drying distillers' slops Chicago, ILNov. 23, 1886
398,939Cadwell, Lydia J. Pavement Chicago, ILMar. 5, 1889
398,940Cadwell, Lydia J. Metal Block Pavement Company Pavement Chicago, ILMar. 5, 1889
239,722Cadwell, Lydia J. Process of and apparaatus for desiccating substances Chicago, ILApr. 5, 1881
294,849Cadwell, Lydia J. Method of and apparatus for desiccating eggs, &etc Chicago, ILMar. 11, 1884
402,719Cahoone, Nellie M. Harness pad Newark, NJMay 7, 1889
501,823Caldwell, Sarah C. Kitchen article Nessen City, MIJuly 18, 1893
372,212Calkins, Veranda A.; Faatz, Charles W. Device for sealing jars Scranton, PAOct. 25, 1887
514,063Call, Libbie Ann Measure for laying off dress charts Oshkosh, WIFeb. 6, 1894
351,899Callahan, Julia A. Opera chair Brooklyn, NYNov. 2, 1886
377,145Caller, Annie Surgical splint Albany, NYJan. 31, 1888
398,493Caller, Annie Caller, Annie ; Putnam, Alice J. Meat broiler Albany, NYFeb. 26, 1889
482,073Callmeyer, Leonie P. Means for detecting the opening of sealed envelopes Madison, NJSept. 6, 1892
472,333Calm, Elizabeth Sewing machine New York, NYApr. 5, 1892
497,425Calm, Elizabeth Cloth winding attachment for sewing machines New York, NYMay 16, 1893
220,341Cameron, Elizabeth W. M. Improvement in napkins and analagous articles Brooklyn, NYOct. 7, 1879
D21,880Cameron, Mary E. Game board Albany, NYOct. 4, 1892
439,106Camp, Secelia R. Kilt plait gage Reed City, MIOct. 28, 1890
464,750Campbell, Alice I. Buttonhole scissors gage Chicago, ILDec. 8, 1891
244,180Campbell, Amanda E. Steam cooking apparatus Boulder, COJul. 12, 1881
354,683Campbell, Angeline H. Soap receptacle Philadelphia, PADec. 21, 1886
390,282Campbell, Anna J. Fireplace Blackburn, PAOct. 2, 1888
495,301Campbell, Eveline L. Child's carriage San Francisco, CAApr. 11, 1893
469,126Campbell, Georgine Hasp lock New York, NYFeb. 16, 1892
295,146Campbell, Gertrude Stocking supporter Chicago, ILMar. 18, 1884
276,770Campbell, Gertrude Monthly protector Chicago, ILMay 1, 1883
420,860Campbell, Marie Augusta Adjustable pillow or body support Chicago, ILFeb. 4, 1890
521,533Campbell, Mary Louisa Hammer guard for firearms Noyan, CanadaJune 19, 1894
274,268Campbell, Rebecca A. Milk pail Quincy, MAMar. 20, 1883
499,210Canavan, Josephine Stove hood Washington, DCJune 13, 1893
387,338Canney, Mary F. Wind instrument Groveland, MAAug. 7, 1888
363,045Cannom, Charlotte C. Dish drainer London, Ontario, CanadaMay 17, 1887
204,196Capen, Elida M. Improvement in index tags for books Charlton Depot, MAMay 28, 1878
93,517Capen, Mary E. Stove attachment Aurora, ILAug. 10, 1869
507,482Caperton, Emma Ratcliffe Strawbridge & Clothier Corset Philadelphia, PAOct. 24, 1893
473,566Caplis, Catharine Parcel carrier Rondout, NYApr. 26, 1892
496,509Caplis, Catharine Fire escape Rondout, NYMay 2, 1893
346,530Cappiani, Luisa Sheet music case New York, NYAug. 3, 1886
419,497Caradine, Virginia C. Apparatus for washing and draining dishes Sherman, TXJan. 14, 1890
421,383Carey, Anna King ; Carey, James Jr. Folding screen Baltimore, MDFeb. 18, 1890
432,661Carhart, Lizzie D. Darning last Marion, IAJuly 22, 1890
213,094Carlson, Charlotta Helena Improvement in corsets Lee, EnglandMar. 11, 1879
27,521Carman, Sarah D. Invalid chair Middletown, NYMar. 20, 1860
514,812Carmont, Harriett Starter or brake for vehicles London, EnglandFeb. 13, 1894
31,953Carnes, Caroline H. Reel New York, NYApr. 9, 1861
269,006Carnes, Serena M. Sad iron holder New York, NYDec. 12, 1882
294,196Carnes, Serena M. Sad iron holder New York, NYFeb. 26, 1884
489,626Carpenter, Esther Cuff holder Helena, MTJan. 10, 1893
285,012Carpenter, Juliaette W. B. Halter Medford, MASep. 18, 1883
35,138Carpenter, Mary P. Ironing and fluting machine Buffalo, NYMay 6, 1862
52,136Carpenter, Mary P. Improved mop wringer Buffalo, NYJan. 23, 1866
112,016Carpenter, Mary P. Improvement in sewing machine feeding mechanisms San Francisco, CAFeb. 21, 1871
131,739Carpenter, Mary P. Sewing machine New York, NYOct. 1, 1872
137,824Carpenter, Mary P. Button New York, NYApr. 15, 1873
155,287Carpenter, Mary F. Improvement in dress pattern charts Northfield, MNSept. 22, 1874
171,774Carpenter, Mary P. Improvement in machines for sewing straw braid New York, NYJan. 4, 1876Reissued as R10,600 to Mary P. Carpenter Hooper May 26, 1885
25,384Carpenter, Rosanna Improvement in extracts of fruits Medford, MASept. 13, 1859
39,377Carpenter, Rosanna Case for packing bottles Roxbury, MAAug 4, 1863
41,757Carpenter, Rosanna Improved raisin stoner Portsmouth, NHMar. 1, 1864
519,663Carr, Florence M. F.M. Carr Manufacturing Co. Ornamental grill work Chicago, ILMay 8, 1894
200,506Carter, Emma Improvement in bee feeding devices Folsom City, CAFeb. 19, 1878
4,915Carter, Frances Improvement in uterine supporter Washington, VAJan. 1, 1847
497,627Carter, Harriet Composition of matter for saving fuel Brooklyn, NYMay 16, 1893
110,340Carter, Jane Improvement in safety cases for fruit jars Towanda, PADec. 20, 1870
411,854Carter, Martha A. Fruit canner Amo, INOct. 1, 1889
421,906Carts, Jennie E. ; Gibbs, James Edcoin Waterproof leggings Baltimore, MDFeb. 25, 1890
406,086Cartwright, Mattie E. Plaiting apparatus St. Louis, MOJuly 2, 1889
165,305Carver, Emma B. Improvement in convertible lunch baskets and tables Philadelphia, PAJuly 6, 1875
181,639Carver, Emma B. Improvement in folding flower balconies and stands Philadelphia, PAAug. 29, 1876
530,747Carville, Katharine Julia Clinton Parcel delivery system New York, NYDec. 11, 1894
231,279Cosand, Alice Curtain ixture Kokomo, INAug. 17, 1880
228,865Case, Eliza Alice Fruit jar lifter Williamstown, NYJun. 15, 1880
350,477Case, Estella Rubber sound deadener and packing band New York, NYOct. 12, 1886
370,375Case, Estella Bust form New York, NYSept. 27, 1887
372,601Case, Estella Combined shoulder brace and back support New York, NYNov. 1, 1887
517,434Case, Estella Bustle New York, NYApr. 3, 1894
D22,784Casemere, Louisa Gas burner frame Warren, PASept. 12, 1893
R5,847Cashman, Martha M. Flynt, Olivia P. Improvement in creeping robes for infants Boston, MAApr. 28, 1874Original 70,801 Nov. 12, 1867
340,485Caspar, Alberta Mary Frances Pearle, Eugene (1/2) Method of imitating stained glass London, EnglandApr. 20, 1886
375,475Cattell, Sarah E. Clasp Mattoon, ILDec. 27, 1887
461,734Chadbourne, Anne Gurley Water and like closet and article Roxbury, MAOct. 20, 1891
431,332Chadwick, Alice A. Apron Brooklyn, NYJuly 1, 1890
154,123Chadwick, Sarah J. Nash, Lucy S. Improvement in butter knives Boston, MAAug. 18, 1874
494,324Chamberlain, Alice J. Rake Bridgeport, CTMar. 28, 1893
164,639Chamberlain, Carrie W. Improvement in combined cradles and bedsteads Denver, COJune 22, 1875
430,419Chamberlain, Elizabeth Yarn reel New York, NYJune 17, 1890
395,812Chambers, Fannie Chalk holder New York, NYJan. 8, 1889
270,933Chandler, Mary B. Instrument for drafting patterns Concord, NHJan. 23, 1883
156,535Chapin, Mary A. Improvement in street lamps New York, NYNov. 3, 1874
141,322Chapman, Clarinda P. Improvement in wash boiler attachments Afton, IAJuly 29, 1873
198,348Chapman, Hariet M. Improvement in corsets Philadelphia, PADec. 18, 1877
172,969Chapman, Harriet M. Improvement in corsets Philadelphia, PAFeb. 1, 1876
151,090Chapman, Laura M. Improvement in lap tables Friendship, NYMay 19, 1874
435,281Chapman, Luna F. ; Montgomery, James A. Holding and exhibiting rolls of goods Georgetown, TXAug. 26, 1890
215,096Chapman, Maria Chapman, Maria; Getchell, Annie Improvement in refining copper Dubois, ILMay 6, 1879
403,417Chappell, Florence J. D. Riddle & Williams (1/2) Baby carriage Baltimore, MDMay 14, 1889
406,389Chappell, Florence J. D. Riddle, Wilbur H. (49/100) Canopy support for children's carriages Baltimore, MDJuly 2, 1889
413,131Chappell, Florance J. D. Riddle, Wilbur H. (49/100) Flag staff holder Baltimore, MDOct. 15, 1889
92,703Chase, Hannah F. Vegetable masher Boston, MAJuly 20, 1869
195,983Chase, Mary S. Improvement in night lamps Boston, MAOct. 9, 1877
513,981Chase, Sarah A. Reclining chair Medical Lake, WAFeb. 6, 1894
281,453Chavers, Elizabeth Sewing machine shuttle Siddon, MIJul. 17, 1883
259,484Chavore, Mary R. Flour sifter Covington, MOJun. 20, 1882
353,401Cheesman, Sarah E. Catch for breastpins Snow Shoe, PANov. 30, 1886
317,507Cheshire, Elizabeth; Cheshire, Edward Book sewing machine Cincinnati, OHMay 12, 1885
317,508Cheshire, Elizabeth; Cheshire, Edward Needle Cincinnati, OHMay 12, 1885
501,455Chetwynd, Julia Bosville Balcony hoist London, EnglandJuly 11, 1893
301,804Chevrement, Marie Sash fastener Washington, DCJul. 8, 1884
342,182Chew, Rebecca T. Safety button fastener Girard, OHMay 18, 1886
310,792Chilcoat, Margaret Combined ironing table and clothes holder Auburn, INJan. 13, 1885
456,613Chilton, Annie H. Horse detacher and brake Baltimore, MDJuly 28, 1891
515,651Chilton, Annie H. Combined horse detacher and brake Baltimore, MDFeb. 27, 1894
463,096Chittenden, Annie R. Road cart Osceola, IANov. 10, 1891
450,326Christensen, Emilie Leggin New York, NYApr. 14, 1891
427,402Christie, Mary H. Flower or plant holder Toronto, CanadaMay 6, 1890
183,536Christie, Mary J. Improvement in ash sifters Brooklyn, NYOct. 24, 1876
432,863Christin,Olive C. Steam food cooker Bodie, CAJuly 22, 1890
506,470Churchill, Margaret E. Washing machine St. Joseph, MOOct. 10, 1893
451,633Clamer, Louisa H. Fastening device for door mats Philadelphia, PAMay 5, 1891
397,692Clark, Abbie Lucie Knife blade Easton, PAFeb. 12, 1889
114,265Clark, Celia P. Improvement in needle sharpening attachments for sewing machines Lock Haven, PAMay 2, 1871
156,278Clark, Clara P. Improvement in corsets Wakefield, MAOct. 27, 1874
164,905Clark, Clara P. Improvement in skirt supporters Wakefield, MAJune 29, 1875
174,481Clark, Clara P. Improvement in suspender fastenings Wakefield, MAMar. 7, 1876
235,340Clark, Clara P. Underwaist Wakefield, MADec. 14, 1880
226,976Clark, Emily A. Washing machine Alexandria, NEApr. 27, 1880
105,779Clark, Emma Culinary vessel Buffalo, NYJuly 26, 1870
371,550Clark, Emma Thomas Lsxton Process of hardening and preserving plaster of paris casts and molds and making them impervious to water, & c London, County of Middlesex, EnglandOct. 18, 1887
477,648Clark, Harriet M. Combined waist and suspenders Flushing, NYJune 28, 1892
271,037Clark, Jennie M. Garment protector Manchester, NHJan. 23, 1883
309,334Clark, Kate C. Corset New York, NYDec. 16, 1884
194,030Clark, Mary E. Improvement in corsets Wakefield, MAAug. 4, 1877
237,485Clark, Mary E. Corset Wakefield, MAFeb. 8, 1881
331,768Clark, Mary E. Fruit drier Fairville, NYDec. 8, 1885
502,951Clark, Mary E. Glass fruit jar protector Corning, NYAug. 8, 1893
110,825Clark, Sarah J. Improvement in washing machines Richmond, INJan. 10, 1871
84,343Clark, Sarah M. Reservoir cook stove Beaver Dam, WINov. 24, 1868
121,336Clark, Sarah M. Improvement in cake stirrers Beaver Dam, WINov. 28, 1871
178,234Clark, Sarah M. Improvement in mirror adjusters Milwaukee, WIJune 6, 1876
317,511Clarke, Anna B. A. G. Jennings & Sons Mitt Chicago, ILMay 12, 1885
398,233Clarke, Jeanie P.; Clarke, James W. Game Boston, MAFeb. 19, 1889
485,487Clayton, Anna Howell Claggett, Robert B. : Stoner, John H. (1/2) Motor for sewing machine Louisville, KYNov. 1, 1892
521,848Cleckley, Mary Montford Knock down case Augusta, GAJune 26, 1894
409,925Cleland, Annie Flower box New Orleans, LAAug. 27, 1889
497,751Clemens, Eliza Jane McCartney Folding bed Metropolis, ILMay 16, 1893
514,617Clemens, Eliza J. M. Water purifier Metropolis, ILFeb. 13, 1894
517,841Clemens, Eliza J. M. Collapsible trunk Metropolis, ILApr. 10, 1894
236,213Clement, Caroline Tension device for sewing machines Penhook, VAJan. 4, 1881
164,971Clement, Julia P. Improvement in hens nests Williamston, SCJune 29, 1875
484,653Clerk, Ellen Bolding book back Jefferson City, MOOct. 18, 1892
402,406Clifford, Elizaberth Drying frame for coated candies Boston, MAApr. 30, 1889
143,063Clifford, Mary A. Improvement in broom hangers Boston, MASept. 23, 1873
171,919Clifford, Mary A. Improvement in shirt bosoms Boston, MAJan. 11, 1876
273,957Clother, Jane A. Hair crimper Cumberland, WIMar. 13, 1883
433,617Cluff, Gertie De Force Garment supporter Lodi, CAAug. 5, 1890
96,777Clyde, Maggie Improvement in umbrellas Brady Post Office, PANov. 16, 1869
523,324Coatney, Lucile Garment waist Denver, COJuly 24, 1894
461,700Cobb, Jennie S. Dustpan Buffalo, NYOct. 20, 1891
272,030Cobb, Maria Louisa Oil can Natick, MAFeb. 13, 1883
350,911Coburn, Frances J.; Dean, Ellen M. Composition of matter to be used for journal boxes Denver, COOct. 19, 1886
355,139Cochran, Josephine G. Dish washing machine Shelbyville, ILDec. 28, 1886
391,782Cochran, Josephine G.; Kritch, Jacob Dish washing machine Shelbyville, ILOct. 30, 1888
512,683Cochrane, Josephine G. Dish cleaner Shelbyville, ILJan. 16, 1894
288,020Coddington, Marion Waist, drawers and stocking supporter Rahway, NJNov. 6, 1883
50,906Codman, Martha P. Improvement in drinking cups for the sick Boston, MANov. 11, 1865
472,434Coffman, Lucinda Carpet stretcher Monroe City, MOApr. 5, 1892
270,745Cogswell, Eliza R. Life preserver New York, NYJan. 16, 1883
281,178Cogswell, Eliza R. Life preserver New York, NYJul. 10, 1883
141,631Cogswell, Elizabeth R. Improvement in life preserving garments New York, NYAug. 12, 1873
141,854Colby, Julia S. Improvement in panniers New York, NYAug. 19, 1873
19,624Cole, Almira M. Mounting fluid lenses Windham, MEMar. 16, 1858
522,651Cole, Alta May Clamp Asheville, NCJuly 10, 1894
345,029Cole, Elizabeth J. Underwood, Harold G. Frame for making rugs Milwaukee, WIJuly 6, 1886
52,822Cole, Henrietta H. Improvement in clasps for looping ladies' dresses New York, NYFeb. 27, 1866
R4,349Cole, Henrietta H. Improvement in fluting machines New York, NYApr. 25, 1871Original 55,469 Jun. 12, 1866
345,483Cole, Mary Elizabeth Sash fastener Letts, IAJuly 13, 1886
348,188Cole, Mary J. Trunk Grand Rapids, MIAug. 31, 1886
357,762Coleman, Mary V. Method of cutting and fitting garments Atlanta, GAFeb. 15, 1887
79,552Collard, Mrs. Lois A. Improved quilting frame Plainview, MNJuly 7, 1868
U1,826CCollier, Phoebe Wheel fellies, sawing Catskill, NYMay 20, 1826
437,481Collins, Annie H. ; Collins, Matthew G. Syringe Camden, NJSept. 30, 1890
501,675Collins, Judith Lehore Educational appliance Monongahela City, PAJuly 18, 1893
391,584Collins, Kate J. Celluloid or analogous binding New York, NYOct. 23, 1888WITHDRAWN
405,874Collins, Kate J. Celluloid or analogous binding New York, NYJune 25, 1889
380,551Colt, Emma S. Dust pan Kansas City, MOApr. 3, 1888
120,717Colvin, Margaret P. Improvement in washing machines Battle Creek, MINov. 7, 1871
199,693Colvin, Margaret P. Improvement in clothes pounders Battle Creek, MIJan. 29, 1878
202,792Colvin, Margaret P. Improvement in clothes pounders Battle Creek, MIApr. 23, 1878
248,712Colvin, Margaret P. Clothes pounder Battle Creek, MIOct. 25, 1881
79,955Combs, Elizabeth A. Improved bleaching apparatus Monroe, WIJuly 14, 1868
144,444Combs, Elsie J. Dunning, Levi O. (1/2) Improvement in polishing compounds Penn Yan, NYNov. 11, 1873
61,000Condit, Alice A. Improvement in feathered cloth Muncie, INJan. 8, 1867
455,907Cone, Virginia M. Noiseless chamber attachment Alameda, CAJuly 14, 1891
470,546Cone, Virginia M. Heat regulator for cooking stoves Alameda, CAMar. 8, 1892
368,816Connelly, Anna Fire escape Philadelphia, PAAug. 23, 1887
422,382Conner, Florence F. Trace support Cincinnati, OHMar. 4, 1890
261,833Connors, Maggie J. Shirt New York, NYAug. 1, 1882
506,160Connolly, Mary Artist's palette Washington, DCOct. 3, 1893
212,900Connoran, Nannie; Connoran, James Improvement in clothes pounders Hillsdale, IAMar. 4, 1879
306,902Conover, Emeline H. Thread spool Washington D.C.Oct. 21, 1884
34,407Conrad, Hannah D. Setting and threading needles in sewing machines Dayton, OHFeb. 18, 1862
57,481Conver, Jessie; Borthwick, John Heat radiator Philadelphia, PAAug. 28, 1866
189,609Converse, Susan Taylor Improvement in under garments Woburn, MAApr. 17, 1877
513,633Converse, Susan Taylor Underwaist Woburn, MAJan. 30, 1894
166,190Converse, Susan Taylor Improvement in underclothing for women Woburn, MAAug. 3, 1875Reissued as R8,435 Sep. 24, 1878
167,436Converse, Susan Taylor Improvement in under garments Woburn, MASept. 7, 1875
R8,435Converse, Susan Taylor Improvement in under clothing Woburn, MASep. 24, 1878Original 166,190 Aug. 3, 1875
362,939Conway, Addie Grant Toaster or broiler for gasoline stoves Kansas City, MOMay 17, 1887
74,669Conway, Hannah Improved hospital bed Dayton, OHFeb. 18, 1868
444,743Conway, Katharine Toilet cream Philadelphia, PAJan. 13, 1891
524,575Cook, Annie C. Vegetable slicing machine Council Bluffs, IAAug. 14, 1894
U1,833CCook, Harriet Calash balloon for ladies Onandaga, NYFeb. 20, 1833
5,950Cook, Mary Ann B. Sad iron Boston, MADec. 5, 1848
495,880Cook, Mary E. Railway car stove Amity, ORApr. 18, 1893
355,061Cook, Sabrina W. Washing machine Dayton, Washington TerritoryDec. 28, 1886
54,116Cook, Sarah E. Improvement in imitation of braided human hair Philadelphia, PAApr. 24, 1866
194,074Cooke, Ella C. Improvement in shields and dampers for fire place grates Washington, DCAug. 14, 1877
478,988Cooke, Sarah Anne Machine for cutting and making garments Chicago, ILJuly 19, 1892
527,108Cooper, Anna R. Knee desk and reading stand Jersey City, NJOct. 9, 1894
U1,828CCooper, Henrietta Straw, leghorn, whitening Washington Township, PANov. 12, 1828
D22,050Cooper, Henrietta L. Pin cushion or sachet Philadelphia, PADec. 6, 1892
456,083Cooper, Indianna V. Spool holder Wilmington, DEJuly 14, 1891
164,674Cooper, Jennett Improvement in medical compounds San Francisco, CAJune 22, 1875
D23,131Cooper, Retta M. Holder for knives, forks, etc. David City, NEMar. 20, 1894
196,743Cooper, Sarah Improvement in apple quartering and coring machines Morrisonville, PANov. 6, 1877
242,276Copeland, Barbara C. Toaster Columbiana, OHMay 31, 1881
364,218Copeland, Eliza A. Bale tie Garden Valley, TXJune 7, 1887
405,949Copelin, Elizabeth G. Pot lid or cover Washington, DCJune 25, 1889
516,153Copland, Edith Heating attachment for gas burners Washington, DCMar. 6, 1894
524,459Copland, Virginia L. Shade attachment for gas jets Washington, DCAug. 14, 1894
1,676Corbaux, Marie Francoise Catherine Doetzer; Spilsbury, Francis Gyeron.; Byrne, Alexander Samuel Mode of applying distemper colors having albumen or gelatine for their vehicle, so as to render the same more durable, and preserving the same when not wanted for moderate use. EnglandJuly 10, 1840
89,028Corbett, Catharine F. Improvement in fluting machines Boston, MAApr. 20, 1869
497,090Corning, Lucy A. Baling press Rockford, ILMay 9, 1893
497,091Corning, Lucy A. Baling press Rockford, ILMay 9, 1893
450,949Coste, Amelie D'Espeon Pocket lamp Chicago, ILApr. 21, 1891
360,564Cory, Mary E. Sleeve protector Richmond, INApr. 5, 1887
258,996Cory, Mary E. Legging Richmond, INJun. 6, 1882
257,293Cory, Phoebe S. ; Moore, Mary E. Slate cleaner Westfield, NJMay 2, 1882
115,935Coston, Martha J. Improvement in pyrotechnic night signals Washington, DCJune 13, 1871
249,459Cottle, Latitia Phelips Spoon and ladle Woodstock, Ontario, CanadaNov. 15, 1881
495,625Cotton, Hattie Toy derrick Evanston, ILApr. 18, 1893
309,604Couplin, Mary Milk can elevator Thornburg, IADec. 23, 1884
128,125Courtney, Emma L. Improvement in mounting pictures Philadelphia, PAJune 18, 1872
134,258Covel, Helen G. Bath room Brooklyn, NYDec. 24, 1872
139,237Covell, Adelia C. Device for teaching drawing New York, NYMay 27, 1873
422,297Covington, Sarah E. Flower stand Bellefontaine, OHFeb. 25, 1890
462,376Cowan, Ella F. Device for teaching combinations of numbers Iola, KSNov. 3, 1891
522,453Cowdrey, Harriet Cecil Heater New York, NYJuly 3, 1894
357,200Mary Etta Cowles Hopkirk Hat protector Hopkirk Agency, IAFeb. 8, 1887
463,441Cox, Alisa Ann Clothes line and suspension device Mount Olive, ILNov. 17, 1891
462,626Cox, Jennie H. Lemon grater Winfield, KSNov. 3, 1891
372,123Cox, Phebe E. Dish washing machine Readington, NJOct. 25, 1887
485,612Cozens, Lizzie Crippen Trunk Philadelphia, PANov. 8, 1892
215,725Craig, Annie F. Improvement in pictures Washington, DCMay 27, 1879
333,604Craig, Elizabeth A. Feed trough Arlington, KSJan. 5, 1886
446,249Craig, Julia W. Chair San Francisco, CAFeb. 10, 1891
138,995Crain, Ellen T. Improvement in hair curling Kansas City, MOMay 20, 1873
409,173Crandal, Mary E.; Reeme, Effie B. Dress shield Chicago, ILAug. 20, 1889
153,705Crane, Clara T.; Crane, Wellsly W. Improvement in car axle boxes Auburn, NYAug. 4, 1874
458,945Crane, Fannie K. ; Bradshaw, Harry Apparatus for feeding paper Topeka, KSSept. 1, 1891
400,751Crawford, Alice A. Tuck creasing and marking attachment for sewing machines Austin, TXApr. 2, 1889
189,340Crawford, Hannah G. Improvement in extensions for sewing machine tables Peabody, KSApr. 10, 1877
195,488Crebs, Ellen Miller, William E. Improvement in fly nets for horses Huntsville, PASept. 25, 1877
502,175Criss, Julia A. Folding chair Grand Rapids, MIJuly 25, 1893
243,693Croan, Dicie Compound for chicken cholera River View, KYJul. 5, 1881
349,875Crocker, Hannah Infant's toilet table Plainfield, NJSept. 28, 1886
482,003Croes, Louisa Damman ; Rodenbach-Mergaert, Edouard ; Lapin, Jean Spinning machine Roulers, BelgiumSept. 6, 1892
500,758Croes, Louise ; Mergaert, Edouard Rodenbach ; Lapin, Jean Attachment for spinning machines Roulers, BelgiumJuly 4, 1893Patent 11,020 England June 11, 1892; Patent Belgium 100,096 June, 13, 1892.
176,219Crosby, Ella J. Improvement in hair heading machines Sabula, IAApr. 18, 1876
479,703Crosby, Mary Anna Dish washer Durand, WIJuly 26, 1892
527,322Crosby, Mary A. Dish cleaner Durand, WIOct. 9, 1894
174,355Cross, Margaret N. Improvement in cleansing compounds San Francisco, CAMar. 7, 1876
190,745Crowninshield, Mary B. Improvement in darning lasts Washington, DCMay 15, 1877
347,757Crowninshield, Mary Bradford Darning last Washington, DCAug. 17, 1886
153,053Crummer, Mattie M. Improvement in cabinets for ladies use Galena, ILJuly 14, 1874
141,331Crump, Savilla H. Improvement in corpse coolers Reading, PAJuly 29, 1873
133,205Crutchfield, Mary M. Pan for poaching eggs Fayette Corner, TNNov. 19, 1872
178,236Crutchfield, Sallie E. Georgi, Ralph Improvement in ironing stands Lexington, KYJune 6, 1876
146,879Culver, Jane Improvement in combined lung protectors and undervests Adrian, MIJan. 27, 1874
73,235Cummings, Clara Z. Improvement in corsets Buffalo, NYJan. 14, 1868
427,556Cummings, Evlyn D. Singer Manufacturing Company Feeding mechanism of sewing machines Boston, MAMay 13, 1890
308,879Cummings, Mary L. Skirt protector Somerville, MADec. 9, 1884
225,211Cunningham, Sarah A. Abdominal corset New York, NYMar. 9, 1880Nee Sarah A. Moody 42,591, May 3, 1864
373,054Cunningham, Eleanor N. Shoe Toledo, OHNov. 15, 1887
389,366Cunningham, Emma C. Dust pan Altoona, PASept. 11, 1888
D22,626Cunningham, Mary Toy Bellevue, IDJuly 18, 1893
445,011Cunningham, Mary J. Bedpan Boston, MAJan. 20, 1891
266,105Cunningham, Sarah A. Muff New York, NYOct. 17, 1882Mrs. Sarah A. Moody
90,997Currie, Susan C. Pocket book New York, NYJune 8, 1869
92,278Currie, Susan C. Medicine spoon and bottle stopper combined New York, NYJuly 6, 1869
482,621Currier, Anna W. ; Clark, Georgie Button fastener Malden, MASept. 13, 1892
438,607Curry, Harriet A. Adjustable pattern for drafting garments Groton, South DakotaOct. 21, 1890
400,577Curry, Mary Elizabeth ; Levering, Noah Medical compound Pacific, MOApr. 2, 1889
287,635Curtis, Alice A. Baking dish cover Byron Centre, MIOct. 30, 1883
187,358Curtis, Coelia C. Improvement in under garments San Francisco, CAFeb. 13, 1877
409,564Curtis, Liddie Adjustable rolling pin Callicoon Depot, NYAug. 20, 1889
175,339Curtis, Marilla H. Improvement in coffee pots Toledo, OHMar. 28, 1876
491,987Curtis, Ruby Z. Clothes drier Minneapolis, MNFeb. 21, 1893
357,373Cushing, Ellen Programme alarm clock San Francisco, CAFeb. 8, 1887
427,055Cushing, Maria J. Shifting shovel New York, NYMay 6, 1890
416,401Cushman, Belle V. Toothbrush New York, NYDec. 3, 1889
88,553Cutler, Eliza N. Improved cradle or crib Chicago, ILApr. 6, 1869
183,799Cutter, Emily J. Improvement in fluting apparatus Malden, MAOct. 31, 1876
440,140Dacus, Augusta Dress stay San Antonio, TXNov. 11, 1890
434,979Dadisman, Clara Belle Bunion protector Omaha, NEAug. 26, 1890
133,209Dake, Sarah A. Improvement in corsets Eureka, WINov. 19, 1872
164,530Daken, Emily R. Improvement in coffee steepers Coldwater, MIJune 15, 1875
435,965Dallas, Martha Combination grate and stove Atlanta, GASept. 9, 1890
533,868Daly, Katharine E. Reel Boston, MAFeb. 12, 1895
169,779Damon, Phebe D. Improvement in vegetable steamers Fayetteville, NYNov. 9, 1875
81,479Daniels, Elizabeth L. Supporter for stockings Boston, MAAug. 25, 1868
360,281Danos, Marie Cultivator New Iberia, LAMar. 29, 1887
362,365Danos, Marie Cotton scraper New Iberia, LAMay 3, 1887
191,519Darby, Catharine L. Improvement in sealing devices for bottles, jars, & c Fort Motte, SCJune 5, 1877
462,965Darby, Catharine L. Clothing protector Stamford, CTNov. 10, 1891
446,434Dart, Lizzie S. Postage stamp vending apparatus New York, NYFeb. 17, 1891
228,612Dark, Elizabeth; Collins, Davis; Nelson, George W. Combined harrow, marker, and cultivator Quitman, MOJun. 8, 1880
390,008Darley, Cecelia B. Toy bedstead Philadelphia, PASept. 25, 1888
422,384Darley, Cecelia B. Corn cutting device Philadelphia, PAMar. 4, 1890
278,514Darrach, Julia Bouquet holder Newark, NJMay 29, 1883
450,835Darrow, Mary Ann Invalid chair New York, NYApr. 21, 1891
407,178Davenport, Serena Hale Trunk tray and cover St. Paul, MNJuly 16, 1889
385,598Davidson, Sarah Elizabeth Car coupling Glasgow, KYJuly 3, 1888
285,735Davis, Addie Manufacture of tufted rugs Rutland, VTSep. 25, 1883
437,099Davis, Fanny C. Dough kneading or mixing device Pana, ILSept. 23, 1890
438,533Davis, Harriet Ellen Dish washer Topeka, KSOct. 14, 1890
452,598Davis, Ina C. ; Brown, John Kerr Thread Co. Machine for printing peripheries of spools and other circular bodies Newark, NJMay 19, 1891
479,492Davis, Lydia Ann Corset steel clasp Atwood, ILJuly 26, 1892
487,319Davis, Lydia L. Tent Mendon, MADec. 6, 1892
123,619Davis, Miranda R. S. Howe, James P. (1/4) Improvement in hooks and eyes Kansas City, MOFeb. 13, 1872
524,133Davis, Nannie Guy Steam pressing attachment for sadirons Washington, DCAug. 7, 1894
D20,828Davis, Nannie G. Spoon Washington, DCJune 9, 1891
D21,312Davis, Nannie G. Spoon Washington, DCJan. 26, 1892
16,684Davis, Rhoda Elastic cap for sealing cans and bottles Brookhaven, NYFeb. 24, 1857Reissue R1,432 Mar. 17,1863
R1,432Davis, Rhoda Hartel, Thomas R.; Letchworth, John Elastic cap for sealing cans and bottles Brookhaven, NYMar. 17, 1863Original 16,684 Feb. 24, 1857
218,430Day, Augusta M. Improvement in garment stiffeners Boston, MAAug. 12, 1879
217,348Day, Mary Ann Improvement in abdominal corsets Brooklyn, NYJul. 8, 1879
D20,694Day, Mary J. Pressing board Newburg, NYApr. 28, 1891
272,585DeBarbeyrac, Maria Gaston ; Roussan, Hyacinthe Rectifying alcohol and other crude spirits Paris, FranceFeb. 20, 1883
119,583De Baun, Rebecca Improvement in corsets Chicago, ILOct. 3, 1871
413,315De Hayes, Marie Button for sleeves, etc Paris, FranceOct. 22, 1889
375,990De Jonge, Maria Ppeeters Corset Brussels, BelgiumJan. 3, 1888
498,245De Laney, Charlotte A. Hammock Santa Barbara, CAMay 30, 1893
512,814De Lashmutt, Ella F. Abdominal supporter Chicago, ILJan. 16, 1894
301,451De Ledochowski, Zenone Corset La Salle, ILJul. 1, 1884
140,253De Leon, Mary Jones Improvement in cooking apparatus Baltimore, MDJune 24, 1873
301,486De Maesener, Laura Embroidered ornament New York, NYJul. 8, 1884
195,807De Quindre, Julia Improvement in trunks Detroit, MIOct. 2, 1877
342,503De Villeroche, Emma Billette; Chatelard, Arthur Manufacture of metal cans and boxes Concarneau, FranceMay 25, 1886
360,764De Voe, Amanda Invalid chair Brooklyn, NYApr. 5, 1887
517,846De Witt, Margaret Face steaming appliance Kansas City, MOApr. 10, 1894
430,730De Young, Josephine; Andrews, Sarah Badge Minneapolis, MNJune 24, 1890
397,172Dean, Elizabeth Sunshade Hastings, EnglandFeb. 5, 1889
463,492Dean, Kate M. Baking or cooking vessel Memphis, TNNov. 17, 1891
472,013Dean, Kate M. Douglass, Addison H. (1/3) Rein support Memphis, TNMar. 29, 1892
157,988Dearbaugh, Emily K.; Dearbaugh, John Improvement in ironing tables and press boards Huntington, INDec. 22, 1874
282,708Dearborn, Huldah A. Combined ironing and cutting table Austin, MNAug. 7, 1883
414,026DeBevoise, Helen D. ; DeBevoise, Charles R. Underwaist Long Island City, NYOct. 29, 1889
408,594Decaracena, Josefa O'Neill Dress waist New York, NYAug. 6, 1889
355,256Decker, Lizzie Pants Sandusky County, OHDec. 28, 1886
209,666Decou, Susan H. Improvement in fruit jar protectors Centreville, OHnov. 5, 1878
224,818Decou, Susan H. Window frame Centreville, OHFeb. 24. 1880
448,476Deiner, Catharine Rolling pin Lebanon, PAMar. 17, 1891
423,597Delmage, Mary Jane Fruit strainer North Billerica, MAMar. 18, 1890
201,168Delong, Elizabeth Improvement in steam and fume boxes Stone Church, PAMar. 12, 1878
466,076Dement, Genevieve Manicure implement Chicago, ILDec. 29, 1891
297,355Demme, Marie Thimble Muhlhausen, GermanyApr. 22, 1884
259,105Demorest, Ellen L. Automatic floor for elevator shafts New York, NYJun. 13, 1882
264,935Demorest, Ellen L. Puff for head dresses New York, NYSep. 26, 1882
D20,666Dempsey, Alice J. Spoon Washington, DCApr. 7, 1891
D21,221Dempsey, Alice J. Spoon Washington, DCDec. 8, 1891
D21,222Dempsey, Alice J. Spoon Washington, DCDec. 8, 1891
403,332Denise, Martha Clothes line attachment Burlington, IAMay 14, 1889
472,527Denison, Mary J. Culinary article Johnsville, OHApr. 12, 1892
220,016Dennis, Mary A. Harrison, William H. (1/2 Improvement in refuse strainers for kitchen sinks Newark, NJSep. 30, 1879
253,989Dennison, Anna M. Cloghes strainer Chicago, ILFeb. 21, 1882
401,015Denzel, Fannie E. Corset Glen Ullin, Dakota TerritoryApr. 9, 1889
233,217Derby, Marion F. Process for preserving fruits and other articles Jersey City, NJOct. 12, 1880
232,948Dernham, Fanny Sewer Cincinnati, OHOct. 5, 1880
380,593D'Escalonne, Elisabeth; Quarante, Pierre L. Composition for preserving wood, & c Paris, FranceApr. 3, 1888
392,014Despeissis, Marie Augustin Draft regulator St. Kilda, VictoriaOct. 30, 1888
512,949Deste, Elise Apparatus for dyeing San Fernando, CAJan. 16, 1894
448,507Detrich, Eoline ; Walker, William J. Wash boiler St. Louis, MOMar. 17, 1891
385,447Deverall, Emily A. Nozzle for oil cans Brooklyn, NYJuly 3, 1888
146,883Devlan, Harriett B. Improvement in packings for railroad journal boxes Jersey City, NJJan. 27, 1874
411,326Devlan, Harriett B. Packing for journals Jersey City, NJSept. 17, 1889
434,016Devlan, Harriett B. Antifriction compound Jersey City, NJAug. 12, 1890
514,350Devlan, Harriett B. Method of manufacturing packing for journals Jersey City, NJFeb. 6, 1894
234,909Deway, Mary Dress shield Chicago, ILNov. 30, 1880
97,892Dewey, Mary Soap holding attachment for sewing machines New Albany, INDec. 14, 1869
129,399Dewey, Mary Improvement in dress elevators New Albany, INJuly 16, 1872
150,003Dewey, Mary Improvement in quilting attachments for sewing machines Chicago, ILApr. 21, 1874
151,205Dewey, Mary Improvement in dress elevators Chicago, ILMay 26, 1874
361,494Dewey, Mary Corset and dress protector Chicago, ILApr. 19, 1887
496,401Dewey, Mary Heater Chicago, ILMay 2, 1893
217,682Dewing, Lydia S. Improvement in wardrobes Natick, MAJul. 22, 1879
55,252Dexter, Ellen Improvement in abdominal supporters Quincy, ILJune 5, 1866
222,026Dexter, Mary J. Improvement in portable bath closets Milwaukee, WINov. 25, 1879
383,871Dey, Anna Louisa Buffet for housekeeping New York, NYJune 5, 1888
481,166Diack, Hannah S. Lid strainer Detroit, MIAug. 23, 1892
2,630Dibble, Maria P. Umbilical supporter combined with a corset New York, NYMay 20, 1842
145,491Dibble, Sarah J. Improvement in portable stoves Lockport, NYDec. 16, 1873
280,360Dickinson, Fannie Bed pan Chicago, ILJul. 3, 1883
244,561Diel, Josephine Abdonimal supporter St. Louis, MOJul. 19, 1881
244,115Dietz, Emma L. ; Dietz, Mary A. Dust pan Oakland, CAJul. 12, 1881
346,740Dillon, Ellen Flat iron heater Sioux City, IAAug. 3, 1886
103,432Disston, Mary Improved wall paper protector Philadelphia, PAMay 24, 1870
56,383Dittenhafer, Catharine Improvement in systems of cutting dresses Canton, OHJuly 17, 1866
387,629Dittmar, Henriette August Marie Photographic album Berlin, GermanyAug. 14, 1888
89,638Dittrich, Julie Improved sad iron Hoboken, NJMay 4, 1869
485,263Divine, Anna Elliott Safety pin Devon, PANov. 1, 1892
395,815Dobbins, Nancy J. Knock down box and blank therefor Denver, COJan. 8, 1889
399,249Dobbins, Nancy J. Book or album Denver, COMar. 12, 1889
344,569Dobson, Minnie Banjo frame New York, NYJune 29, 1886
347,581Dodge, Celinda A. Milk strainer Kinnickinnick, WIAug. 17, 1886
107,015Dodge, Eliza D. Improved cooking table Worcester, MASept. 6, 1870
133,837Dodge, Elizabeth A. Ice pitcher Washington, DCDec. 10, 1872
400,834Dodge, Frances A.; Dodge, Israel A. Milk cooler Brady, TXApr. 2, 1889
125,445Dodge, Sophronia V. Improvement in apparatus for raising dough De Soto, IAApr. 9, 1872
446,164Doelle, Marie Separable bath tub New York, NYFeb. 10, 1891
467,638Dohaney, Mary L. Hook and eye Chicago, ILJan. 26, 1892
72,174Doisy, Agnes Improvement in sticks for trundling hoops Cincinnati, OHDec. 17, 1867
467,086Donally, Amalia M. Bottling apparatus New York, NYJan. 12, 1892
468,437Donally, Amalia M. Bung for bottlers New York, NYFeb. 9, 1892
R11,300Donally, Amalia M. Donally Manufacturing Co. Bottle filling apparatus New York, NYJan. 17, 1893Original 445,882 Feb. 3, 1891
108,893Donavan, Eliza Jane Donavan, Eliza Jane;Gibson, W. T. Improvement in bee hives Indianapolis, INNov. 1, 1870
491,989Donally, Amalia M. Labeling machine New York, NYFeb. 21, 1893
488,876Donnelly, Ellen Bustform New York, NYDec. 27, 1892
133,213Dorman, Anna B. Medical compound for diarrhea, & c Cape Girardeau, MONov. 19, 1872
200,441Dormitzer, Anna Improvement in window cleaning chairs New York, NYFeb. 19, 1878
206,935Dormitzer, Anna Improvement in window cleaning step chairs New York, NYAug. 13, 1878
206,936Dormitzer, Anna Improvement in window cleaning step chairs New York, NYAug. 13, 1878
219,234Dormitzer, Anna Improvement in window cleaning chairs New York, NYSep. 2, 1879
244,203Dormitzer, Anna Window cleaning chair New York, NYJul. 12, 1881
256,654Dormitzer, Anna Combined window cleaning chair and fire escape New York, NYApr. 18, 1882
293,428Dormitzer, Anna Window cleaning chair New York, NYFeb. 12, 1884
335,215Dormitzer, Anna Window cleaning chair New York, NYFeb. 2, 1886
336,219Dormitzer, Anna Ornamental step ladder New York, NYFeb. 16, 1886
342,431Dormitzer, Anna Paint and brush bucket New York, NYMay 25, 1886
361,212Dormitzer, Anna Ornamental step ladder New York, NYApr. 12, 1887
421,914Dormitzer, Anna Step ladder New York, NYFeb. 25, 1890
449,846Dormitzer, Anna Step ladder New York, NYApr. 7, 1891
488,990Dormitzer, Anna Ornamental step ladder New York, NYJan. 3, 1893
498,464Dormitzer, Anna Chair for washing windows New York, NYMay 30, 1893
232,697Dorsett, Martha Jane Fruit drier Prince Georges County, MDSep. 28, 1880
247,244Douglas, Amanda M. Mosquito net frame Newark, NJSep. 20, 1881
266,614Douglas, Elizabeth N. Bathing stocking Washington, DCOct. 31, 1882
419,506Douglass, Lizzie M. Shoe protector Springfield, MOJan. 14, 1890
287,425Dowdell, Seleta C. Pan cover La Salle, TXOct. 30, 1883
462,629Dowell, Frances S. Washing machine Eureka Springs, ARNov. 3, 1891
499,528Dowell, Frances S. Wire clothes line Eureka Springs, ARJune 13, 1893
480,658Dowler, Libbie Moore Dowler, Charles M. (1/3) Stovepipe drying rack Tyler, TXAug. 9, 1892
91,100Downer, Nancy A. Downer, Nancy A.; Chase, David C. Process for reducing the size of plaster molds Clayton, MIJune 8, 1869
373,276Downey, Julia A. Toaster Oberlin, OHNov. 15, 1887
293,722Downing, Elizabeth M. Dress protector Grant City, PAFeb. 19, 1884
432,747Downing, Pamealia Washing machine Bay City, MIJuly 22, 1890
412,734Drahos, Otilie Bedpan Milwaukee, WIOct. 15, 1889
297,119Drakeley, Julia E. Bed pan Madison, WIApr. 22, 1884
D19,368Draper, Abigail A. Label Blue Island, ILOct. 22, 1889
135,975Draper, Isabella C. Fruit fork New York, NYFeb. 18, 1873
R7,869Drew, Luna Improvement in bakers for heating stoves Irving, WISep. 4, 1877Original 191,035 May 22, 1877
363,812Drewry, Sarah A. Abdominal supporter New York, NYMay 31, 1887
237,503Drewry, Sarah A. Corset New York, NYFeb. 8, 1881
239,943Drewry, Sarah A. Abdonimal supporter New York, NYApr. 12, 1881
501,184Du Bus, Caroline Safety catch for pins Horrem, GermanyJuly 11, 1893
464,935Dudoire, Narcise Vanosdel, Mary Ella Stuffing box Watervliet, NYDec. 8, 1891
232,246Duenckel, Maria Nursing dress St. Louis, MOSep. 14, 1880
184,959Duff, Mary Improvement in hemmers for sewing machines Benton, ILDec. 5, 1876
380,478Duffey, Kate Missouri Bed pan Astoria, ORApr. 3, 1888
241,631Duffy, Magaret S. Culinary vessel Hyattsville, MDMay 17, 1881
59,983Duffy, Mary A. Improvement in sewing machine gages for tucking, felling, binding & c New York, NYNov. 27, 1866
74,323Duffy, Mary A. Improvement in marking gages for sewing machines New York, NYFeb. 11, 1868
443,593Dugot, Betsey A. Bedpan Mallet Creek, OHDec. 30, 1890
D18,460Duke, Henrietta F. Butterick Publishing Co. Lady's blouse New York, NYJuly 17, 1888
170,244Duke, Mary A.; Duke, William J. Improvement in shirt fronts Booneville, MSNov. 23, 1875
417,816Dull, Hannah L. Ash pail Philadelphia, PADec. 24, 1889
450,226Dunavan, Emma S. Dunavan, William J. (1/2) House door letter box Dayton, ILApr. 14, 1891
D22,188Duncan, Anna C. Piano case Kansas City, MOJan. 31, 1893
406,999Duncombe, Nellie C. Method of decorating metal surfaces New York, NYJuly 16, 1889
334,359Dunham, Kate Corset Holloway, MIJan. 12, 1886
158,260Dunham, Maria Improvement in neck yoke and pole attachments Boyer Township, Crawford County, IADec. 29, 1874
203,899Dunn, Gertrude A. Improvement in paper boxes Chicago, ILMay 21, 1878
222,879Dunn, Gertrude A. Improvement in paper dishes and buckets Chicago, ILDec. 23, 1879
165,921Dunn, Olivia H. Improvement in sleeve protectors Boston, MAJuly 27, 1875
347,476Durell, Mary S.; Gebhard, Annie L. Steam radiator attachment Schoharie, NYAug. 17, 1886
524,463Durfee, Sarah A. Hand packing case Decatur, ILAug. 14, 1894
429,169Durgy, Minnie T. Skillet Sherman, CTJune 3, 1890
452,998Durham, Lillie E. Baby jumper Brooklyn, NYMay 26, 1891
495,790Durham, Rosina M. Thimble New Barnet, EnglandApr. 18, 1893
473,065Duval, Jennie P. Bed protector Richmond, MOApr. 19, 1892
512,100Duval, Jennie P. Fruit drier Richmond, MOJan. 2, 1894
490,341Duval, Jennie P. Lunch box Richmond, MOJan. 24, 1893
382,413Dyer, Louise M. Combined slate and ruler Yazoo City, MSMay 8, 1888
399,979Dyrenforth, Annie G. Portfolio Riverside, ILMar. 19, 1889
510,010Dysinger, Sarah E. Culinary device Eldora, IADec. 5, 1893
66,476Early, Sallie Ann Nagel, Samuel R. Improvement in hair curlers Philadelphia, PAJuly 9, 1867
422,748Easton, Lucy J. B. Flaxseed separating machine Rochester, MNMar. 4, 1890
81,482Eaton, Alice M. Improvement in shoulder braces and suspenders combined Boston, MAAug. 25, 1868
452,365Eaton, Alice Roberts Comb cleaner Louisville, KYMay 19, 1891
395,617Eaton, Minerva J. Trunk Hot Springs, Dakota TerritoryJan. 1, 1889
245,361Eavestaff, Elizabeth Stretcher for garments Portman Square, County of Middlesex, EnglandAug. 9, 1881
519,246Eberle, Christina Ash screener Chicago, ILMay 1, 1894
51,159Eckert, Huldah Improvement in the manufacture of vinegar Lodi, WINov. 28, 1865
320,118Eckles, Myra L. Riding saddle Northfield, MNJune 16, 1885
444,607Eder, Eleanore Fire escape ladder St. Louis, MOJan. 13, 1891
461,742Eder, Eleonore Baby carriage body St. Louis, MOOct. 20, 1891
D18,501Edmonston, Elizabeth Picture frame Newburg, NYAug.7, 1888
500,567Edwards, Cora S. Toy Centropolis, MOJuly 4, 1893
186,717Edwards, Evelyn L. Improvement in dough kneading machines Vineland, NJJan. 30, 1877
422,750Eells, Emma P. Polishing powder San Francisco, CAMar. 4, 1890
414,385Egbert, Carolene Mathilde Compound for artificial stone Westfield, PANov. 5, 1889
392,791Eichhorn, Mary C. Broom clasp Brookline, MANov. 13, 1888
349,149Einstein, Henrietta Dress shield Philadelphia, PASept. 14, 1886
198,798Elkins, Fanny; Elkins, Ida Improvement in automatic fans Brooklyn, NYJan. 1, 1878
286,407Elkins, Ida Apparatus for killing mosquitoes Brooklyn, NYOct. 9, 1883
343,164Eller, Frances E. Combined blackboard and perforated desktop Fairmount, NEJune 8, 1886
343,630Ellery, Florence A. Garment supporter Taunton, MAJune 15, 1886
U1,825EElliot, Catharine Manufacturing moccasins New York, NYJan. 26, 1825
208,577Elliott, Bettie Improvement in quilting frames Guntersville, ALOct. 1, 1878
328,926Elliott, Sarah A. Flower frame Norfolk, VAOct. 27, 1885
200,268Elliott, Sarah A. Improvement in reels Oxford, NCFeb. 12, 1878
401,487Ellis, Mollie Jar holding funnel apparatus Bardstown, KYApr. 16, 1889
143,681Emery, Eliza E. Improvement in gages for marking cloth for cutting Boston, MAOct. 14, 1873
146,518Emery, Harriet A. Improvement in sofa bedsteads Washington, DCJan. 20, 1874
440,549Emery, Harriet A. Puff winder Washington, DCNov. 11, 1890
459,000Emery, Harriet A. Invisible comb for hair dressing Washington, DCSept. 8, 1891
464,559Emery, Harriet A. Wig frame Washington, DCDec. 8, 1891
161,018Emery, Harriet G. Improvement in abdominal corsets Boston, MAMar. 23, 1875
161,019Emery, Harriet G. Improvement in methods of manufacturing corsets Boston, MAMar. 23, 1875
163,983Emery, Harriet G. Improvement in corsets Boston, MAJune 1, 1875
124,891Emery, Harriet Godfrey.; Fuller, Margaret Cate Emery, Harriet Godfrey Improvement in children's corsets Boston, MAMar. 26, 1872Reissued as R4,891 May 7, 1872
105,442Emery, Harriet Godfrey; Fuller, Margaret Cate Improvement in collars Boston, MAJuly 19, 1870Reissued as R4,916 May 28, 1872
R4,891Emery, Harrriet Godfrey; Fuller, Margaret Cate Emery, Harriet Godfrey Improvement in childrens corsets Boston, MAMay 7, 1872Original 124,891 Mar. 26, 1872
R4,916Emery, Harrriet Godfrey; Fuller, Margaret Cate Emery, Harriet Godfrey Improvement in collars Boston, MAMay 28, 1872Original 105,442 Jul. 18, 1870
488,806Engelhard, Friedericke Buttonhold reinforce for collars Hofheim on Taunus, GermanyDec. 27, 1892
220,063Engstrom, Adele Improvement in buckles Paris, FranceSep. 30, 1879
481,015Enos, Helen M. Book cover protector Millersburg, OHAug. 16, 1892
367,747Epperly, Belle Tucker, Mary W. (1/3) Corset Lamar, MOAug. 2, 1887
515,824Epperly, Belle Corset Logan, IAMar. 6, 1894
390,354Epple, Louise Galvanic abdominal truss Chicago, ILOct. 2, 1888
518,397Erslev, Bertha M. Swinging support for clotheslines Brooklyn, NYApr. 17, 1894
325,064Escorbia, Jean Marie; Escorbia, Marguerite Louise Stephanie Bottle stopper Loire, FranceAug. 25, 1885
460,290Erler, Margaret U. Holder and protector for ends of dress steels Worcester, MASept. 29, 1891
515,955Ettinger, Rose Folding table New York, NYMar. 6, 1894
517,607Ettinger, Rose Combined folding table and bed New York, NYApr. 3, 1894
369,000Eubank, Katie W. Combined trunk and bureau Rutherford, CAAug. 30, 1887
413,823Evans, Adeline T. Flour sieve and scales St. John, CAOct. 29, 1889
257,483Evans, Annie S. Invalid bedstead Kingston, Ontaria, CanadaMay 9, 1882
76,314Evard, Mary E. A. W. Improvement in broiling apparatus Leesburg, VAApr. 7, 1868
76,315Evard, Mary E. A. W. Improvement in cooking stoves Leesburg, VAApr. 7, 1868
76,316Evard, Mary E. A. W. Toaster Leesburg, VAApr. 7, 1868
363,736Eve, Emma H. Artificial fruit foliage and leaves Lockhart, TXMay 24, 1887
322,532Everett, Eliza A.; Everett, Richard H. Cooking utensil Vestal Centre, NYJuly 21, 1885
503,410Everett, Mary S. Stand for sadirons Brooklyn, NYAug. 15, 1893
484,951Everett, Mary S. Cover for ironing boards Brooklyn, NYOct. 25, 1892
445,443Everhard, Mary M. Kneading bread St. Joseph, MIJan. 27, 1891
460,819Eversmeyer, Annie L. Clothes drainer Laporte City, IAOct. 6, 1891
348,157Everson, Carrie J. Process of concentrating ores Chicago, ILAug. 24, 1886
471,174Everson, Carrie J. ; Hebron, Charles. B. Concentrating ores Denver, COMar. 22, 1892
240,015Ewell, Mildred E. Dough kneader Winchester, VAApr. 12, 1881
312,988Ewing, Mary R. McCord, Sarah J. (1/2) Hammock Portsmouth, OHFeb. 24, 1885
112,024Ewing, Sarah C. Improvement in patterns for applying measurement and laying out garments Indianapolis, INFeb. 21, 1871
114,428Ewing, Selena C. Improvement in division plates for cooking stoves Hill's Ferry, CAMay 2, 1871
441,651Eyre, Louisa Lear Spectacle case Philadelphia, PADec. 2, 1890
416,671Eyser, Ottilia H. B. Smoke consuming furnace Denver, CODec. 3, 1889
370,459Faasen, Elizabeth Sunshade handle New Orleans, LASept 27, 1887
131,816Fabrici, Felice Improvement in head rests New York, NYOct. 1, 1872
503,741Faestel, Annie L. Tailor's drafting device Milwaukee, WIAug. 22, 1893
433,650Fairchild, Rebecca L. Kitchen sink Buffalo, NYAug. 5, 1890
399,394Fairweather, Lydia Snow shovel and scraper Richmond Hill, NYMar. 12, 1889
408,471Fairweather, Lydia Combined clotheshorse and ironing board Richmond Hill, NYAug. 6, 1889
407,727Farewell, Helen Wash boiler Detroit, MIJuly 23, 1889
231,025Farnam, Harriet Adeline Eller, Homer C. (1/2) Cooking and heating apparatus St. Paul, MNAug. 10, 1880
111,332Farnam, Harriet A. Improvement in fly catchers South Bend, INJan. 31, 1871Reissued as R7,576 Mar. 27, 1877
122,242Farnam, Harriet A. Improvement in bee hives South Bend, INDec. 26, 1871
460,333Farnam, Harriet A. Swimming device Chicago, ILSept. 29, 1891
R7,576Farnam, Harriet A. Improvement in fly traps South Bend, INMar. 27, 1877Original 111,332 jan. 31, 1871
400,199Farnham, Mary Elizabeth Car starter New Orleans, LAMar. 26, 1889
518,057Farnum, Myra C. Oven Port Jervis, NYApr. 10, 1894
238,221Farquharson, Lizzie Process of painting on velvet in oil colors Chicago, ILMar. 1, 1881
391,524Farrell, Emma L. Frying pan Brooklyn, NYOct. 23, 1888
80,851Farrell, Joanna; Barson, John; Daniels, Ephraim Improvement in lamps New York, NYAug. 11, 1868
407,795Tarring, Lida A. Extension joint or splice Baltimore, MDJuly 30, 1889
365,805Farrington, Cleopatra K. Abdominal supporter Everett, MAJuly 5, 1887
496,301Farrington, Mattie Z. Tap and faucet San Francisco, CAApr. 25, 1893
158,054Fawcett, Sarah L. Improvement in scissors for use with sewing machines New York, NYDec. 22, 1874
87,036Faurot, Mary Improved compound for removing mildew from linen, & c Scranton, PAFeb. 16 1869
469,554Favor, Myra E. Game apparatus Brooklyn, NYFeb. 23, 1892
345,960Fearn, Amelia A. Life preserving corset Philadelphia, PAJuly 20, 1886
466,903Feaster, Florence G. Carpet fastener Ephrata, PAJan. 12, 1892
373,448Feathers, Sarah L. Compound for bleaching potatoes, & c Prairie City, IANov. 22, 1887
508,005Feeney, Mary E. Kettle lid clamp St. Paul, MNNov. 7, 1893
372,526Fein, Louise D. Fire escape Cincinnati, OHNov. 1, 1887
466,904Fein, Louise D. Steam cooker Cincinnati, OHJan. 12, 1892
345,291Fein, Sophia M. Door mat Cincinnati, OHJuly 13, 1886
471,215Felix, Numa J. Curtain Brooklyn, NYMar. 22, 1892
222,262Felt, Sarah A. Improvement in sleeve adjusters Philadelphia, PADec. 2, 1879
520,774Fenn, Katy Lawlor, Kate V. (1/2) Multiple record Chicago, ILJune 5, 1894
276,377Ferguson, Caroline Clothes basket St. Louis, MOApr. 24, 1883
249,465Ferguson, Elizabeth Knife cleaner Westminster, Ontario, CanadaNov. 15, 1881
490,431Ferguson, Georgiana Window cleaner Mount Vernon, NYJan. 24, 1893
301,704Ferrin, Edit C. Kitchen implement Bath, MEJul. 8, 1884
407,341Ferris, Ida M. Abdominal supporter Osage City, KSJuly 23, 1889
144,197Ferris, Letitia Improvement in glove fasteners San Francisco, CANov. 4, 1873
509,572Feuerherd, Emma Pot for preserving provision on ice Coswig, GermanyNov. 28, 1893
302,901Feune, Anna Ingvarda Shirt Chicago, ILAug. 5, 1884
140,126Field, Anna Improvement in medical compound or lotions for the skin Springfield, MAJune 24, 1873
252,935Field, Mary Emma Corset New Haven, CTJan. 31, 1882
459,106Fifield, Lizzie H. Invalid's robe Manchester, NHSept. 8, 1891
78,367Findley, Isadora M. Improved waist belt or girdle New York, NYMay 26, 1868
243,876Fink, Catharine; Fink, Henry Oil for dressing leather Baltimore, MDJul. 5, 1881
223,330Finley, Sarah E. ; Finley, Gideon C. Bee bucket Petersburg, TNJan. 6, 1880
305,582Finnegan, Jane Fire escape Litchfield, ILSept. 23, 1884
347,930Fischer, Therese R. Dress form Baltimore, MDAug. 24, 1886
504,777Fischer, Therese R. Skewer for closing fowls Baltimore, MDSept. 12, 1893
523,720Fischer, Therese R. Strainer for coffeepot, etc. Baltimore, MDJuly 31, 1894
525,142Fischer, Therese R. Threader for sewing machine needles Baltimore, MDAug. 28, 1894
67,182Fish, Harriet M. Improvement in ruffling attachments for sewing machines New York, NYJuly 30, 1867
189,617Fisher, Christine Improvement in table easels Salisbury, NCApr. 17, 1877
338,836Fisher, Edna A.; Fisher, William N. Kitchen cabinet Xenia, INMar. 30, 1886
506,219Fisher, Emma C. Steam cooker Centre, WIOct. 10, 1893
483,049Fisher, Ina Mary ; Fisher, Isaac Melvin Jar filler and holder Burrows, MOSept. 20, 1892
D22,438Fisher, Mary A. Spoon New Rochelle, NYMay 16, 1893
476,044Fisher, Sarah Maria Fisher, Sarah Maria ; Junnings, Mary Louisa Shutter worker Spencer, NYMay 31, 1892
501,648Fischer, Therese R. Tea or coffee pot Baltimore, MDJuly 18, 1893
498,913Fiske, Annette Fastening for wearing apparel Bridgeport, CTJune 6, 1893
87,160Fisler, Susan B. Improvement in corsets Newark, NJFeb. 23, 1869
501,649Fitch, Jenny Butler Salad mixing device Utica, NYJuly 18, 1893
124,260Fitch, Mary Improvement in tables and head rests for invalids Washington, DCMar. 5, 1872
149,458Fitch, Mary T. Improvement in magazine cooking stoves Lockport, NYApr. 7, 1874
395,128Fitch, Nancy M. China kiln Springfield, OHDec. 25, 1888
233,340Fithian, Joanna Dish drainer Knightstown, INOct. 19, 1880
158,581Fitz, Ellen E. Improvement in globes St. John, New BrunswickJan. 12, 1875Reissued as R9,557 Feb. 8, 1881
R9,557Fitz, Ellen E. Mounting and attachment for terrestrial globes St. John, New Brunswick, CanadaFeb. 8, 1881Original 158,581 Jan. 12, 1875
399,660Fitz, Viola Crib attachment for bedsteads Richmond, INMar. 19, 1889
390,763Fitzgerald, Augustine F. Van Derveer's & Holmes Biscuit Company Box or cannister Brooklyn, NYOct. 9, 1888
392,600Fitzgerald, Augustine F. Van Derveer & Holmes Biscuit Company Glass cleaning machine Brooklyn, NYNov. 13, 1888
439,133Fitzgerald, Augustine F. Seal for vessels and means for opening the same Brooklyn, NYOct. 28, 1890
493,262Fitzgerald, Julia Leever Refrigerator Terra Alta, WVMar. 14, 1893
518,594Fitzhugh, Bessie V. Combination book rest and table or stand Bowling Green, KYApr. 24, 1894
422,927Flagg, Margaret R. Hydrocarbon furnace Chicago, ILMar. 11, 1890
208,729Flanigan, Mary C. Smith Easterman, John (1/3) Improvement in fire escapes Cleveland, OHOct. 8, 1878
485,922Fleisher, Ida M. Carrier for umbrellas Philadelphia, PANov. 8, 1892
84,102Fleming, Caroline F. Improved washing machine Belleville, ILNov. 17, 1868
531,171Fleming, Lizzie B. Wheel cleaner Pierce City, MODec. 18, 1894
D22,248Flesher, Jennie E. Dressmaker's square New York, NYFeb. 28, 1893
517,568Fletcher, Florence Mary Whitmore, Charles Edward ; Price, Charles Dundas Attachment for ladies dresses for protecting bands of flowers Knighton, EnglandApr. 3, 1894
283,386Fletcher, Gertrude N. Library table Indianapolis, INAug. 21, 1883
158,056Fletcher, Matilda Improvement in portable trunks Des Moines, IADec. 22, 1874
337,569Flint, Marietta Bouquet holder New York, NYMar. 9, 1886
6,194Flint, Tilly; Flint, Warren Weighing scale Westford, MAMar. 20, 1849
460,857Flodin, Helena Ottonia Nursing bottle Upsala, SwedenOct. 6, 1891
502,432Floerckey, Dorothea M. Garment fastener Philadelphia, PAAug. 1, 1893
422,197Flory, Elie Henry Fischer, Moses (1/2) Egg carrier Abbeville, LAFeb. 25, 1890
366,623Floyd, Anna B. Floyd, Frederic C. Water proof bonnet or hat Boston, MAJuly 12, 1887
326,553Flynn, Mary J. Underwaist for children Cleveland, OHSept. 22, 1885
143,002Flynt, Olivia P. Improvement in ladies undervests Boston, MASept. 23, 1873
146,175Flynt, Olivia P. Improvement in undershirts Boston, MAJan. 6, 1874
156,018Flynt, Olivia P. Improvement in dress protectors Boston, MAOct. 20, 1874
156,019Flynt, Olivia P. Improvement in skirts Boston, MAOct. 20, 1874
173,611Flynt, Olivia P. Improvement in bust supporters Boston, MAFeb. 15, 1876
502,036Fogg, Mary Thread cutting attachment for thimbles Beaver Dam, WIJuly 25, 1893
458,309Foley, Emma Corset New York, NYAug. 25, 1891
185,739Follette, Sarah F. Improvement in underwaists Boston, MADec. 26, 1876
187,840Follette, Sarah F. Improvement in underwaists Boston, MAFeb. 27, 1877
28,265Foote, Eunice N. Shoe sole Saratoga Springs, NYMay 15, 1860
270,046Forbes, Anna P. Invalid bed Syracuse, NYJan. 2, 1883
391,602Forbriger, Bertha E. Detachable backing frame or case for drawing tablets Cincinnati, OHOct. 23, 1888
227,235Ford, Elizabeth Brush for greasing griddles Pellville, KYMay 4, 1880
215,815Ford, Ellen Maria Improvement in boxes and covers for firing decorated porcelain Port Richmond, NYMay 27, 1879
436,228Ford, Jane E. Steam cooker Ross Station, WASept. 9, 1890
248,727Ford, Lydia A. Medical compound for ague Kansas City, KSOct. 25, 1881
405,404Forestier, Maria Moulon Stopcock Brussels, BelgiumJune 18, 1889
146,128Forrester, Elizabeth M. Improvement in combined duster handles and window operators Salem, MAJan. 6, 1874
485,098Forshew, Mary J. Nursery bag New York, NYOct. 25, 1892
100,743Fort, Miranda Improvement in plows Talbotton, GAMar. 15, 1870
293,443Fortier, Anna M. ; Fortier, Shadrach M. A. Stamp canceler San Francisco, CAFeb. 12, 1884
389,959Forward, Mary A. Rein holder Kalamazoo, MISept. 25, 1888
83,146Foss, Maria J. Improvement in combined skirts and hose supporters Charlestown, MAOct. 20, 1868
8,030Foster (Wood), Celia R.P. Work stand Canandiagua, NYApr. 8, 1851
421,130Foster, Alma A. Butter worker Pomeroy, OHFeb. 11, 1890
393,301Foster, Fannie E. Kitchen cabinet Milwaukee, WINov. 20, 1888
407,005Foster, Grace L. Organ pedal Milford, IAJuly 16, 1889
178,135Foster, Julia Improvement in bed dusting racks Philadelphia, PAMay 30, 1876
181,663Foster, Julia Improvement in bill files Philadelphia, PAAug. 29, 1876
182,572Foster, Julia Improvement in needle threading devices Philadelphia, PASept. 26, 1876
144,972Foulke, Eliza Ann Improvement in clothes tongs Paris, ILNov. 25, 1873
365,915Fowble, Elizabeth Culinary apparatus St. Paul, MNJuly 5, 1887
482,348Fowler, Elizabeth R. Ironing board Chetopa, KSSept. 13, 1892
420,651Fowler, Jennie B. Nursing nipple Bridgeport, CTFeb. 4, 1890
486,710Fowlkes, Mary R. Adjustable palette for artists Selma, ALNov. 29, 1892
342,294Fox, Alice; Fox, Irving W. Abdominal supporter Ilion, NYMay 18, 1886
522,981Fox, Barbara Fire escape Napoleon, INJuly 17, 1894
527,487Fox, Barbara Fire escape Napoleon, INOct. 16, 1894
160,176Fox, Jane Ann Improvement in dish drainers Stamford, NYFeb. 23, 1875
35,930Foy, Lavinia H. Corset skirt supporter Worcester, MAJuly 22, 1862
39,908Foy, Lavinia H. Corset Worcester, MASept. 15, 1863Reissued as R6,448 May 25, 1874
39,909Foy, Lavinia H. Corset Worcester, MASept. 15, 1863
39,910Foy, Lavinia H. Corset skirt supporter Worcester, MASept. 15, 1863
41,987Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in corset skirt supporters Worcester, MAMar. 22, 1864
45,296Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in corset skirt supporters Worcester, MANov. 29, 1864
54,323Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in combined corsets and bustles Worcester, MAMay 1, 1866
57,309Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in hoop skirts Worcester, MAAug. 21, 1866
63,625Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in pins for the attachment of bows and rosettes Worcester, MAApr. 9, 1867
79,647Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in corsets Newton Centre, MAJuly 7, 1868
130,801Foy, Lavinia H. Cuff New Haven, CTAug. 27, 1872
137,907Foy, Lavinia H. Reversible cuff New Haven, CTApr. 15, 1873
523,888Foy, Lavinia H. Corset New Haven, CTJuly 31, 1894
R2,654Foy, Lavinia H. Foy, Lavinia H.; Foy, James H. Improvement in corset skirt supporters Boston, MAJun. 18, 1867Original 39,911 Sep. 15, 1863
R6,448Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in corsets New Haven, CTMay 25, 1874Original 39,908 sep. 15, 1863
197,463Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in corsets New Haven, CTNov. 27, 1877
200,384Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in corsets New Haven, CTFeb. 19, 1878
214,247Foy, Lavinia H. Improvement in corsets New Haven, CTApr. 15, 1879
R2,653Foy, Lavinia H. Foy, Lavinia H.; Foy, James H. Improvement in corset skirt supporters Boston, MAJun. 18, 1867Original 39,911 Sep. 15, 1863
R4,831Foy, Lavinia H. Foy, Lavinia H.; Foy, James H. Improvement in skirt supporting corsets New Haven, CTMar. 26, 1872Original 39,911 Sep. 15, 1863 Reissed as R2,653 Jun. 18, 1867
349,935Frackelton, Susan S. China firing apparatus Milwaukee, WISept. 28, 1886
386,395Frackelton, Susan S. Apparatus for firing china Milwaukee, WIJuly 24, 1888
318,716France, Mary Adjustable fire box Cleveland, OHMay 26, 1885
350,622Frank, Clara Frank, Clara; Gutman, Emil Cuff holder New York, NYOct. 12, 1886
302,992Franklin, Agnes Louisa Cuff retainer Frankfort, KYAug. 5, 1884
394,350Fraser, Harriet Lavinia Snow plow New York, NYDec. 11, 1888
393,226Frederick, Dora K. Bath tub seat Marshallsville, GANov. 20, 1888
285,475Freeley, Ella Mary Artificial Russian leather New York, NYSep. 25, 1883
340,501Freeley, Ella Mary Vulcanized rubber and textile fabric New York, NYApr. 20, 1886
472,755Freelove, Carrie H.; Welch, Clementine E. Stove McPherson, KSApr. 12, 1892
317,332Freeman, Ann M. Dress cutting rule Kansas City, MOMay 5, 1885
312,196Freeman, Cornelia T. Guide setter for sewing machine Elizabeth, NJFeb. 10, 1885
D22,646Freeman, Sarah S. Dressmaker's ruler Los Angeles, CAJuly 25, 1893
366,624Frekker, Kathrine Hanson, Peter (1/2) Window reflector Chicago, ILJuly 12, 1887
169,898French, Anna Improvement in floral ornaments for tombstones Bangor, MENov. 16, 1875
167,162French, Elizabeth J. Improvement in electro therapeutic appliances Philadelphia, PAAug. 31, 1875
138,324French, Evelyn F. Binding for sewing machine covers New York, NYApr. 29, 1873
159,254French, Evelyn F. Improvement in hand rests New York, NYFeb. 2, 1875
229,244French, Evelyn F. Artists board New York, NYJun. 29, 1880
234,265French, Evelyn F.; Jeffers, Milton C. Sound deadening attachment for railway cars New York, NYNov. 9, 1880
152,357French, Julia B. Improvement in bedsteads Boston, MAJune 23, 1874
164,290French, Julia B. Improvement in bedsteads Boston, MAJune 8, 1875
317,333French, Julia B. Combined wash and bath tub Boston, MAMay 5, 1885
348,321French, Julia B. Tub or tank for toilet, laundry, and refrigerating purposes Boston, MAAug. 31, 1886
461,749French, Mary Stuart Attachment for lamp chimneys Monmouth, ILOct. 20, 1891
91,112Frentz, Maggie E. Corset clasp New Albany, INJune 8, 1869
317,451Frey, Mamie F. Button hook holder for shoes Indianapolis, INMay 5, 1885
427,263Frey, Marie Brecher, Arnold (1/2) Hood Milwaukee, WIMay 6, 1890
430,012Friend, Lucy Ella Attachment for clothes props Sydney, New South WalesJune 10, 1890
492,396Fries, Anna W. Garment supporter Pawnee City, NEFeb. 28, 1893
102,246Fries, Karolina Improved compound for cleaning silk West Zanesville, OHApr. 26, 1870
150,315Frike, Anna Improvement in wash boards Fowler, ILApr. 28, 1874
478,508Frings, Bertha O. ; Frings, Charles H. Brewing Improvement Company Obtaining extracts from hops New York, NYJuly 5, 1892
478,188Frings, Bertha O. ; Frings, Charles H. Brewing Improvement Company Process of brewing beer New York, NYJuly 5, 1892
478,189Frings, Bertha O. ; Frings, Charles H. Brewing Improvement Company Hopping malt liquors New York, NYJuly 5, 1892
168,089Fristoe, Lydia A. Improvement in baking pans Denver, COSept. 28, 1875
526,182Fritsche, Friederike Galvanic chain Berlin, GermanySept. 18, 1894
464,354Froideveaux, Sarah Rebecca Device for sharpening scissors Allegheny, PADec. 1, 1891
476,790Frost, Artemesia F. Holder for fruit jars Shubert, NEJune 14, 1892
517,380Frost, Artemisia Francis Rack or holder for fruit jars Highland, KSMar. 27, 1894
238,104Frost, Caroline C. Adjustable leg for furniture New York, NYFeb. 22, 1881
214,998Frost, Mary A. Improvement in corpse coolers Barnesville, OHMay 6, 1879
399,029Fry, Laura A. Art of decorating pottery ware Camp Dennison, OHMar. 5, 1889
D22,546Frye, Maude Blanche Spoon Boston, MAJune 20, 1893
361,756Fuchs, Mary Trimming for hats Camden, NJApr. 26, 1887
395,491Fuller, Charlotte W. Bread board Lincoln, MEJan. 1, 1889
404,081Fuller, Drusillia Marion Device for holding head gear Terryville, CTMay 28, 1889
426,721Fuller, Drusillia Marion Hat support Brooklyn, NYApr. 29, 1890
438,537Fuller, Georgianna Catamenial sack Gloversville, NYOct. 14, 1890
331,489Fuller, Jennie Rathbun Fire escape Toledo, OHDec. 1, 1885
323,867Fuller, Lucinda; Fuller, Harriet Fraer, Harriet L.(1/4) Window sash Detroit, MIAug. 4, 1885
513,102Fuller, Marie Louise Mechanism for the production of stage effects New York, NYJan. 23, 1894
518,347Fuller, Marie Louise Garment for dancers New York, NYApr. 17, 1894
533,167Fuller, Marie Louise Theatrical stage mechanism New York, NYJan. 29, 1895
D21,458Fuller, Marie Louise Dancing dress New York, NYApr. 12, 1892
D21,526Fuller, Marie Louise Dancing dress New York, NYMay 10, 1892
D21,527Fuller, Marie Louise Dancing dress New York, NYMay 10, 1892
517,217Fuller, Maybell Pollard, Richard (1/2) Fruit or vegetable steamer Syracuse, NYMar. 27, 1894
452,267Gaddis, Lucy Car coupling Gold Hill, NMMay 12, 1891
454,789Gaddis, Lucy Key hole guard Gold Hill, NMJune 23, 1891
514,592Gage, Bessie F. Coffee making apparatus Oakland, CAFeb. 13, 1894
384,517Gage, Mary S. Stove St. Louis, MOJune 12, 1888
149,034Gaillard, Ella N. Improvement in needles San Francisco, CAMar. 31, 1874
177,706Gaillard, Ella N. Improvement in musical tops New York, NYMay 23, 1876
327,673Gaillard, Ella Neibon Fountain New York, NYOct. 6, 1885
333,742Gaillard, Ella N. Electric illuminating apparatus New York, NYJan. 5, 1886
346,812Gaillard, Ella N. Musical watch New York, NYAug. 3, 1886
362,374Gaillard, Ella N. Marx, Ernest Combined needle and cord and mode of uniting the same New York, NYMay 3, 1887
402,916Gaillard, Ella N. Combined paper weight, calendar and musical watch New York, NYMay 7, 1889
480,574Gaillard, Ella N. Dress shield New York, NYAug. 9, 1892
405,253Gaines, Ella ; Gaines, Franklin Wilkes Fruit or vegetable cooker Colfax, Washington TerritoryJune 18, 1889
525,143Gair, Marie Curtain hanger St. Louis, MOAug. 28, 1894
134,046Gale, Hannah J. Culinary steamer Haverhill, MADec. 17, 1872
501,499Galer, Drusilla F. Heating attachment for cook stoves Palmyra, PAJuly 18, 1893
232,701Gallaher, Elizabeth Steam cooker Bradford, PASep. 28, 1880
277,263Gallaher, Lorinda Hoop skirt Wheeling, WVMay 8, 1883
278,530Gallaher, Lorinda Fruit jar Wheeling, WVMay 29, 1883
528,935Galland, Annie M. Box New York, NYNov. 13, 1894
319,477Gandil, Charlotte A. Lady's skirt protector Brooklyn, NYJune 9, 1885
439,500Garcelon, Jennie Lee Dressmaker's fitting apparatus Chicago, ILOct. 28, 1890
91,327Garcin, Caroline; Adam, U. Mechanism for driving sewing machines Colmar, FranceJune 15, 1869
461,803Gardner, Jessie Lewis Hand appliance for operating sewing machines St. Joseph, MOOct. 20, 1891
168,388Gardner, Maria Improvement in hair crimping pins New York, NYOct. 5, 1875
D22,434Garey, Grace T. Cheney Bros. Textile fabrics Quincy, MAMay 16, 1893
527,240Garies, Fannie M. Bustard, Mary E. (1/2) Instrument for chiropodist's use New York, NYOct. 9, 1894
182,521Garnham, Mary E. Improvement in hair curling irons Carthage, NYSept. 26, 1876
176,862Garnham, Mary E.; Hubbard, Fernando D. Improvement in milk coolers or warmers Carthage, NYMay 2, 1876
306,737Garnier, Marie Leather dressing machine Paris, FranceOct. 21, 1884
293,003Garrett, Elizabeth S. Flood fence Downeyville, INFeb. 5, 1884
355,160Gartland, Elizabeth Chart for drafting garments Philadelphia, PADec. 28, 1886
301,110Gartrell, Mary G. Step ladder Indianola, IAJul. 1, 1884
483,670Garwood, Sarah Spout attachment for bottles Southsea, EnglandOct. 4, 1892
482,351Garwood, Sarah Helen Darning last Southsea, EnglandSept. 13, 1892
83,149Gaskin, Hannah C. Improved plastic composition Union Vale, NYOct. 20, 1868
437,379Gaston, Augustine J. Balance Beloit, WISept. 30, 1890
484,193Gates, Fannia A. ; Gates, Eugene N. E.N. Gates Heating Co. Water heating system Fitchburg, MAOct. 11, 1892
431,943Gaugh, Maria A. Wash dish pan and drainer Newport, KYJuly 8, 1890
523,068Gaul, Marie Refreshment server Philadelphia, PAJuly 17, 1894
488,733Gee, Fannie Lacy Sidesaddle Burnsville, ALDec. 27, 1892
390,771Geffs, Mary L. Cassidy, F.G. (1/2) Corset Cincinnati, OHOct. 9, 1888
351,027Gefvert, Elisabeth C. Tracing wheel Brooklyn, NYOct. 19, 1886
346,437Geissinger, Annie E. Geissinger, George B. (1/2) Step ladder Allegheny, PAJuly 27, 1886
529,828Geldowsky, Martha C. Dress skirt St. Louis, MONov. 27, 1894
488,886Geldowsky, Martha C. Belt for womens under garments St. Louis, MODec. 27, 1892
488,887Geldowsky, Martha C. Under garment St. Louis, MODec. 27, 1892
399,322Gelwicks, Anna M. Inflatable dress form Decatur, ILMar. 12, 1889
395,824Gentry, Nancy Kate Cosmetic cream Denver, COJan. 8, 1889
117,065George, Margaret N. Improvement in medicines for cure of hog and chicken cholera Evansville, INJuly 18, 1871
171,658Gerlitz, Johanna Improvement in bitters Philadelphia, PAJan. 1, 1876
284,625German, Eliza Churn Fannin County, TXSep. 11, 1883
U1,834GGerrish, Margaret Asclepias syriaca, manufacturing external fibers Salem, MAMar. 27, 1834
108,352Gest, Augusta Improvement in fire alarm thermometers Brooklyn, NYOct. 18, 1870
247,494Getchell, Annie Hardening copper Boston, MASep. 27, 1881
97,074Gether, Marie Hand guide for pianos St. Louis, MONov. 23, 1869
141,217Ghirardini, Maria L. Improvement in rails for street railways Providence, RIJuly 29, 1873
185,741Ghirardini, Maria L. Improvement in chimneys Pawtucket, RIDec. 26, 1876
429,127Gibbon, Catherine L. Construction of side bearing railway tracks Albany, NYJune 3, 1890
429,128Gibbon, Catherine L. Construction of railway tracks Albany, NYJune 3, 1890
459,780Gibbon, Catharine L. ; Gibbon, Thomas H. Construction of railroad tracks New York, NYSept. 22, 1891
459,781Gibbon, Catharine L. ; Gibbon, Thomas H. Compound rail for railway tracks New York, NYSept. 22, 1891
483,439Gibbs, Marian R. Washing machine Cherry Creek, NYSept. 27, 1892
275,189Gibler, Mary J. Cleaning compound Beloit, WIApr. 3, 1883
293,648Gibson, Hannah Zephyrene Egg beater Oberlin, OHFeb. 19, 1884
281,683Gibson, Margaret S. Apparatus for toasting bread and broiling meats Philadelphia, PAJul. 24, 1883
478,004Gibson, Sallie Elizabeth Washing machine Princess, KYJune 28, 1892
447,678Gibson, Susan McDaniel, Samuel W. (1/2) Dumpling steamer Arkansas City, KSMar. 3, 1891
326,639Gidley, Jennie D. Under garment New York, NYSept. 22, 1885
502,513Giesecke, Sophia Horse brush St. Louis, MOAug. 1, 1893
358,115Gilbert, Effie A. Bustle Chicago, ILFeb. 22, 1887
459,396Gilbert, Frances M. Bird cage Silver City, NMSept. 15, 1891
279,643Gilberts, Catharina Mincing knife San Francisco, CAJun. 19, 1883
D21,225Gilbreth, Mary E. Spoon Boston, MADec. 8, 1891
111,195Gilkinson, Rebecca Improvement in medical compounds for the cure of rheumatism New York, NYJan. 24, 1871
208,807Gillard, Charlotte Improvement in childrens table trays San Francisco, CAOct. 8, 1878
448,223Gillett, Anna A. ; Gillett, Garland L. Garment supporter Milwaukee, WIMar. 17, 1891
102,534Gilman, Jane E. Improvement in work holders Hartford, CTMay 3, 1870
107,479Gilman, Jane E. Improvement in combined dress bureaus and bath tubs Hartford, CTSept. 20, 1870
461,608Gilmore, Elizabeth Curtain drier Greencastle, INOct. 20, 1891
340,870Ginoris, Marie Artificial fruit New York, NYApr. 27, 1886
404,534Girvin, Laura O.; Loff, John Photographer's retouching machine Chicago, ILJune 4, 1889
390,162Glass, Elizabeth Corset San Francisco, CASept. 25, 1888
354,895Gleason, Sarah Emory Baby walker Tacoma, Washington TerritoryDec. 28, 1886
433,938Gleeson, Catherine M. E. Pencil holder Cleveland, OHAug. 12, 1890
251,431Glinning, Ellen C Abdominal supporter Philadelphia, PADec. 27, 1881
498,712Godfrey, Mary Fanny Button London, EnglandMay 30, 1893
239,764Godsmith, Mary Isham Goldsmith, Mary Isham ; Goldsmith, John M. Combined plant setter and fertilizer distributer The Plains, VAApr. 5, 1881
447,769Goe, Alice C. Perch for cages Stone Fort, ILMar. 10, 1891
522,366Golding, Bertha Foy Abdominal supporter Chicago, ILJuly 3, 1894
225,979Goldman, Mary Wash for the hair Toledo, OHMar. 30, 1880
180,021Goldsmith, Mrs. John M. Improvement in cooking apparatus Great Mills, MDJuly 18, 1876
221,051Goldsmith, Rosa H. Improvement in bale ties Charleston, SCOct. 28, 1879
484,093Goltermann, Ada V. Fire escape New York, NYOct. 11, 1892
220,233Gontard, Pauline H. Improvement in stem winding watches Cortebert, SwitzerlandOct. 7, 1879
368,582Gooch, Emma J. Napkin supporter Washington, DCAug. 23, 1887
313,320Goodale, Laura Mmariett Goodale, Laura Mariett; Gordon, Peter Cover for cooking kettles and utensils Marshalltown, IAMar. 3, 1885
326,971Goodale, Sarah A. Pocket for wearing apparel Watertown, NYSept. 29, 1885
322,177Goode, Sarah E. Cabinet bed Chicago, ILJuly 14, 1885African-American, First African-American woman to receive a patent.
397,122Goodell, Etta A. Consolidated Patents Company Ventilator Chicago, ILFeb. 5, 1889
419,041Goodell, Zina Goodell, Abner C. (1/2) Elevator Salem, MAJan. 7, 1890
6,423Goodman, Agdalena S. Improvement in broom-brushes Duval County, FLMay 8, 1849
354,056Goodman, Reesetta S.; Goodman, Henry M. Draw box Louisville, KYDec. 7, 1886
512,611Goodspeed, Albina E. ; Edson, Jacob Pump New York, NYJan. 9, 1894
80,781Goodwin, Lizzie C.; Stockwell, Ira H. Improvement in tatting shuttles Worcester, MAAug. 4, 1868
179,653Goodwin, Mary A. Improvement in hot air registers Port Chester, NYJuly 11, 1876
504,213Goodwin, Mary Evert ; Lewis, Samuel Halsey Clasp for holding envelopes, papers, etc. Jamaica Plains, MAAug. 29, 1893
315,768Goodwin, Phebe C. Multiple measuring utensil Boston, MAApr. 14, 1885
486,462Gooley, Ella Spring bolster New Holland, OHNov. 22, 1892
414,698Gorbell, Arabella Maria Brush St. John, N. B., CanadaNov. 12, 1889
431,347Gore, Fannie E. Spool holder Baltimore, MDJuly 1, 1890
407,588Gorham, Annie L. Writing desk St. Johnsbury, VTJuly 23, 1889
276,389Gorham, Annie L. Ornamentation of ceramics Boston, MAApr. 24, 1883
D22,729Gosden, Rosa Bidet Midhurst, EnglandAug. 22, 1893British patent 15,291 Aug. 25, 1892
295,631Gott, Laura J. Fire escape La Grange, OHMar. 25, 1884
352,463Gott, Laura James Fire escape La Grange, OHNov. 9, 1886
198,937Gott, Laura Jane Improvement in car coupling pins La Grange, OHJan. 1, 1878
43,847Gould, Julia E. Improved liniment Jamestown, NYAug. 16,1864
124,951Gould, Lydia M. Improvement in fly traps Chicago, ILMar. 26, 1872
220,606Goye, Josephine S. improvement in doll supporters Boston, MAOct. 14, 1879Reissued as R9,003 Dec. 23, 1879
R9,003Goye, Josephine S. Improvement in doll supporters Boston, MADec. 23, 1879Original 220,606 Oct. 14, 1879
159,090Grabham, Angeline P. Improvement in quilting frame clamps Mineral Point, WIJan. 26, 1875
492,284Harbaugh, Idah M. ; Graff, Julius S. Extension table Portland, ORFeb. 21, 1893
515,468Grafstrom, Olivia A. Douche bath New York, NYFeb. 27, 1894
254,867Graham, Amelia L. ; Ransch, Emilie C.; Graham, John A. Combined register and ottoman Red Wing, MNMar. 14, 1882
471,636Graham, Eliza M. Machine for hanging wall paper Mobile, ALMar. 29, 1892
416,362Graham, Elizabeth R. Brush Pittsburg, PADec. 3, 1889
446,445Graham, Lizzie Flour washing machine Portland, ORFeb. 17, 1891
236,019Graham, Mary M. Dress protector Lynn, MADec. 28, 1880
399,030Graham, Nancy J. Stove Jackson, OHMar. 5, 1889
237,858Graham, Nancy Jane Plaiting machine Jackson, OHFeb. 15, 1881
199,535Granger, Susan DeLamater Improvement in sewing machine chairs Ann Arbor, MIJan. 22, 1878
423,923Grant, Carrie A. Vehicle axle Cambridgeport, MAMar. 25, 1890
274,934Graves, Anna M. Glass lined metal can Newark, NJApr. 3, 1883
293,320Graves, Isabella S. Insecticide Fishkill on the Hudson, NYFeb. 12, 1884
395,049Graves, Julia A. Butter worker Fair Haven, VTDec. 25, 1888
435,017Graves, Katharine A. Geo. Van Wagenen Company Sheet metal mantel New York, NYAug. 26, 1890
159,817Gray, Harriet Improvement in tea kettles Marquette, MIFeb. 16, 1875
395,050Gray, Harriet N. Gray, George E. (1/2) Abdominal supporter Austin, TXDec. 25, 1888
337,490Gray, Harriette A. Composition to be added to starch to improve its quality Brooklyn, NYMar. 9, 1886
157,323Gray, Isabel Improvement in modes of attaching buttons to shoes and gaiters Harrisonburg, VADec. 1, 1874
509,892Gray, Mattie Stove Heber, ARDec. 5, 1893
512,696Gray, Nellie R. Dress hook Elyria, OHJan. 16, 1894
349,036Greeley, Mary A. Candlestick Ottumwa, IASept. 14, 1886
333,517Greeley, Mary Agnes Candlestick Ottumwa, IAJan. 5, 1886
280,032Green Anna M. Metallic eyelet fastening for drawers Denver, COJun. 26, 1883
513,010Green, Hannah A. Kitchen cabinet Womer, KSJan. 16, 1894
435,221Green, Marian M. Combined railway chair and cross tie County Line, TNAug. 26, 1890
114,004Green, Marion Improvement in implements for slitting and joining rags for carpets Coldwater, MIApr. 25, 1871
492,329Green, Martha A. Cover holder Montclair, COFeb. 21, 1893
250,910Green, Nannie C. Skirt adjuster Brooklyn, NYDec. 13, 1881
409,354Green, Sarah F. Self adjusting cover for vessels Brooklyn, NYAug. 20, 1889
442,618Greene, Mary A. Game apparatus Philadelphia, PADec. 16, 1890
445,016Greene, Mary A. Game Philadelphia, PAJan. 20, 1891
458,392Greene, Mary A. ; Greene, Francis V. Window Philadelphia, PAAug. 25, 1891
423,147Greene, Mary E. Shaving and dressing stand New York, NYMar. 11, 1890
439,001Greenwood, Kate Mansfield Mirror support Kensington, EnglandOct. 21, 1890
333,007Greer, Eliza M. Folding and adjustable window bracket shelf Stockton, CADec. 22, 1885
501,136Gregory, Annie Margaret Apparatus for teaching astronomy and geography London, EnglandJuly 11, 1893
464,499Grenelle, Linnie A. H. Window curtain holder Hampton, IADec. 8, 1891
464,864Grenelle, Linnie A. H. Veil holder Hampton, IADec. 8, 1891
321,964Griffin, Carrie G. Combined door check and buffer Manhattan, KSJuly 14, 1885
278,129Griffin, Dora G. Device for exposing hair to the action of heated vapors Grand Rapids, MIMay 22, 1883
71,743Griffin, Lucia F. Improved medicated balsam New York, NYDec. 3, 1867
508,305Griffith, Mollie I. Bake pan Winchester, KYNov. 7, 1893
105,196Grigsby, Mary E. Improved fruit straining apparatus Putnamville, INJuly 12, 1870
281,056Griswold, Alice L. B. Adjustable pattern for garments Philadelphia, PAJul. 10, 1883
358,348Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYFeb. 22, 1887Reissued as R10,939 Jun. 19, 1888
358,349Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYFeb. 22, 1887Reissued as R10,935 Jun. 5, 1888
D18,919Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYFeb. 12, 1889
D18,920Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYFeb. 12, 1889
D18,921Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYFeb. 12, 1889
D18,922Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYFeb. 12, 1889
D18,923Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYFeb. 12, 1889
D19,234Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYJuly 30, 1889
D19,235Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYJuly 30, 1889
D19,236Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYJuly 30, 1889
D19,237Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYJuly 30, 1889
D19,238Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYJuly 30, 1889
D19,239Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYJuly 30, 1889
D19,240Griswold, Catharine A. Ornamentation of corsets New York, NYJuly 30, 1889
R10,935Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYJun. 5, 1888Orignal 358,349 Feb. 22, 1887
R10,939Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYJun. 19, 1888Original 358,348 Feb. 22, 1887
R7,895Griswold, Catharine A. Improvement in corsets New York, NYSep. 25, 1877Orignal 116,585 Jul. 4, 1871
392,195Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYNov. 6, 1888
392,196Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYNov. 6, 1888
392,197Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYNov. 6, 1888
392,198Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYNov. 6, 1888
392,199Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYNov. 6, 1888
392,200Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYNov. 6, 1888
392,201Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYNov. 6, 1888
201,177Griswold, Catharine A. Improvement in garment supporters New York, NYMar. 12, 1878
291,335Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYJan. 1, 1884
291,336Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYJan. 1, 1884
291,337Griswold, Catharine A. Corset clasp New York, NYJan. 1, 1884
291,338Griswold, Catharine A. Corset New York, NYJan. 1, 1884
56,210Griswold, Catharine Allsop Improvement in skirt supporting corsets Willimantic, CTJuly 10, 1866Reissued as R4,427 Oct. 20, 1871
116,585Griswold, Catharine A. Improvement in corsets Willimantic, CTJuly 4, 1871Reissued as R7,895 Sep. 25, 1877
157,445Griswold, Catharine A. Improvement in skirt supporters Poughkeepsie, NYDec. 8, 1874
171,012Griswold, Catharine A. Improvement in abdominal corsets New York, NYDec. 14, 1875
181,330Griswold, Catharine A. Improvement in corsets New York, NYAug. 22, 1876
61,825Griswold, Catharine Allsop Improvement in corsets Willimantic, CTFeb. 5, 1867
R4,427Griswold, Catharine Allsop Improvement in skirt supporting corsets Willimantic, CTJun. 20, 1871Original 56,210 Jul. 10, 1866
61,335Griswold, Ellen M. Improved support for window sash Hagerstown, MDJan. 22, 1867
344,901Grover, Susan O. Coffin attachment Granville, OHJuly 6, 1886
334,373Grow, Mary E. Pin Washington, DCJan. 12, 1886
201,005Grube, Lavinia Improvement in clamps for attaching mop heads and wringers to pails Liberty Mills, INMar. 5, 1878
504,432Grunberg, Hulda Calendar clock Biel, SwitzerlandSept. 5, 1893
310,507Guffin, Matilda C.; Guffin, Andrew J. Washing machine Rushville, INJan. 6, 1885
426,800Guidotti, Claudia Infant's garment Chicago, ILApr. 29, 1890
528,633Guillan, Rosa A. Bust form Pittsburg, PANov. 6, 1894
486,546Guillard, Theoline Charlotte ; Catherinet, Victor Eugene Finger exercising device St. Mande near Paris, FranceNov. 22, 1892
358,197Guion, Elisabeth Medicine spoon New York, NYFeb. 22, 1887
358,198Guion, Elisabeth Dress maker's fitting chair New York, NYFeb. 22, 1887
298,746Guirey, Mary E. Figure, map and chart for educational purposes San Francisco, CAMay 20, 1884
357,381Gulick, Lizzie Tally Blind stop Corsicana, TXFeb. 8, 1887
422,934Gunkle, Katherine Ellmaker Jar Frazer, PAMar. 11, 1890
503,316Gutsell, Ida A. Doll producing blank Ithaca, NYAug. 15, 1893
D22,946Gutsell, Ida A. Pattern for printed fabrics Ithaca, NYDec. 5, 1893
180,337Haack, Laura E. Improvement in automatic fans St. Louis, MOJuly 25, 1876
203,727Hackleberg, Amelie Improvement in packing cases or boxes for bottles New York, NYMay 14, 1878
435,929Hadley, Lizzie T. Stiffening for collars, etc. Kansas City, KSSept. 9, 1890
296,557Haegen, Johanna Hat or bonnet New York, NYApr. 8, 1884
472,758Haendler, Marie Manufacture of wire ornaments New York, NYApr. 12, 1892
D19,487Hafely, Marie; Hafely, Alfred C. Koch, Sons & Co. Book or album New York, NYDec. 17, 1889
519,791Hagenow, Emma Pad for violins New York, NYMay 15, 1894
R8,972Baglin, Amelia Improvement in hats and other head coverings Brooklyn, NYNov. 18, 1879Original 218,915 Aug. 26,1879
449,905Hagstedt, Ann O. Composition for exterminating insects New York, NYApr. 7, 1891
156,218Haight, Sarah Improvement in metallic spring shoe laces Leavenworth, KSOct. 27, 1874
391,317Haish, Sophia A. Safety pin De Kalb, ILOct. 16, 1888
390,296Haldemann, Maria E. Toy house Newark, NJOct. 2, 1888
131,874Hale, Elvira C. Milk vat Steamburg, NYOct. 1, 1872
267,520Hale, Emma E. Stocking knee protector Philadelphia, PANov. 14, 1882
336,917Haley, Christina J. Stocking supporter New York, NYMar. 2, 1886
471,478Halford, Elise Barrow coat New York, NYMar. 22, 1892
317,939Halfpenny, Caroline Dorothy Trellis Bloomsburg, PAMay 12, 1885
101,457Hall, Annie J. Improvement in pencil holders San Francisco, CAApr. 5, 1870
390,668Hall, Arminda S. Dress form Watertown, MAOct. 9, 1888
41,989Hall, Eliza Jane Improved furnace for smelting ores San Francisco, CAMar. 22, 1864
123,694Hall, Elizabeth W. Improvement in memorial crosses New York, NYFeb. 13, 1872
467,408Hall, Eva J. St. Croix Manufacturing Co. Needle for sewing machines Stillwater, MNJan. 19, 1892
471,857Hall, Eva J. St. Croix Manufacturing Co. Sewing machine needle Stillwater, MNMar. 29, 1892
471,972Hall, Eva Jennie Sewing machine needle Stillwater, MNMar. 29, 1892
503,476Hall, Eva J. St. Croix Mfg. Co. Making needles Stillwater, MNAug. 15, 1893
397,642Hall, Fannie E. Portable kiln for firing decorated china, glass, etc. Catskill, NYFeb. 12, 1889
439,581Hall, Frances Delord Ointment Plattsburg, NYOct. 28, 1890
41,618Hall, Lydia S. Improvement in vessels for cooking by steam Washington, DCFeb. 16, 1864
435,301Hall, Martha E. Device for fitting and drafting garments Crawfordsville, INAug. 26, 1890
493,496Hall, Mary E. Hemstitching attachment for sewing machines Boston, MAMar. 14, 1893
482,478Hall, Susie B. Brush for cotton gins Little Rock, ARSept. 13, 1892
439,945Haller, Augustine Salt evaporating tank Pittsburg, PANov. 4, 1890
136,240Haller, Ella G. Fruit jar Carlisle, PAFeb. 25, 1873
140,916Haller, Ella G. Improvement in fruit jars Carlisle, PAJuly 15, 1873
203,145Haller, Ella G. Improvement in self lighting lamps Philadelphia, PAApr. 30, 1878
451,556Hallett, Bertie Coin operated locking mechanism London, EnglandMay 5, 1891
D20,687Hallett, Emma V. Spoon, etc. Hartford, CTApr. 21, 1891
181,068Ham, Ellen J. Improvement in bustles New York, NYAug. 15, 1876
335,283Hamilton, Catherine M. Convertible chair Decatur, ILFeb. 2, 1886
276,032Hamilton, Docia C. Dress makers measure New York, NYApr. 17, 1883
120,967Hamlin, Caroline L. Improvement in corsets New York, NYNov. 14, 1871
384,361Hamlin, Mary J. Clamp for fruit cans Bartramville, OHJune 12, 1888
503,720Hammond, Emma Lamp chimney Phelps, NYAug. 22, 1893
353,133Hammond, Margaret Patient's elevator and perambulator Port Madison, Washington TerritoryNov. 23, 1886
1,197Hammond, Sarah Fire places Baltimore, MDJune 25, 1839
199,704Hampton, Emma S. Improvement in dish washers Detroit, MIJan. 29, 1878
183,923Hanchette, Nancy J. Improvement in abdominal supporters Chicago, ILOct. 31, 1876
93,615Hancock, Anna Improvement in sewing machines New York, NYAug. 10, 1869
84,276Hancock, Anne B. Improvement in fans Suspension Bridge, NYNov. 24, 1868
365,471Hancock, Martha B. Wheel attachment for sleighs Syracuse, NYJune 28, 1887
490,114Hanson, Alice A. Childs carriage Baltimore, MDJan. 17, 1893
98,959Hanson, Mary J. Medical compound Mauston, WIJan. 18, 1870
468,034Hanway, Mary D. Eye glasses Baltimore, MDFeb. 2, 1892
359,783Hapgood, L. Adelle Apparatus for preserving eggs Randolph, NYMar. 22, 1887
359,784Hapgood, L. Adelle Apparatus for preserving eggs Randolph, NYMar. 22, 1887
354,979Hardenbergh, Sarah M. Carriage seat Le Fever Falls, NYDec. 28, 1886
414,309Hardie, Agnes Combined cabinet, commode, wardrobe, and invalid chair Leetonia, OHNov. 5, 1889
140,778Harding, Eliza J. Improvement in abdominal supporters St. Louis, MOJuly 15, 1873
368,285Harding, Eliza Jane Depurator Denver, COAug. 16, 1887
509,081Harding, Hannah Fox Invalid's mattress Sydney, New South WalesNov. 21, 1893
75,902Harding, Eliza J. Improvement in abdominal and uterine supporters St. Louis, MOMar. 24, 1868
85,584Hardinge, Sarah A. L. Mode of finishing photographs, & c Brooklyn, NYJan. 5, 1869
368,206Hardy, Mary Laureta Mosquito netting attachment Eureka Springs, ARAug. 16, 1887
157,513Harland, Irene E. Improvement in pins for button fasteners Brooklyn, NYDec. 8, 1874
156,702Harley, Elizabeth G. Improvement in darning lasts Haddonfield, NJNov. 10, 1874
296,002Harley, Elizabeth G. Safety attachment Philadelphia, PAApr. 1, 1884
483,058Harpham, Elmira H. Comb St. Louis, MISept. 20, 1892
190,032Harriman, Maggie M. Improvement in corsets Kansas City, MOApr. 24, 1877
411,988Harrington, May Evans Mustache guard Oakland, CAOct. 1, 1889
135,909Harris, Ann Maria Stove grate Columbus, GAFeb. 18, 1873
313,328Harris, Annie W. Bolt for doors or shutters Philadelphia, PAMar. 3, 1885
522,013Harris, Lillie ; Jaiser, Mary Wardrobe bedstead Richmond, VAJune 26, 1894
489,306Harris, Mary B. Typewriting machine New Albany, INJan. 3, 1893
448,484Harris, Mary E. Sewing stand Camden, NJMar. 17, 1891
492,286Harris, Mary M. Refrigerator Chicago, ILFeb. 21, 1893
147,259Harrison, Ann Improvement in sleigh bells East Hampton, CTFeb. 10, 1874
D22,111Harrison, Dora Buckle Lansing, MIJan. 10, 1893
467,972Harrison, Jane Randolph Game board Baltimore, MDFeb. 2, 1892
306,484Harrison, Leila C. Hitching device New Haven, CTOct. 14, 1884
438,623Harrison, Louisa Ann Presser foot for sewing machine Boston, MAOct. 21, 1890
188,896Harrison, Margaret Improvement in dress charts Rock Island, ILMar. 27, 1877
422,937Harrison, Nancy Malinda Flour receptacle and sifter Adair, IAMar. 11, 1890
493,401Harrison, Nancy Malinda Carpet fastener Perry, IAMar. 14, 1893
217,371Harrison, Regina Improvement in watering dippers Columbus, MSJul. 8, 1879
418,616Harry, Isabella L. ; Harry, Charles F. R. Car coupling West Salem, OHDec. 31, 1889
361,412Harryman, Sarah A. Foot warmer for stoves Sedalia, MOApr. 19, 1887
421,930Harryman, Sarah A. Foot warmer Sedalia, MOFeb. 25, 1890
322,598Hart, Margaret Moore, Charles T. (1/2) Syringe New York, NYJuly 21, 1885
460,205Hart, Sarah Self sustaining soot catcher St. Louis, MISept. 29, 1891
444,702Hartley, Caroline Lid for frying or other pans Philadelphia, PAJan. 13, 1891
452,521Hartmann, Mary S. C. Steamer Redding, CAMay 19, 1891
460,748Hartmann, Mary S. C. Pastry shelf Redding, CAOct. 6, 1891
517,694Hartpence, Phoebe M. Curtain stretcher Harrison, OHApr. 3, 1894
159,549Harvey, Ethel O. Improvement in clevises Lubec, MEFeb. 9, 1875
506,635Harvey, Jennie DeWitt Mayonnaise mixer Wilkesbarre, PAOct. 10, 1893
506,636Harvey, Jennie DeWitt Egg beater Wilkesbarre, PAOct. 10, 1893
514,189Harvey, Leopoldina ; Amos, Jacob Vorwerk, John (1/3) Shoulder and back bracing chair Los Angeles, CAFeb. 6, 1894
463,050Harvey, Viena E. Combined bust and garment supporter Kansas City, KSNov. 10, 1891
345,970Haskell, Jenny M. Dress protector Greenwich, NYJuly 20, 1886
191,050Hastings, Catherine Improvement in fruit jars Oswego, NYMay 22, 1877
206,727Hatch, Ellen D. W. Improvement in canceling stamps Rolla, MOAug. 6, 1878
88,784Hatch, Mary E. Improvement in lamps for cooking purposes Beloit, WIApr. 13, 1869
D22,938Hatch, Mary G. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper New York, NYNov. 28, 1893
D22,939Hatch, Mary G. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper New York, NYNov. 28, 1893
D22,940Hatch, Mary G. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper New York, NYNov. 28, 1893
D22,941Hatch, Mary G. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper New York, NYNov. 28, 1893
D22,942Hatch, Mary G. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper New York, NYNov. 28, 1893
D22,943Hatch, Mary G. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper New York, NYNov. 28, 1893
D23,667Hatch, Mary G. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper New York, NYOct. 2, 1894
445,316Hathaway, Caroline F. Ribbon needle Rockford, ILJan. 27, 1891
500,497Hathaway, Cornelia F. Shoe lace fastener San Francisco, CAJune 27, 1893
153,080Hattes, Lucinda Improvement in medical compounds Marseilles, ILJuly 14, 1874
437,197Havens, Jane C. Rein guide Philadelphia, PASept. 30, 1890
507,363Haviland, Julia Agnes Window screen St. Joseph, MOOct. 24, 1893
276,178Hayna, Clementina J. M. Air feeding grate bar St. Louis, MOApr. 24, 1883
526,572Hawes, Dell M. Pneumatic tire Ortonville, MNSept. 25, 1894
440,150Hawes, Grace Marion Dish washer Birchardville, PANov. 11, 1890
201,010Hawkins, Mary; Hawkins, Henry Improvement in medical compounds Sedalia, MOMar. 5, 1878
64,102Hawks, Elizabeth Auxiliary air chamber for stoves Troy, NYApr. 23, 1867Reissued as R3,585 Aug. 3, 1869
84,626Hawks, Elizabeth Improvement in heating stoves Vineland, NJDec. 1, 1868Reissued as R3,436 May 11, 1868
160,519Hawks, Elizabeth Improvement in air chambers for stoves Troy, NYMar. 9, 1875
161,612Hawks, Elizabeth Improvement in summer stoves Troy, NYApr. 6, 1875
R3,436Hawks, Elizabeth Marston, William E. Improvement in heating stoves Troy, NYMay 11, 1868Original 84,626 Dec.1, 1868
R3,585Hawks, Elizabeth Improvement in auxilary air chambes for stoves, heaters and furnaces Troy, NYAug. 3, 1869Original 64,192 Apr. 23, 1867
456,990Hawley, Mary A. Invalid's table Dixon, ILAug. 4, 1891
472,456Hawley, Mary A. Device for applying insecticides Dixon, ILApr. 5, 1892
507,615Hawley, Mary A. Device for applying insecticides Dixon, ILOct. 31, 1893
416,606Hawley, Nellie S. Hair dressing Omaha, NEDec. 3, 1889
504,579Hayden, Jennie C. Umbrella chatelaine Chicago, ILSept. 5, 1893
504,580Hayden, Jennie C. Chatelaine Chicago, ILSept. 5, 1893
210,117Haydock, Sarah A. Improvement in car couplings Ostrander, OHNov. 19, 1878
212,464Haydock, Sarah A. Improvement in car couplings Ostrander, OHFeb. 18, 1879
445,400Hayes, Greta L. S. Convertible trunk or wardrobe Springfield, MAJan. 27, 1891
521,410Hayes, Rebecca Henry Cooking stove Galveston, TXJune 12, 1894
369,285Hayna, Clementina J. M. Furnace St. Louis, MOAug. 30, 1887
369,448Hayna, Clementina J. M. Steam boiler St. Louis, MOSept. 6, 1887
381,368Hayna, Clementina J. M. Steam boiler St. Louis, MOApr. 17, 1888
394,114Hayna, Cleementina J. M. Grate bar St. Louis, MODec. 4, 1888
394,115Hayna, Cleementina J. M. Grate bar St. Louis, MODec. 4, 1888
350,246Haynes, Martha F. Uterine supporter Athol Centre, MAOct. 5, 1886
78,736Hays, Lydia Improved pad billet Ames, IAJune 9, 1868
337,153Hayward, Adelaide M. Soap dish Boston, MAMar. 2, 1886
276,397Hayward, Jennie Havilla Corset Sidney, MEApr. 24, 1883
119,230Hayward, Mary A. Improvement in electric and vapor chairs Brooklyn, NYSept. 26, 1871
514,930Heath, Mary Abdominal bandage New York, NYFeb. 20, 1894
209,121Heaton, Amelia A. Improvement in clothes driers Binghamton, NYOct. 22 1878
473,927Heaton, Eva Stage effect Holly Beach, NJMay 3, 1892
R6,614Heermance, Louisa H. ; Heermance, Charles W. Improvement in strainers and funnels combined New York, NYAug. 24, 1875Original 132,963 Nov. 12, 1872
179,792Heilmann, Rosa Improvement in washing machines New York, NYJuly 11, 1876
157,516Heineman, Eva Improvement in bread knives Boston, MADec. 8, 1874
533,644Hell, Elisabeth Artificial stalk Ulm, GermanyFeb. 5, 1895German patent 74,727 Nov. 25, 1894
354,600Hemenway, Malvina Nash Dust pan Mexico, NYDec. 21, 1886
350,177Hemmer, Ida C.; Weisgerber, William F. Standard Electric Clock Company Electric winding device for clocks New York, NYOct. 5, 1886
525,546Hemsteger, Ida M. Protector for blisters, poultices, etc. Chicago, ILSept. 4, 1894
346,914Henderson, Mary Adelia Coffee pot Clinton, MOAug. 10, 1886
398,255Henderson, Mary Foote Movement cure machine St. Louis, MOFeb. 19, 1889
325,409Hendrick, Susan M. System and device for measuring garments New York, NYSept. 1, 1885
386,744Hendricks, Kate Bustle Shelbyville, INJuly 24, 1888
364,412Hendricks, Mary A. Folding invalid chair Charleston, SCJune 7, 1887
521,540Heneault, Narcisse ; Heneault, Theresia Vegetable slicer Chicago, ILJune 19, 1894
365,814Henning, Susan A. Bedclothes holder Chicago, ILJuly 5, 1887
231,487Henry, Jane; Smith, James R. Urinal for invalids Chicago, ILAug. 24, 1880
407,824Henry, Margaret ; Henry, Samuel Table Rockford, ILJuly 30, 1889
439,007Henry, Nettie Excelsior cutting machine St. Louis, MOOct. 21, 1890
435,827Henshaw, Rebecca M. Clothes hook Salt Lake City, UTSept. 2, 1890
156,086Henville, Amanda M. Improvement in dress charts Chelsea, MAOct. 20, 1874
D22,937Herrick, Caroline K. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper East Orange, NJNov. 28, 1893
232,403Herrick, Lizzie Doll support Iowa City, IASep. 21, 1880
D20,484Herrick, Mary M. Child's toy Marinette, WIJan. 20, 1891
389,811Herrmenau, Clara Embroidery frame Detroit, MISept. 18, 1888
220,477Herse, Paulina M. L. Improvement in cockle separators Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaOct. 14, 1879
133,445Hertwig, Sarah B. Funnel for canning fruit Cincinnati, OHNov. 26, 1872
355,527Hervey, Frances Pickett Cooking utensil Brenham, TXJan. 4, 1887
456,819Hervey, Ida E. Hair curler New York, NYJuly 28, 1891
250,439Hervey, Sarah E. Pneumatic dress form Taunton, MADec. 6, 1881
267,202Hervey, Sarah Eliza Dress waist protector Taunton, MANov. 7, 1882
172,313Herzberger, Eliza Improvement in ash sifters Washington, DCJan. 18, 1876
445,470Hess, Mary E. Remedy for coughs, etc. Foristell, MOJan. 27, 1891
530,774Hesse, Florence Puzzle Frederick, MDDec. 11, 1894
157,329Hetfield, Lidurania Improvement in medical compounds or liniments Detroit, MIDec. 1, 1874
500,767Hetherington-Carruthers, Sophia Electro-medical appliance Sydney, New South WalesJuly 4, 1893
D21,117Hetzel, Margaret J.E. Caldwell & Co. Badge Clifton Station, VAOct. 13, 1891
D23,060Heustis, Louise L. J. H. Johnston & Co. Book mark New York, NYFeb. 13, 1894
246,771Hey, Hannah Vermin trap Philadelphia, PASep. 6, 1881
511,842Heyn, Sabina Knee protector Omaha, NEJan. 2, 1894
502,296Hiatt, Ella L. Folding handle for dust pans Dublin, INAug. 1, 1893
177,939Hibbard, Susan M.; Nichols, Catharine; Webster, Emeline C.; Eastman, Francis S. Improvement in feather dusters Geneva Lake, WIMay 30, 1876
246,772Hibbard, Zebina M. Station indicator St. Louis, MISep. 6, 1881
102,398Hibbs, Adaline D. Improvement in stationary furniture Trenton, NJApr. 26, 1870
454,477Hibler, Sarah Katherine Press board Stamford, CTJune 23, 1891
300,075Hicks, Amanda M.; Dishman, Alonzo Heating and ventilating device for buildings Clinton, KYJun. 10, 1884
232,820Hicks, Josephine M. Cistern spout and trap Boston, MAOct. 5, 1880
232,127Hicks, Rebecca M. Sewing machine receptacle and extension table leaf Minneapolis, MNSep. 14, 1880
194,871Hiester, Mary C. Improvement in knee protectors Philadelphia, PASept. 4, 1877
495,802Higbie, Frances Lamp stove and attachment therefor Brooklyn, NYApr. 18, 1893
509,222Higbie, Frances Clamp joint Brooklyn, NYNov. 21, 1893
514,751Higbie, Frances Music stand Brooklyn, NYFeb. 13, 1894
36,125Higgins, Elizabeth Higgins, Henry Dress protector Boston, MAAug. 5, 1862
288,803Higgins, Mary E. Underwaist Cadillac, MINov. 20, 1883
158,841Hildreth, Mary E. Improvement in sad iron holders Mount Pleasant, IAJan. 19, 1875
459,784Hill, Cornelia E. Machine for winding warp Floyd, IASept. 22, 1891
202,438Hill, Emily A. Improvement in ironing tables Princeton, INApr. 16, 1878
48,867Hill, Emma Dolan, Thomas Improvement in ladies hoods Philadelphia, PAJuly 18, 1865
78,287Hill, Marie L. Improvement in shoes New York, NYMay 26, 1868
237,082Hillen, Isabella Stirrup Cincinnati, OHJan. 25, 1881
323,420Hills, Caroline M. Paint pot Chicago, ILAug. 4, 1885
456,034Hillyer, Lillian Stanley Shade or globe holder East Orange, NJJuly 14, 1891
508,711Hilsher, Ellen Kitchen utensil Penfield, PANov. 14, 1893
69,995Hilt, Mary Ann Improved medical compound Syracuse, NYOct. 12, 1867
292,310Himmer, Ida C. Electric battery New York, NYJan. 22, 1884
533,125Hinckley, Henrietta R. Folding picture frame Waterbury, CTJan. 29, 1895
D22,407Hinde, Maude S. Spoon, etc. Chicago, ILMay 9, 1893
D18,743Hine, Ida C. Button New York, NYNov. 20, 1888
352,188Hine, Mary A. L.; Reed, Orrin S. Bottle wrapper Chicago, ILNov. 9, 1886
371,938Hinsdill, Julia M. Mattress Grand Rapids, MIOct. 25, 1887
533,038Hirsch, Maria R. Commutator brush Milwaukee, WIJan. 22, 1895
454,045Hirsh, Dora Car coupling Lancaster, PAJune 16, 1891
145,653Hitchcock, Cornelia Clark, William J.; Hitchcock, Cornelia Improvement in coffee urns Milldale, CTDec. 16, 1873Reissued as R5,876 May 19, 1874
R5,876Hitchcock, Cornelia Hitchcock, Cornelia; Clark, William J. Improvement in coffee urns Milldale, CTMay 19, 1874Original 145,653 Dec, 16,1873
198,617Hitchock, Laura Z. Improvement in skirt and hose suspenders Kansas City, MODec. 25, 1877
492,356Holt, Florence E. Garment supporter Stoneham, MAFeb. 21, 1893
523,524Hoagland, Susan M. Cooking utensil Hulbertson, NYJuly 24, 1894
114,818Hoare, Esther Improvement in babies traveling and toilet chairs Dedham, MAMay 16, 1871
149,040Hobart, Annie L. Improvement in corset bust protectors Lowell, MAMar. 31, 1874
431,892Hobbs, Alice L. Hair bang Kalamazoo, MIJuly 8, 1890
466,137Hobson, Alice M. Steam cooker New Britain, CTDec. 29, 1891
153,957Hobson, Betsey C. Improvement in medical compounds for bilious diseases Portland, MEAug. 11, 1874
101,129Hobson, Mary Improved dish washer Williamsburg, MOMar. 22, 1870
322,721Hodges, Alice A.; Hodges, George W. Brake for children's carriages Baltimore, MDJuly 21, 1885
364,820Hodgkin, Maria J. Bustle or pannier Jerseyville, ILJune 14, 1887
531,035Hodgson, Mary Ann; Hodgson, Isaac Geographical globe Chicago, ILDec. 18, 1894
329,042Hodson, Emma E. Bustle Chicago, ILOct. 27, 1885
490,201Hofacker, Martha Bedsead New York, NYJan. 17, 1893
196,453Hoffman, Alice J. Improvement in baking pans Richmond, INOct. 23, 1877
58,825Hoffman, Amelia B. Improved dust pan Roxbury, MAOct. 16, 1866
60,009Hoffman, Amelia B. Improved crumb remover Roxbury, MANov. 27, 1866
207,035Hoffman, Clara P. ; Meyers, Nocholas Hoffman, Clara P. Improvement in blind stitch sewing machines Buffalo, NYAug. 13, 1878Meyers assign to Hoffman
211,574Hoffman, Clara P. ; Meyers, Nocholas Hoffman, Clara P. Improvement in hemmers for blind stitch sewing machines Buffalo, NYJan. 21, 1879Meyers assign to Hoffman
D21,609Hoffman, Elvira C. Dancing dress New York, NYJune 7, 1892
193,249Hoffman, Julia J. Improvement in dish washers Garnett, KSJuly 17, 1877
410,591Hoffman, Lina M. Invalid chair Philadelphia, PASept. 10, 1889
527,758Hoge, Harriet H. Vapor face bath Portland, OROct. 16, 1894
391,713Hohenstein, Sally Garment supporter Pittsburg, PAOct. 23, 1888
414,413Holcomb, Mary H. Baking dish Fargo, Dakota TerritoryNov. 5, 1889
249,937Holcombe, Elizabeth J. Vaginal irrigator and urinal Syracuse, NYNov. 22, 1881
51,047Holden, Delia E. Darning last Cleveland, OHNov. 21, 1865
208,392Holden, Magdalene Improvement in pocket spitoons Philadelphia, PASep. 24, 1878
289,102Holden, Magdelene Flower pot Philadelphia, PANov. 27, 1883
488,562Holden, Martha B. Carpet sweeper Chicago, ILDec. 27, 1892
197,370Holder, Ella M. Improvement in piano pedal attachments Lynn, MANov. 20, 1877
272,138Holder, Mary G. Ointment New York, NYFeb. 13, 1883
503,967Holland, Annie J. Doll Boston, MAAug. 29, 1893
118,939Holland, Mary A. Improvement in burglar alarms Passaic, NJSept. 12, 1871
118,940Holland, Mary A. Improvement in burglar alarms for windows Passaic, NJSept. 12, 1871
256,689Hollely, Emma C. Combined marking and cutting instrument Brooklyn, NYApr. 18, 1882
453,082Hollyday, Virginia M. Lock Baltimore, MDMay 26, 1891
438,237Holmes, Helen V. Toy gun Chicago, ILOct. 14, 1890
451,607Holmes, Helen V. Stretching and drying curtains Chicago, ILMay 5, 1891
D22,128Holmes, Helen V. Flag holder Chicago, ILJan. 10, 1893
196,454Holmes, Helen Victoria Improvement in compounds for rendering photographic paper translucent Chicago, ILOct. 23, 1877
289,536Holmes, Josephine M. Sad iron holder Sioux City, IADec. 4, 1883
119,766Holmes, Katharine E. Improvement in railway car safety apparatus Cambridgeport, MAOct. 10, 1871
222,628Holmes, Mary A. C. Improvement in machines for channeling and pricking soles Newport, RIDec. 16, 1879
227,167Holmes, Mary A. C. Mechanism for channeling and pricking the soles of boots and shoes Newport, RIMay 4, 1880
242,324Holmes, Mary A. C. Channeling boot and shoe soles Newport, RIMay 31, 1881
526,319Holmes, Sarah E. Knitted doll Needham, MASept. 18, 1894
196,119Holt, Elizabeth Improvement in packings for piston rods, & c Pittsburg, PAOct. 16, 1877
317,998Holt, Mary Jane Meat and provision safe San Francisco, CAMay 19, 1885
184,153Holton, Ella Moody Improvement in abdominal supporters Jackson, MINov. 7, 1876
455,749Hood, Eunice Dress chart Chicago, ILJuly 14, 1891
363,237Hood, Eunice Cupler, Jacob C.(1/2) Apparatus for cutting garments Bradford, PAMay 17, 1887
132,080Hooper, Elizabeth Compound for destroying bedbugs Diamond Springs, CAOct. 8, 1872
316,623Hooper, Mary P. Carpenter Grated shovel New York, NYApr. 28, 1885
335,130Hooper, Mary P. C. Device for numbering houses New York, NYFeb. 2, 1886
455,403Hooper, Mary P. Carpenter Mosquito trap New York, NYJuly 7, 1891
517,860Hooper, Mary P. C. Work holder New York, NYApr. 10, 1894
R10,600Hooper, Mary P. Carpenter Carpenter Straw Sewing Machine Co. Machine fow sewing straw braid New York, NYMay 26, 1885Original 171,774 Jan. 4, 1876 nee Mary P. Carpenter
364,415Hooper, Mary P. Carpenter Netting canopy for beds, & c New York, NYJune 7, 1887
493,503Hooper, Rebecca E. Guide shield for typewriting machines San Francisco, CAMar. 14, 1893
469,999Hoos, Florence William ; Mann, Emil Ice machine Philadelphia, PAMar. 1, 1892
131,443Hoover, Augusta; Nichols, William A. Quilting attachment for sewing machines Zionsville, INSept. 17, 1872
427,573Hope, Amabel G. E. Table for berths of vessels Wayland, MAMay 13, 1890
505,201Hopkins, Candace Alice Support for table screens Sarcoxie, MOSept. 19, 1893
345,509Hopkinson, Lizzie Combined embroidery frame, easel, work table, and desk Frankfort, INJuly 13, 1886
375,706Hoppel, Louise B. Ketterer, William (1/2) Medical compound Lyons, NYDec. 27, 1887
374,909Hopper, Helen L. Apparatus for preparing canned food Hutchinson, KSDec. 13, 1887nee Helen L. Smith
490,022Horn, Henrietta Horn, G. A. (1/2) Adjustable pattern for drafting garments Newark, NJJan. 17, 1893
514,622Horn, Henrietta Horn, George A. (1/2) Adjustable pattern for drafting garments Newark, NJFeb. 13, 1894
525,019Horn, Marie Garment measuring and drafting apparatus Berlin, GermanyAug. 28, 1894
32,367Hornbrook, Triphena P. Beehive Wheeling, VAMay 21, 1861
452,864Horvath, Jennie Stern, Myer (1/2) Overseaming sewing machine New York, NYMay 26, 1891
244,898Hoskins, Sarah A. Lunch box Bangor, MEJul. 26, 1881
320,557Hosmer, Clara E. Leggin Auburn, NYJun. 23, 1885
214,142Hosmer, Harriet Goodhue Improvement in processes of making artificial marble Rome, ItalyApr. 8, 1879
510,791Hotham, Mary F. Lamp chimney cleaner Hillside, PADec. 12, 1893
145,060Hough, Emma Improvement in machines for "heading" hair Brooklyn, NYDec. 2, 1873
170,951Hough, Emma Improvement in hair heading machines Brooklyn, NYDec. 14, 1875
403,590Houston, Lu Kitchen cabinet Shockey, KSMay 21, 1889
528,100Hover, Catharine C. Frying pan handle rest Catskill, NYOct. 23, 1894
443,853Hoyer, Margaret Baby walker Rixford, PADec. 30, 1890
469,144Howard, Antoinette Atomizer New York, NYFeb. 16, 1892
393,562Howard, Blanche Willis Music rack for pianos Bangor, MENov. 27, 1888
393,563Howard, Blanche Willis Bathing shoe Bangor, MENov. 27, 1888
100,293Howard, Catherine E. Improvement in the manufacture of artificial flowers San Gabriel, CAMar. 1, 1870
517,803Howard, Daisy Dorliska Letter drier Jacksonville, FLApr. 3, 1894
35,683Howard, Isabella J.H. Abdominal supporter San Francisco, CAJune 24, 1862
461,018Howard, Mabel Game apparatus Washington, DCOct. 13, 1891
398,511Howe, Eleanor Endora Body brace Bridgeport, CTFeb. 26, 1889
388,976Howe, Gertrude Nott Detachable tire pan for stoves New York, NYSept. 4, 1888
518,953Howe, Rena M. Howe, Thomas B. Closure for bottles or jars Scranton, PAMay 1, 1894
241,218Howell, Charlotte C. Washing machine Kouts Station, INMay 10, 1881
422,787Howell, Elizabeth E. Accordion plaiting machine Maryville, MOMar. 4, 1890
464,073Howell, Elizabeth E. Self waiting table Maryville, MODec. 1, 1891
528,942Howell, Elizabeth E. Garment stay Maryville, MONov. 13, 1894
416,409Hoover, Harriet E. Liniment Lincoln, NEDec. 3, 1889
161,123Howland, Della; Howland, James W. Improvement in folding tables New Haven, CTMar. 23, 1875
245,830Howson, Eliza Corset Philadelphia, PAAug. 16, 1881
512,965Hoyez, Irene Band cutter Stephen, MNJan. 16, 1894
518,035Hoyle, Ella L. D. Batter dropper New Orleans, LAApr. 10, 1894
518,034Hoyle, Mary E. Lady's hand bag Chicago, ILApr. 10, 1894
243,906Hoyt, Jennie E. Food steamer Milford, WIJul. 5, 1881
364,928Hoyt, Sarah M. Paving block Chicago, ILJune 14, 1887
394,770Hoyt, Sarah M. Paving block Chicago, ILDec. 18, 1888
507,815Hoyt, Sarah M. Centrifugal screen Chicago, ILOct. 31, 1893
121,370Hubbard, Maria C. Improvement in wash boilers Troy, NYNov. 28, 1871
404,354Huber, Katie Powell, Charlotte (1/2) Soap receptacle Milwaukee, WIMay 28, 1889
477,368Huber, Susan Lochman Heater attachment for illuminating apparatus York, PAJune 21, 1892
503,969Huddleston, Laura B. Corpse dressing table Winchester, INAug. 29, 1893
112,920Huddleston, Martha Improvement in medical compounds and salves Jackson, TNMar. 21, 1871
518,783Hudgin, Emily M. Folding basket Cincinnati, OHApr. 24, 1894
433,787Hudson, Emma C. Slate sponge Seattle, WAAug. 5, 1890
446,777Hudson, Emma C. Slate Seattle, WAFeb. 17, 1891
452,223Hudson, Emma C. House door letter box Seattle, WAMay 12, 1891
140,417Huff, Louisa C. Huff, James J. (1/2) Improvement in protecting masks for beekeepers Louina, ALJuly 1, 1873
234,781Iliff, Martha A. Guide for pen holders Cincinnati, OHNov. 23, 1880
353,064Huffer, Anna Button hole marker Cowden, ILNov. 23, 1886
109,410Hughes, Alice M. Improvement in diapers Hudson City, NJNov. 22, 1870
471,386Hughes, Anna L. Grass catching attachment for lawn mowers Ashley, PAMar. 22, 1892
376,654Hughes, Kate Duval Sash fastener Washington, DCJan. 17, 1888
227,978Hughes, Kate Duval Window button securer Washington, DCMay 25, 1880
522,731Hughes, Louisa G. Jelly cooker Cleveland, OHJuly 10, 1894
330,897Hulburd, Harriet A. Scrap book Perrysburg, OHNov. 24, 1885
516,630Hulett, Elvira Carver, James W. (1/2) Egg tester Pawlet, VTMar. 13, 1894
51,054Hulings, Margaret Improvement in spinning machines Indianapolis, INNov. 21, 1865
331,062Hull, Elizabeth Folding soap dish New York, NYNov. 24, 1885
128,881Hull, Elizabeth B. Improvement in washing machines Clinton, ILJuly 9, 1872
256,694Hull, Elizabeth B. Bed bottom Clinton, ILApr. 18, 1882
446,778Hull, Sarah G. Perspiration powder Oklahoma, OKFeb. 17, 1891
353,861Hull, Sarah J. Rein muff Stella, NEDec. 7, 1886
487,570Hufman, Margaret Jane Sash cord fastener Ashland, PADec. 6, 1892
390,673Humphrey, Abbie Vesta Shirt Somerville, MAOct. 9, 1888
115,322Humphrey, Harriet A. Improvement in casters for stove legs, & c Milwaukee, WIMay 30, 1871
386,248Humphrey, Helen M. Bracket Clayville, NYJuly 17, 1888
35,026Humphrey, Lucinda Skirt protector Tipton, IAApr. 22,1862
146,534Hungerford, Eveline Improvement in medical compounds or liniments San Francisco, CAJan. 20, 1874
85,447Hunt, Eliza D. Improved washing machine New York, NYDec. 29, 1868
132,083Hunt, Eliza D. Coal stove New York, NYOct. 8, 1872
170,172Hunt, Elizabeth S. Improvement in fruit jars Cleveland, OHNov. 23, 1875
182,119Hunt, Elizabeth S. Improvement in preserving packages for fruits, & c Cleveland, OHSept. 12, 1876
389,152Hunter, Mary E. Guide for sewing machine Osborn, OHSept. 4, 1888
70,092Hunter, Nannie W. Improvement in the manufacture of soap Elizabeth City, NCOct. 22, 1867
352,247Hunter, Sarah L. Flower pot Little Rock, ARNov. 9, 1886
143,627Huntington, Mary H. Improvement in cosmetic bottles Watertown, NYOct. 14, 1873
491,017Huntman, Mary A. Tellurian Stapelton, NYJan. 31, 1893
433,203Huot, Emma M. Dress skirt chart Lewiston, MEJuly 29, 1890
181,847Hurd, Annis Improvement in hair puffing pins Waterloo, IASept. 5, 1876
469,570Hurdel, Nellie F. Convertible bath and wash tub New York, NYFeb. 23, 1892
479,643Hurdel, Nellie F. Hat case New York, NYJuly 26, 1892
395,566Hurdle, Rebecca Dress cutter's scale Washington, DCJan. 1, 1889
509,907Hurlburt, Katherine M. Ruling device Wethersfield, CTDec. 5, 1893
270,222Hurlbut, Ella Childs Corset New York, NYJan. 9, 1883
301,477Burley, Helen M. Invalid bed Brooklyn, NYJul. 8, 1884
56,421Hurley, Mary E. Improvement in needles for caning chairs Baltimore, MDJuly 17, 1866
272,882Hurley, Susan A. Pulley and attachment for window shade rollers Washington, DCFeb. 27, 1883
174,939Hurst, Sarah E.; Bolton, Francis T. Improvement in fire proof chimneys Terre Haute, INMar. 21, 1876
47,831Hussey, Sarah J. A. Improved table for hospitals Cornwall, NYMay 23, 1865
485,631Hustis, Eda F. Sewing machine brake Milwaukee, WINov. 8, 1892
405,669Hutchinson, Emily S. Car window screen Peekskill, NYJune 18, 1889
463,900Hyde, Caroline Artificial fruit Stonington, CTNov. 24, 1891
389,854Hynes, Olive S.; Prouty, Enoch Type writing machine Chicago, ILSept. 18, 1888
315,293Ihrig, Mary A. Screw adapted for ice creepers Springfield, OHApr. 7, 1885
301,818Ihrig, Mary A. Ice shoe or creeper Springfield, OHJul. 8, 1884
497,961Ilgen, Susana Ventilated can cover Miles City, MTMay 23, 1893
377,306Illoway, Nettie Paint cup Cincinnati, OHJan. 31, 1888
421,280Imbrie, Charlotte M. Spool case New York, NYFeb. 11, 1890
148,706Inesly, Susan T. Improvement in sad iron stands New York, NYMar. 17, 1874
35,759Ingersoll, Henrietta C. Broom Bangor, MEJuly 1, 1862
403,351Ingersoll, Mary Check hook for harness Erie, PAMay 14, 1889
57,514Ingraham, Cornelia F. Improvement in sewing machine bobbins Indianapolis, INAug. 28, 1866
513,235Ingram, Hellen K. Railroad car Jacksonville, FLJan. 23, 1894
482,576Ingram, Ida M. Flour sifter Sedalia, MOSept. 13, 1892
413,233Innes, Carrie Barnes Alternative tonic Paris, KYOct. 22, 1889
127,939Innes, Jane Mary; Turley, Marshall Improvement in cigars Council Bluffs, IAJune 11, 1872
120,879Irwin, Amanda M. Improvement in medical compounds or pile ointments Brooklyn, NYNov. 14, 1871
355,533Irwin, Annie Elizabeth Kitchen cabinet Memphis, TNJan. 4, 1887
U1,808IIrwin, Hazel Cheese press Boston, MADec. 28, 1808
D21,674Irwin, Mary A.; Irwin, Joseph A. Carpet stretcher Iuka, ILJune 28, 1892
518,457Isaacs, Augusta R. Firebox and grate for ranges, stoves or heaters New York, NYApr. 17, 1894
240,137Isham, Ann E. Candy package West Troy, NYApr. 12, 1881
189,740Israel, Hannah E. Improvement in washing list indicators Stockton, CAApr. 17, 1877
213,659Israel, Hannah E. Improvement in parasols Bantas, CAMar. 25, 1879
502,364Ives, Genie W. Heating attachment for lamp chimneys Syracuse, NYAug. 1, 1893
57,328Iwerson, Hannah Sophia C. Improvement in head dresses for ladies New York, NYAug. 21, 1866
469,146Jack, Mary A. Washing machine Braceville, ILFeb. 16, 1892
296,012Jackson, Abbie Amelia Game board, dice box &etc New York, NYApr. 1, 1884
90,363Jackson, Louisa L. Guide for measuring the person and cutting out ladies dresses Richmond, INMay 25, 1869
321,504Jackson, Lydia N. Sewer gas excluder New York, NYJuly 7, 1885
177,643Jackson, Mary P.; Ball, Sarah P. Improvement in self heating smoothing irons Philadelphia, PAMay 23, 1876
288,060Jackson, Stalla A. Picture mount New York, NYNov. 6, 1883
303,857Jackson, Stella A. Plaque New York, NYAug. 19, 1884
404,355Jacob, Bertha Window chair New York, NYMay 28, 1889
324,472Jacobsen, Martha Adjustable pattern for drafting garments Lyons, IAAug. 18, 1885
326,565Jacobus, Rebecca Jane Absorbent cowl for the chimneys of hydrocarbon burners Oakland, CASept. 22, 1885
434,788Jacoby, Augusta Griddle Langhorne, PAAug. 19, 1890
444,584Jacoby, Augusta Sad iron heater Langhorne, PAJan. 13, 1891
406,400Jacoby, Cornelia M. Tombridge, Frank (1/3) ; Saitz, Julius J. (1/3) Chair rocker St. Louis, MOJuly 2, 1889
412,092Jacoby, Cornelia M. Haydel, Harry L. (1/2) Spray attachment for brooms St. Louis, MOOct. 1, 1889
290,431Jaboeuf, Marion R. Window cleaning guard New York, NYDec. 18, 1883
405,037James, Lucy J. Corset Pomona, CAJune 11, 1889
436,038Janus, Virginia Head dress New York, NYSept. 9, 1890
463,056Jayne, Alice M. Drain for dishes Bradford, PANov. 10, 1891
334,230Jeffers, Annie M. Fire escape Chicago, ILJan. 12, 1886
514,079Jehu, Margaret E. Apparatus for cooking, broiling, baking, etc. Estherville, IAFeb. 6, 1894
474,133Jenkins, Elizabeth F. Barrel fastener Dewees, NEMay 3, 1892
D18,478Jenkins, Etta L. Butterick Publishing Co. Sleeve New York, NYJuly 24, 1888
510,025Jenkins, Fannie J. Flatiron Boston, MADec. 5, 1893
441,009Jenkins, Nettie E. Complexion mask Auburn, NYNov. 18, 1890
456,893Jepsen, Elisabeth Esther Speed governor Flensburg, GermanyJuly 28, 1891
499,835Jerome, Frances S. Trunk San Francisco, CAJune 20, 1893
112,352Jessup, Carrie Improvement in culinary vessels New Haven, CTMar. 7, 1871
381,140Jewell, Harriet A. Bustle Cleveland, OHApr. 17, 1888
215,628Jewell, Katharine L. Loring, Daniel A. Improvement in preserving oysters New York, NYMay 20, 1879
404,545Joel, Rosa Washing machine New York, NYJune 4, 1889
354,062Joel, Rosa; Joel, Henry Washing machine Jersey City, NJDec. 7, 1886
452,304Johnson, Caroline S. ; Moore, Myron E. Johnson, Caroline S. Invalid bed Deering Center, MEMay 12, 1891
129,667Johnson, Charlotte A. Improvement in screens for wash stands, & c Philadelphia, PAJuly 23, 1872
335,031Johnson, Cornelia Apparatus for assisting roller skaters Cleveland, OHJan. 26, 1886
138,406Johnson, Elberta Auxiliary table McClean County, ILApr. 29, 1873
426,536Johnson, Harriet Washtub Brooklyn, NYApr. 29, 1890
400,572Johnson, Jennie G. F. Insect trap Mount Vernon, NYApr. 2, 1889
169,643Johnson, Mary Ann Improvement in clothes wringers Washington, DCNov. 9, 1875
3,254Johnson, Nancy M. Ice cream freezer Philadelphia, PASept. 9, 1843
352,994Johnson, Priscilla C. Portable wardrobe Indianapolis, INNov. 23, 1886
366,730Johnson, Rebecca E. Doll Brooklyn, NYJuly 19, 1887
474,253Johnson, Rose Ann ; Brewster, Robert Composition of matter for spinning rings, etc Manchester, EnglandMay 3, 1892
187,016Johnston, Elizabeth B. Improvement in devices for killing mosquitoes Germantown, KYFeb. 6, 1877
312,355Johnston, Louella Combined toilet case and satchel Columbus, OHFeb. 17, 1885
393,239Johnstone, Alice Combined bracelet and button hook Avondale, NJNov. 20, 1888
395,148Johnstone, Alice Bracelet Avondale, NJDec. 25, 1888
401,746Johnstone, Alice Button hook and bracelet Avondale, NJApr. 23, 1889
241,990Jolly, Ida E. ; Jolly, George W. Animal trap Paraiso Springs, CAMay 24, 1881
139,580Jones, Amanda T. Improvement in fruit jars Clinton, WIJune 3, 1873
140,508Jones, Amanda T. Improvement in fruit jars Clinton, WIJuly 1, 1873
225,839Jones, Amanda T. Oil burner Clinton, WIMar. 23, 1880
139,581Jones, Amanda T.; Cooley, LeRoy C. Improvement in preserving fruit, vegetables, & c New York, NYJune 3, 1873
143,451Jones, Barbara Improvement in sad irons State Line City, INOct. 7, 1873
195,019Jones, Eleanor W. Improvement in dough mixers Cleveland, OHSept. 11, 1877
154,052Jones, Eliza Maria Improvement in tuck creasing devices Brockville, CanadaAug. 11, 1874
454,050Jones, Esther Ann Book drier Forest City, PAJune 16, 1891
407,076Jones, Isabella B. Folding soap box New York, NYJuly 16, 1889
345,307Jones, Lavenia D. Steam cooking utensil Lafayette, INJuly 13, 1886
519,632Jones, Leah Donnell Pantaloons protector New Berne, NCMay 8, 1894
459,549Jones, Lena Wash boiler Lordsburg, NMSept. 15, 1891
243,573Jones, Lizzie Irwin Portable bath tub Texarkana, ARJun. 28, 1881
462,258Jones, Maggie E. Fishing seine Cascade, ARNov. 3, 1891
360,224Jones, Mariana T. Garment supporter Boston, MAMar. 29, 1887
371,328Jones, Mariana T. Cuff holder Boston, MAOct. 11, 1887
77,494Jones, Martha Improvement in corn huskers, shellers, & c Amelia County, VAMay 5, 1868
294,882Jones, Mary E. Bed spring fire escape St. Paul, MNMar. 11, 1884
332,202Jones, Mary M. Corset Menomonee, WIDec. 8, 1885
382,814Jones, Mary Perciller Baby jumper Mineral City, TXMay 15, 1888
80,966Jones, Mrs. J. D. Improved sieve Jersey City, NJAug. 11, 1868
82,122Jones, Mrs. R. L. Improved composition for making designs upon fabric Sacramento, CASept. 15, 1868
432,138Jones, Sophia B. Barrel trunk Atlanta, GAJuly 15, 1890
387,886Jones, Susan Trunk lid support Oxford, MSAug. 14, 1888
495,252Jones, Vina Cutting table Abilene, TXApr. 11, 1893
350,252Jordan, Dina; Jordan, Rudolph Hair crimper New York, NYOct. 5, 1886
179,703Jordan, Mary S. Improvement in hooks for web drawing Bristol, NHJuly 11, 1876
235,153Jordan, Sarah E. Kitchen cabinet Arba, INDec. 7, 1880
369,112Jory, Mary Pie holder Salem, ORAug. 30, 1887
403,779Joseph, Isidora; Rohrer, Edmund Charles Watch case pendent Waco, TXMay 21, 1889
378,508Joslyn, Margaret M. Soot collector for gasoline stoves Grand Meadow, MNFeb. 28, 1888
141,796Joy, Hannah P. Improvement in knitting holders South Berwick Junction, MEAug. 12, 1873
83,638Joyce, Eliza Improvement in low water indicators New York, NYNov. 3, 1868
1,075Judkins, Eliza Ann B. Hand loom for weaving fringe Portland, MEFeb. 2, 1839
151,598Judson, De Etta Improvement in sad iron holders Detroit, MIJune 2, 1874
139,677Judson, Harriet; Judson, Emily S. Improvement in ladies dresses Brooklyn, NYJune 10, 1873
D22,921Julian, Permelia Pie holder Red Bridge, INNov. 28, 1893
400,573Julier, Camilla; Robinson, James O. Miller, Henry D. (1/3) Oven thermometer Hanging Rock, OHApr. 2, 1889
380,491Kahn, Amelia Eyeglasses St. Joseph, MOApr. 3, 1888
382,987Kahn, Amelia Eyeglasses St. Joseph, MOMay 15, 1888
250,256Kaler, Mary A. Crimping iron cabinet New York, NYNov. 29, 1881
353,563Kaliski, Louisa Clothes boiler Buffalo, NYNov. 30, 1886
336,413Karp, Ida Karp, Ida; Rubin, Max Corset Brooklyn, NYFeb. 16, 1886
206,881Kaufmann, Bertha Speer, Leopold J. (1/3) Improvement in wash boards Philadelphia, PAAug. 13, 1878
204,338Keeler, Kittie E. Improvement in sad iron stands Apulia, NYMay 28, 1878
486,254Keen, Maria L. H. Trunk Chicago, ILNov. 15, 1892
185,181Keeney, Elizabeth W. P. Improvement in traveling satchels San Francisco, CADec. 12, 1876
522,018Kehlenbeck, Selma Baby carrier Pleasant, INJune 26, 1894
180,349Kehm, Louisa Improvement in combined scoops and sieves Urbana, ILJuly 25, 1876
167,563Keisker, Louisa; Polle, Sallie; Polle, Frederick W. Improvement in art of knitting stockings and other articles Port Gibson, MSSept. 7, 1875
441,307Keith, Constance S. Grate Boston, MANov. 25, 1890
231,329Kelch, Minnie Hand telephone support Boston, MAAug. 17, 1880
389,306Kelly, Annabella; Kelly, Martha A. Escape attachment for vapors and odors from cooking vessels Holman Station, INSept. 11, 1888
435,182Kellogg, Martha E. Tailor's measure Battle Creek, MIAug. 26, 1890
502,436Kellogg, Martha E. Dress stay Battle Creek, MIAug. 1, 1893
517,699Kelly, Louise Washing machine Rosebank, NYApr. 3, 1894
478,609Kelly, Sophia L Baking pan Clarksdale, MOJuly 12, 1892
319,097Kendall, Anna Soap for restoring color to plushes, velvets, & c St. Louis, MOJune 2, 1885
236,164Kendall, Ellen B. Ice shaver Cincinnati, OHJan. 4, 1881
341,754Kenyon, Sophia G. Educational blocks Joliet, ILMay 11, 1886
514,475Kepler, Lutie Florence Price scale Dayton, OHFeb. 13, 1894
297,268Kepley, Ada H. Traveler's treasure belt Effingham, ILApr. 22, 1884
283,616Kershner, Rebecca Spring pillow Ansonia, OHAug. 21, 1883
475,453Kirwin, Eliza Pessary Indianapolis, INMay 24, 1892
U1,809KKies, Mary Straw weaving with silk or thread Killingly, CTMay 5, 1809
303,022Kilborn, Eugenia Egg beater Cedar Rapids, IAAug. 5, 1884
511,896Killeen, Margaret Fire escape Halifax, CanadaJan. 2, 1894
348,748Kimball, Clara M. Composition for medicating bed quilts Milwaukee, WISept. 7, 1886
518,253Kimball, Grace M. Sash fastener Oakland, CAApr. 17, 1894
527,115Kimball, Sophie H. Spoon Ceres, NYOct. 9, 1894
517,522King, Gertrude M. Ellipsograph Nantucket, MAApr. 3, 1894
234,785King, Julia A. Cough medicine Sherman, TXNov. 23, 1880
293,475King, Julia A. Leggin Chicago, ILFeb. 12, 1884
404,286King, Meta Lewis; King, James Roswell Portable balcony Atlanta, GAMay 28, 1889
242,542Kinker, Ellen K. Dress chart Corvalis, ORJun. 7, 1881
533,818Kinney, Clara A.; Kinney, Simon W. Steam cooking utensil St. Louis, MOFeb. 5, 1895
241,547Kinsman, Florella L. Car heater Magog, Quebec, CanadaMay 17, 1881
172,449Kinyon, Anness R. Improvement in hair restorative compositions Downer's Grove, ILJan. 18, 1876
415,913Kip, Harriet B. Mosquito canopy Morristown, NJNov. 26, 1889
431,984Kirk, Elizabeth R. Potato masher and beater West Chester, PAJuly 8, 1890
492,889Kirk, Rebecca Arm and waist rest Stratford, CanadaMar. 7, 1893
R4,029Kirk, Susan M.; Howlett, Edwin J. Howlett, Edwin J. Tools for manufacturing paper bags Philadelphia, PAJun. 14, 1870Original 62,342 Feb. 26, 1867; Reissued as R3,718 Nov 9, 1869
514,717Kirwin, Eliza Catamenial sack Indianapolis, INFeb. 13, 1894
257,226Kjellstom, Mary S. Combined step ladder and window scaffold New York, NYMay 2, 1882
472,366Kjellstrom, Mary S. Street sweeper New York, NYApr. 5, 1892
D23,711Kjellstrom, Mary S. Fabric renovator New York, NYOct. 23, 1894
438,734Klopp, Elizabeth Tracing wheel Colorado Springs, COOct. 21, 1890
236,896Knapp, Minna Music chart San Francisco, CAJan. 25, 1881
438,130Knapp, Susan Viola Knapp, John I. (1/2) Clasp for belts Adrian, MIOct. 7, 1890
273,694Kneeland, Julia A. Ladys head wear protector Salem, MAMar. 6, 1883
109,224Knight, Margaret E. Improvement in paper feeding machines Boston, MANov. 15, 1870
306,692Knight, Margaret E. Clasp Ashland, MAOct. 14, 1884
311,662Knight, Margaret E. Spit Ashland, MAFeb. 3, 1885
436,358Knight, Margaret E. Sole cutting machine South Framingham, MASept. 16, 1890
436,359Knight, Margaret E. Machine for cutting shoe soles South Framingham, MASept. 16, 1890
521,413Knight, Margaret E. Knight, Maaret E. ; Evans, Robert D. ; Lockwood, John S. Reel South Framingham, MAJune 12, 1894
524,278Knight, Margaret E. Knight, Margaret E. ; Evans, Robert D. ; Lockwood, John S. Feeding attachment for sole cutting machines South Framingham, MAAug. 7, 1894
220,925Knight, Margaret E. Eastern Paper Bag Co. Improvement in paper bag machines Springfield, MAOct. 28, 1879
R9,202Knight, Margaret E. Eastern Paper Bag Co. Paper bag machine Springfield, MAMay 18, 1880Original 116,842 Jul. 11, 1871
527,205Knight, Margaret E. ; Gooding, Charles. S. Knight, Margaret E. ; Evans, Robert D. ; Lockwood, John S. Numbering mechanism South Framingham, MAOct. 9, 1894
519,333Knight, Margaret E. ; Harrington, Albert B. Knight, Margaret E. ; Lockwood, John S. Window frame and sash South Framingham, MAMay 8, 1894
282,646Knight, Margaret E. ; McFarland, Harriet M. Skirt protector Ashland, MAAug. 7, 1883
494,784Knight, Margaret E. ; Steele, Herbert B. Knight, Margaret E. ; Evans, Robert D. ; Lockwood, ohn. S. ; Marr, David C. Sole cutting machine South Framingham, MAApr. 4, 1893
444,982Knight, Margaret E. ; Steele, Herbert B. Sole cutting machine South Framingham, MAJan. 20, 1891
116,842Knight, Margaret E. Improvement in paper bag machines Boston, MAJuly 11, 1871Reissued as R9,202 May 18, 1880
246,151Knoop, Anna M. Crochet hat, cap, &etc New York, NYAug. 23, 1881
65,235Knotts, Margaret Improved medical compound Carondelet, MOMay 28, 1867
46,247Knox, Angelina J. Improved process for preserving and restoring natural flowers Boston, MAFeb. 7, 1865
59,233Knox, Angelina J. Improvement in wash bowls and water closets combined Boston, MAOct. 30, 1866
195,024Knox, Annabella G. Improvement in fire escapes New York, NYSept. 11, 1877
59,913Knox, Susan R. Improvement in fluting machines New York, NYNov. 20, 1866Reissued as R3,938 Apr. 26, 1870
R3,938Knox, Susan R. Improvement in fluting machines New York, NYApr. 26, 1870Original 59,913 Nov. 20, 1866
53,633Knox, Susan; Corrister, W. D. Improvement in fluting machines New York, NYApr. 3, 1866
D22,526Koch, Alma F. Spoon Louisville, KYJune 13, 1893
422,807Koehler, Emma E. Card game Toledo, OHMar. 4, 1890
389,930Koelsch, May V. Soap receptacle Delafield, WISept. 25, 1888
506,436Koenig, Rosa Mangle Milwaukee, WIOct. 10, 1893
523,476Kohlmann, France Ribbon needle New York, NYJuly 24, 1894
454,743Kremelberg, Gertrude J. Water closet seat New York, NYJune 23, 1891
478,699Kovsky, Louisa Eveline A. Spring scale Denver, COJuly 12, 1892
270,443Kraemer, Theophila F. Cover for upright pianos New York, NYJan. 9, 1883Reissued as R10,450 Feb. 26, 1884
R10,450Kraemer, Theophila F. Cover for upright pianos New York, NYFeb. 26, 1884Original 270,443 Jan. 9, 1883
465,864Krause, Sarah Coleman Milliner's steamer Bethlehem, PADec. 29, 1891
481,498Kremelberg, Gertrude J. Water closet New York, NYAug. 23, 1892
193,663Kroeber, Florence Improvement in calendar clock dials Hoboken, NJJuly 31, 1877
228,202Kroeber, Florence Alarm clock New York, NYJun. 1, 1880
239,391Kroeber, Florence Regulating attachment for pendulum balls New York, NYMar. 29, 1881
413,235Kroeber, Florence Clock case New York, NYOct. 22, 1889
219,820Kohl, Caecilie Improvement in diaper covers Jersey City Heights, NJSep. 23, 1879
295,021Kunz, Frida Process of and apparatus for preparing fiber for the manufacture of brushes and brooms Douaueschingen, GermanyMar. 11, 1884
305,009Kunz, Frida Apparatus for preparing fiber for the manufacture of brushes and brooms Donaueschingen, GermanySept. 9, 1884
405,782La Bruce, Flora M. Artist's portfolio Annandale, SCJune 25, 1889
467,178Labrie, Anatole F. Clothesline holder Redfield, SDJan. 19, 1892
139,252Lafferty, Susan Dish pan Chicago, ILMay 27, 1873
26,327LaForme, Francis J. Nursing bottle Boston, MANov. 29, 1859
122,260Lake, Eliza J. Improvement in methods of cutting cloth Washington, DCDec. 26, 1871
106,943Lake, Jennie L. Improvement in sewing machines Brooklyn, NYAug. 30, 1870
474,018Laliberte, Albina Cushion for bed slats Albany, NYMay 3, 1892
114,157Laman, Carrie R. Improvement in lubricating railway journals Painted Post, NYApr. 25, 1871
282,648Laman, Carrie R. Lubricating oil Meadville, PAAug. 7, 1883
517,107Lambert, Kate G. Pin curl Boston, MAMar. 27, 1894
302,916Lamborn, Phebe R. Fly screen door attachment West Liberty, IAAug. 5, 1884
435,230Laman, Nancy A. Refrigerator Bertram, TXAug. 26, 1890
428,680Lamont, Mary Broom catch Lincoln, KSMay 27, 1890
312,131Lamontague, Marie Melina Eye water Montreal, Quebec, CanadaFeb. 10, 1885
312,132Lamontague, Marie Melina Cough remedy Montreal, Quebec, CanadaFeb. 10, 1885
507,822Lancon, Marguerite Hortense Aluminum solder and making same Bienne, SwitzerlandOct. 31, 1893
531,684Landenberger, Emma M. D. Dress stay Joliet, ILJan. 1, 1895
456,042Landrith, Jane L. Rolling pin combined with other implements Marshfield, ORJuly 14, 1891
329,055Lane, Amelia R. Elastic button hole attachment for garments Brooklyn, NYOct. 27, 1885
506,516Lane, Lizzie Electrical head clamp for relieving pain Dunellen, NJOct. 10, 1893
436,939Lane, Melissa Window bead fastener Binghamton, NYSept. 23, 1890
455,752Lange, Annie Skirt elevator Leicester, EnglandJuly 14, 1891
282,201Lange, Louise Ornamental sack New York, NYJul. 31 1883
463,681Langeay, Lucretia J. ; Hornberger, William W. Tidy holder Columbia, MONov. 24, 1891
306,164Langley, Nancy J. Gridiron Boston, MAOct. 7, 1884
425,330Langson, Frances H. Shutter fastener St. Francis, WIApr. 8, 1890
230,026Lanphere, Lydia L. Shutter worker Waterloo, IAJul. 13, 1880
147,275Larned, Mary S. Improvement in abdominal supporters Chicago, ILFeb. 10, 1874
408,488Larochelle, Amelie Remedy for corns Hoboken, NJAug. 6, 1889
186,258Lascell, Christina Improvement in abdominal corsets Newark, NJJan. 16, 1877
369,535Lasswell, Grace H. Skirt and stocking protector Normal, ILSept. 6, 1887
426,027Lathrop, Junia H. Fish hook Northfield, MNApr. 22, 1890
435,649Laub, Emilie C. Hoop skirt Altoona, PASept. 2, 1890
304,111Laube, Annie T. Double baking pan Huron, Dakota TerritoryAug. 26,1884
514,853Laube, Annie T. Hymans, Ella (1/2) Tip for umbrellas, etc. Huron, SDFeb. 13, 1894
489,019Lauderdale, Queenie T. Invalids hot tray Dyersburg, TNJan. 3, 1893
347,358Laufer, Elizabeth Sewing machine table Cincinnati, OHAug. 17, 1886
492,814Laughlin, Elizabeth S. Cabbage cutter Pittsburg, PAMar. 7, 1893
168,402Laumonier, Celine Improvement in combined traveling bags and chairs New York, NYOct. 5, 1875
508,953Lavigne, Rose B. Lavigne & Scott Mfg. Co. Meat tenderer New Haven, CTNov. 21, 1893
288,458Law, Lizzie H. Safety pocket Providence, RINov. 13, 1883
463,425Law, Susan Lodtman Puzzle New York, NYNov. 17, 1891
409,470Lawrence, Georgina McGuire Apparatus for treating animals by electricity London, EnglandAug. 20, 1889
491,057Lawson, Margaret H. Bicycle garment Boston, MAJan. 31, 1893
173,799Lawton, Sarah Improvement in fish scalers San Francisco, CAFeb. 22, 1876
369,455Leaman, May Bustle San Jose, CASept. 6, 1887
37,697Learned, Caroline Nitrated mercurial ointment Columbus, OHFeb. 17, 1863
434,638Leatham, Annie Corset protector Brooklyn, NYAug. 19, 1890
517,346Leclercq, Catherine Awning Lima, PeruMar. 27, 1894
251,254Lecour, Eugenia H. Combined pin and clasp New York, NYDec. 20, 1881
444,001Lee, Elizabeth Combined waist and skirt Little Falls, NYJan. 6, 1891
220,245Lee, Martha Improvement in provision safes Rochester, NYOct. 7, 1879
165,842Leetch, Elizabeth Improvement in bosom forms Detroit, MIJuly 20, 1875
466,276LeGarde, Ellen Narragansett Machine Co. Inc. Dumb bell Providence, RIDec. 29, 1891
192,074Lehnert, Amalie A. Improvement in pans for roasting and baking meats Philadelphia, PAJune 19, 1877
482,258Lehucher, Melina Augustine ; Lehucher, Victor Alfred ; Mathieu, Adrien Cover for boxes Paris, FranceSept. 6, 1892
486,347Leland, Carrie Pressing frame Fremont, NENov. 15, 1892
67,321Leland, Mary H. Portable oven Millbury, MAJuly 30, 1867
486,048Lemmon, Emma J. Lemmon, John A. Flour caf* Huntingburg, INNov. 8, 1892
441,369Lennart, Magdelena Adjustable pattern for drafting garments Milwaukee, WINov. 25, 1890
320,666Lenz, Charlotte Sewing machine Cleveland, OHJun. 23, 1885
514,327Leonard, Florence I. Traveling case Arlington, GAFeb. 6, 1894
447,076Leontin, Johanna Garment fastener Chicago, ILFeb. 24, 1891
188,383Leslie, Eliza S. Improvement in vegetable mashers Saxonville, MAMar. 13, 1877
498,801Lester, Elizabeth A. Dress protector Peoria, ILJune 6, 1893
485,954Lester, Lucretia Fire escape Cuba, NYNov. 8, 1892
505,557Lester, Mame Typewriter easel Logansport, INSept. 26, 1893
505,558Lester, Mame Attachment for unloading box cars Logansport, INSept. 26, 1893
197,480Letts, Elizabeth W. ; Letts, Jeremiah S. Improvement in dish cleaming machines Ripon, WINov. 27, 1877
357,611Levalley, Nelly P. Drive chain Milwaukee, WIFeb. 15, 1887
321,733Levy, Sally M. Knitting machine Milwaukee, WIJuly 7, 1885
273,111Levy, Sally M. Knit foundation for mittens an gloves and method of making same Milwaukee, WIFeb. 27, 1883
280,750Levy, Sally M. Knit fabric and the art of contructing the same Milwaukee, WIJul. 3, 1883
367,646Lewenberg, Clara Rawitser, Frederick (1/2) Armpit dress shield New York, NYAug. 2, 1887
380,125Lewis, Annie Clasp Galveston, TXMar. 27, 1888
391,905Lewis, Annie Moeser, John E. (1/2) Bobbin winder for sewing machines Galveston, TXOct. 30, 1888
388,422Lewis, Dio Fabric turfing implement Prescott, ARAug. 28, 1888
444,545Lewis, Dio; Generelly, Fannie L. Fabric turfing implement Prescott, ARJan. 13, 1891
277,143Lewis, Emma Jane Carpet fastener San Francisco, CAMay 8, 1883
120,886Lewis, Mary E. Improvement in dish washers Mansfield, OHNov. 14, 1871
140,511Lewis, Mary E. Improvement in fruit packers Mansfield, OHJuly 1, 1873
452,713Lewis, Pearl Clinton Combined rocking and reclining chair Catskill, NYMay 19, 1891
321,986Lewis, Sophronia T. Dress chart Watertown, NYJuly 14, 1885
331,308Liggett, Mary J. Bed cover fastener Wooster, OHDec. 1, 1885
180,139Light, Louisa C. Light, Louis S. Improvement in culinary steamers Lebanon, PAJuly 25, 1876
439,413Lillingston, Lottie ; Lyon, Henry W. Method of making buttonhole strips Bridgeport, CTOct. 28, 1890
491,805Lincke, Lena Folding umbrella Berlin, GermanyFeb. 14, 1893
420,559Lincoln, Elizabeth J. Portable ash basket San Francisco, CAFeb. 4, 1890
276,612Lindenthal, Hattie May Egg shelf Sewickley, PAMay 1, 1883
213,580Lindheim, Minnie Improvement in tobacco bags New York, NYMar. 25, 1879
369,253Lindsay, Amelia H. Rotary engine Pittsburg, PAAug. 30, 1887
181,353Lindsley, Sarah Improvement in washing machines Collins, NYAug. 22, 1876
167,106Line, Cornelia O. Improvement in culinary vessels Indianapolis, INAug. 24, 1875
338,279Linthicum, Louisa B. Attachment for bake ovens Helena, ARMar. 23, 1886
186,141Lipscomb, Judie D. Improvement in remedies for fevers Andrews, VAJan. 9, 1877
515,547Lissauer, Sally Shoe Dresden, GermanyFeb. 27, 1894
526,926Littell, Matilda R. ; Littell, William John Gauge measure Washington, DCOct. 2, 1894
529,281Littell, Oriella I. Cleaning and polishing compound Washington, DCNov. 13, 1894
388,425Little, Elisabeth N. Basket Newton, MAAug. 28, 1888
462,442Littlefield, Augustine F. Inner sole Lynn, MANov. 3, 1891
386,077Littleton, Maria Cake or pie pan Sandusky, OHJuly 10, 1888
143,361Livermore, Julia C. Improvement in skirt protectors Boston, MASept. 30, 1873
282,738Livingood, Katherine A. Egg beater Womelsdorf, PAAug. 7, 1883
147,662Lloyd, Minnie Bucklin Improvement in grain and malt driers New York, NYFeb. 17, 1874
90,369Lloyd, Minnie E. Fruit drier New York, NYMay 25, 1869
514,945Lockman, Mary Abbe Barrel stand New York, NYFeb. 20, 1894
298,670Crosby, Eunice Lodeski Cloth measurng and cutting machine Plymouth, WIMay 13, 1884
185,246Lodor, Annie Improvement in portable stoves Trenton, NJDec. 12, 1876
413,807Loeser, Martha; Venth, Carl Violin rest Brooklyn, NYOct. 29, 1889
129,739Loewenstein, Dinah J. Improvement in the manufacture of fertilizers from night soil New Orleans, LAJuly 23, 1872
D21,304Logan, Samantha I. Spoon Louisville, KYJan. 19, 1892
U1,812LLong, Charity S. Curing consumption & other complaints Philadelphia, PAMay 27, 1812
470,809Long, Flora Dressmaker's square and rule Fort Wayne, INMar. 15, 1892
462,929Long, Harriet L. Device for cooking eggs West Toledo, OHNov. 10, 1891
524,596Long, Harriet L. Insect guard for doors West Toledo, OHAug. 14, 1894
D21,290Longenhelt, Flora D. Dial for clocks and watches Oneida, NYJan. 12, 1892
495,500Look, Elizabeth B. Thread cutter and holder Boston, MAApr. 18, 1893
290,249Loomis, Carrie J. Shoe Joliet, ILDec. 18, 1883
242,947Loos, Mary A. Floor oil cloth Philadelphia, PAJun. 14, 1881
62,650Loosley, Ann Improved medicine Philadelphia, PAMar. 5, 1867
529,869Lord, Mildred M. Washing machine Milwaukee, WINov. 27, 1894
485,417Lord, Silvie Flower holder New York, NYNov. 1, 1892
416,473Lorenz, Augustine Tonic New York, NYDec. 3, 1889
71,397Loring, Caroline M.; Averell, Ezekial Improved nursery chair Charlestown, MANov. 26, 1867
474,641Lotinga, Eleanor Convertible child's carriage Ely, EnglandMay 10, 1892
153,679Lott, Mary B. Improvement in baby chairs Syracuse, NYAug.4, 1874
250,669Lotz, Mary T. Button hole cutter Loveland, OHDec. 13, 1881
425,439Lougee, Amanda M. Outer garment Boston, MAApr. 15, 1890
523,149Lougee, Amanda M. Covered button Boston, MAJuly 17, 1894
478,753Loury, Harriet Sophie Wilson, Katharine M. (1/2) Lamp heater Harrisonburg, VAJuly 12, 1892
158,099Lowd, Mattie A. R. Improvement in tooth brushes Boston, MADec. 22, 1874
413,071Lowe, Rosa H. Securing the covers of beds Sumner, Washington TerritoryOct. 15, 1889
284,314Lucas, Eliza P. Salve Starkville, MSSep. 4, 1883
390,790Luce, Letitia Victoria Sunshade for vehicles New Orleans, LAOct. 9, 1888
483,933Luce, Letitia Victoria Sunshade for vehicles New Orleans, LAOct. 4, 1892
340,133Lucey, Mary A. Shirt form Boston, MAApr. 20, 1886
96,820Luchs, Hannah Fluting machine Washington, DCNov. 16, 1869Reissued as R8,338 Jul. 16, 1878
R8,338Luchs, Hannah Paris, Daniel E. Improvement in fluting machines Washington, DCJul. 16, 1878Original 96,820 Nov. 16, 1869
443,600Ludwig, Mary Chopping knife Bucyrus, OHDec. 30, 1890
291,751Lum, Nettie A. Medical compound Carneiro, KSJan. 8, 1884
450,727Lumley, Mary Washing machine Versailles, MOApr. 21, 1891
371,511Lunri, Martha E. Corset Elgin, ILOct. 11, 1887
454,981Lunn, Martha E. Corset Elgin, ILJune 30, 1891
456,273Lunn, Martha E.; Shafer, Mary C. Splasher holder Elgin, ILJuly 21, 1891
396,099Lutz, Katie A. Dressmaker's square Clinton, MOJan. 15, 1889
497,673Lyle, Alice A. Dish drainer Kinzua, PAMay 16, 1893
501,520Lyle, Jennie R. Nursery case for children's carriages Dowagiac, MIJuly 18, 1893
93,542Lynch, Alicia; Moffat, Mary L. Improvement in slate frames Brooklyn, NYAug. 10, 1869
D18,756Lynch, Eliza Jane Child's bonnet New York, NYNov. 27, 1888
D18,757Lynch, Eliza Jane Child's bonnet New York, NYNov. 27, 1888
D19,424Lynch, Eliza Jane Child's bonnet New York, NYNov. 12, 1889
304,657Lynch, Eva Huffman Air cooling apparatus Rome, NYSept. 2, 1884
126,723Lyon, Ethel L. Improvement in bag holders Steamburg, NYMay 14, 1872
506,705Lyon, Henrietta J. Corset Newark, NJOct. 17, 1893
338,641Lyon, Henrietta J. Attachment for pants Newark, NJMar. 23, 1886
349,657Lyon, Henrietta J. Attachment for pants Newark, NJSept. 21, 1886
512,254Lyon, Henrietta J. Waistband for trousers Newark, NJJan. 2, 1894
322,189Lyon, Isabella Ann Cover for pots Boston, MAJuly 14, 1885
460,022Mabee, Leonia Bed drawer attachment for bedsteads Paris, TXSept. 22, 1891
233,865Macallister, Alma C. Oil stove Brookline, MANov. 2, 1880
235,092Macallister, Alma C. Sad iron heater Brookline, MADec. 7, 1880
155,534MacDonald, Helen Marie Improvement in dress protectors Lowell, MASept. 29, 1874
514,720Macgowan, Janet Hill, William (1/2) Shirt waist Glasgow, ScotlandFeb. 13, 1894
505,364MacIntosh, Elizabeth Harriott Dough raiser Little Rock, ARSept. 19, 1893
200,142Mackall, Roslie W. Improvement in perforating machines Washington, DCFeb. 12, 1878
430,294Mackenzie, Lydia A. Crib San Francisco, CAJune 17, 1890
122,901Macker, Helen L. Improvement in alloys to imitate silver, & c Boston, MAJan. 23, 1872
123,712Macker, Helen L. Improvement in amalgams for coating harness trimmings, & c Boston, MAFeb. 13, 1872
130,814Macker, Helen L. Alloy or bell metal Boston, MAAug. 27, 1872
169,648Macker, Helen L. Improvement in alloys for bell metal Boston, MANov. 9, 1875
133,237Macker, Helen L.; Marston, George W. Improvement in alloys for hardening iron Cambridge, MANov. 19, 1872
493,631Mackie, Susan Arabella Washboiler London, EnglandMar. 21, 1893
98,282Madison, Angelina Charcoal cooking furnace Cincinnati, OHDec. 15, 1869
320,266Maesel, Emma L. Basket New York, NYJune 16, 1885
498,129Magie, Lizzie J. Typewriting machine Washington, DCMay 23, 1893
128,739Mahan, Sara Improvement in lap boards Cleveland, OHJuly 9, 1872
135,040Mahan, Sara Lap board Cleveland, OHJan. 21, 1873
454,369Mahle, Clemence A. Toy Corry, PAJune 16, 1891
416,171Mahoney, Ella J. Article of amusement and instruction for children Detroit, MIDec. 3, 1889
522,070Maidhof, Marguerite ; Maidhof, Victor E. Car fender New York, NYJune 26, 1894
166,120Malin, Ann Improvement in frying pans Darby, PAJuly 27, 1875
507,443Malin, Rebecca Curtain fixture Portland, INOct. 24, 1893
529,283Mallory, Lucilla Garment stretcher Bridgeport, CTNov. 13, 1894
321,831Malone, Bettie Adella; Malone, Alexander Montague, John B.; Booker, James T. (3/4) Churn dasher Franklin, KYJuly 7, 1885
94,227Maltby, Harriet S. Improved pastry roller Cincinnati, OHAug. 31, 1869
108,498Maltby, Harriet S. Improvement in egg and cake beaters Cincinnati, OHOct. 18, 1870
470,005Mangin, Anna M. Pastry fork Woodside, NYMar. 1, 1892
214,782Mann, Adelaide E. Improvement in wash boilers Lawrence, MAapr. 29, 1879
258,310Mann, Adelaide E. Corset busk Lawrence, MAMay 23, 1882
182,526Mansfield, Mary E. Improvement in clasps for corsets Salem, MASept. 26, 1876
221,587Manwaring, Amanda B. Improvement in adjustable head rests Detriot, MINov. 11, 1879
467,820Mapp, Mary E. Dough raiser Milledgeville, GAJan. 26, 1892
244,065Marais, Felicie F. N. Fruit press New York, NYJul. 12, 1881
350,757Maratta, Ella Coal vault grating Pittsburg, PAOct. 12, 1886
443,369March, Jeannette B. Portable window balcony for flowers Baltimore, MDDec. 23, 1890
148,477Marcy, Mary E. Improvement in cosmetic compounds New Haven, CTMar. 10, 1874
508,893Margesson, Isabel Augusta Hanging pocket or bag London, EnglandNov. 14, 1893
506,055Marks, Mary A. Washing machine Toledo, OHOct. 3, 1893
310,450Marks, Phoebe Sarah Draftsman's dividing instrument St. Marylebone, EnglandJan. 6, 1885
56,072Marmaduke, Lucinda Improved medical compound Shelbyville, MOJuly 3, 1866
187,158Marmet, Florence Improvement in elevators and conveyers for coke crushers Cincinnati, OHFeb. 6, 1877 Possibly NOT female. Information from G. Marmet, Glenview, IL. Florence Marmet was the founder of the Marmet Coal Company of Ohio (Cincinnati) which gave the name of the coal town Marmet, WV. The name was originally spelled Florenz from Germany. Came to the US as chilcren of a certain Dr. Charles Marmet who brought the family over. Florence (Florenz) lived from 1831-11/18/1887 in Cincinnati. The three children all had steamboats named after them: The Sallie Marmet, the Otto Marmet and the Florence Marmet.
158,104Marney, Melissa A. Improvement in starch polishes for linen Troy, NYDec. 22, 1874
76,336Marr, Mary E. J. Improved child's bed Jefferson, LAApr. 7, 1868
76,484Marr, Mary E. J. Improvement in churn dashers Jefferson, LAApr. 7, 1868
459,012Marsh, Aida Gauge for cutting hair Plainfield, NJSept. 8, 1891
106,846Marsh, Ann Augusta Improved medical compound Frankfort, MIAug. 30, 1870
318,272Marsh, Carrie Foote Pitman, Alida (1/2) Adjustable clothing stiffener Detroit, MIMay 19, 1885
345,709Marsh, Edith A. Egg beater New Albany, INJuly 20, 1886
346,761Marsh, Fanny K.; Margerum, Mary Dust pan Bloomsburg, PAAug. 3, 1886
401,845Marsh, Mattie M. Folding step for vehicles Moscow, Idaho TerritoryApr. 23, 1889
43,321Marshall, Eleanor M. Improvement in mammiform breast protectors Hillsdale, NYJune 28, 1864
507,233Marshall, Emily C. Drainer for dishes Philadelphia, PAOct. 24, 1893
478,754Marshall, Louisa F. ; Marshall, Francis F. Lock New York, NYJuly 12, 1892
373,297Marshall, Louise F. Wig or similar article New York, NYNov. 15, 1887
467,641Marshfield, Maggie Preserving fruit Chicago, ILJan. 26, 1892
484,599Marshfield, Maggie Culinary apparatus Chicago, ILOct. 18, 1892
468,883Marsters, Cordelia Lana Ear ring Kansas City, MOFeb. 16, 1892
81,658Marston, Mrs. A. F. Improvement in culinary vessels Clinton, LASept. 1, 1868
522,910Marston, Abbie L. Bouquet holder Bedford, LAJuly 10, 1894
241,873Marston, Felicie C. Combined collar and tie New York, NYMay 24, 1881
400,237Martane, Louise Mathematical game Paris, FranceMar. 26, 1889
462,569Martel, Emma Curtain pole supporter San Francisco, CANov. 3, 1891
488,148Martin, Betsy Jane Bagby, Walter D. (1/3) Fireproof garment Pomona, KSDec. 13, 1892
258,937Martin, Mary A. Seam for wire cloth for paper manufacture Springfield, MAJun. 6, 1882
321,234Martin, Mary Bacon Process of staining paper, & c New York, NYJun. 30, 1885
324,860Martin, Mary Bacon Process of decorating paper and other materials with oil colors New York, NYAug. 25, 1885
188,475Martin, Rosa Improvement in stoves for heating sad irons Portland, ORMar. 20, 1877
432,419Martinot, Mary L. W. Wash boiler New York, NYJuly 15, 1890
438,930Martinot, Mary L. W. Heater New York, NYOct. 21, 1890
438,931Martinot, Mary L. W. Foot bath New York, NYOct. 21, 1890
438,932Martinot, Mary L. W. Heater New York, NYOct. 21, 1890
446,260Martinot, Mary L. W. Clothes drier New York, NYFeb. 10, 1891
443,968Martinot, Mary S. W. Window cleaning brush New York, NYDec. 30, 1890
261,740Marucheau, Elizabeth L. Plaque and picture hanger San Antonio, TXAug. 1, 1882
140,932Marwedel, Emma Improvement in apparatus for cleaning knives, forks, & c Washington D.C.July 15, 1873
457,360Mason, Emily O. Window clothes line support New York, NYAug. 11, 1891
534,118Mason, Mary S. Work cabinet Media, PAFeb. 12, 1895
122,621Masters, Louisa Improvement in medical compounds or salves Jackson, MSJan. 9, 1872
3,995Mather, Sarah P. Submarine telescope and lamp Brooklyn, NYApr. 16, 1845
503,057Mathews, Hannah E. ; Mathews, Adaline M. Bosom form Grand Rapids, MIAug. 8, 1893
179,329Mathews, Diana S. Improvement in combined portmanteaus and shawl straps Adrian, MIJune 27, 1876
306,166Mathews, Maria L. Fruit press Newark, NJOct. 7, 1884
371,338Matson, Fannie L. Frame for reading and number cards San Jose, CAOct. 11, 1887
420,560Matson, Fannie L. Chart reading and number stand San Jose, CAFeb. 4, 1890
121,293Matteson, Sarah O. Improvement in attachments for sewing machines Chicago, ILNov. 28, 1871
413,952Mathews, Fannie Aymar Curtain pin New York, NYOct. 29, 1889
514,834Matthews, Hannah E. Shoulder brace Grand Rapids, MIFeb. 13, 1894
468,425Matthews, Hannah E.; Matthews, Adaline M. Shoulder brace Grand Rapids, MIFeb. 9, 1892
181,088Matthiessen, Adile Improvement in folding chairs Cornwall on the Hudson, NYAug. 15, 1876
242,832Maurice, Ada Fire escape Baltimore, MDJun. 14, 1881
363,527Mavis, Harriet B. Ironing board Burlingame, KSMay 24, 1887
316,556Maxey, Betsey A. Car coupling Knoxville, ILApr. 28, 1885
479,195Maxwell, Carrie Neff ; Maxwell, Nathaniel Hamilton Game apparatus Cincinnati, OHJuly 19, 1892
371,270Maxwell, Catharine Ice sandal Philadelphia, PAOct. 11, 1887
368,677Maxwell, Mary A. Easel Boston, MAAug. 23, 1887
244,816Maxwell, Mary A. Embroidery frame Boston, MAJul. 26, 1881
205,803Mey, Amelia Improvement in driers Buffalo, NYJul. 9, 1878
128,412May, Harriet H. Improvement in bustles Birmingham, CTJune 25,1872Reissued as R5,416 May 20, 1873
178,789May, Harriet H. Improvement in corsets Birmingham, CTJune 13, 1876
R5,416May, Harriet H. Improvement in bustles Birmingham, CTMay 20, 1873Original 128,412 Jun. 25, 1872
426,460May, Merinda Picture hanger, etc. Manchester, IAApr. 29, 1890
273,296Maybee, M. Addie Plaiting machine Syracuse, NYMar. 6, 1883
207,127Maybee, M. Addie Duffus, William (1/2) Improvement in plaiting machines Syracuse, NYAug. 20, 1878
224,201Maybee, M. Addie Duffus, William (1/2) Plaiting machine Syracuse, NYFeb. 3, 1880
R10,245Mayer, Amalia Ornamenting fur and other goods New York, NYNov. 21, 1882Reissue of 260,589 July 4, 1882
509,479Mayer, Anna Flour chest Oliver Springs, TNNov. 28, 1893
414,914Mayo, Alice La Guayra Hemming attachment for sewing machines Great Falls, Montana TerritoryNov. 12, 1889
423,173Mayo, Alice La Guayra Guide for sewing machine New York, NYMar. 11, 1890
487,931Mays, Roseanna Fruit picker Strasburg, OHDec. 13, 1892
381,154McAfferty, Julia Photograph holder Chicago, ILApr. 17, 1888
492,417McAlister-Wilson, Ella Palmer Cake cutter Richmond, KYFeb. 28, 1893
438,817McArthur, Mary J. Axle lubricator Cleveland, OHOct. 21, 1890
511,355McBride, Helen H. Stair rod Grand Island, NEDec. 26, 1893
268,036McCaffery, Sarah A. ; Leonard, Catherine M. Rocking chair Boston, MANov. 28, 1882
140,211McCarthy, Florence Improvement in cuff buttons Chicago, ILJune 24, 1873
353,954McCarthy, M. Jennie Standard Rubber Company Gossamer cloak Cambridgeport, MADec. 7, 1886
293,262McCartney, Elizabeth F. Sewing thimble Omaha, NEFeb. 12, 1884
236,686McCarty, Cremora F. Amory, Francis (3/5) Wick raiser for lamps Boston, MAJan. 18, 1881
272,290McCarty, Cremora F. Heating and cooking apparatus Boston, MAFeb. 13, 1883
230,641McCarty, Cremora F. ; McCarty, William Amory, Francis; Snow, Samuel (1/2) Flat iron Boston, MAAug. 3, 1880
362,171McCastline, Minnie B. Corset fastener Syracuse, NYMay 3, 1887
379,236McCastline, Minnie B. Carpet fastener Syracuse, NYMar. 13, 1888
358,049McCastline, Minnie Brinton Carpet fastener Geddes, NYFeb. 22, 1887
449,562McClellan, Lavinia H. Window sash Bristol, TNMar. 31, 1891
531,957McClelland, Mary A. Educational device Albany, NYJan. 1, 1895
345,520McClintock, Maria R. Coin holder Abbyville, VAJuly 13, 1886
132,767McClure, Alice W. Churn dasher Richmond, INNov. 5, 1872
211,246McClure, Alice W. Improvement in churn dashers St. Louis, MOJan. 7, 1879
436,839McClure, Mame Laundry table Coshocton, OHSept. 23, 1890
99,928McColl, Mary Jane Machine for cutting wax for artificial flowers Chicago, ILFeb. 15, 1870
100,540McColl, Mary Jane Improved compound for the manufacture of wax flowers Chicago, ILMar. 8, 1870
172,818McColl, Mary Jane Improvement in processes of ornamenting surfaces Allendale, NJFeb. 1, 1876
172,819McColl, Mary Jane Improvement in tools for veining wax leaves Allendale, NJFeb. 1, 1976
195,146McColl, Mary Jane Meyenberg, Sophia Improvement in the processes of making artificial moss for ornamenting picture frames, & c Paterson, NJSept. 11, 1877
464,102McConnell, Drusilla C. Fender for plows Williamston, SCDec. 1, 1891
372,922McCord, Alice O. Automatic stem pessary Colfax, Washington TerritoryNov. 8, 1887
440,957McCormack, Sarah M. Wardrobe trunk Cold Spring, NYNov. 18, 1890
505,719McCormick, Ellen Lady's hat fastener St. Louis, MOSept. 26, 1893
216,336McCartney, Elizabeth F. Improvement in thimbles Omaha, NEJun. 10, 1879
391,419McCulloch, Belle B. Typewriter's erasing shield New York, NYOct. 23, 1888
211,759McCullough, Mary J. Improvement in tea and coffee pots Lawrence, KSJan. 28, 1879
180,613McCutchins, Emma C. Improvement in doll supporters Washington, DCAug. 1, 1876
466,617McDaniel, Mary E. Cake baking pan Mineola, TXJan. 5, 1892
511,709McDermett, Ida L. Preparing fruit for canning and preserving Baird, TXDec. 26, 1893
434,067McDermott, Augustine S. Cultivator DuBuque, IAAug. 12, 1890
324,398McDiarmid, Carrie J.; McDiarmid, Donald G. Head rest South Bend, INAug. 18, 1885
424,335McDill, Mary M. Churn Ora, SCMar. 25, 1890
149,280McDonald, Fredericka M. Improvement in skirt protectors Indianapolis, INMar. 31, 1874
260,304MacDonald, Helen Marie Boot or shoe Boston, MAJuly 11, 1882
414,987McDonald, Laura S. Easel St. Helena, CANov. 12, 1889
515,090McDonald, Madge Paper doll Washington, DCFeb. 20, 1894
418,212McDowell, Julia C. Cabinet stand for sick rooms Canton, OHDec. 31, 1889
397,742McDowell, Magdalene H. Fire back plate Lexington, KYFeb. 12, 1889
405,588McDowell, Mary D. Padded underwaist Denton, TXJune 18, 1889
527,804McFadyen, Agnes Heating and ventilating apparatus for buildings Lincoln, NEOct. 23, 1894
220,630McFarlane, Annie Improvement in dumping wagons San Bernardina, CAOct. 14, 1879
508,039McGahan, Annie L.; McGahan, Frederick L. Safety attachment for oil burners St. Louis, MONov. 7, 1893
187,657McGee, Charlotte A. Improvement in corsets Jackson, MIFeb. 20, 1877
323,706McGee, Charlotte A. Coronet Corset Co. Corset Jackson, MIAug. 4, 1885
339,313McGee, Charlotte A. Corset waist Jackson, MIApr. 6, 1886
512,838McGee, Charlotte A. Corset Jackson, MIJan. 16, 1894
265,690McGee, Charlotte A. Corset Jackson, MIOct. 10, 1882
R9,496McGee, Charlotte A. Corset Jackson, MIDec. 7, 1880Orignal 194,045 Aug. 14, 1877
132,727McGeviran, Mary Stair cover New York, NYNov. 5, 1872
53,021McGill, Sarah A. Vegetable grater Cincinnati, OHMar. 6, 1866
451,508McGillvroy, Minnie Hair tonic Vancouver, CanadaMay 5, 1891
411,901McGlohon, Julia Artimecia Sewing cabinet Kingston, TNOct. 1, 1889
435,588McGlohon, Julia Artimecia Work stand Buckeye, TNSept. 2, 1890
357,088McGrath, Ellen E. Child's cradle Brooklyn, NYFeb. 1, 1887
430,536McGregory, Delia Making butter Los Angeles, CAJune 17, 1890
452,547McGrew, Carrie Card holding attachment for type writing machines Cincinnati, OHMay 19, 1891
151,995McGuire, Mariette H. Improvement in flower stands Washington, DCJune 16, 1874
373,082McHenry, Dorcas F. Heater Exchange, PANov. 15, 1887
477,141McIntosh, Sarah E. Flavoring powder Almond, NYJune 14, 1892
350,690McKee, Rebecca Insecticide New York, NYOct. 12, 1886
353,695McKee, Rebecca Cement for use in manufacturing stained glass New York, NYDec. 7, 1886
502,314McKeever, Marcia Washing machine Promise City, IAAug. 1, 1893
345,248McKeogh, Lizzie Foot pad for machine treadles Pittsburg, PAJuly 6, 1886
442,991McKevit, Anna Combined protection case and drip ferrule for umbrellas Chicago, ILDec. 16, 1890
269,870McKevit, Anna Button fastener Chicago, ILJan. 2, 1883
272,736McKevit, Anna Button and button fastener Chicago, ILFeb. 20, 1883
272,968McKevit, Anna Separable button Chicago, ILFeb. 27, 1883
470,947McLauchlan, Ann ; McLauchlan, William Inn bucket Manchester, EnglandMar. 15, 1892
526,669McLaughlin, Mary Louise Method of decorating pottery Cincinnati, OHSept. 25, 1894
22,443McLean, Anne S. Corset Williamsburg, NYDec. 28, 1858
496,790McManis, Dollie O. Heating stove Hamilton, ILMay 2, 1893
223,527McMann, Eleanor A. Guard for sleeping car berths Cleveland, OHJan. 13, 1880
229,833McMann, Eleanor A. Safe guard for sleeping berths Cleveland, OHJul. 13, 1880
229,834McMann, Eleanor A. Guard for sleeping car berths Cleveland, OHJul. 13, 1880
371,468McMaster, Mary Amelia Carpet weaver Antioch, CAOct. 11, 1887
247,387McMaster, Mary A. Fruit drier attachment for stoves Antioch, CASep. 20, 1881
305,321McMullin, Mary Electric brush County of Middlesex, EnglandSept. 16, 1884
445,622McMurtry, Lillian L. Waters Penholder Mattawa, CanadaFeb. 3, 1891
155,196McNair, Linda H. Improvement in compound implements Oakland, CASept. 22, 1874
519,770McNaughton, Eliza Estelle Bubble game apparatus Phoenix, NYMay 15, 1894
519,923McNaughton, Eliza Estelle Composition for blowing soap bubbles Phoenix, NYMay 15, 1894
529,043McNaughton, Eliza Estelle Game table for soap bubbles Phoenix, NYNov. 13, 1894
519,477McNeil, Catharine Necktie fastener San Francisco, CAMay 8, 1894
125,066McNett, Sally Maria Johnston, J. A.;Parrish, Thomas F. (1/2) Improvement in hair restoratives Topeka, KSMar. 26, 1872
526,632McPhail, Minnie ; Kopicke, Frank Car coupling Taunton, MNSept. 25, 1894
499,643McPheters, Octavia Douche pan Denver, COJune 13, 1893
419,968McQuiston, Anna E. Skirt protector Oskaloosa, IAJan. 21, 1890
318,776McWaters, Mary Corset attachment Bethel, CTMay 26, 1885
451,945Means, Jennie L. Ironing board Nicholasville, KYMay 12, 1891
176,754Mefford, Elizabeth E.; Peebles, Susan Improvement in processes of preserving fruit Adrian, MIMay 2, 1876
310,703Mehrer, Henrietta Louisa Folding wardrobe and chiffonier New Rochelle, NYJan. 13, 1885
399,768Mehrer, Henrietta L. Bookmark New York, NYMar. 19, 1889
86,854Mellinger, Mary Improvement in cooking stoves Upper Leacock Township, PAFeb. 9, 1869
152,570Melville, Mary L.; Kidd, John S. Improvement in center pieces and covers for cooking stoves Brooklyn, NYJune 30, 1874
R5,246Melville, Mary L.; Kidd, John S. Improvmment in culinary pots Brooklyn, NYJan. 21, 1873Original 129,034 Jul. 16, 1872
129,034Melville, Mary; Kidd, John S. Improvement in culinary pots Brooklyn, NYJuly 16, 1872Reissued as R5,246 Jan. 21, 1873
173,323Mencher, Sarah R. Improvement in combined corsets and skirt supporters Normal, ILFeb. 8, 1876
349,313Mendel, Sarah A. Water proof cloak Chicago, ILSept. 21, 1886
370,275Mendenhall, Alice E. Skimming device for milk cans Visalia, KSSept. 20, 1887
113,683Mercer, Sophia H. Improvement in extensible shelving Washington, DCApr. 11, 1871
123,277Mercer, Sophia L. Improvement in needle threaders Washington, DCJan. 30, 1872
131,698Mercer, Sophia L. Improvement in traveling cribs Washington, DCSept. 24, 1872
56,773Mercier, Ariadna B. Improved clothes washer Providence, RIJuly 31, 1866Reissued as R4,227 Jan. 3, 1871
R4,227Mercier, Ariadna B. Improvement in clothes washers Providence, RIJan. 3, 1871Original 56,773 Jul. 31, 1866
86,570Meriman, Emilie J. Improvement in corsets New York, NYFeb. 2, 1869
500,926Merle, Emilie ; Merle, Apollonie Bust form Paris, FranceJuly 4, 1893Patent France 205,571 May 9, 1890
317,830Merle, Emilie; Merle, Apollonie Adjustable model or dummy for dressmakers' use Paris, FranceMay 12, 1885
361,535Merrick, Sarah J. Pen or pencil holder San Antonio, TXApr. 19, 1887
505,407Merrill, Hattie Clothespin Westphalia, KSSept. 19, 1893
274,629Merrill, Mary A. Sketchers easel San Francisco, CAMar. 27, 1883
140,585Merrill, Mary M. Improvement in abdominal supporters Boston, MAJuly 8, 1873
189,897Mey, Amalie Improvement in stove leg casters Buffalo, NYApr. 24, 1877
472,134Meyberg, Maude Facial hygienic steaming apparatus New York, NYApr. 5, 1892
512,043Meyenberg, Julia E. Building block Chicago, ILJan. 2, 1894
533,659Meyenberg, Julia E. Ceiling supporter Chicago, ILFeb. 5, 1895
D21,739Meyer, Bertha Spoon Kansas City, MOAug. 2, 1892
476,402Meyer, Lucy R. Syringe and syringe box Chicago, ILJune 7, 1892
439,249Michaux, Adele Closure for vessels Paris, FranceOct. 28, 1890
422,352Middleton, Alice G. Transfer apparatus for traction cable cars Philadelphia, PAFeb. 25, 1890
337,185Mikel, Jane Combined squeezer and strainer Gillum, ILMar. 2, 1886
451,307Miles, Luella Ointment Lawrence, MAApr. 28, 1891
475,882Miles, Nancy E. Corset Indianapolis, INMay 31, 1892
471,131Miles, Rebecca E. Churn Porterville, CAMar. 22, 1892
218,047Millar, Pamelia Improvement in chickn coops Kenton, OHJul. 29, 1879
442,906Miller, Addie Dickman Dish washing machine Portland, ORDec. 16, 1890
432,320Miller, Alice Wyatt Fruit boiler Ashland, ORJuly 15, 1890
458,035Miller, Annie Jenness Catamenial sack Dansville, NYAug. 18, 1891
481,767Miller, Annie Jenness Combined button and lacing hook New York, NYAug. 30, 1892
473,558Miller, Dora Richards Rubber for blackboards New Orleans, LAApr. 26, 1892
D22,494Miller, Elizabeth ; Barton, Celestine Trimming Brooklyn, NYJune 6, 1893
262,083Miller, Elizabeth P. Denham, Thomas M.; Denham, Edward Shirt Fairhaven, MAAug. 22, 1882
280,651Miller, Emily V. D. Hand cotton picker Vicksburg, MSJul. 3, 1883
186,148Miller, Emma Miller, A. Alonzo (1/2) Improvement in cooking apparatus Randolph, NYJan. 9, 1877
249,074Miller, Emma L. Rohrer, William H. (1/2) Pamphlet cover roller Washington, DCNov. 1, 1881
414,562Miller, Florence Shankland Dish washer Hoopeston, ILNov. 5, 1889
455,988Miller, Florence Shankland Dish washer Sibley, ILJuly 14, 1891
427,100Miller, Flory Windmill Napoleon, OHMay 6, 1890
122,631Miller, Irene Improvement in stove platforms Cortlandville, NYJan. 9, 1872
462,720Miller, Katie V. Telegraph table Lewisburg, OHNov. 10, 1891
214,426Miller, Maria E. B. Improvement in machines for filling and corking bottles Omaha, NEApr. 15, 1879
119,873Miller, Martha J. Improvement in combined tables, bureaus, cupboards, and sinks Bloomington, ILOct. 10, 1871
462,361Miller, Rosalie Preserve jar lifter New York, NYNov. 3, 1891
77,516Miller, Sarah P. P. Improved basket Beaver, PAMay 5, 1868
495,507Miller, Theresa J. Broiling apparatus Wichita, KSApr. 18, 1893
464,376Miller, Viola A. Floor scrubber Aurora, MODec. 1, 1891
16,602Milligan, Julia M. Abdominal supporter New Albany, INFeb. 10, 1857Reissued as R493 Sep. 15, 1857
R493Milligan, Julia M. Improved abdominal supporter New Albany, INSep. 15, 1857Original 16,602 Feb. 10, 1857
412,400Milliken, Annie B. Folding chair Chicago, ILOct. 8, 1889
464,511Milliken, Annie B. Brace for folding seats Chicago, ILDec. 8, 1891
516,871Mills, Lizzie B. Device for lowering keys from windows Baltimore, MDMar. 20, 1894
126,825Millwee, Sarah A. Improvement in patterns for cutting garments Greenwood, SCMay 14, 1872
325,853Milne, Margaret Bouquet fastening Brooklyn, NYSept. 8, 1885
185,040Milsom, Hannah Improvement in ozone machines Buffalo, NYDec. 5, 1876Reissued as R9,976 Jan. 17, 1893
R9,976Milsom, Hannah Ozone machine Buffalo, NYDec. 20, 1881Original 185,040 Dec. 5, 1876
359,090Minnick, Maggie E. Washing fluid Galveston, TXMar. 8, 1887
492,373Minor, Mary E. Dustpan Colfax, INFeb. 21, 1893
496,944Miracle, Virginia S. Fuel feeding device Janesville, WIMay 9, 1893
519,584Mitchell, Arobine C. Mixer or beater Ennis, MTMay 8, 1894
351,932Mitchell, Dora Picture hanger Ottumwa, IANov. 2, 1886
467,946Mitchell, Elma M. ; Mitchell, John E. Plow Salem, IAFeb. 2, 1892
473,517Mitchell, Elma M. ; Mitchell, John E. Plow Salem, IAApr. 26, 1892
457,208Mitchell, Sophia H. Cooking vessel West Troy, NYAug. 4, 1891
135,141Mitcheson, Ellen B. A. Mustache spoon Philadelphia, PAJan. 21, 1873
408,126Mitchum, Bettie Churn Hammonsville, KYJuly 30, 1889
430,667Moe, Zoraida M. Ventilating apparatus for kitchen or other apartments Nanuet, NYJune 24, 1890
328,506Moffitt, Ruth Carpet stretcher Wheatland, ILOct. 20, 1885
302,515Molini, Felice Pea shelling machine San Francisco, CAJuly 22, 1884
498,984Monachesi, Hannah D. Gridiron, etc. New York, NYJune 6, 1893
425,142Moncrief, Aralize C. Raisin seeder Brooklyn, NYApr. 8, 1890
252,691Morey, Elizabeth Combined electric lamp and generator New York, NYJan. 24, 1882
470,944Monkhouse, Helen Gibson Invalid lift London, EnglandMar. 15, 1892
529,783Munro, Emma A. ; Cummins, William G. Trimming attachment for sewing machines McMinnville, TNNov. 27, 1894
528,129Montgomery, Mamie M. Churn Gowensville, SCOct. 23, 1894
41,167Montgomery, Mary Jane War vessel, the parts applying to other structures for defense New York, NYJan. 5, 1864
42,958Montgomery, Mary Jane Improvement in locomotive wheels New York, NYMay 31,1864
54,580Montgomery, Mary Jane Improved apparatus for punching corrugated metals New York, NYMay 8, 1866
41,528Montleart, Agatha; Tent, William Improved means for attaching hooks to furniture London, EnglandFeb. 9, 1864
57,950Moody, S. A. Improvement in ladies dress elevators New York, NYSept. 11 1866
R1,872Moody, Sarah A. Improvement in hoop skirts New York, NYFeb. 14, 1865Original 42,677 May 10, 1864
R2,165Moody, Sarah A. Improvement in abdominal supporters New York, NYJan. 30, !866Original 42,591 May 3, 1864
496,274Moor, Charlotte E. Cleaning compound New York, NYApr. 25, 1893
136,663Moore, Eliza L. Accouchement couch San Francisco, CAMar. 11, 1873
287,044Moore, Ella J. Device for holding material to be sewed Brimfield, ILOct. 23, 1883
435,316Moore, Emma R. ; Moore, John R. Fire extinguishing apparatus Philadelphia, PAAug. 26, 1890
290,787Moore, Ila Newbre Mitten Battle Creek, MIDec. 25, 1883
509,480Moore, Jennie B. Dress stay Covington, KYNov. 28, 1893
396,760Moore, Jennie Mathews Calendar White Sulphur Springs, WVJan. 29, 1889
275,932Moore, Jennie M. Brush White Sulphur Springs, WVApr. 17, 1883
514,488Moore, Lizzie A. Compartment vessel or holder Wahoo, NEFeb. 13, 1894
380,215Moore, Mary E. Ear battery for the deaf New York, NYMar. 27, 1888
D18,494Moore, Mary R. Handkerchief Washington, DCJuly 31, 1888
405,715Moore, Viola Music stand and portfolio San Francisco, CAJune 25, 1889
257,363Moran, Maggie A. Moran, Maggie A.; Rogers, Frederick Car coupling Fort Wayne, INMay 2, 1882
521,384Moran, Mary C. Garment fastening Newton, MAJune 12, 1894
333,966Morgenroth, Pauline; Levison, Tinne Flour sifter Brooklyn, NYJan. 5, 1886
284,881Morrison, Amanda Market truck Wilmington, NCSep. 11, 1883
353,575Morrison, Annie M. Supporting band for aprons New York, NYNov. 30, 1886
361,537Morrison, Annie M. Supporting band for aprons New York, NYApr. 19, 1887
278,727Morrison, Caroline W. Aldrich, Frank E. Circular cloak Boston, MAJun. 5, 1883
470,251Morrison, Jennie M. Convertible couch Milwaukee, WIMar. 8, 1892
137,560Morrison, Jessie L.; Fletcher, Tristram H. Scythe stone hold North Hollis, MEApr. 8, 1873
495,052Morritt, Adelaide Apparatus for use in stage illusions London, EnglandApr. 11, 1893
378,455Morse, Carrie Adjustable crib bedstead San Francisco, CAFeb. 28, 1888
214,174Morse, Emma E. Improvement in folding chairs Charlestown, MAApr. 8, 1879
151,902Morse, Sinia F. Improvement in shoulder braces Oshkosh, WIJune 9, 1874
486,602Morton, Alice R. P. Sewing or embroidery table New York, NYNov. 22, 1892
209,413Moses, Henriette Improvement in sleeve elevators New York, NYOct. 29, 1878
495,053Mosher, Eliza M. Underwaist Brooklyn, NYApr. 11, 1893
507,446Moss, Ann Eliza ; Hillyard, Berryman Carrying crate Lawson, MOOct. 24, 1893
267,242Moss, Annie Maria H. Dust pan Monroe, CTNov. 7, 1882
39,667Mossman, Sarah Military caps Cleveland, OHAug. 25, 1863
202,115Mott, Catherine R. Improvement in fire escapes New York, NYApr. 9, 1878
253,483Mott, Fannie C. Gwyer, Frederick S. Shirt Caskill, NYFeb. 7, 1882
78,314Mott, Mary E. Improved corpse preserver Rouse's Point, NYMay 26, 1868
174,635Moulton, Margaret C. Improvement in lasts Independence, MOMar. 14, 1876
311,199Moulton, Sarah A. Meat tenderer Grand Rapids, MIJan. 27, 1885
136,749Mountain, Hannah B. Life preserving mattress New York, NYMar. 11, 1873
433,087Maxey, Lida J. Button Jacksonville, FLJuly 29, 1890
277,304Maeder, Maria A. Spoon rest Chelsea, MAMay 8, 1883
126,827Muldaur, Elizabeth H. Improvement in toy blocks Dover, DEMay 14, 1872
140,722Muldaur, Elizabeth H. Improvement in alphabet blocks Dover, DEJuly 8, 1873
230,560Mullalieu, Mary Ann Method of repairng boots and shoes Aurora, ILJul. 27, 1880
527,872Muller, Carrie E. Bedclothes holder San Francisco, CAOct. 23, 1894
287,848Muller, Christine Franziska Window ventilator Cologne, GermanyNov. 6, 1883
299,934Muller, Johanna Shoe Philadelphia, PAJun. 3, 1884
D23,746Muller, Josephine Trimming New York, NYOct. 30, 1894
401,051Muller, Josephine Loop tie for decorative scarfs or similar articles New York, NYApr. 9, 1889
430,394Muller, Susanna Cooking apparatus Aussersihl, SwitzerlandJune 17, 1890
94,233Mullin, Mary A. S. Rack for sugar, cream and salt, & c Osgood, INAug. 31, 1869
204,500Munro, Carrie A. Improvement in vapor baths Salt Lake City, UTAH TERRITORYJun. 4, 1878
151,149Munro, Carrie Aurelia Improvement in vapor baths Salt Lake City, UTMay 19, 1874
348,923Munro, Carrie Aurelia Vapor bath Olive Branch, OHSept. 7, 1886
431,385Munson, Katharine C. Berth for vessels Winthrop, MAJuly 1, 1890
484,539Munson, Katharine C. Shield for baking ovens Winthrop, MAOct. 18, 1892
D20,979Munson, Mary K. Spoon Chicago, ILAug. 11, 1891
361,314Munson, Sarah A. Bustle Joliet, ILApr. 19, 1887
433,536Murdock, Isabella Combined slate and satchel Buffalo, NYAug. 5, 1890
356,881Murdock, Jeanette P.; Murdock, George J. Sad iron New York, NYFeb. 1, 1887
102,958Murfey, Eliza D. Improved material for packing journals and bearings New York, NYMay 10, 1870
108,284Murfey, Eliza D. Improvement in impregnating fibrous materials for packing, & c New York, NYOct. 11, 1870
108,285Murfey, Eliza D. Improvement in saturating fibrous materials with powdered substances for bearings and packings New York, NYOct. 11, 1870
108,286Murfey, Eliza D. Improvement in materials for packings and bearings New York, NYOct. 11, 1870
109,237Murfey, Eliza D. Manhattan Packing Manufacturing Company Improvement in the mode of preventing the heating of axles or journals New York, NYNov. 15, 1870
117,558Murfey, Eliza D. Improvement in bearings and packings New York, NYAug. 1, 1871
121,804Murfey, Eliza D. Improvement in journal bearings New York, NYDec. 12, 1871
121,805Murfey, Eliza D. Improvement in materials for packings and bearings New York, NYDec. 12, 1871
121,806Murfey, Eliza D. Improvement in packings or bearings for journals, & c New York, NYDec. 12, 1871
124,846Murfey, Eliza D. Improvement in packings for pistons, & c New York, NYMar. 19, 1872
105,361Murfey, Eliza Dexter Improvement in material for packings and bearings New York, NYJuly 12, 1870
43,126Murphy, Anna M. Improvement in letter envelopes New York, NYJune 14, 1864
305,838Murphy, Bridget Grate appliance St. Louis, MOSept. 30, 1884
285,056Murphey, Carrie S. Flexible urinal Dayton, OHSep. 18, 1883
453,845Murphy, Louisa D. Clamp for drapery Chicago, ILJune 9, 1891
495,427Murphy, Mary A. Body and bed warmer San Francisco, CAApr. 11, 1893
401,365Murray, Clara M.; Murray, Alexander K. Artificial fuel Bradford, PAApr. 16, 1889
114,462Murray, Jessie H. Improvement in washers and wringers combined Kirkwood, NYMay 2, 1871
373,424Murray, Maude C. Holder for bed covers Bardstown, KYNov. 15, 1887
429,047Muse, Maggie A. Soot catcher Mount Carmel, KYMay 27, 1890
525,154Mushette, Ida E. Combined shoe and glove buttoner Oakland, CAAug. 28, 1894
467,045Musse, Bertha Adjustable pattern for drafting garments New York, NYJan. 12, 1892
487,760Musse, Bertha Adjustable pattern New York, NYDec. 13, 1892
482,969Musso, Emma Skewer or needle for closing fowls, etc. Vineland, NJSept. 20, 1892
462,913Mustin, Ida C. Combination under garment Philadelphia, PANov. 10, 1891
525,427Myers, Adeline J. Flatiron heater Industry, ILSept. 4, 1894
503,382Myers, Annetta Game apparatus Ashbourne, PAAug. 15, 1893
318,575Myers, Carlotta; Myers, Carl E. Guiding apparatus for balloons Mohawk, NYMay 26, 1885
467,824Myers, Elizabeth ; Myers, Charles ; Davis, John Screw propeller Manchester, EnglandJan. 26, 1892
90,675Myers, Emily W. Composition for production of wax flowers, fruit, & c Lincoln, ILJune 1, 1869
532,282Myers, Lydia D. Abacus Philadelphia, PAJan. 8, 1895
417,879Myers, Martha A. E. Straw burning stove Albia, KSDec. 24, 1889
388,075Saeger, Sallie A. Buttonhole tab Allentown, PAAug. 21, 1888
337,280Nagle, Ella Fellheimer, Louis Underwaist or strengthening corset for children New York, NYMar 2, 1886
499,244Naly, Sarah L. ; Jones, Mary Scott Bicycle saddle Philadelphia, PAJune 13, 1893
388,904Nash, Mary O. Tart cutter Abington, MASept. 4, 1888
401,454Nathan, Frances Trimming board New York, NYApr. 16, 1889
334,674Neal, Sarah C. Bath or bathing apparatus New York, NYJan. 19, 1886
520,699Neal, Sarah C. Folding crib New York, NYMay 29, 1894
176,336Negus, Hannah A. Improvement in ironing tables Winterset, IAApr. 18, 1876
472,811Neill, Julia L. ; Pickett, William H. Baking pan Warren, PAApr. 12, 1892
146,142Neitz, Anna E. Improvement in cooking apparatus New York, NYJan. 6, 1874
285,650Netzner, Augusta Suspender end New York, NYSep. 25, 1883
386,599Neville, Mary D. Device for cooking and turning omelets Welbourne, VAJuly 24, 1888
55,150Newcomb, Eliza H. Improvement in fruit gatherers New York, NYMay 29, 1866
494,157Newell, Sarah Peacock, Margaret (1/2) Milk pan cover Versailles, ILMar. 28, 1893
422,612Neuhaus, Christiana Abacus Chicago, ILMar. 4, 1890
467,380Newkirk, Ninian M. Fanning mill Chatman, CanadaJan. 19, 1892
506,928Newman, Emma Cover fastener for storage vessels Minneapolis, MNOct. 17, 1893
182,069Newton, Anna; Guyer, Henry Improvement in ironing tables Jersey City Heights, NJSept. 12, 1876
5,867Nichols, Caroline C. Making artificial flowers Providence, RIOct. 17, 1848
429,635Nichols, Eliza A. Wagon step Stormville, TXJune 10, 1890
333,082Nichols, Kate E.; Whitney, Emma V. Individual holder or rest for table service articles Leominster, MADec. 22, 1885
154,709Nicholson, Mary Improvement in combined beer and water coolers Western Port, MDSept. 1, 1874
167,683Nickerson, Maranda R.; Tripp, Nathan M. Improvement in baby walkers South Wareham, MASept. 14, 1875
24,572Nicolas, Marie A. ; Champagne, Louise J. Defecating sugar juices Thibodeaux, LAJun. 28, 1859
439,251Nixon, Phebe M. Heat concentrator Topeka, KSOct. 28, 1890
375,563Nixson, Marian Curtain ring Windsor, EnglandDec. 27, 1887
494,020Noble, Harriet Isabel Sadiron New York, NYMar. 21, 1893
186,604Nolan, Mary Improvement in building blocks St. Louis, MOJan. 23, 1877
188,660Nolan, Mary Improvement in artificial stone compositions St. Louis, MOMar. 20, 1877
471,134Noland, Mary B. Broiling pan Independence, MOMar. 22, 1892
105,234Norman, Emma Fire place grate New Orleans, LAJuly 12, 1870
325,216Northen, Mary Eva Dress chart Lanier, TXAug. 25, 1885
458,110Northrup, Mary A. Device for fastening buttons Kipp, PAAug. 18, 1891
198,038Norton, Elenora A. Improvement in rack attachments for pianos, organs &etc. New Bedford, MADec. 11, 1877
150,777Norton, Elizabeth E. Improvement in skirt elevators Bridgeport, CTMay 12, 1874
123,287Norton, Emily M. Improvement in step ladders Bridgeport, CTJan. 30, 1872
110,672Nourse, Lucy Sawyer Improvement in flour sifters Templeton, MAJan. 3, 1871Reissued as R5,248
R5,248Nourse, Lucy S. Hildreth, H. A.; Johnson, W. J. Improvement in flour sifters Barre, MAJan. 21, 1873Original 110,672 Jan. 3, 1871
306,030Nunn, Emma G. Heat indicator for ovens Vassar, MISept. 30, 1884
347,123Nunn, Emma G. Adjustable handle for dusters Vassar, MIAug. 10, 1886
D21,802Nuttall, Zelia Table Dresden, GermanyAug. 30, 1892
D21,803Nuttall, Zelia Table Dresden, GermanyAug. 30, 1892
D21,849Nuttall, Zelia Chair Dresden, GermanySept. 6, 1892
D22,150Nye, Martha A. Breastpin, etc. Chicopee Falls, MAJan. 24, 1893
221,346ODonnell, Rosa Improvement in attachments fo invalid beds San Francisco, CANov. 4, 1879
69,363Ober, Maria A. Improvement in churn dashers Chazy, NYOct. 1, 1867
475,337Oberly, Virginia H. Corset Washington D.C.May 24, 1892
503,980Oberly, Virginia H. Garment fastener Washington, DCAug. 29, 1893
509,483Oberly, Virginia H. Corset Washington, DCNov. 28, 1893
477,443OBrien, Elizabeth A. Folding bath tub Kansas City, MOJune 21, 1892
491,950OBrien, Geraldine Holmes, John Combination knitted under garment Boston, MAFeb. 14, 1893
454,812OBrien, Geraldine Holmes, John Combination undergarment Boston, MAJune 23, 1891
454,813OBrien, Geraldine Holmes, John Combination undergarment Boston, MAJune 23, 1891
505,953OBrien, Geraldine Combination knitted garment Boston, MAOct. 3, 1893
399,432Ocobock, Malinda Knopp Wash boiler Maple Rapids, MIMar. 12, 1889
358,406O'Connor, Bridget Shirt Bridgeport, CTFeb. 22, 1887
119,991O'Connor, Elizabeth Improvement in bee hives Philadelphia, PAOct. 17, 1871
382,378O'Day, Charlotte Abair, Charlotte Bustle Denver, COMay 8, 1888
476,676Odell, Roza I.; Howell, Clara S. Catamenial sack Baltimore, MDJune 7, 1892
479,015Oerzen, Eleanor E. Tin can New York, NYJuly 19, 1892
D21,154Officer, Julia E. Spoon Council Bluffs, IANov. 3, 1891
530,599Oheimb, Freda von Convertible or combined bath tub and traveling bag Hanover, GermanyDec. 11, 1894German patent 74,978 Feb. 21, 1894; Austo_Hungary 44,250 & 65,915 Jan. 21, 1894; England 15,809 Aug. 21, 1893
315,323Ohr, Florence Piano stool Normal, ILApr. 7, 1885
352,836Oldberg, Susanne Rubber boot Washington, DCNov. 16, 1886
525,509O'Leary, Sarah Flora Belle Workbox Waverly, KSSept. 4, 1894
D21,279Oliver, Mary A. Bottle Oswego, NYJan. 5, 1892
D21,280Oliver, Mary A. Bottle holder Oswego, NYJan. 5, 1892
306,946Olsen, Anna L. Respirator Brooklyn, NYOct. 21, 1884
7,175O'Meara Mary W. Abdominal supporter New York, NYMar. 12, 1850
483,634Oneal, Elizabeth Foster Washing powder Philadelphia, PAOct. 4, 1892
275,070Opdyke, Ida R. Childs crib Plainfield, NJApr. 3, 1883
U1,831OOram, Elizabeth Globe for teaching geography New York, NYJan. 12, 1831
387,805Orewiler, Elza; Larcomb, Emanuel R. Boiler Upper Sandusky, OHAug. 14, 1888
198,954Orendorff, Emma E. improvement in apple corers Delvan, ILJan. 1, 1878
218,827Orne, Emma S. Improvement in heaters for curling irons Cambridgeport, MAAug. 26, 1879
412,784Orr, Margaret Knitted under garment London, EnglandOct. 15, 1889
530,449Orr, Ora Combined child's carriage and cradle Westport, CADec. 4, 1894
161,350Orth, Susette Improvement in artificial flowers Pittsburg, PAMar. 30, 1875
503,803Orth, Susette Spectacles Philadelphia, PAAug. 22, 1893
282,661Orttlopp, Henrietta Sophia ; Kloberg, John C. Orttlopp, Henrietta Sophia Imitation feather New York, NYAug. 7, 1883Kloberg assign to Orttlopp
399,206Osborn, Jane Catharine Ginning cotton St. Louis, MOMar. 5, 1889
R2,886Osborn, Victoria A. Improvement in book cover protectors Washington, DCMar. 3, 1868Original 69,062 Sep. 24, 1867
69,062Osborn, Victoria A.; Alexander, Charles L. Improvement in book cover protectors Washington, DCSept. 24, 1867Reissued as R2,886 Mar. 3, 1868
223,378Osborne, Emma J. Baggage attachment for vehicles Easley, SCJan. 6, 1880
228,924Osborne, Emma J. Baggage attachment for vehicles Anderson Court House, SCJun. 15, 1880
120,995O'Sullivan, Mary M. J. Improvement in dinner plate covers New Haven, CTNov. 14, 1871
523,904Ousey, Louisa Hairpin South Wimbledon, EnglandJuly 31, 1894
532,089Overton, Mary A. Portable drier Fond du Lac, WIJan. 8, 1895
D18,958Ovington, Irene H. Bed pan Brooklyn, NYMar. 12, 1889
200,331Owen, Amanda Improvement in medical compounds Williamsport, PAFeb. 12, 1878
385,772Owen, Cornelia Hoagland Method of hem stitching De Land, FLJuly 10, 1888
456,158Owen, Margaret Emma Cooking range or stove Lambourn, EnglandJuly 21, 1891
511,741Owen, Mary A. Cabinet Portland, ORDec. 26, 1893
515,607Owens, Bettie R. Toilet vaporizing apparatus for the complexion Denver, COFeb. 27, 1894
155,968Owens, Theresa Lord & Taylor Improvement in inlays for sandal boots and shoes New York, NYOct. 13, 1874
355,709Packson, Rachel S. Speculum Emporia, KSJan. 11, 1887
355,552Padro, Clara Roza Remedy for corns, bunions, & c Springfield, MAJan. 4, 1887
219,011Page, Eugenia C. Improvement in braces New York, NYAug. 26, 1879
504,112Paine, Frances E. Egg beater Boston, MAAug. 29, 1893
257,513Paine, Phebe S. Prepartion for clearing coffee Boston, MAMay 9, 1882
213,588Palmer, Anna L. Improvement in combined aspirators, concealed uterine cauteizers and vaginal syringes Chariton, IAMar. 25, 1879
194,718Palmer, Catherine I. Improvement in folding and adjustable scaffolds for windows Chicago, ILAug. 28, 1877
230,432Palmer, Chestina A. Easel for decorating pottery Piermont, NHJul. 27, 1880
474,145Palmer, Elizabeth R. Trunk elevator Philadelphia, PAMay 3, 1892
482,832Palmer, Ida M. Corn popper Kansas City, MOSept. 20, 1892
123,289Palmer, Susan M. Improvement in churns Greene, NYJan. 30, 1872
422,889Parish, Jane Stencil drum Leicester, EnglandMar. 4, 1890
276,871Park, Sallie Peters Bathing attachment for bird cages Washington, DCMay 1, 1883
407,607Parke, Kate Eraser holder Chicago, ILJuly 23, 1889
436,800Parke, Kate Bicycle lock Chicago, ILSept. 23, 1890
333,540Parke, Sarah A. Saw tooth swaging device Bay City, MIJan. 5, 1886
358,068Parke, Sarah A. Saw tooth swaging machine Bay City, MIFeb. 22, 1887
167,782Parker, Louisa A. Improvement in sewing machine casters Norwalk, OHSept. 14, 1875
509,761Parks, Anna M. Punching machine Albany, NYNov. 28, 1893
102,309Parks, Caroline Improvement in swifts and reels Milan, OHApr. 26, 1870
110,996Parks, Caroline Improvement in tree protectors Milan, OHJan. 17, 1871
513,246Parliaman, Charlotte H. Rest for invalids Palmyra, NYJan. 23, 1894
154,150Parliman, Charlotte H. Improvement in trunk lid stays Palmyra, NYAug. 18, 1874
378,518Parmenter, Pheba Stearns, A. M. (1/2) Combined corset and bustle Lamar, MOFeb. 28, 1888
449,746Parmley, Mahala J. Dish washer Footeville, WIApr. 7, 1891
360,904Parnell, Elizabeth Barnston Process of treating certain descriptions of anriferous and argentiferous materials, & c Sydney, New South WalesApr. 12, 1887
464,228Parpert, Mary Candlestick for Christmas trees St. Louis, MODec. 1, 1891
498,812Parrell, Marguerete M. Bust pad New York, NYJune 6, 1893
55,898Parrott, Anna E. Improved medicine to cure cholera & c Norfolk, VAJune 26, 1866
124,079Parry, Martha Improvement in puffing irons Rochester, NYFeb. 27, 1872
52,072Patton, Nancy Improved method of preserving eggs Coles County, ILJan. 16, 1866
233,011Partridge, Helen D. Foot bath Brooklyn, NYOct. 5, 1880
238,606Pass, Alice Muff New York, NYMar. 8, 1881
338,101Paton, Mary A. Head dress Paris, KYMar. 16, 1886
296,609Pattee, Lydia Emeline Milk catcher for nursing women Smith Centre, KSApr. 8, 1884
356,497Patten, Johanna Combined suspensory bandage and truss Crown Point, INJan. 25, 1887
82,869Patten, Julia W. D. Improved ice preserver New York, NYOct. 6, 1868
101,910Patten, Julia W. D. Improved extension traveling bags Washington, DCApr. 12, 1870
104,919Patten, Julia W. D. Improved strawberry huller Washington, DCJune 28, 1870
399,553Patterson, Clara Emily Automatic picture exhibitor New York, NYMar. 12, 1889
405,321Patterson, Clara E. Coin operated stereoscope New York, NYJune 18, 1889
395,345Patterson, Clara E. Coin controlled opera glass New York, NYJan. 1, 1889
509,626Patterson, Elma H. Picture frame attachment Stillman Valley, ILNov. 28, 1893
295,048Patterson, Marie E. Tuning peg for musical instruments St. Louis, MOMar. 11, 1884
530,450Patton, Annetta Educational appliance Stevensville, PADec. 4, 1894
85,328Patton, Nancy Improved composition for preserving eggs Kansas, ILDec. 29, 1868
272,759Paul, Emma A. Desk top Madison, WIFeb. 20, 1883
313,516Paul, Fanny W. Device for inducing sleep New York, NYMar. 10, 1885
368,000Payne, Huldah Bustle Mount Vernon, OHAug. 9, 1887
D23,676Payne, Mary C. Dustpan South Haven, MIOct. 2, 1894
36,856Payson, Sarah E. Vapor bath Peterborough, NHNov. 4, 1862
403,606Pearce, Annie Warren Johnson, Laura Henrietta (1/2) Motor Greenwood, SCMay 21, 1889
408,258Pearsall, Lucy Jane Tuck holder for sewing machines Fort Edward, NYAug. 6, 1889
434,801Pease, Lovinia E. Pillow sham holder East Saginaw, MIAug. 19, 1890
499,439Pease, Lovenia E. Hair curler Saginaw, MIJune 13, 1893
531,696Pechin, Celina R. Blackboard eraser San Francisco, CAJan. 1, 1895
195,531Peden, Mary Catharine Improvement in medicinal compounds Caverna, KYSept. 25, 1877
277,924Pelkey, Sophia Medicus spoon and vial holder Eau Claire, WIMay 22, 1883
444,504Penfield, Matie B. Hot pan lifter Dallas, TXJan. 13, 1891
178,379Penley, Eliza F. Improvement in artificial flowers Brooklyn, NYJune 6, 1876
337,016Penley, Julia Dress chart Bangor, MEMar. 2, 1886
410,695Penley, Julia Dress chart Portland, MESept. 10, 1889
364,853Pennington, Belle Dorsey Portable awning Evansville, INJune 14, 1887
205,807Pennington, Susan M. H. Improvement in processes of coloring photographs Evansville, INJul. 9, 1878
497,600Penniston, Clara A. Food warmer New York, NYMay 16, 1893
254,442Pentz, Annie K. Stock car Clearfield, PAFeb. 28, 1882
390,896Perkins, Alice M. Looping attachment for sewing machines La Crosse, WIOct. 9, 1888
466,424Perkins, Alice M. Circular knitting machine Lacrosse, WIJan. 5, 1892
532,010Perkins, Alice M. Skirt supporter Haverhill, MAJan. 1, 1895
408,428Perkins, Susan M. Book or music holder Lansing, KSAug. 6, 1889
116,863Perrin, Marie Eulalie Improvement in medical compounds for treating diseases of the lungs, chest, & c Montreal, CanadaJuly 11, 1871
147,683Perry, Mary L. Improvement in combined sofas and bedsteads Boston, MAFeb. 17, 1874
132,101Perry, Sarah Guide for hemmers New York, NYOct. 8, 1872
356,327Perry, Sarah A. Pencil drawer for school desks Ripley, OHJan. 18, 1887
471,329Perry, Sarah Louisiana Flexible fire escape ladder Medicine Lodge, KSMar. 22, 1892
470,255Petrie, Helen Seaside seat Boston, MAMar. 8, 1892
194,927Petrie, Margaret Newcomb, Augustus (1/2) Improvement in mosquito bars Vallejo, CASept. 4, 1877
496,278Pfeil, Grace Stew pan cover St. Louis, MOApr. 25, 1893
174,848Phelps, Eliza I. Improvement in slate covers Salem, MAMar. 14, 1876
385,683Phelps, Lamira Dodge, Elvander W. (1/2) Pastry pie guard Lowell, MIJuly 3, 1888
R9,971Philbrook, Emmaline W. Underwaist Boston, MADec. 13, 1881Original 184,545 Nov. 21, 1876
305,471Philbrook, Emmeline W. Weather strip Boston, MASept. 23, 1884
335,237Philbrook, Emmeline W. Clothes hook Boston, MAFeb. 2, 1886
385,570Philbrook, Emmeline W. Underwaist Boston, MAJuly 3, 1888
503,436Philbrook, Emmeline W. Underwaist Boston, MAAug. 15, 1893
286,555Philbrook, Emmeline W. Ventilating screen for windows Boston, MAOct. 9, 1883
349,118Philippi, Adile C. Attachment for cooking stoves New Orleans, LASept. 14, 1886
502,138Philips, Hattie L. Top prop for carriages Wisner, MIJuly 25, 1893
238,807Phillips, Katharine Picture hanger Salem, MAMar. 15, 1881
500,609Phillips, Anna B. S. Abdominal supporter Salina, KSJuly 4, 1893
503,355Phillips, Anna B. S. Combined shawl strap and traveling companion Salina, KSAug. 15, 1893
263,351Phillips, Anna S. Combined yard stick and bias rule Springfield, OHSep. 19, 1882
128,169Phillips, Elizabeth Improvement in medical compounds or bitters Peoria, ILJune 18, 1872
494,079Phillips, Elizabeth Bedpan or commode London, EnglandMar. 21, 1893
25,582Phillips, Jane Muff New York, NYSept. 27, 1859
D23,199Pickard, Lizzie Sink strainer Toronto, CanadaApr. 17, 1894
166,297Pickett, Fannie L. Improvement in shirt bosoms Florence, ALAug. 3, 1875
184,423Piepenbring, Rosa Improvement in corsets Cincinnati, OHNov. 14, 1876
459,936Pierce, Hannah Meranda Stand for fire irons Manitowoc, WISept. 22, 1891
239,398Pierce, Jenny E. Process of preparing absorbent cotton Lewiston, MEMar. 29, 1881
279,276Pierce, Lucretia V. Combined stove, table and cabinet St. Louis, MOJun. 12, 1883
226,877Pierce, Mary Fletcher Dust pan Boston, MAApr. 27, 1880
429,152Pierson, Lucinda M. Remedy for diphtheria Goleta, CAJune 3, 1890
497,926Piffard, Nina H. Sewing machine needle Piffard, NYMay 23, 1893
529,750Pike, Emma Janet Suspensory belt London, EnglandNov. 27, 1894
46,494Pike, Mary Improved eye water Cornish, NHFeb. 21, 1865
495,265Pinault, Marie Juliette Face mask for treating the skin Boston, MAApr. 11, 1893
35,039Pinkham, Susan D. Lamp Fond du Lac, WIApr. 22,1862
339,463Piron, Marie Virginie Delattre, Carlos Waterproofing and preservation of fabrics Brussels, BelgiumApr. 6, 1886
142,760Pirsch-Baudvin, Adele Elise Improvement in alloys to resemble silver Paris, FranceSept. 16, 1873
141,235Pitrat, Mary Jane Angell, Nelson S.;Hannan, James;Williams, Daniel (3/4) Improvement in thread cutters Gallipolis, OHJuly 29, 1873
460,027Pitts, Ella Drill Palmer, KSSept. 22, 1891
U1,822PPlanton, Julia Foot stove Philadelphia, PANov. 4, 1822
526,501Plummer, Annie M. Water bag and food warmer Glencoe, ILSept. 25, 1894
243,155Pohl, Emilie Corset Baltimore, MDJun. 21, 1881
325,861Pohl, Emilie Stiffener for bustles Baltimore, MDSept. 8, 1885
393,786Pohl, Emilie Corset Baltimore, MDDec. 4, 1888
533,667Pokorny, Lucy; Pokorny, Hugh F. Fire escape Seattle, WAFeb. 5, 1895
385,879Pollack, Flora Grater Baltimore, MDJuly 10, 1888
375,095Pollard, Rebecca S. Educational appliance Chicago, ILDec. 20, 1887
128,813Pollock, Charlotte B. Improvement in bustles Norwich, CTJuly 9, 1872
248,213Polsgrove, Amelia D. Flower crock Catawissa, PAOct. 11, 1881
529,834Polsgrove, Amelia D. Wood preserving compound Lewistown, PANov. 27, 1894
230,894Pope, Edith A. Painters palette Boston, MAAug. 10, 1880
476,066Popoff, Matilda A. Blacking receptacle for blacking stands Brooklyn, NYMay 31, 1892
21,626Porter, Emma T. Clothes drier frame Washington, DCSept. 28, 1858
U1,834PPorter, Ethel H. Cutting feed for horses and cattle Lincolnton, NCMar. 14, 1834
99,347Porter, Mary G. Lady's safety belt Charlestown, MAFeb. 1, 1870
159,839Porter, Nancy A. Improvement in slate frames Warren, OHFeb. 16, 1875
164,208Portington, Ella Improvement in vegetable dishes Factoryville, NYJune 8, 1875
D18,879Post, Emeline Clark Therapeutic bottle Yorktown, VAJan. 22, 1889
469,031Post, Etta Carriage step Oakland,NJFeb. 16, 1892
495,057Post, Mary Josephine Combined waist and suspender Hoboken, NJApr. 11, 1893
102,590Potter, Betsey R.; Potter, Emily S. Heating and ventilating attachment for stoves and fire places Boston, MAMay 3, 1870
435,949Potter, Lizzie T. Belt fastener Hartford, CTSept. 9, 1890
461,531Potter, Lizzie T. Belt fastener Hartford, CTOct. 20, 1891
531,330Potter, Sarah A. Invalid chair Harper, KSDec. 25, 1894
103,501Potts, Mary F. Improved sad iron Ottumwa, IAMay 24, 1870Reissued as R9,020 Jan. 6, 1880
506,252Potts, Mary F. ; Potts, Joseph H. Sadiron Austin, ILOct. 10, 1893
468,946Potts, Mary Florence ; Potts, Joseph H. Remedial or medical appliance Austin, ILFeb. 16, 1892
113,448Potts, Mary Florence Improvement in sad irons Ottumwa, IAApr. 4, 1871Reissued as R5,102 Oct. 15, 1872 & R8,925 Oct. 7, 1879
R5,102Potts, Mary Florence Chalfant, Isaac P. (1/2) Improvement in sad irons Ottumwa, IAOct. 15, 1872Original 113,448 Apr. 4, 1871 Reissued Oct. 7, 1879 R8,925
R8,925Potts, Mary Florence Enterprise Manufacturing Co. & American Machine Co. Improvement in sad irons Philadelphia, PAOct. 7, 1879Original 113,448 Apr. 4, 1871 Reissued Oct. 15, 1872 R5,102
R9,020Potts, Mary Florence Enterprise Manufacturing Co. & American Machine Co. Sad iron Philadelphia, PAJan. 6, 1880Original 103,561 May 24, 1870
526,049Poupard, Mary Emily Sectional horseshoe London, EnglandSept. 18, 1894
526,050Poupard, Mary Emily Mail Horseshoe Syndicate Limited Horseshoe London, EnglandSept. 18, 1894
526,051Poupard, Mary Emily Mail Horseshoe Syndicate Limited Segmental horseshoe London, EnglandSept. 18, 1894
223,534Pont, Addie M. Holly, James H.; Taylor, Elihu B. Loom for waving tubular fabrics Warwick, NYJan. 13, 1880
517,293Powell, Lucie L. Ladle support Yardville, NJMar. 27, 1894
460,832Powell, Mary Catherine Stand for dish pans or other vessels Parker, SDOct. 6, 1891
240,268Power, Minnie Wrist and hand support for keyboard instruments Conneautville, PAApr. 19, 1881
207,368Powers, Jennia Improvement in medical compounds Brooklyn, NYAug. 27, 1878
358,569Prall, Effie L. Motor for churns Wellington, KSMar. 1, 1887
332,749Prall, Effie LaDora; Williams, Arvilla Folding chair Wellington, KSDec. 22, 1885
148,139Prass, Philippina; Prass, Louis Improvement in medical compounds or hair restoratives New York, NYMar. 3, 1874
394,996Pratt, Clara Barker ; Pratt, Samuel Barker Thread holder for spools Boston, MADec. 25, 1888
493,340Prescott, Mary E. Mop wringer San Francisco, CAMar. 14, 1893
456,775Prescott, Mary Thorndyke Wall protector Somerville, MAJuly 28, 1891
250,967Presser, Lisetta Means for attaching artificial hair to the head Philadelphia, PADec. 13, 1881
47,856Preston, Clarissa Improvement in corsets Detroit, MIMay 23, 1865
404,558Preston, Clarissa Pan for baking and roasting Pittsburg, PAJune 4, 1889
94,643Preston, Clarissa Oven Wheeling, WVSept. 7, 1869
423,572Preston, Ellen M. Gould, Herbert I. (1/2) Napkin belt Providence, RIMar. 18, 1890
39,103Price, Abby H. Magic Ruffle Co. Ruffles New York, NYJune 30, 1863
39,701Price, Abby H. Magic Ruffle Co. Machine made ruffles New York, NYAug. 25, 1863
147,790Price, Anna Price, Isaac N. (1/2) Improvement in gridirons Troy, OHFeb. 24, 1874
299,494Price, Anna J. Caster for stoves Frostburg, MDMay 27, 1884
355,663Price, Jerusha M. Besse Baby charmer, protector, and dental cutter Hiawatha, KSJan. 4, 1887
239,113Price, Mary Gordon Tuck marker for sewing machines St. Louis, MOMar. 22, 1881
465,885Price, Sarah M. ; Klaiss, J. F. Clothes drier Bloomville, OHDec. 29, 1891
337,349Pridham, Emma L. Wash board Philadelphia, PAMar. 2, 1886
496,536Prins, Elisa Liepman Preservative cover for water closets Antwerp, BelgiumMay 2, 1893
320,964Purinton, Lydia Smith Corset Westborough, MAJun. 30, 1885
143,093Procope, Maria Improvement in adjustable tongues for organ reeds Stockholm, SwedenSept. 23, 1873
80,834Prussia, Eliza W. Improvement in clasps for boots and shoes, belts for ladies dresses, & c Marlboro, MAAug. 11, 1868
444,961Puckett, Florence N. Conflagration arrester Whitesborough, TXJan. 20, 1891
422,627Puech, Cecile Separating fur, etc., from the skin Mazamet, FranceMar. 4, 1890
519,345Puech, Cecile Laure Process of and apparatus for unhairing skins Mazamet, FranceMay 8, 1894
35,706Pulte, Mary Jane Composition for cleaning gloves Cincinnati, OHJune 24, 1862
506,938Puntenney, Minnie School desk and organ combined Butler, ILOct. 17, 1893
267,106Purdy, Louise J. Pattern tracer St. Louis, MONov. 7, 1882
284,573Purdy, Louise J. Pattern tracer St. Louis, MOSep. 4, 1883
364,602Purvis, Mary Rinsing and drying device for dishes and other articles of table use Plainview, MNJune 7, 1887
347,888Pusey, Caroline S. Pattern for garments Philadelphia, PAAug. 24, 1886
361,079Pusey, Caroline S. Art of manufacturing hosiery and other garments Philadelphia, PAApr. 12, 1887
361,080Pusey, Caroline S. Sock, glove, & c Philadelphia, PAApr. 12, 1887
361,081Pusey, Caroline S. Art of uniting fabrics by sewing Philadelphia, PAApr. 12, 1887
81,687Putnam, Eliza Improved book case bedstead Boston, MASept. 1, 1868
38,639Putnam, Ellen F. Stocking supporters New York, NYMay 19, 1863
488,323Pyle, Alice A. Carpet cleaning apparatus Richmond, VADec. 20, 1892
346,442Pyle, Emma A. Anderson, Hugh K. Corset fastening New Orleans, LAJuly 27, 1886
D23,815Pyle, Katharine M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper Wilmington, DENov. 20, 1894
477,154Quein, Hannah Floretta Clasp Odell, NEJune 14, 1892
464,777Quinn, Mary V. Dish handler Minneapolis, MNDec. 8, 1891
464,778Quinn, Mary V. Dish cloth handler Minneapolis, MNDec. 8, 1891
286,222Quinn, Mary V. Button pin Faribault, MNOct. 9, 1883
D23,736Rader, Frances Lamp heater Prescott, WIOct. 23, 1894
517,708Radick, Mary E. Cover for frying pans, etc White Plains, NYApr. 3, 1894
191,175Raffel, Sarah R. Improvement in traveling bags Hartford, CTMay 22, 1877
278,043Raffle, Sarah R. Corset protector Baltimore, MDMay 22, 1883
43,866Ragsdale, Mary Ann Improved medicine for cure of scarlatina, sore throat, &c Grass Valley, CAAug. 16,1864
513,058Rahmer, Bessie Combined cane and camera tripod New York, NYJan. 16, 1894
369,365Ramey, Mollie L. Stove Hot Springs, ARSept. 6, 1887
92,209Ramsaur, Mary H. Medical compound Lincolnton, NCJuly 6, 1869
142,118Rand, Eva K. Improvement in stocking supporters Boston, MAAug. 26, 1873
360,726Randall, Alice; Randall, Purdy M Meyst, William; Holbrook, Walter A.; Klau, Richard Bustle Milwaukee, WIApr. 5, 1887
381,721Randol, Harriet Provision safe Pottersburg, KSApr. 24, 1888
353,327Randolph, Sarah N. Match and cigarette box Baltmore, MDNov. 30, 1886
320,689Raney, Ollie T. Plaiting apparatus Melissa, TXJun. 23, 1885
330,618Ransom, Mary Combined ironing board and table Brooklyn, NYNov. 17, 1885
438,639Rapelye, Mary L. Bedclothes holder Summit, NJOct. 21, 1890
166,892Rathbun, Mary F. Improvement in lamp stoves Owego, NYAug. 17, 1875
433,032Rawlings, Emma J. Splasher holder St. Louis, MOJuly 29, 1890
236,718Rawlings, Emma J. Shoulder brace St. Louis, MOJan. 18, 1881
269,880Rawlings, Emma J. Pillow sham support St. Louis, MOJan. 2, 1883
320,691Rawlings, Fannie C. Cabinet gasoline stove St. Louis, MOJun. 23, 1885
442,737Ray, Ethel A. Animal trap Florence, SCDec. 16, 1890
481,673Ray, Ethel A. Crane for suspending mail bags Florence, SCAug. 30, 1892
522,533Raymond, Emma H. White, T. Stewart ; Friant, Thomas ; Perkins, Gaius W. ; Reed, Charles J. Carpet sweeper Grand Rapids, MIJuly 3, 1894
354,934Raymond, Frances V. Beating and mixing machine Buffalo, NYDec. 28, 1886
397,752Ready, Ida V. Device for assisting in putting on garments Brooklyn, NYFeb. 12, 1889
234,808Reaves, Mary A. Compound for catarrh Snelling, CANov. 23, 1880
508,240Records, Mary B. Child's crib Philadelphia, PANov. 7, 1893
186,917Reed, Elizabeth Sivelly Improvement in corsets Scranton, PAJan. 30, 1877
284,671Reed, Emma T. Nursery chair Victoria, TXSep. 11, 1883
326,455Reid, Ida C. Ironing table Oakland City, CASept. 15, 1885
401,210Reed, Isabella Book and book cover New York, NYApr. 9, 1889
D22,754Reese, Mame Cecilla Rosette Oxford, PAAug. 29, 1893
486,539Reese, Mary I. ; Reese, Abram L. Stove kettle cover Chase, KSNov. 22, 1892
471,895Reeves, Carrie V. Head rest for beds Baltimore, MDMar. 29, 1892
494,761Regan, Genevieve T. V. Scrubbing brush Long Branch, NJApr. 4, 1893
R9,736Requa, M. Augusta; Dunn, Eleanor Requa, M. Augusta Copy book New York, NYMay 31, 1881Original 189,574 Apr. 17, 1877
489,500Reichart, Sarah Cover or protector for plants Mainville, PAJan. 10, 1893
194,264Reid, Eva B. Improvement in processes of restoring crape, laces, & c New York, NYAug. 14, 1877
519,736Reid, Mary Dish drainer Fairfax, IAMay 15, 1894
331,004Reilly, Mary Jane; Reilly, Hugh Toy Brooklyn, NYNov. 24, 1885
325,697Reinhardt, Julia Waist lining St. Louis, MOSept. 8, 1885
370,161Reinhardt, Julia Skirt lining New York, NYSept. 20, 1887
381,643Reinhardt, Louisa Washing machine Louisville, KYApr. 24, 1888
499,592Reinheimer, Sarah A. Barrel tapping and emptying device Winchester, INJune 13, 1893
417,284Reinherz, Therese Preserving natural flowers Munich, GermanyDec. 17, 1889
54,408Remington, Helen M. Improvement in paper shirts Springfield, MAMay 1, 1866
54,773Remington, Helen M. Improvement in ladies paper undersleeves Springfield, MAMay 15, 1866
61,954Remington, Helen M. Improved mincing knife Springfield, MAFeb. 12, 1867Reissued as R2,659 Jun. 25, 1867
R2,659Remington, Helen M.; Alexander, Charles L. Improved mincing knife Springfield, MAJun. 25, 1867Original 61,954 Feb. 12, 1867
188,819Renner, S. Jennie Improvement in apple corers and quarterers Petersburg, PAMar. 27, 1877
R7,866Rennie, Sarah N. Rennie, William J. (1/2) Improvement in dust pans Binghamton, NYAug. 28, 1877Original 191,368 May 29, 1877
182,773Renshaw, Lydie F. Improvement in sectional steam generators Cohasset, MAOct. 3, 1876
D19,426Requa, Emma M. Badge New York, NYNov. 12, 1889
D21,618Requa, Emma M. Badge Harrison, NYJune 7, 1892
189,574Requa, M. Augusta; Dunn, Eleanor Improvement in copy books New York, NYApr. 17, 1877Reissued as R9,736 May 31, 1881
470,827Ressler, Annie M. ; Ressler, Thadddeus H. Cake dish Ronks, PAMar. 15, 1892
505,003Rew, Ida M. Bust supporter New York, NYSept. 12, 1893
112,632Reybert, Sarah Amanda Improvement in hair tonics Plainfield, NJMar. 14, 1871
509,489Reynolds, Ella V. Key and knob fastening device Philadelphia, PANov. 28, 1893
352,891Reynolds, Florence M. Humble, Josie (1/2) Adjustable skirt holder and rack Los Angeles, CANov. 16, 1886
484,459Reynolds, Mary B. Strainer Tacoma, WAOct. 18, 1892
296,452Rhoads, Annie E. Washing compound Baraboo, WIApr. 8, 1884
419,560Rice, Mary E. Can holder West Gardner, MAJan. 14, 1890
385,069Richardson, E. Jennie H. Device for sprinkling lawns Detroit, MIJune 26, 1888
55,160Richardson, Margaret Improved medical compound Norristown, PAMay 29, 1866
241,883Richardson, Susan A. Abdonimal supporter Springfield, MAMay 24, 1881
D18,455Richmond, Mary Knife and fork Lockport, NYJuly 10, 1888
507,846Richmond, Mary Jane Fruit drier Republic, MOOct. 31, 1893
465,889Riester, Emily M. Combined skylight and ventilator Buffalo, NYDec. 29, 1891
419,612Riggin, Mary Isabelle Railway crossing gate Newark, NJJan. 14, 1890
405,182Riker, Margaretta Bedpan New York, NYJune 11, 1889
514,606Riker, Mary Binder attachment for sewing machines Yonkers, NYFeb. 13, 1894
225,302Riley, Elizabeth J. Dust pan Indianapolis, INMar. 9, 1880
223,543Riley, Martha E. Dress makers chart Harrisburg, ORJan. 13, 1880
507,847Ring, Eliza F. Ironing board Westfield, MAOct. 31, 1893
206,616Ring, Virginia M. Improvement in automatic water cutoffs New Orleans, LAJul. 30, 1878
403,556Ritchie, Lizzie Musical skipping rope Portland Place, EnglandMay 21, 1889
482,275Roach, Bertha B. Swinging bed for infants Upper Alton, ILSept. 6, 1892
150,893Robbins, Betsey H. ; Turner, Edward Turner, Edward Steak mangel Newton Falls, OHMay12, 1874
206,358Robbins, Clementine B. Improvement in underwaists South Abington, MAJul. 23, 1878
242,696Robeinson, Lucie Pattern chart and square for measuring and drafting dresses Oswego, NYJun. 7, 1881
342,225Roberts, Gracie S. Sewer pipe Rockville Centre, NYMay 18, 1886
342,226Roberts, Gracie S. Sewer pipe Rockville Centre, NYMay 18, 1886
508,244Roberts, Gracie S. Key holder Springland, NYNov. 7, 1893
204,846Roberts, Gracie Sayre Improvement in case hardening iron Brooklyn, NYJun. 11, 1878
320,171Roberts, Lilly Florentha Pocket Kentucky Town, TXJune 16, 1885
208,035Roberts, Mary N. Improvement in sad iron holders Indianapolis, INSep. 17, 1878
471,227Robertson, Emma L. T. Frying pan Port Hope, CanadaMar. 22, 1892
117,568Robertson, Harriet C. Improvement in dish washing machines East Saginaw, MIAug. 1, 1871
533,748Robinson, Amy F. ; Robinson, George B. Variable driving gear Colorado Springs, COFeb. 5, 1895
366,256Robinson, Aurie Valon Catamenial sack Fort Ann, NYJuly 12, 1887
520,338Robinson, Helen A. Preserving jar Clymer, NYMay 22, 1894
505,230Robinson, Josephine M. Corner picture hanger Cincinnati, OHSept. 19, 1893
163,809Robinson, Mary E. Improvement in starch lubricants Jackson, MSMay 25, 1875
461,222Robinson, Nannie E. Folding wardrobe Grand Rapids, MIOct. 13, 1891
411,061Robinson, Rachel A. Calendar Boston, MASept. 17, 1889
181,718Robinson, Susanna L.; Powell, Franklin A. Improvement in flat iron heaters Pontiac, ILAug. 29, 1876
175,257Robison, Kate Improvement in fans Washington, DCMar. 28, 1876
497,215Robson, May Brown, Augustus H. Artificial leg for theatrical purposes New York, NYMay 9, 1893
181,208Rochow, Emily Improvement in centrifugal sugar machines Brooklyn, NYAug. 15, 1876
506,545Reck, Martha Table leaf support Union Bridge, MDOct. 10, 1893
54,018Rockwell, Adaline A. Improvement in trimming for wearing apparel New York, NYApr. 17, 1866
511,801Rockwell, Gertrude P. Baking pan Brooklyn, NYJan. 2, 1894
339,933Roddey, Carlotta Frances Gurlitz, Augustus T. Abacus for slates New York, NYApr. 13, 1886
345,258Rodes, Florida M. Lassiter, Nannie M. Grate cover Manchester, TNJuly 6, 1886
101,165Rodgers, Augusta M. Improved canopy for bedsteads Brooklyn, NYMar. 22, 1870
105,253Rodgers, Augusta M. Improved folding chair Brooklyn, NYJuly 12, 1870
113,348Rodgers, Augusta M. Improvement in rail car heaters Brooklyn, NYApr. 4, 1871
114,605Rodgers, Augusta M. Improvement in conveyers of smoke and cinders for locomotives Brooklyn, NYMay 9, 1871
119,790Rodgers, Augusta M. Improvement in conveyers of smoke and cinders for locomotives Brooklyn, NYOct. 10, 1871
126,234Rodgers, Augusta M. Improvement in spark arrresters Brooklyn, NYApr. 30, 1872
156,258Rodgers, Augusta M. Improvement in evaporating attachments to heaters Brooklyn, NYOct. 27, 1874
501,442Rodgers, Mary C. Window chair Philadelphia, PAJuly 11, 1893
136,456Roescher, Rosa; Petersen, Nicolai Mosquito net frame Memphis, TNMar. 4, 1873
85,856Rogers, Anna P. Improvement in tuck creasing attachments for sewing machines Quincy, ILJan. 12, 1869
93,010Rogers, Anna P. Guide for sewing machines Quincy, ILJuly 27, 1869
179,730Rogers, Clara A. Improvement in scissors and shears New Orleans, LAJuly 11, 1876
D19,774Rogers, Corinna Thatcher Plumb, William H. (1/2) Satchel bag Ansonia, CTApr. 22, 1890
433,370Rogers, Hannah E. Abdominal supporter Portland, MEJuly 29, 1890
284,487Rogers, Hattie Vegetable grater Polo, ILLSep. 4, 1883
211,054Rogers, Irene L. Improvement in processes of skeletonizing leaves Springfield, MADec. 17, 1878
211,426Rogers, Josephine D. Improvement in cloaks New York, NYJan. 14, 1879
174,442Rohrer, Ellen Improvement in remedies for diseases of the throat and lungs Monmouth, ORMar. 7, 1876
529,197Rollason, Sarah Jane Fletcher, Westley Henry Windmill or wind motor London, EnglandNov. 13, 1894
183,213Ronat, Marie E. Improvement in plows Rochelle, ILOct. 10, 1876
225,765Rood, Netta G. Sanford, L. M. (1/2) Wardrobe bed Chicago, ILMar. 23, 1880
256,860Rood, Netta G. Ward, Charles F. (1/2) Portable summer house Evanston, ILApr. 25, 1882
D18,786Roome, Matilda Chair Washington, DCDec. 4, 1888
327,595Rooney, Mary A. Combined trunk and bed De Smet, Dakota TerritoryOct. 6, 1885
470,100Booss, Catharine Muff New York, NYMar. 1, 1892
171,428Roosevelt, Lillian Sewing machine thread guard Hempstead, TXDec. 21, 1875
534,760Root, Sarah J. Locking device for fastening devices of corsets New Haven, CTFeb. 26, 1895
102,868Rosbrugh, Amanda M. Improvement in bleaching straw goods Panora, IAMay 10, 1870
61,467Rose, Adaline Improved carpet sack Bath, NYJan. 22, 1867
141,015Rosenthal, Caroline Improvement in reels for clothes lines Philadelphia, PAJuly 22, 1873
460,325Rosenthal, Ernestine S. W. Draft guard for cars Philadelphia, PASept. 29, 1891
294,507Rosenthal, Sophie Under garment Baltimore, MDMar. 4, 1884
295,586Ross, Eugenia Hand protecting attachment for umbrellas and canes New York, NYMar. 25, 1884
273,160Ross, Mary Banker Art of mantua making New York, NYFeb. 27, 1883
40,642Ross, Mary C. Liniment New York, NYNov. 17, 1863
40,643Ross, Mary C. Composition for salve New York, NYNov. 17, 1863
455,116Rothert, Anna M. Upper case treadle attachment for typewriting machines Brooklyn, NYJune 30, 1891
9,758Roucout, Marie Louise Furnace grate bar Paris, FranceMay 31, 1853
490,887Rouech, Marian L. Rouech, Azell N. ; Rouech, Augustus E.; Rouech, Maggie A. (3/4) Soap receptacle Bay City, MIJan. 31, 1893
509,327Rew, Ida M. Delsarte Corset Company Corset waist New York, NYNov. 21, 1893
204,759Rowe, Emilie G. Improvement in sad iron polishers New York, NYJun. 11, 1878
175,878Rowe, Harriett A. Improvement in folding tables and devices for holding work Boston, MAApr. 11, 1876
320,173Rowe, Lydia Augusta; Rowe, David Stevens Pie and cake rack Springfield, OHJune 16, 1885
165,955Rowley, Helen M. Improvement in masks for medical purposes Van Wert, OHJuly 27, 1875
182,016Royce, Jennie M. Improvement in plaiting machines Belvidere, ILSept. 12, 1876
370,893Royce, Mary Elisabeth Tension device for finger bands Toledo, OHOct. 4, 1887
496,170Ruaux, Marguerite Safety envelope Paris, FranceApr. 25, 1893
352,488Ruggles, Mary Cooking attachment for heating stoves Saratoga Springs, NYNov. 9, 1886
345,396Rumetsch, Katy Key hole guard San Francisco, CAJuly 13, 1886
253,767Rupert, Charlotte Gas stove Fort Wayne, INFeb. 14, 1882
356,602Russell, Elsey B. Gate Bardstown, KYJan. 25, 1887
222,741Russell, Elvira A. Improvement in pressing irons Minneapolis, MNDec. 16, 1879
278,747Russell, Helen A. Game counter Brooklyn, NYJun. 5, 1883
444,963Russell, Josephine Fly brush Tabor, IAJan. 20, 1891
490,365Russell, Josephine Tag holder for umbrellas Tabor, IAJan. 24, 1893
385,825Russell, Marie Louise Overflow indicator Chicago, ILJuly 10, 1888
137,724Russell, Mary Corset Union Bridge, MDApr. 8, 1873
322,070Rutan, Jennie S. Window cleaner Philadelphia, PAJuly 14, 1885
81,412Ruth, Sarah Improvement in sunshades for horses Philadelphia, PAAug. 25, 1868
134,564Ruth, Sarah Sunshade for horses Philadelphia, PAJan. 7, 1873
514,132Rutherford, Clementine D. Pin Brooklyn, NYFeb. 6, 1894
516,449Ryan, Della Pattern for drafting garments Owosso, MIMar. 13, 1894
364,604Ryan, Kate Filling attachment for hot water bags Brooklyn, NYJune 7, 1887
118,281Ryding, Elmina C. Improvement in truss hoops Tully, NYAug. 22, 1871
432,569Ryer, Katherine Ann Hair curler Brooklyn, NYJuly 22, 1890
525,924Sabin, Belle C. Cooking kettle Tacoma, WASept. 11, 1894
498,817Saddine, Louisa B. Water cooler Hot Springs, ARJune 6, 1893
290,481Sahlein, Belle Miriam Box cover attachment San Francisco, CADec. 18, 1883
476,687Salinger, Sally Pocket attachment New York, NYJune 7, 1892
173,674Sallade, Mary F. Improvement in plaiting machines Philadelphia, PAFeb. 15, 1876
359,288Sallade, Mary F. Atomizer New York, NYMar. 15, 1887
418,232Sallade, Mary F. Bellows New York, NYDec. 31, 1889
418,233Sallade, Mary F. Insect trap New York, NYDec. 31, 1889
242,479Sallade, Mary F. Plaiting machine New York, NYJun. 7, 1881
246,345Sallade, Mary F. Plaiting machine New York, NYAug. 30, 1881
46,270Sallee, Lucretia E. Mode of constructing doll heads and other toys Decatur, ILFeb. 7, 1865
79,148Sallee, Lucretia E. Improvement in leather work ornaments Peoria, ILJune 23, 1868
198,433Salzbacher, Mirum; Yvelin, Cordelia E. Improvement in water closets New York, NYDec. 18, 1877
152,691Sampson, Isabell Sampson, Isabell; Foster, Joseph H. Ironing board Toledo, OHJun. 30, 1874
492,238Samson, Julia Portable binder for sheet music etc. Salt Lake City, UTFeb. 21, 1893
495,710Samson, Julia Fastener Salt Lake City, UTApr. 18, 1893
132,987Sanderson, Martha A. Washing fluid Fremont, MINov. 12, 1872
D18,745Sandes, Margaret I. Badge Chicago, ILNov. 20, 1888
209,519Sands, Sarah T. Improvement in apparatus for lifting and carrying invalids New York, NYOct. 29, 1878
405,276Sanford, Laura P. Bookbinding New York, NYJune 18, 1889
47,134Saul, Sarah E. Improvement in churns New York, NYApr. 4, 1865
54,964Saul, Sarah E. Boiler for culinary purposes New York, NYMay 22, 1866
116,502Saul, Sarah E. Improvement in seesaws Brooklyn, NYJune 27, 1871
182,485Saul, Sarah E. Improvement in metallic casings for lead pipes Brooklyn, NYSept. 19, 1876
115,109Saurman, Mary A. H. Improvement in laundry boxes Philadelphia, PAMay 23, 1871
83,884Saurman, Mrs. Mary Ann H. Improved bath room rack Philadelphia, PANov. 10, 1868
318,038Sawyer, Annie E. Skirt protector Charlestown, MAMay 19, 1885
313,626Sawyer, Harriet A. Hand easel St. Louis, MOMar. 10, 1885
230,199Sawyer, Harriet A. Dish heater St. Louis, MOJul. 20, 1880
493,186Sayers, Annie Gasoline burner attachment Chicago, ILMar. 7, 1893
291,408Scales, Hannah E. Plastering compound Newton, MAJan. 1, 1884
370,561Scanlon, Kate Poultice pan New York, NYSept. 27, 1887
476,824Scelley, Mary L. Hair waver New York, NYJune 14, 1892
367,448Schack, Sarah J. Stocking supporter Chicago, ILAug. 2, 1887
D23,132Schack, Sarah J. Child's waist Chicago, ILMar. 20, 1894
400,121Schaefer, Amalie Combined window cleaner and fire escape Chicago, ILMar. 26, 1889
519,927Schaefer, Louise Method of and apparatus for making patterns Oneida, NYMay 15, 1894
522,433Schaefer, Louise Marking tool Oneida, NYJuly 3, 1894
287,731Schafer, May S. Pattern for cutting dress patterns Chicago, ILOct. 30, 1883
457,591Schafer, May S. Multiplex dress chart Chicago, ILAug. 11, 1891
178,333Schandevyl, Harriet A. Improvement in combined skirt supporters and corsets East Saugus, MAJune 6, 1876
505,133Schell, Natalie Bust form San Francisco, CASept. 19, 1893
426,963Scherer, Maria C. Commode New York, NYApr. 29, 1890
438,244Scherer, Maria C. Bedstead New York, NYOct. 14, 1890
451,173Scherer, Maria C. Burial apparatus New York, NYApr. 28, 1891
507,043Scherer, Maria C. Burial apparatus New York, NYOct. 17, 1893
D22,106Scherer, Maria C. Thimble Bayonne, NJJan. 10, 1893
D22,107Scherer, Maria C. Chatelaine Bayonne, NJJan. 10, 1893
D19,082Schiess, Catherine Initial letter for handkerchiefs New York, NYMay 7, 1889
280,522Schleier, Clara A. Stocking protector Brooklyn, NYJul. 3, 1883
226,793Schleifer, Bertha Hook and eye fastener New York, NYApr. 20, 1880
134,318Schloesser, Anna Wash boiler attachment Des Moines, IADec. 24, 1872
210,154Schmid, Hattie J. Improvement in egg poachers Olney, ILNov. 19, 1878
421,086Schmidt, Josephine Clasp Philadelphia, PAFeb. 11, 1890
276,082Schmitt, Bertha Window guard Brooklyn, NYApr. 17, 1883
177,019Schmitt, Louise Improvement in corsets New Orleans, LAMay 2, 1876
391,085Schneider, Kate Vegetable steamer New Richland, MNOct. 16, 1888
392,885Schneider, Mary Washing fluid St. Louis, MONov. 13, 1888
380,056Schoefer, Selma A. Removable corset fastening Brooklyn, NYMar. 27, 1888
370,976Schoeller, Celia C. Alternative remedy Pittsburg, PAOct. 4, 1887
503,387Schofield, Margaret Toy Camden, NJAug. 15, 1893
D18,434Schoonmaker, Annie V. Dunham & Buckley & Co. Dress trimming New York, NYJuly 3, 1888
424,730Schoonmaker, Eveline Bath tub seat Three Rivers, MIApr. 1, 1890
431,153Schott, Mathilde Surgical knife New Haven, CTJuly 1, 1890
435,635Schott, Mathilde Die and dice box New Haven, CTSept. 2, 1890
131,789Schramm, Isabella C. Boiler attachment for cooking and washing Des Moines, IAOct. 1, 1872
140,546Schramm, Isabella C. Improvement in wash boiler attachments Des Moines, IAJuly 1, 1873
360,735Schroeder, Josephine B.; Hinden, Mathias J. Schroeder, Josephine B. Circular knitting machine Cleveland, OHApr. 5, 1887
272,335Schuch, Mary J. Lamp extingusher Cincinnati, OHFeb. 13, 1883
400,255Schuckman, Anna Otto Culinary apparatus Lincoln, NEMar. 26, 1889
502,867Schuler, Lina Bachert, Max Fireproofing compound Whitestone, NYAug. 8, 1893
355,349Schulte, Catharine Fire escape Port Huron, MIJan. 4, 1887
491,602Schulte, Catherine Convertible chair Port Huron, MIFeb. 14, 1893
385,643Schultz, Anna Lady's head wear Milwaukee, WIJuly 3, 1888
384,475Schultze, Augusta Eyeglasses New York, NYJune 12, 1888
435,251Schumacher, Marie W. Dust box or pan Philadelphia, PAAug. 26, 1890
158,132Schuster, Augusta Improvement in life preservers Brattleborough, VTDec. 22, 1874
D23,016Schutz, Mari Hair crimper New York, NYJan. 23, 1894
216,223Schwenkel, Caroline Improvement in artificial flowers New York, NYJun. 3, 1879
504,248Scott, Alice E. Automatic folding trunk Hardesty, OKAug. 29, 1893
351,207Scott, Eliza Ellis Druggist's sieve Hamilton, Ontario, CanadaOct. 19, 1886
328,256Scott, Hattie Slate pencil sharpener Detroit, MIOct. 13, 1885
152,306Scott, Mary A. Improvement in cooking apparatus Patoka, INJune 23, 1874
490,686Scriven, Caroline A. Waist or blouse New York, NYJan. 31, 1893
86,872Seago, Lydia A. Improvement in machines for weaving hair for wigs, & c Jerseyville, ILFeb. 9, 1869
39,964Sebille, Mina Corset New York, NYSept. 15, 1863
325,868Seely, Elizabeth A. Kettle holder Bloomsfield, INSept. 8, 1885
450,322Segal, Jennie Rehm, Ernst (1/4) Attachment for hot air registers Cincinnati, OHApr. 14, 1891
296,882Seibel, Sallie M. ; Seibel, Henry J. jr Leggin Philadelphia, PAApr. 15, 1884
391,562Seibert, Anna L. Combined scarf tip and fastener New York, NYOct. 23, 1888
492,561Seidell, Mary v. Hair curler Washington, DCFeb. 28, 1893
290,485Seifert, Katharina Degranulating machine Cincinnati, OHDec. 18, 1883
346,227Seifert, Katharina Machine for degranulating cheese curd Cincinnati, OHJuly 27, 1886
210,810Selby, Almira Improvement in stockings Baltimore, MDDec. 10, 1878
83,327Selden, Mrs. Nancy M. Improved pie tube Chatham, CTOct. 20, 1868
296,230Seligman, Emma; Seligman, Henry Mechanical telephone Irvington, NYApr. 1, 1884
371,981Senter, Lucinda Nash Washing machine Red Bluff, CAOct. 25, 1887
330,626Sewell, Sarah Combined washing machine and teeter or seesaw Mark Centre, OHNov. 17, 1885
111,782Sexton, Sarah A. Improvement in sewing machine seats New York, NYFeb. 14, 1871
131,069Shade, Maria L. Milk vessel Fair Grove, MOSept. 3, 1872
D21,951Shafer, Mary C. Badge Elgin, ILNov. 1, 1892
304,759Shafer, Mary E. Non inductive electric cable New York, NYSept. 9, 1884
482,388Shaffer, Katharine A. Pad for bed pan Harrisburg, PASept. 13, 1892
451,979Shane, Carrie Dress fitting apparatus Vinton, IAMay 12, 1891
202,669Shane, Elizabeth; Shane, Joseph; Hooker, George W. Improvement in fluting devices Pecatonica, ILApr. 23, 1878
357,791Shanley, Annie Device for renovating garments New York, NYFeb. 15, 1887
356,167Shannon, Fanny B. Device for teaching fractions Denver, COJan. 18, 1887
277,165Shattuck, Jane A. Hair tonic Utica, NYMay 8, 1883
158,533Shattuck, Mary Louise Improvement in ticket clasps New York, NYJan. 5, 1875
507,937Shaw, Ada B. Stove La Harpe, ILOct. 31, 1893
168,848Shaw, Elizabeth F. Improvement in dress protectors for sewing machines Brooklyn, NYOct. 19, 1875
341,175Shaw, Hannah V. Dust pan Lawrenceburg, INMay 4, 1886
96,275Shaw, Louise F. Imitation hair for ladies head dresses New York, NYOct. 26, 1869Reissued as R4,031 Jun. 14, 1870
R4,031Shaw, Louise F. Imitation hair for ladies head dresses New York, NYJun. 14, 1870Original 96,275 Oct. 26, 1869
311,924Shay, Marie E. Seitz, Mary A. Machine for rolling axles, spindles, and other metal articles Fordham, NYFeb. 10, 1885
97,709Sheaffer, Mary A. Process for manufacturing cheese Elizabethtown, PADec. 7, 1869
333,684Shearer, Amanda Ellen Beeson, Isaac Richard Marion (1/2) Gem type fixer Milan, MOJan. 5, 1886
476,690Sheeley, Rebecca Conkling Canning or preserving jar Lyons, KSJune 7, 1892
288,503Sheets, Elizabeth Fruit drier Casstown, OHNov. 13, 1883
54,785Sheffield, Permelia E. Improvement in hoop skirts Pontiac, MIMay 15, 1866
D18,483Sheils, Catherine Butterick Publishing Co. Girl's dress New York, NYJuly 24, 1888
193,621Shelby, Mary A. Improvement in stoves Moscow, KYJuly 31, 1877
201,455Sheldon, Cornelia A. Improvement in fire escapes Amity, NYMar. 19, 1878
491,194Shellard, Rachel A. Sewing machine attachment Virginia City, NVFeb. 7, 1893
321,649Shelley, Louisa J. Guard for bedsteads Keokuk, IAJuly 7, 1885
512,229Shelley, Rose Mary Stapley, Richard ; Smith, William ; Smith, Henry Combination garments London, EnglandJan. 2, 1894
457,224Shepard, Huldah A. Combined steam cooker and dish washer Nelsonville, OHAug. 4, 1891
500,962Shepard, Isabella Hat Niles, MIJuly 4, 1893
435,460Shepard, Jennie A. Reel for winding skeins of yarn, zephyr, etc. Fossil, ORSept. 2, 1890
195,850Shepherd, Sarah A. Improvement in mattresses Washington, DCOct. 2, 1877
333,262Shepherd, Sarah A. Sewing machine treadle Washington, DCDec. 29, 1885
494,602Shepardson, Charlena S. Hat pin guard for ladies hats Holyoke, MAApr. 4, 1893
242,796Sheplie, De Lana Curtain fixture Boston, MAJun. 14, 1881
408,815Sheppard, Kate E. Ash lifter and coal scuttle Saratoga Springs, NYAug. 13, 1889
171,585Sheppard, Lydia H. Improvement in picture exhibitors Philadelphia, PADec. 28, 1875
273,901Sherman, Anna Steam cooker Alameda, CAMar. 13, 1883
443,262Sherry, Jennie ; Sherry, John H. Door check Canton, OHDec. 23, 1890
419,079Sherwood, Anna R. Wax pad Fredericktown, OHJan. 7, 1890
389,414Sherwood, Mary C. Stage scenery Buffalo, NYSept. 11, 1888
40,577Sherwood, Rebecca Reducing hemp, flax &c., to fibrous condition Fort Edward, NYNov. 10, 1863
45,440Sherwood, Rebecca Improvement in reducing straw and other fibrous substances for the manufacture of paper pulp Fort Edward, NYDec. 13, 1864
121,205Shewell, Elizabeth Angeline Improvement in medical compounds for the cure of cutaneous diseases Boston, MANov. 21, 1871
457,894Shields, Josephine Piano hinge Chicago, ILAug. 18, 1891
175,513Shinn, Fanny J. Improvement in steam cookers Sheridan, ILMar. 28, 1876
215,248Shipman, Lizzie R. Improvement in bill files New York, NYMay 13, 1879
371,222Shirk, Anna M. Garment fastener Anderson, INOct. 11, 1887
134,941Shiveley, Catherine W. Bleaching safe Peru, INJan. 14, 1873
490,367Shleppy, Ettie E. B. Combination beef mangler Crawfordsville, INJan. 24, 1893
208,031Sholes, Marian; Morse, Charles H. Improvement in blacking boxes Rochester, NYSep. 17, 1878
145,910Short, Semele Improvement in clothes mangles Cincinnati, OHDec. 23, 1873
145,911Short, Semele Improvement in washing machines Cincinnati, OHDec. 23, 1873
145,912Short, Semele Improvement in dry frames for lace curtains, & c Cincinnati, OHDec. 23, 1873
369,035Showman, Nannie M. Combined hair curler and crimper Newark, OHAug. 30, 1887
129,603Shreckengaust, Julia A. Improvement in systems of laying out garments Chillicothe, OHJuly 16, 1872
435,461Shufelt, Helen S. Fireproof door or shutter Minneapolis, MNSept. 2, 1890
238,443Schulze, Marie Belt connection Berlin, Prussia, GermanyMar. 1, 1881
184,918Siddall, Rebecca Improvement in hand protectors for broom handles Washington, DCNov. 28, 1876
128,761Siegel, Sarah E. Improvement in steps for berths New York, NYJuly 9, 1872
428,534Sigsbee, Georgia M. Armpit shield Boston, MAMay 20, 1890
436,862Sigsbee, Georgia M. Underwaist Boston, MASept. 23, 1890
124,018Sill, Harriett Z. Sill, Harriet Z.; Coale, Atlee V. Improvement in cosmetic compounds Pittsburg, PAFeb. 27, 1872
467,057Silvester, Winfred ; Silvester, Clarence Windmill regulator Windom, KSJan. 12, 1892
379,384Simon, Dorota; Fels, Fajwel Dress chart Philadelphia, PAMar. 13, 1888
424,732Simpson, Clara B. Ruching Minneapolis, MNApr. 1, 1890
442,243Simpson, Clara B. Safety band Minneapolis, MNDec. 9, 1890
388,226Simpson, Lizzie E. Puzzle New York, NYAug. 21, 1888
206,628Simpson, Louisa B. Improvement in apparatus for destroyin vegetation on railroads Lawrence, KSJul. 30, 1878
213,255Simpson, Louisa B. Improvement in apparatus for destroying vegetation on railroads Lawrence, KSMar. 11, 1879
447,164Simpson, Sadie F. Toy Saxonville, MAFeb. 24, 1891
417,102Sims, Mary A. Drying rail and foot rest for heat registers New York, NYDec. 10, 1889
269,601Sinclair, Annie H. Drawing board Philadelphia, PADec. 26, 1882
315,080Sinclair, Susan L. Method of filling the recesses in the tread of car wheels Allegheny, PAApr. 7, 1885
365,546Sinclair, Susan L. Car wheel Allegheny, PAJune 28, 1887
132,865Sinclaire, Anna T. Improvement in letter boxes New York, NYNov. 5, 1872
450,379Sinclaire, Anna T. Letter box New York, NYApr. 14, 1891
194,537Sinnott, Mary E. Improvement in cloth cutting machines Bakersfield, VTAug. 28, 1877
481,721Sipe, Thalia E. Tracing tool Allegheny, PAAug. 30, 1892
497,503Sipe, Thalia E. Tailor's measure New York, NYMay 16, 1893
359,366Sisson, Catharine Garment supporter Garnett, KSMar. 15, 1887
476,761Sittig, Lena Skirt protecting garment Brooklyn, NYJune 7, 1892
489,103Sittig, Lena Combined cloak and skirt protector Brooklyn, NYJan. 3, 1893
520,225Sittig, Lena Skirt protecting garment Brooklyn, NYMay 22, 1894
532,601Sittig, Lena Skirted trousers Brooklyn, NYJan. 15, 1895
R9,263Skerritt, Mararet E. Car step Albany, NYJun. 22, 1880Original 221,111 Oct. 28, 1879
221,111Skerritt, Margaret E. Improvement in car steps Albany, NYOct. 28, 1879Reissued as R9,263 Jun. 22, 1880
338,790Slack, Martha W. Sleeve and glove protector Sandwich, ILMar. 30, 1886
156,382Slade, Charlotte L. Improvement in doll clothes patterns New York, NYOct. 27, 1874
177,892Slade, Charlotte L. Improvement in drawing slates New York, NYMay 23, 1876
193,674Slade, Charlotte L. Improvement in dolls' hats New York, NYJuly 31, 1877
165,378Slater, Sarah Slater, Sarah; Gray, Henry W.; Smiley, Moses Improvement in compounds for welding, hardening, and tempering steel Philadelphia, PAJuly 6, 1875
188,426Sleeper, Louisa F. Ritter, Charles B. (1/2) Improvement in detaching horses Philadelphia, PAMar. 13, 1877
421,442Sleigh, Hannah P. Trunk Harmar, OHFeb. 18, 1890
172,966Sloan, Elizabeth ; Caner, Alfred G. Improvement in plaiting attachments to sewing machines New York, NYFeb. 1, 1876
388,733Sloan, Lina Vessel for transporting breakable goods Wausau, WIAug. 28, 1888
393,671Sloan, Lina Dish washer Wausau, WINov. 27, 1888
436,157Slocom, Caroline H. Tack puller Milwaukee, WISept. 9, 1890
463,817Slocom, Caroline H. Tack puller Milwaukee, WINov. 24, 1891
163,417Slocum, Martha E. Improvement in plant protectors Hornellsville, NYMay 18, 1875
481,070Slocum, Martha Ellen Velocipede Meadville, PAAug. 16, 1892
359,330Smadbeck, Henrietta Sleeve protector New York, NYMar. 15, 1887
D21,543Smail, Mary A. Chandelier pendant Dime, PAMay 17, 1892
D22,559Smallwood, Della Graeme Spoon Washington D.C.June 27, 1893
483,727Smith Celia M. Toy animal figure Ithaca, NYOct. 4, 1892
257,774Smith Rachel P. Washing machine Chicago, ILMay 9, 1882
37,925Smith, Abbey S. Mechanism for starting sewing machines Lockport, NYMar. 17, 1863
401,863Smith, Agnes W. H. Milk can Beaver Dam, WIApr. 23, 1889
420,253Smith, Agnes W. H. Milk can Beaver Dam, WIJan. 28, 1890
501,303Smith, Alice T. Garment fastening Chicago, ILJuly 11, 1893
382,493Smith, Almira A. Canopy attachment for chairs, & c Hadley, MAMay 8, 1888
533,024Smith, Almira L. Cushion holder Tryon, NCJan. 22, 1895
387,450Smith, Amy I.; Robinson, Fred R. Fountain pen New York, NYAug. 7, 1888
433,546Smith, Ann E. Egg lifter Springfield, OHAug. 5, 1890
266,544Smith, Anna L. Ruffling attachment for sewing machines Edmore, MIOct. 24, 1882
101,321Smith, Anna M. Improved washing machine Pittsburg, PAMar. 29, 1870
259,337Smith, Anna M. D. Frame or support for mosquito netting Gloucester Court House, VAJun. 13, 1882
170,497Smith, Annie R. Sweetland, Alvah (1/2) Improvement in hair switches Geddes, NYNov. 30, 1875
201,712Smith, Catherine Improvement in water cans Utica, NYMar. 26, 1878
229,483Smith, Celia A. ; Nall, John Skirt supporter Glenwood, KSJun. 29, 1880
D21,680Smith, Celia M. Statuette Ithaca, NYJuly 5, 1892
D22,178Smith, Celia M. Pattern for printed fabrics Ithaca, NYJan. 31, 1893
D22,867Smith, Celia M. Statuette Ithaca, NYNov. 7, 1893
505,679Smith, Charity Toy figure Ithaca, NYSept. 26, 1893
452,292Smith, Charlotte K. Making filigree ornaments Binghamton, NYMay 12, 1891
176,895Smith, Cyrene Improvement in abdominal supporters New York, NYMay 2, 1876
499,401Smith, Dora Alice Composition of matter for cleaning silver Glen Ridge, NJJune 13, 1893
513,688Smith, Eleanor McCulloch McLoughlin Bros. Toy or doll house Baltimore, MDJan. 30, 1894
425,110Smith, Eliza K. Marker, cutter, and polisher for plastic stonework San Francisco, CAApr. 8, 1890
29,528Smith, Elizabeth M. Reaping and mowing machines Burlington, NJAug.7, 1860
128,255Smith, Elizabeth P. Improvement in tuck creasers for sewing machines Chicago, ILJune 25,1872
137,967Smith, Elizabeth P. Dress pattern Chicago, ILApr. 15, 1873
533,925Smith, Elizabeth S. Convertible furniture Troy, NYFeb. 12, 1895
188,199Smith, Elizabeth W. Miller, Arthur; Sutter, Daniel Improvement in book carriers and holders Philadelphia, PAMar. 6, 1877
374,277Smith, Elizabeth W. Bogardus, Frank, trustee Child's crib Atlanta, GADec. 6, 1887
533,503Smith, Ella Connell Safety device for fire escapes New York, NYFeb. 5, 1895
212,520Smith, Elsie M. Improvement in corset steels Fishkill Landing, NYFeb. 18, 1879
480,523Smith, Georgia V. Skirt supporter Princeton, ILAug. 9, 1892
447,373Smith, Ida Cooking, toasting, and shielding device for stoves West Union, IAMar. 3, 1891
205,004Smith, Jane B. Improvement in devices for greasing baking dishes Worceser, MAJun. 18, 1878
277,520Smith, Josephine V. Fluting and ironing machine Hornellsville, NYMay 15, 1883
218,327Smith, Julia C. Improvement in boiler washing machines Aston, ILAug. 5, 1879
265,164Smith, Julia C. Compond culinary tool Ashton, ILOct. 10, 1882
382,059Smith, Lena Bustle New York, NYMay 1, 1888
9,959Smith, Lettie A. Machine for working butter Pineville, PAAug. 23, 1853
281,152Smith, Luella E. Farmer, George P.; Jenkins, Joel Safety pin Brooklyn, NYJul. 10, 1883
434,053Smith, Lydia Splasher holder for washstands Leonardville, KSAug. 12, 1890
282,391Smith, Margaret Muff Little Rock, ARJul. 31 1883
290,365Smith, Margaret Hat and bonnet supporter Little Rock, ARDec. 18, 1883
291,237Smith, Margaret Paper file New York, NYJan. 1, 1884
442,464Smith, Margaret A.; Smith, Jeremiah Frank Toy projectile Keokuk, IADec. 9, 1890
93,489Smith, Marie T. Improvement in corset fastenings New York, NYAug. 10, 1869
229,016Smith, Marion L. H. Art of illustrating books Wiscasset, MEJun. 22, 1880
418,244Smith, Mary E. Heat radiator for oil stoves Schuyler, NEDec. 31, 1889
274,984Smith, Mary E. Lamp supporting bracket for sewing machines Southbury, CTApr. 3, 1883
278,055Smith, Mary E. Mattress Somerville, MAMay 22, 1883
220,675Smith, Mary E. ; Fay, George B. Smith, Mary E.; Fay, Catherine R. Improvement in adustable pillow sham holders Brooklyn, NYOct. 14, 1879
494,037Smith, Ophelia Scrubber Sheperdsville, KYMar. 21, 1893
460,282Smith, Prudence A. Tailor's measure New York, NYSept. 29, 1891
532,602Smith, Prudence A. Dress form Pine Hill, NYJan. 15, 1895
461,372Smith, Rose Jelly extractor Grand Rapids, MIOct. 13, 1891
531,878Smith, Ruth Newey Cane umbrella Patchogue, NYJan. 1, 1895
481,375Smith, Sarah A. Bed pan Philadelphia, PAAug. 23, 1892
371,714Smith, Sarah G. Fuel box Cleveland, OHOct. 18, 1887
444,076Smith, Sarah G. Hearth cabinet Cleveland, OHJan. 6, 1891
478,376Smith, Sarah Cooking utensil Toledo, OHJuly 5, 1892
436,956Smith, Susan Emma Pig trough Minneapolis, KSSept. 23, 1890
304,965Smither, Sue E.; Smither, William M. Trace attachment Keene, KYSept. 9, 1884
521,463Smith-Fraser, Olive L. Invalid chair Minneapolis, MNJune 19, 1894
180,387Snapp, Julia E. Improvement in spinning attachments for sewing machines Georgetown, ILJuly 25, 1876
499,352Snapp, Julia E. Thread cutter for sewing machines Danville, ILJune 13, 1893
384,293Snedden, Cora S. Tidy fastener Braddock, PAJune 12, 1888
474,867Snellenberger, Cora B.; Snellenberger, Jonathan Feed trough Paulding, OHMay 17, 1892
368,980Snow, Mary Sophia Umbrella or parasol Sacramento, CAAug. 30, 1887
204,920Snyder, Anna T. Improvement in caloric safes Connersville, INJun. 18, 1878
245,881Snyder, Helen M Water painting upon ferrotype and other pictures Pine Bluff, ARAug. 16, 1881
247,955Snyder, Helen M Preparing, painting and mounting photographic picturs Pine Bluff, AROct. 4, 1881
295,452Snyder, Helen Maria Shoe lace fastener Pine Bluff, ARMar. 18, 1884
303,549Snyder, Helen M. Shoe lace fastener Pine Bluff, ARAug. 12, 1884
425,054Snyder, Helen M. Hand rubber Pine Bluff, ARApr. 8, 1890
485,993Snyder, Jennie ; Lockwood, Fred Culinary vessel Mianus, CTNov. 8, 1892
492,476Sobolewski, Amanda Jane Toy Denver, COFeb. 28, 1893
76,354Solomon, Martha B. Solomon, Louis L.;Reeves, William C. Improvement in children's corsets Charlestown, MAApr. 7, 1868
459,215Soly, Irene N. ; Soly, Sabine Station indicator Montreal, CanadaSept. 8, 1891
429,068Sommerville, Agnes R. Male genital electrode Chicago, ILMay 27, 1890
516,125Son, Eleanor D. Tailpiece for banjos Utica, NYMar. 6, 1894
397,570Southworth, Clara M. Underarm pad Bridgeport, CTFeb. 12, 1889
485,509Speed, Anna G. Envelope for clothing Grand Rapids, MINov. 1, 1892
342,940Spencer, Esther R. Atkinson, Hobart F.; Wilson, Joseph C. (3/4) Lacing bearing Rochester, NYJune 1, 1886
364,057Spencer, Esther R. Self Adjusting Corset Company Lacing bearing Rochester, NYMay 31, 1887
355,417Spencer, Mary J. Scholar's companion Brooklyn, NYJan. 4, 1887
291,415Spencer, Mary J. Scholars companion Brooklyn, NYJan. 1, 1884
D19,072Spencer, Sarah P. jr. Book mark Elizabeth, NJApr. 30, 1889
429,100Sperry, Ellie N. Check punch Bridgeport, CTMay 27, 1890
101,934Spigelmyer, Linda Improvement in children's body braces and supporters Hartleton, PAApr. 12, 1870
121,210Spigelmyer, Linda Improvement in combined corsets and skirt supporters Easton, PANov. 21, 1871
438,958Spikes, Lizzie Table screen Kaufman, TXOct. 21, 1890
245,753Sprague, Caroline Sleeve protector Wyandotte, KSAug. 16, 1881
196,396Sprague, Mary A. Improvement in milk pail stools Canfield, OHOct. 23, 1877
117,344Sproul, Eleanor C. Improvement in braid guiding attachments for sewing machines Green Point, NYJuly 25, 1871
457,751Squires, Hattie Emeline Attachment for stoves Leavenworth, KSAug. 11, 1891
365,450St. Clair, Fannie Combined skirt and protector New York, NYJune 28, 1887
322,497St. Claire, Josephine M. Corset Cedar Rapids, IAJuly 21, 1885
396,962St. John, Bela Abdominal supporter Torrington, CTJan. 29, 1889
448,691St. John, Mary Bedpan New York, NYMar. 24, 1891
484,257Staab, Mary Kate Dress Milwaukee, WIOct. 11, 1892
487,164Stanley, Sara E. Dress pad Portland, MENov. 29, 1892
287,187Stanton, Sarah B. Brush handle New York, NYOct. 23, 1883
176,088Stapler, Anna B. Improvement in copy holders Wilmington, DEApr. 11, 1876
378,220Staples, Elizabeth Douglas; Ashcraft, Hugh E. Staples, Elizabeth Douglas Hospital transfer bed Goshen, NYFeb. 21, 1888
419,732Starck, Johanna Washing machine Englewood, ILJan. 21, 1890
398,669Starkey, Helen A. Lap desk Sioux Falls, Dakota TerritoryFeb. 26, 1889
143,540Starnes, Jane Eliza Improvement in attachments to chimneys or flues Worthington, INOct. 7, 1873
345,553Starr, Ellen D. Appliance for setting writing copies Chittenango, NYJuly 13, 1886
100,207Starrett, Helen Ekin Improved fastening for overshoes Lawrence, KSFeb. 22, 1870Reissued as R4,748 Feb. 6, 1872
R4,748Starrett, Helen Ekin Improvement in fastenings for overshoes Lawrence, KSFeb. 6, 1872Original 100,207 Feb. 22,1870
251,963Start, May A. Chart for drafting ladies and childrens garments Cherokee, IAJan. 3, 1882
434,734Stauffer, Ella A. Window washer Wichita, KSAug. 19, 1890
531,754Stauffer, Ella A. Window washer Chicago, ILJan. 1, 1895
405,614Stearns, Elvira Sayles, Elizabeth A. (1/2) Garment measuring device and cutting guide Providence, RIJune 18, 1889
183,600Stearns, Sarah B. Improvement in carpet cleaners Duluth, MNOct. 24, 1876
308,004Stears, Emily A. Culinary vessel Brooklyn, NYNov. 11, 1884
328,354Stears, Emily A. Wash basin or similar vessel Brooklyn, NYOct. 13, 1885
381,288Stears, Emily A. Trap Brooklyn, NYApr. 17, 1888
200,487Stears, Emily A. Improvement in household presses for fruits, &etc. Brooklyn, NYFeb. 19, 1878
273,629Stears, Emily A. Culinary vessel Brooklyn, NYMar. 6, 1883
271,146Stearns, Sarah B. Braudenburg, Mary ; Stearns, Sarah B. Ventilating screen for windows Duluth, MNJan. 23, 1883
409,619Stebbins, Mary A. Lawn weeder Chelsea, MAAug. 20, 1889
290,134Steelman, Sophia Barritt, William A. (1/2) Washing machine Somers Point, NJDec. 11, 1883
519,509Steen, Nevada Gauge for bias cutters Corpus Christi, TXMay 8, 1894
228,414Steers, Mary A. Pillow sham holder Kalamazoo, MIJun. 1, 1880
455,803Stegemann, Ida Cooking utensil New York, NYJuly 14, 1891
398,859Steinhagen, Julie Curtain fixture Boltenhagen, Mecklenburg, GermanyMar. 5, 1889
X6362Steinhauer, Emma Cook stove Philadelphia, PAFeb. 3, 1831
415,475Steinmetz, Cornelia ; Steinmetz, William R. Catamenial sack Baltimore, MDNov. 19, 1889
464,738Steinmetz, Frances Abdominal supporter Milwaukee, WIDec. 8, 1891
177,766Stephen, Mary Ann Improvements in camp kits Minneapolis, MNMay 23, 1876
166,038Stepp, Henrietta G. Improvement in lap boards Somerville, MAJuly 27, 1875
130,761Sterling, Charlotte H. Dish washer Gambier, OHAug. 20, 1872
386,939Sterling, Mary C. Toilet rack Detroit, MIJuly 31, 1888
284,511Stern, Julia Poke bonnet Brooklyn, NYSep. 4, 1883
259,939Stetson, Mary Villette ; Bedell, William Flesh brushing apparatus New York, NYJun. 27, 1882
205,314Steuber, Mary M. Improvement in dolls Philadelphia, PAJun. 25, 1878
148,580Stevens, Sally R. Improvement in shelves for griddles, & c Cleveland, OHMar. 17, 1874
154,425Stevenson, Celestia A. Improvement in heaters for flat irons Olathe, KSAug. 25, 1874
423,092Stevenson, Louise Ice cream freezer Morristown, NJMar. 11, 1890
389,987Stevenson, Martha J. Sham pillow Ocheltree, KSSept. 25, 1888
380,226Stewart, Anna Maria Elizabeth; Stewart, Theron Spencer Churn dasher Toledo, OHMar. 27, 1888
460,042Stewart, Emily Caroline Combined hearth, ashpan, and fender Birmingham, ALSept. 22, 1891
355,796Stewart, Jennie M. Thebault, Henry F. (1/2) Pot cover Cedar Rapids, IAJan. 11, 1887
492,442Stewart, Jennie M. Eye for hooks and eyes Camden, NJFeb. 28, 1893
D18,908Stewart, Lizzie S. Lady's hat New Castle, PAFeb. 5, 1889
136,466Stewart, Lydia Medicated towel San Francisco, CAMar. 4, 1873
429,367Stewart, Mary P. Toy game apparatus Washington, NJJune 3, 1890
155,898Stewart, Mrs. Emily Improvement in dress elevators New York, NYOct. 13, 1874
304,762Stewart, Sarah H. Check rein hook Concord, NHSept. 9, 1884
471,653Sthreshley, Elizabeth Slate for the blind Austin, TXMar. 29, 1892
443,977Sthreshley, Lizzie Typewriting machine for the blind Austin, TXDec. 30, 1890
213,706Stice, Phebe K. ; King, William H. Improvement in invalid bedsteads Swan Creek, ILMar. 25, 1879
349,263Stieglitz, Martha S. Sad iron New York, NYSept. 14, 1886
89,515Stigale, Elizabeth Mary Method of preserving flowers Philadelphia, PAApr. 27, 1869
97,984Stigale, Elizabeth Mary Rail for ornamental fences Philadelphia, PADec. 14, 1869
112,748Stigale, Elizabeth Mary Improvement in floral brackets Philadelphia, PAMar. 14, 1871
106,885Stiger, Augusta M. Improvement in combined stocking supporters ad skeleton waists Brooklyn, NYAug. 30, 1870
7,041Stiles, Ann F. Picture exhibitor Southbury, CTJan. 22, 1850
167,586Stiles, Elizabeth W. Improvement in reading and writing desks Philadelphia, PASept. 1875
178,975Stiles, Elizabeth W. Improvement in temporary binders for paper files Philadelphia, PAJune 20, 1876
195,462Stiles, Elizabeth W. Improvement in inkstands Philadelphia, PASept. 25, 1877
28,312Stiles, Lydia W. Butter worker Brooklyn, OHMay 15, 1860
248,894Stitt, Celestia D. Adjustable table and book support Titusville, PANov. 1, 1881
503,916Stitt, Louise G. Skeleton waist Chicago, ILAug. 22, 1893
486,135Stockdale, Laura E. ; Lawrence, George R. Umbrella suspender and carrier Englewood, ILNov. 15, 1892
337,030Stocker, Matilda Pattern lining New York, NYMar 2, 1886
302,048Stockley, Lucy Jane Dust cap Corona, TNJul. 15, 1884
400,504Stockman, Teressa I. Dress cutter's rule Council Bluffs, IAApr. 2, 1889
532,110Stockmann, Maria F. C. Method of teaching embroidery or kindred arts to the blind New York, NYJan. 8, 1895
453,218Stockwell, Lydia Dough kneader Atchison, KSJune 2, 1891
466,449Stockwell, Lydia Bedpan Atchison, KSJan. 5, 1892
427,807Stolp, Mary Etta Genner, Edward G. (1/2) ; Clark, Fred F. (trustee) Vapor face bath Erie, PAMay 13, 1890
427,130Stone, Florentine L. Feed pump Brockton, MAMay 6, 1890
518,903Stone, Laura Maria Gas stove Rochester, NYApr. 24, 1894
519,050Stone, Laura Maria Water heater for gas stoves Rochester, NYMay 1, 1894
464,932Stoner, Lizzie H. Combined letter and newspaper box Denver, CODec. 8, 1891
378,182Storck, Anna Button and fastener Cincinnati, OHFeb. 21, 1888
406,793Storms, Adelia Honer Steamer and boiler Barnegat, NJJuly 9, 1889
478,893Story, Adeline Eide Securing coverings of netting to baskets Clay Centre, KSJuly 12, 1892
478,827Stott, Elizabeth Tape needle Huddersfield, EnglandJuly 12, 1892
454,889Stout, Flora B. ; Stout, Albert A. Valve for sinks or water closets Fowler, CAJune 30, 1891
147,526Stowell, Elizabeth Improvement in bosom pads New York, NYFeb. 17, 1874
317,424Stowell, Nellie S. Sharpening tool New York, NYMay 5, 1885
339,232Stowell, Nellie S. Transferable letter for signs New York, NYApr. 6, 1886
279,990Stowell, Nellie S. Hair front New York, NYJun. 26, 1883
312,402Strathy, Matilda Frederica Carpet fastener London, Ontario, CanadaFeb. 17, 1885
418,477Strebeck, Elizabeth Clothes sprinkler St. Louis, MODec. 31, 1889
487,587Streeter, Emma A. ; Nichols, Bradford W. Spike Herkimer, NYDec. 6, 1892
471,626Streeter, Emma A. Foot support for telegraph poles White Plains, NYMar. 29, 1892
279,888Streisguth, Marie ; Schnitzler, Emma Bandelore toy Philadelphia, PAJun. 19, 1883
93,970Strickland, Sarah E.; Crosby, Darwin E. Crosby, Darwin E. Improved clothes drier South Vineland, NJAug. 24, 1869
286,562Strong, Caroline M. Combined bustle and hip pad Springfield, MAOct. 9, 1883
306,188Strong, Harriet W. Device for raising and lowering windows Oakland, CAOct. 7, 1884
307,687Strong, Harriet W. R. Hook and eye Oakland, CANov. 4, 1884
352,719Strong, Harriet W. R. Window sash holder Oakland, CANov. 16, 1886
374,378Strong, Harriet W. R. Dam and reservoir construction Los Angeles, CADec. 6, 1887
528,823Strong, Harriet W. R. Method of and means for impounding debris and storing water Los Angeles, CANov. 6, 1894
530,609Strong, Julia Exercising machine Brooklyn, NYDec. 11, 1894
427,202Strong, Juliette B. Cosmetic Minneapolis, MNMay 6, 1890
233,574Strong, Kate M. ; Strong, John Jay Device for protecting tables, &etc from crawling insects Talladega, ALOct. 19, 1880
334,486Strong, Lena; Smith, Alphonso Budd Fruit packer San Francisco, CAJan. 19, 1886
460,605Stryker, Elizabeth V. Fly net for horses Plainfield, ILOct. 6, 1891
196,264Stuart, Sarah L. Improvement in churns Greenfield, INOct. 16, 1877
140,227Stubbings, Margaret J. Improvement in combined scissors and tapelines Youngstown, OHJune 24, 1873
143,102Stubbings, Margaret J. Improvement in coffee pots Youngstown, OHSept. 23, 1873
409,809Studley, Lena R. Clothes drier Rockland, MEAug. 27, 1889
87,378Studley, Marietta Improved cradle chair South Yarmouth, MAMar. 2, 1869
203,214Stumpf, Florence H. Improvement in fluting irons St. Joseph, MOApr. 30, 1878
226,803Stumpf, Florence H. Fluting iron St. Joseph, MOApr. 20, 1880
495,921Sturtevant, Isabelle A. Sofa bedstead Centre Harbor, NHApr. 18, 1893
497,142Suckley, Florence Louisa Busk steel Hotchkissville, CTMay 9, 1893
204,260Sudderick, Margaret Improvement in band guides for piano fortes Buffalo, NYMay 28, 1878
521,833Sullivan, Christine Model stand Cincinnati, OHJune 26, 1894
459,771Sullivan, Lulie F. Churn Holden, MOSept. 22, 1891
221,947Sullivan, Margaret F. Improvement in slates Chicago, ILNov. 25, 1879
415,849Summerhayes, Emeline C. Toilet lotion Somerville, MANov. 26, 1889
94,924Suplee, Hannah G. Sewing machine needle San Francisco, CASept. 14, 1869
500,356Suplee, Hannah G. Abdominal supporter New York, NYJune 27, 1893
250,998Suplee, Hannah G. Pattern and lining for garments Philadelphia, PADec. 13, 1881
115,656Suplee, Hannah G.; Mooney, John H. Improvement in sewing machines San Francisco, CAJune 6, 1871
380,364Surles, Susan E. Folding hat box Chipley, GAApr. 3, 1888
129,765Sus, Arabella Improvement in eyeglasses Edgewater, NYJuly 23, 1872
400,967Sutherland, Caroline V. Ointment Lathrop, CAApr. 9, 1889
350,706Sutherland, Mary Composition for tanning Diamond, MOOct. 12, 1886
355,282Sutton, Margaret A. Plant protector Arlington, MDDec. 28, 1886
357,135Sutton, Margurette A.; Wood, Anna O. Safety skirt Arlington, MDFeb. 1, 1887
183,603Suydam, Anna Maria Improvement in garden rakes Waterloo, NYOct. 24, 1876
344,331Swaim, Mary E. Album Danville, ILJune 22, 1886
D18,484Swain, Catherine Butterick Publishing Co. Lady's walking skirt New York, NYJuly 24, 1888
181,741Swallow, Alwilda Improvement in bustles Shelbyville, ILAug. 29, 1876
444,373Swan, Maggie ; Swan, Charles Target trap Corry, PAJan. 6, 1891
316,414Swartout, Emma J. Machine for sewing hat tips Danbury, CTApr. 21, 1885
353,237Swartwout, Emma J. Corset New York, NYNov. 23, 1886
458,262Swartwout, Emma J. Delsarte Corset Company Corset Newark, NJAug. 25, 1891
460,166Swartwout, Emma J. Delsarte Corset Company Shoulder brace jacket Newark, NJSept. 29, 1891
257,784Swartz, Mary Hair crimper Greenville, OHMay 9, 1882
496,018Sweet, Stella ; Sweet, William F. Toy Kansas City, MOApr. 25, 1893
432,151Swenning, Rebecca T. Transparent water color paint Des Moines, IAJuly 15, 1890
484,563Syllwasschy, Elise Spool holder Magdeburg, Neustadt, GermanyOct. 18, 1892
338,651Talcott, Elizabeth; Talcott, Richard H. L. Mount for pictures and photographs Boston, MAMar. 23, 1886
136,280Tarbell, Mary W.; Inslee, Joseph H. P. Crib attachment for bedsteads Jersey City, NJFeb. 25, 1873
279,042Tarbox, Kate L. Embroidery New York, NYJun. 5, 1883
149,692Tardy, Catherine Improvement in baby exercising corsets Paterson, NJApr. 14, 1874
139,341Tarring, Lida Book rest Washington, DCMay 27, 1873
138,728Tarring, Lida A. Book rest for desks Washington, DCMay 6, 1873
397,257Tarring, Lida A. Holder for strainers Baltimore, MDFeb. 5, 1889
478,657Tarring, Lida A. Mop holder Baltimore, MDJuly 12, 1892
180,286Tassey, Emily E. Improvement in apparatus for raising sunken vessels McKeesport, PAJuly 25, 1876
184,996Tassey, Emily Evans Improvement in siphon propeller pumps Pittsburg, PADec. 5, 1876
230,723Tassey, Emily E. Siphon propeller pump McKeesport, PAAug. 3, 1880
5,019Tassie, Madeline Shirt Brooklyn, NYMar. 13, 1847
325,188Tate, Minnie Bishop Cooking utensil Johnstown, ILAug. 25, 1885
325,877Taylor, Elizabeth A. Fruit jar Baltimore, MDSept. 8, 1885
515,804Taylor, Emma B. Dress stay Grand Rapids, MIMar. 6, 1894
403,790Taylor, Fannie Taylor Letter box Mamaroneck, NYMay 21, 1889
456,863Taylor, Kate F. Vegetable masher Smethport, PAJuly 28, 1891
56,830Taylor, Mary A. Improvement in wash boilers Cincinnati, OHJuly 31, 1866
203,091Taylor, Mary J. Improvement in envelopes Brooklyn, NYApr. 30, 1878
231,120Taylor, Orphana Medical compound for ague Caledonia, OHAug. 10, 1880
20,741Taylor, Susan E. Fountain pen East Cambridge, MAJune 29, 1858
234,821Taylor, Mary A. Sleeve pattern New York, NYNov. 23, 1880
234,348Tefft, Emily Amelia Electrical therapeutical appliance East Otto, NYNov. 9, 1880
338,449Teller, Ida A. Kitchen utensil Unadilla, NYMar. 23, 1886
440,090Templin, Marian Cultivator shovel St. Marys, KSNov. 4, 1890
514,390Tenney, Mary Josephine Fly screen Oskaloosa, IAFeb. 6, 1894
471,579Tenney, Mary Josephine Door or window screen Oskaloosa, IAMar. 29, 1892
207,083Tennyson, Fannie C. Improvement in flower baskets Tyler, TXAug. 13, 1878
380,063Terry, Abby M. Sleeve stay Brooklyn, NYMar. 27, 1888
356,397Terry, Eliza Ann Corset Menomonee, WIJan. 18, 1887
436,951Thaler, Fannie B. Sad iron Rifle City, COSept. 23, 1890
231,632Thecker, Sarah E. Boot and shoe Georgetown, DCAug. 24, 1880
510,302Thew, Ruth Device for teaching music La Rue, OHDec. 5, 1893
341,184Thiers, Susan Jane Hat mirror New York, NYMay 4, 1886
52,468Thoman, Kathrin Canteen and lunch box Cleveland, OHFeb. 6, 1866
498,412Thomas, Clotilde Pilard Toilet powder case Evansville, INMay 30, 1893
520,343Thomas, Clotilde P. Powder box Evansville, INMay 22, 1894
521,683Thomas, Clotilde P. Hat pin retainer Evansville, INJune 19, 1894
70,651Thomas, Martha Improved retaining link for shutters Lower Merion, PANov. 5, 1867
428,324Thomas, Mary A. Lane Pencil eraser Springfield, TNMay 20, 1890
420,840Thomas, Mary E. Electro magnetic abdominal support Cardington, OHFeb. 4, 1890
444,735Thomas, Mary E. Voltaic insole Cardington, OHJan. 13, 1891
520,460Thomas, Minnie S. Kitchen cabinet Waterville, WAMay 29, 1894
472,149Thomason, Sue Sad iron heater Itasca, TXApr. 5, 1892
96,165Thompson, Augusta N. Improved blacking brush Holyoke, MAOct. 26, 1869
471,154Thompson, Carrie V. Trunk protector Brooklyn, NYMar. 22, 1892
376,924Thompson, Emma Corset Brooklyn, NYJan. 24, 1888
441,077Thompson, Emma Ferris Brothers Corset New York, NYNov. 18, 1890
388,600Thompson, Emma E. C. Portable tea and coffee pot Chicago, ILAug. 28, 1888
515,928Thompson, Eveline W. Extension traveling bag Boston, MAMar. 6, 1894
45,193Thompson, Harriet H. Improvement in abdominal supporters Washington, DCNov. 22, 1864
439,582Thompson, Louisa May Preparing green corn Atlanta, GAOct. 28, 1890
187,198Thompson, Mary E. Improvement in head dresses Chicago, ILFeb. 6, 1877
276,306Thompson, Mary E. Hair head dress or wave New York, NYApr. 24, 1883
340,170Thompson, Rachel S. Caster Hamilton, OHApr. 20, 1886
494,396Thompson, Sarah R0saline Fruit press Henrietta, TXMar. 28, 1893
164,341Thompson, Selina Improvement in portable stoves Pecatonica, ILJune 8, 1875
172,797Thompson, Selina Improvement in portable stoves Pecatonica, ILJan. 25, 1876
114,366Thomson, Adaline L. Improvement in children's bibs Hudson City, NJMay 2, 1871
533,102Thomson, Mary Game apparatus Los Angeles, CAJan. 29, 1895
86,711Thorne, Amanda M. Improved fluting and puffing iron Syracuse, NYFeb. 9, 1869
172,207Thorne, Libbie F. Improvement in adjustable bodkins New York, NYJan. 11, 1876
117,124Thornton, Mary A. Improvement in photographers' refrigerators Perrysburg, OHJuly 18, 1871
284,341Thorpe, Hattie Elen Hair holder French Creek, WVSep. 4, 1883
429,550Thrall, Mary Ellen Clothes pin Riverside, CAJune 3, 1890
364,612Throckmorton, Ada M. Broiler Chillicothe, OHJune 7, 1887
487,105Throop, Josephine L. Universal adjustable lifter Greencastle, INNov. 29, 1892
268,573Throop, Mary J. C. Curtain holder Portland, MEDec. 5, 1882
480,150Thurston, Minnettie R. Cylindrical sewing machine needle Kalamazoo, MIAug. 2, 1892
D21,525Thyng, Annie G. Cheney Bros. Textile fabric New York, NYMay 10, 1892
D21,998Thyng, Annie G. Cheney Bros. Textile fabric New York, NYNov. 22, 1892
427,934Tierney, Catharine A. Corset Chicago, ILMay 13, 1890
102,989Tifft, Philancy D. Improvement in warp stands for looms Eagleville, OHMay 10, 1870
516,412Tigner, Hope H. Harrow Stinson, GAMar. 13, 1894
268,149Tillinghast, Mary E. Needle woven tapestry West Orange, NJNov. 28, 1882
110,310Tilton, Mary P. R. Improvement in pads for corsets Trenton, NJDec. 20, 1870
411,075Tilton, Mary P. R. Compound for settling coffee New York, NYSept. 17, 1889
213,360Tilton, Mary P. R. Improvement in ventilated pillows mattresses &etc Philadelphia, PAMar. 18, 1879
180,174Timmens, Lottie W. Improvement in snap hooks Fayetteville, NYJuly 25, 1876
339,031Timmons, Lottie W. Buckle for supporters Syracuse, NYMar. 30, 1886
313,129Tipney, Mary A. Device for preserving fruits, & c Janesville, WIMar. 3, 1885
318,523Tisdale, Mary E. Egg boiler and caster Cedar Rapids, IAMay 26, 1885
511,977Tobener, Mary Fabric folding attachment for sewing machine Gold Hill, NVJan. 2, 1894
228,141Tocci, Felice Herrmann, Henry Book case New York, NYMay 25, 1880
233,578Tocci, Felice Fire escape New York, NYOct. 19, 1880
126,999Todd, Kate S. Improvement in skating wands Yankton, Dakota TerritoryMay 21, 1872
191,556Todd, Nancy J.; Todd, Robert L. Improvement in chicken coops Shamrock, MOJune 5, 1877
148,632Tompkins, Elizabeth Ann Improvement in food for birds Sing Sing, NYMar. 17, 1874
192,098Toohey, Maggie Improvement in plaiting machines Syracuse, NYJune 19, 1877
371,905Tooker, Maude W. Bustle New York, NYOct. 18, 1887
461,650Topp, Lena A. Garment supporter Syracuse, NYOct. 20, 1891
381,657Toucey, Sarah E. Grape seed extractor New York, NYApr. 24, 1888
198,712Towers, Ellen F. Improvement in coverings for monumental tombstones Boston, MADec. 25, 1877
265,893Town, Anna M. Purse St. Johns, KSOct. 17, 1882
472,086Town, Jane Shoulder brace Dekorra, WIApr. 5, 1892
187,784Townsend, Alice C. Improvement in butter dishes Buffalo, NYFeb. 27, 1877
177,084Townsend, Georgiana L. Improvement in devices for operating sewing machines Philadelphia, PAMay 9, 1876
427,133Towse, Marie Elizabeth Glove adjuster Brooklyn, NYMay 6, 1890
429,665Tozer, Emma L. Invalid's under garment Canandaigua, NYJune 10, 1890
367,868Trabue, Sarah W. Baling press Girard, ILAug. 9, 1887
375,584Trabue, Sarah W. Baling press Girard, ILDec. 27, 1887
376,688Trabue, Sarah W. Baling press Girard, ILJan. 17, 1888
462,748Tracy, Doria Heating and radiating fireplace Toledo, OHNov. 10, 1891
474,978Tracy, Doria Rolling blower for fireplaces and grates Toledo, OHMay 17, 1892
413,212Tracy, Harriet R. Sewing machine New York, NYOct. 22, 1889
434,849Tracy, Harriet R. Elevator New Brighton, NYAug. 19, 1890
469,367Tracy, Harriet Ruth Sewing machine New Brighton, NYFeb. 23, 1892
470,796Tracy, Harriet Ruth Loop taker and actuating mechanism therefor New Brighton, NYMar. 15, 1892
470,959Tracy, Harriet Ruth Sewing machine table New Brighton, NYMar. 15, 1892
470,960Tracy, Harriet Ruth Safety device for elevators New Brighton, NYMar. 15, 1892
471,035Tracy, Harriet Ruth Loop taker for sewing machines New Brighton, NYMar. 15, 1892
471,036Tracy, Harriet Ruth Feeding mechanism for sewing machines New Brighton, NYMar. 15, 1892
471,037Tracy, Harriet Ruth Shuttle actuating mechanism for sewing machines New Brighton, NYMar. 15, 1892
493,131Tracy, Harriet Ruth Shuttle actuating mechanism for sewing machines New Brighton, NYMar. 7, 1893
D22,544Tracy, Harriet Ruth Sewing machine frame New Brighton, NYJune 13, 1893
266,661Tracy, Harriet Ruth Olin, Stephen Henry (1/2) Stove New York, NYOct. 31, 1882
272,103Tracy, Harriet R. Fire escape New York, NYFeb. 13, 1883
74,865Tracy, Harriet Ruth Improved crib attachment for bedsteads New York, NYFeb. 25, 1868
170,416Tracy, Harriet Ruth Improvement in sewing machine tables New York, NYNov. 23, 1875
302,174Tracy, Sophia M. Medical compound Deadwood, Dakota TerritoryJuly 15, 1884
17,241Traphagen, Helen C. Lady's skirt New York, NYMay 5, 1857
181,377Traphagen, Helen C. Traphagen, Annie Improvement in window scaffolds New York, NYAug. 22, 1876
291,551Traver, Harriet A. Abdominal supporter Toledo, OHJan. 8, 1884
180,963Traver, Mary Louise Improvement in churn dashers Detroit, MIAug. 8, 1876
505,969Travis, Marion H. Spinning top Camden, NJOct. 3, 1893
67,612Treadwell, Mary L. Improved frame for mosquito nets New York, NYAug. 6, 1867
444,411Trent, Lottie W. Remedial cosmetic Denver, COJan. 6, 1891
175,208Tresize, Catharine L. Improvement in trunks Springfield, ILMar. 21, 1876
389,675Trexler, Anna Combined plow and harrow Sabin, MNSept. 18, 1888
46,957Tribble, Joanna B. Improved composition for preventing disease in vegetables Middleborough, MAMar. 21, 1865
209,307Trickey, Abbie G. Improvement in alphabet blocks Manchester, NHOct. 22 1878
382,020Trim, Eunice A. Canteen Malone, Territory New MexicoMay 1, 1888
437,264Trimble, Ada M. Table and ironing board Greensburg, INSept. 30, 1890
394,524Tripp, Frances A. Dressmaker's square Boston, MADec. 11, 1888
214,326Troelicht, Sybilla K. Improvement in head mufflers Chicago, ILApr. 15, 1879
520,583Trube, Margaret Virginia Sadiron Brooklyn, NYMay 29, 1894
D22,364Truesdell, Carrie Patton Spoon Cleveland, OHApr. 25, 1893
D22,643Truesdell, Carrie P. Spoon Cleveland, OHJuly 25, 1893
D23,695Truitt, Ivy Marie L. M. H. Birge & Sons Wall paper Buffalo, NYOct. 16, 1894
329,417Tubbs, Lilly B. Cut off for hydraulic and other engines Philadelphia, PAOct. 27, 1885
494,397Tucek, Marie Breast supporter New York, NYMar. 28, 1893
525,241Tucek, Mary Breast supporter New York, NYAug. 28, 1894
532,613Tucek, Marie Method of producing garment patterns New York, NYJan. 15, 1895
393,799Tuck, Adaline; Smith, Henry A. Hammond, Winthrop (trustee) Dress form Lynn, MADec. 4, 1888
400,018Tucker, Sallie C. Buckle Garnett, KSMar. 19, 1889
451,645Tudor, Kate B. Flower holder Lexington, KYMay 5, 1891
105,742Tupper, Sophia S. Improved dish washing machine Churchville, NYJuly 26, 1870
452,587Turley, Mary A. McNett, Lyman F. (1/2) Ironing support or seam pressing frame Yonkers, NYMay 19, 1891
126,914Turnbull, Claudia B. Improvement in folding stools Baltimore, MDMay 21, 1872
140,972Turnbull, Claudia B. Improvement in street car awnings Washington D.C.July 15, 1873
124,234Turnbull, Eliza A. Improvement in washing machines Springfield, OHMar. 5, 1872
488,802Turner, Adelaide Sophia Ear compressing cap London, EnglandDec. 27, 1892
243,818Turner, Chrisiana V. Corset Nicola Valley, British Columbia, CanadaJul. 5, 1881
171,748Turner, Elizabeth Improvement in abdominal corsets Rochester, NYJan. 4, 1876
246,573Turner, Emma R. Dress protector Watseka, ILAug. 30, 1881
507,464Turner, Nancy L. Motor Washington, DCOct. 24, 1893
433,555Turney, Clara Horse controlling device Sausalito, CAAug. 5, 1890
217,434Turvey, Amanda E. Improvement in milk coolers Fredericktown, OHJul. 8, 1879
U1,824TTuttle, Dinah H. Accelerating spinning wheel heads Williamson, NYMay 17, 1824
89,957Tutton, Sara Improvement in presser feet for sewing machines Tunkhannock, PAMay 11, 1869
511,565Twining, Ida Houston Automatic powder box Chicago, ILDec. 26, 1893
53,060Tyler, Emma A. Improvement in hair crimping pins Buffalo, NYMar. 6, 1866
499,861Uebel, Charlotte Waist garment Chicago, ILJune 20, 1893
377,339Ulke, Veronica Waist garment Washington D.C.Jan. 31, 1888
224,117Ulmer, Sarah A. Egg beater Portland, MEFeb. 3, 1880
160,129Underwood, Angeline Improvement in land pulverizers Carrollton, ILFeb. 23, 1875
185,707Underwood, Angeline Improvement in spring pillows Carrollton, ILDec. 26, 1876
216,634Underwood, Angeline Improvement in spring beds Carrollton, ILJun. 17, 1879
503,756Uniack, Annie Crust supporter for potpie pans Baltimore, MDAug. 22, 1893
418,251Unna, Serine Preserving fruit Hastings, NEDec. 31, 1889
U1,819UUsher, Sophia Cream of tartar, carbonated liquid New York, NYSept. 11, 1819
267,730Utley, Winifred C. Paper perforating machine Milwaukee, WINov. 21, 1882
402,495Vaidis, Louise Adele Revolving trapeze Chicago, ILApr. 30, 1889
D18,998Valentine, Lucy W. Lowell Manufacturing Co. Carpet Boston, MAApr. 2, 1889
393,130Van Alstine, Mattie A. Shoulder brace Armstrong Springs, ARNov. 20, 1888
394,034Van Alstine, Mattie A. Milk pail Mountain Valley, ARDec. 4, 1888
282,474VonCort, Charlotte A. Apparatus for cooling and ventilating buildings New York, NYJul. 31 1883
420,841Van Pelt, Ada Henry Permutation lock Oakland, CAFeb. 4, 1890
471,918Van Pelt, Ada H. Maxwell, C. L. (1/2) House door letter box Oakland, CAMar. 29, 1892
187,495Van Skelline, Isabella J. Improvement in wrappers for bon bons Brooklyn, NYFeb. 20, 1877
192,201Van Skelline, Isabella J. Improvement in processes of dyeing tissue and bon bon papers Brooklyn, NYJune 19, 1877Reissue as R9,939 Nov. 22, 1881
205,448Van Skelline, Isabella J. Improvement in wrappers for bonbons Brooklyn, NYJun. 25, 1878Reissued as R9,757 Jun. 14, 1881
R9,757Van Skelline, Isabella J. Wrapper for bonbons Brooklyn, NYJun. 14, 1881Original 205,448 Jun. 25, 1878
R9,939Van Skelline, Isabella J. Process of dyeing tissue and bonbon papers Brooklyn, NYNov. 22, 1881Original 192,201 Jun. 14, 1877
185,595Van Vleck, Elizabeth E. Improvement in combined abdominal and breast supporters Chicago, ILDec. 19, 1876
425,057Van Vorce, Elizabeth B. Stovepipe cleaner McLeansborough, ILApr. 8, 1890
62,707Van Vranken, Mary Attachment for heating kettles and boilers by gas Washington, DCMar. 5, 1867
196,845Vance, Eliza Ann Improvement in tuckers Gallipolis, OHNov. 6, 1877
289,584Vance, Emily F. Folding cot Gallipolis, OHDec. 4, 1883
214,266VonCort, Charlotte A. ; Shepherd, Sarah A. Improvement in sewing machine treadles Washington, DCApr. 15, 1879
150,446Vanderbeek, Eliza A. Improvement in medical compounds Plainfield, NJMay 5, 1874
122,081Vanorstrand, Mary J. C. Improvement in corsets and skirt supporters combined Pekin, ILDec. 19, 1871
172,901Vanorstrand, Mary J. C. Improvement in corsets St. Louis, MOFeb. 1, 1876
89,712Vansittart, Henrietta Improved method of construction for screw propellers Richmond, EnglandMay 4, 1869
528,045Vanvorce, Elizabeth B. Pipe connection Madison, ILOct. 23, 1894
393,595Veatch, Nancy Ellen Hat or bonnet holder Gales Creek, ORNov. 27, 1888
277,523Veerkamp, Florence L. ; Leopold, Charles F. ; Darker, William Braiding machine Philadelphia, PAMay 15, 1883
56,643Veerkamp, Florence L.; Leopold, Charles F. Improvement in braiding machines Philadelphia, PAJuly 24, 1866
43,937Veerkamp, Florence; Leopold, Francis Improvement in machines for weaving cords or coverings around cords Philadelphia, PAAug. 23, 1864
518,295Velsor, Elizabeth M. Marble shooting toy Brooklyn, NYApr. 17, 1894
297,881Vetter, Josephine Crocheting fork Mount Vernon, NYApr. 29, 1884
170,789Victor, Sofie Improvement in window shutters New York, NYDec. 7, 1875
90,324Vidal, Antoinette Improved porous porcelain for use in filtering, & c Paris, FranceMay 18, 1869
139,283Viets, Ellen B. Pantaloon tree Boston, MAMay 27, 1873
144,644Viets, Ellen B. Improvement in steaming and drying apparatus for shaping pantaloons Boston, MANov. 18, 1873Reissued as R7,603 Apr. 10, 1877
148,863Viets, Ellen B. Improvement in apparatus for shaping pantaloons Boston, MAMar. 24, 1874
156,900Viets, Ellen B. Improvement in pantaloon formers Boston, MANov. 17, 1874
160,246Viets, Ellen B. Improvement in coat shapers Boston, MAFeb. 23, 1875
162,977Viets, Ellen B. Improvement in apparatus for shaping pantaloons Boston, MAMay 4, 1875
R7,603Viets, Ellen B. Steaming and drying apparatus for shaping pantaloons Boston, MAApr. 10, 1877Orignal144,644 Nov. 15, 1873
163,617Viets, Ellen B.; Shaw, Charles B. Improvement in apparatus for shaping pantaloons Boston, MAMay 25, 1875
93,773Viles, Abigail W. Improved chair, table and stand combined Elkhorn, WIAug. 17, 1869
102,338Vogel, Annie; Krebs, Fannie Improvement in hair curling pins New York, NYApr. 26, 1870
528,310Vogt, Mary M. Device for teaching vocal music Rochester, NYOct. 30, 1894
218,201Von Cort, Charlotte A. Improvement in sewing machine treadles Washington, DCAug. 5, 1879
442,585Von Huppmann-Valbella, Jeanne Nursing bottle holder New York, NYDec. 9, 1890
500,824Von Tassel, Julia E. Educational appliance Milwaukee, WIJuly 4, 1893
224,748Voos, Johanna Voos, Johanna; Kaufmann, Abraham Shawl strap New York, NYFeb. 17, 1880
231,975Voos, Johanna Voos, Johanna; Kaufmann, Abraham Package holder New York, NYSep. 7, 1880
502,597Voos, Johanna Combined kitchen and ironing table New York, NYAug. 1, 1893
228,232Vosburgh, Marie A. Danger signal Kalamazoo, MIJun. 1, 1880
276,510Vreeland, Sara L. Tray Hackensack, NJApr. 24, 1883
517,941Wade, Alzira H. Abdominal supporter Minneapolis, MNApr. 10, 1894
183,434Waggoner, Amanda L.; Waggoner, John S. Improvement in station indicators Bridgeport, NJOct. 17, 1876
305,985Wagner, Mary M. Combined bureau and bedstead Baltimore, MDSept. 30, 1884
508,453Waldie, Annie A. Combined cutting gauge and marker Philadelphia, PANov. 14, 1893
64,265Waldron, Adelia Waldron, Adelia; Atkinson, J. H. Improved washing machine San Jose, CAApr. 30, 1867
449,750Waldron, Margaret I. Making ornaments, etc. from hair and composition for use on the same St. Joseph, MOApr. 7, 1891
195,678Walk, Martha M. Improvement in sleeve and cuff retainers Philadelphia, PASept. 25, 1877
409,887Walker, Catharine S. Lamp attachment Galveston, TXAug. 27, 1889
471,919Walker, Emma Drawers Jersey City, NJMar. 29, 1892
144,373Walker, Izannah F. Improvement in the manufacture of dolls Central Falls, RINov. 4, 1873
254,074Walker, Kate Dress cutting and fitting mold Indianapolis, INFeb. 21, 1882
105,526Walker, Rebecca J. Improvement in mode of protecting fruit trees from curculio, & c Goshen, OHJuly 19, 1870
501,262Walker, Sarah Bennett Ornamental screen Castle Rock, COJuly 11, 1893
483,591Walker, Sarah L. Lamp stove Bloomville, OHOct. 4, 1892
452,090Walkie, Jennie Tailor's measure Chicago, ILMay 12, 1891
189,964Wallace, Isabella; Stevens, Cassius L. Improvement in folding chairs Pittsburg, PAApr. 24, 1877
307,885Wallace, Margaret H. Cooking vessel Sedalia, MONov. 11, 1884
196,729Wallace, Mary E. Improvement in button hole sewing machines Newport, KYOct. 30, 1877
124,398Waller, Isabella Improvement in hospital beds Cleveland, OHMar. 5, 1872
344,294Walling, Ella Fire place or stove fender Washington, DCJune 22, 1886
313,139Walling, Mary C. Cotton picker Brenham, TXMar. 3, 1885
332,850Walling, Mary C. Stamping machine Washington, DCDec. 22, 1885
311,695Walpole, Mary R. Wash boiler Mayfield, KYFeb. 3, 1885
291,835Walsh, Emma; Beroud, Louis Ahrens, Henry (1/4) Elevator Elizabeth, NJJan. 8, 1884Walsh assign 1/2 Ahrens, Henry
340,644Walther, Annie; Supple, Mathias Garment fastening Fond du Lac, WIApr. 27, 1886
365,452Walther, Annie; Supple, Mathies Garment fastener Fond du Lac, WIJune 28, 1887
221,880Walton, Mary Elizabeth Improvement in locomotive and other chimneys New York, NYNov. 18, 1879
237,422Walton, Mary E. Elevated railway New York, NYFeb. 8, 1881
532,850Wangersheim, Regina ; Wangersheim, Rudolph Invalid's bed rest Chicago, ILJan. 22, 1895
510,943Ward, Maria E. G. McK. Bodkin New York, NYDec. 19, 1893
483,662Ward, Susan E. Thermometer scale Phelps, NYOct. 4, 1892
137,396Ware, Catharine F. Process for removing paper from walls San Francisco, CAApr. 1, 1873
347,308Waring, Clara K. Battersby, Jenyns C. Portable folding wardrobe Middletown, NYAug. 10, 1886
D21,401Warner, Augusta M. Game board San Francisco, CAMar. 15, 1892
156,470Warner, Emma E. O. Improvement in baking pans Denver, CONov. 3, 1874
216,635Warner, Hannah C. Improvement in coolers for butter workers Woodbury, NJJun. 17, 1879
362,237Warren, Adda J. Foot scraper New Orleans, LAMay 3, 1887
216,001Warren, Lucinda Improvement in dish washers Providence, RIMay 27, 1879
366,359Warren, Sarah M. Lewis Schiele & Company Corset Brooklyn, NYJuly 12, 1887
186,901Washburne, Amelia; Townsend, Eli C. Improvement in egg poaching utensils New York, NYJan. 30, 1877
492,701Wasson, Dell Eva Fastening attachment for dress waists Versailles, KYFeb. 28, 1893
364,323Waterhouse, Amelia A. Reversible broiler or toaster San Francisco, CAJune 7, 1887
218,606Waterman, Amelia U. Dessert, Mitchell (1/2) Improvement in collars Troy, NYAug. 12, 1879
378,271Waterman, Sarah Adjustable stove cover Milwaukee, WIFeb. 21, 1888
406,608Waterman, Sarah Sadiron Milwaukee, WIJuly 9, 1889
424,913Waterman, Sarah Plate lifter Milwaukee, WIApr. 1, 1890
43,613Waters, Zera Improvement in ladies skirt lifters Bloomington, ILJuly 19, 1864
133,616Watkins, Eliza T.; Aldrich, William Watkins, Eliza T. Frame for weaving chair seats Gardner, MADec. 3, 1872
403,807Watres, Effie J. Bedclothes fastener Scranton, PAMay 21, 1889
377,444Watrous, Emma D. Trellis support Freetown, NYFeb. 7, 1888
382,628Watrous, Emma Didama Underwaist Freetown Corners, NYMay 8, 1888
498,702Watson, Anne Marriott Game Southhampton, EnglandMay 30, 1893
400,614Watson, Emma Hopper Columnar closet Elizabeth, NJApr. 2, 1889
386,046Watson, Genevieve Lamp shade Seattle, WAJuly 10, 1888
531,013Watson, Mary Malted food London, EnglandDec. 18, 1894British patent 10,689 May 31, 1893
382,065Watson, Mary J. Street and station indicator Sacramento, CAMay 1, 1888
430,157Watson, Olivia Noble Mary Toy musical block New York, NYJune 17, 1890
251,010Watts, Virginia J. Artificial marble Baltimore, MDDec. 13, 1881
251,327Watts, Virginia J. Ornamenting artificial marble Baltimore, MDDec. 20, 1881
397,528Waymoth, Augustine Lathe Fitchburg, MAFeb. 12, 1889
459,029Weathersby, Sarah Ann Car coupling Killeen, TXSept. 8, 1891
77,423Weaver, Rebecca Improvement in trunks Washington, DCApr. 28, 1868
78,903Weaver, Rebecca Improvement in fastenings for buttons Washington, DCJune 16, 1868
433,261Webb, Harriette J. Mattress Lockport, NYJuly 29, 1890
D21,193Webb, Lida M. Spoon Galena, ILDec. 1, 1891
531,083Webb, Zada B. Box Whippany, NJDec. 18, 1894
439,736Webber, Charlotte Christina Bib Sea Cliff, NYNov. 4, 1890
494,971Webber, Louisa E.; Webber, William M. Hemming attachment for sewing machines Buckhannon, WVApr. 4, 1893
458,957Webster, Juliet Katharine Lamp burner rest Boston, MASept. 1, 1891
254,181Webster, Maria Hand carriage Farmington, MIFeb. 28, 1882
200,234Webster, Ursula Louise Improvement in adjustable patterns for garments New Haven, CTFeb. 12, 1878
58,516Wedekind, Victoria Quarre Improvement in engraving copper, & c Philadelphia, PAOct. 2, 1866
387,753Weed, Idalia Corset Leavenworth, KSAug. 14, 1888
188,323Weed, Louisa A. Improvement in ear rings Brooklyn, NYMar. 13, 1877
199,881Weed, Louisa A. Improvement in paper pillow shams Brooklyn, NYJan. 29, 1878
406,155Weeks, Lulu A.; Weeks, Jacob W. Folding dress extender Detroit, MIJuly 2, 1889
402,704Weightman, Mary Bedstead Newcastle Upon Tyne, County of Northumberland, EnglandMay 7, 1889
65,141Weissenborn, Anna Improvement in tuck markers or creasers for sewing machines New York, NYMay 28, 1867Reissued as R3,491 Jun. 8, 1869
86,957Weissenborn, Anna Improvement in treadles for sewing machines New York, NYFeb. 16, 1869
R3,491Weissenborn, Anna Improvement in tuck creasing attachments for sewing machines New York, NYJun. 8, 1869Original 65,141 May 28, 1867
247,720Weisser, Caroline Hair tonic Los Angeles, CASep. 27, 1881
154,736Welch, Eliza P. Improvement in pinking irons Groton, VTSept. 1, 1874
401,667Welch, Rosia W. Knight, John M. (1/2) Grain clipping machine Baltimore, MDApr. 16, 1889
405,288Welch, Rosia W. Bromwell, William T. (3/8) ; Taylor, Joseph S. jr (3/8) Wheat cleaning machine Baltimore, MDJune 18, 1889
480,942Welch, Rosia W. Dunn, William A. : Passano, Louis D. (2/3) Grain scouring machine Baltimore, MDAug. 16, 1892
526,276Welcker, Emma M. Ploger, Wilhelm Dress shield Berlin, GermanySept. 18, 1894
173,698Weldon, Elizabeth S. Improvement in breast pads New York, NYFeb. 15, 1876
173,699Weldon, Elizabeth S. Improvement in skirt supporters New York, NYFeb. 15, 1876
173,700Weldon, Elizabeth S. Improvement in panniers or bustles New York, NYFeb. 15, 1876
173,701Weldon, Elizabeth S. Improvement in panniers or bustles New York, NYFeb. 15, 1876
173,702Weldon, Elizabeth S. Improvement in bustles or panniers New York, NYFeb. 15, 1876
185,150Weldon, Elizabeth Stowell Improvement in panniers New York, NYDec. 5, 1876
189,672Weldon, Elizabeth Stowell Improvement in corsets New York, NYApr. 17, 1877
468,554Weller, Emma J. Seam iron Waterbury, CTFeb. 9, 1892
428,982Wellington, Gertrude G. Topical remedy St. Paul, MNMay 27, 1890
40,785Wellman, Marian J.; Greenough, J.J. Chimneys and shades for lamps and other lights New York, NYDec. 1, 1863
16,942Wellman, Marion J. Baby jumper New York, NYMar. 31, 1857
39,438Wellman, Marion J. Lamp or gas shades New York, NYAug. 4, 1863
134,718Wellman, Marion J. Lamp burner New York, NYJan. 7, 1873
212,877Wellman, Marion Juliana Improvement in movable breastworks or shields New York, NYMar. 4, 1879
457,542Wells, Ruth H. Baking tin Utica, NYAug. 11, 1891
362,593Wells, Sallie Ann Thimble Annapolis, MDMay 10, 1887
516,384Welspiel, Leonie Type writing machine San Francisco, CAMar. 13, 1894
369,380Weltner, Sarah H. Curtain fixture Wellsville, MOSept. 6, 1887
99,380Welty, Mary W. Shield for sewing machines New York, NYFeb. 1, 1870
263,081Wendell, Clotilde H. ; Taylor, Nancy D. Tag fastener Atchison, KSAug. 29, 1882
323,003Werum, Mary M.; Werum, John H. Werum, Mary M. Abdominal supporter Toledo, OHJuly 28, 1885
472,002Wescott, Emma Ross, Jerrold (1/2) Cooking utensil Browerville, MNMar. 29, 1892
519,053Wescott, Harriet J. Protector for ladies boots Somerville, MAMay 1, 1894
82,909Wesselhoeft, Minna Improved extract of barley malt Baltimore, MDOct. 6, 1868
411,406West, Augustine C. Smith & Anthony Stove Company Oil stove Cambridge, MASept. 17, 1889
422,864West, Augustine C. Smith & anthony Stove Company Lamp Somerville, MAMar. 4, 1890
380,159West, Belle; Allen, Wealthy J. Combined step ladder and ironing board Arkansas City, KSMar. 27, 1888
357,747West, Ella Elizabeth; Souders, Jacob S. West Yates, Benjamin F. (1/3) Clasp New York, NYFeb. 15, 1887
402,498West, Mary E. Thread holder and cutter Binghamton, NYApr. 30, 1889
52,918West, Mary J. Improvement in marking attachments for sewing machines Watertown, NYFeb. 27, 1866
508,855Westburg, Nell O. Band cutter and feeder Sanborn, IANov. 14, 1893
164,408Westcott, Caroline Improvement in chemises Chicago, ILJune 15, 1875
468,445Westervelt, Bertha Curling tool Newark, NJFeb. 9, 1892
495,765Westervelt, Bertha Curling tool Newark, NJApr. 18, 1893
468,588Westover, Cynthia M. Dumping cart New York, NYFeb. 9, 1892
110,097Wetmore, Fannie Improvement in patterns for measuring and laying out garments Chicago, ILDec. 13, 1870
445,591Wetz, Carrie A. Music book holder Dayton, OHFeb. 3, 1891
237,791Weyl, Elizabeth Ironing table Vallonia, PAFeb. 15, 1881
303,087Wezel, Minna Millinery ornament Brooklyn, NYAug. 5, 1884
489,619Whalen, Ellen Garment supporter Cumberland, MDJan. 10, 1893
396,184Whalen, Mary E. Whalen, Mary Agnes Dress supporting steel New York, NYJan. 15, 1889
425,558Whalen, Mary E. Whalen, Mary Agnes Dress steel New York, NYApr. 15, 1890
254,854Whaley, Mary Jeffries Covering the slot of cable roads Lincoln, NEMar. 14, 1882
293,387Whaples, Ella Shannon, Lewis (1/2) Attachment for dresses Jackson, MIFeb. 12, 1884
155,055Wheeler, Anna Improvement in heating stoves Brownville, NESept. 15, 1874
513,223Wheeler, Harriett F. Dishcloth holder Freeport, ILJan. 23, 1894
473,540Wheeler, Helen D. Music holder Chicago, ILApr. 26, 1892
354,995Wheeler, Mary A. Alloy Rochester, NYDec. 28, 1886
375,239Wheeler, Mary E. Bassett, R. M.; Bassett, T. S. Dress shield New York, NYDec. 20, 1887
291,447Wheeler, Nellie J. Purse West Winfield, NYJan. 1, 1884
31,199Wheeler, Sarah Jane Curry comb New Britain, CTJan. 22, 1861
294,554Whelan, Frances G. Hook and eye fastening Philadelphia, PAMar. 4, 1884
441,222Whiles, Marian Ruede, James H. (1/2) Quilting frame Woodville, MONov. 25, 1890
461,947Whiles, Marian Switzer, J. D. (1/2) Hay rack Woodville, MOOct. 27, 1891
484,926Whipple, Alice A. Apparatus for sanding railway tracks Providence, RIOct. 25, 1892
490,091Whipple, Alice A. Portable foot warmer Providence, RIJan. 17, 1893
460,805Whipple, Caroline Augusta Felting machine London, EnglandOct. 6, 1891
469,762Whipple, Caroline Augusta Needle employed in the manufacture of felted fabrics London, EnglandMar. 1, 1892
431,861Whitcher, Carrie Ardelle Garment supporting hook Boston, MAJuly 8, 1890
D22,554Whitcomb, Ellen Brainerd & Armstrong Co. Textile fabric Boston, MAJune 27, 1893
383,421White, Alice Mallary, Richard S. (1/2) Bustle Detroit, MIMay 22, 1888
406,553White, Alice Wood, Myron G. (1/2) Bustle Detroit, MIJuly 9, 1889
474,110White, Amanda J. Mining machine Wilkesbarre, PAMay 3, 1892
530,146White, Amelia L. Lunch heater Lima, OHDec. 4, 1894
294,102White, Angeline Wash board London, OHFeb. 26, 1884
168,821White, Ellen Improvement in portable fire places Joliet, ILOct. 11, 1875
U1,825WWhite, Lacy Saddles New York, NYSep. 30, 1825
104,385White, Margaret Improved ironing table and bureau Saratoga Springs, NYJune 14, 1870
110,410White, Margaret Improvement in ironing table bureaus Saratoga Springs, NYDec. 20, 1870
82,188White, Margeannah Improved shoe lacing Providence, RISept. 15, 1868
351,949Whitefield, Lillian Compound for transferring designs to surfaces from perforated patterns Reading, MANov. 2, 1886
267,812Whitehead, Celia J. B. ; Whitehead, Emory J. Book holder Bloomfield, NJNov. 21, 1882
170,923Whiteside, Maria E. Improvement in dish washers Polo, ILDec. 7, 1875
469,987Whiting, Affa Ann Pie box Rockland, MAMar. 1, 1892
394,043Whitlock, Eleanor C. Preventing purses from being stolen from pocket London, EnglandDec. 4, 1888
406,808Whitlow, Eliza Jane Wash bench Houstonia, MOJuly 9, 1889
255,742Whitlow, Eliza J. Washing machine Mexico, MOMar. 28, 1882
142,602Whitman, Emma J. Improvement in kettle and pan scrapers Oakland, CASept. 9, 1873
363,929Whitmore, Emma Aaron Jones' Sons Method of constructing rosettes Philadelphia, PAMay 31, 1887
158,555Whitner, Mary A. E. Improvement in stereoscopes Philadelphia, PAJan. 5, 1875
257,630Whitney, Adeline D. T. Alphabet blocks Milton, MAMay 9, 1882
221,949Whitney, Alice J. Whitney, James D. C. Improvement in fish boners and scalers Chicago, ILNov. 25, 1879
211,203Whitney, Althea F. Improvement in dish washers Cleveland, OHJan. 7, 1879
20,524Whitney, Livonia Door lock Toledo, OHJune 8, 1858
257,381Whitney, Lucy A. ; Preston, Edward F. Compound for removing stains Phelps, NYMay 2, 1882
424,587Whitney, Myra E. Toy Bradford, PAApr. 1, 1890
521,840Whitney, Nina F. Electric alarm clock Columbus, OHJune 26, 1894
191,787Whiton, Eliza L. Improvement in stove polish West Stafford, CTJune 12, 1877
175,224Whittier, Annie V.; Andrews, Calista Improvement in corsets Oberlin, OHMar. 21, 1876
242,240Wickersham, Angeline P. Pattern marker Philadelphia, PAMay 31, 1881
508,457Wickliffe, Mary Flournoy Spectacles Louisville, KYNov. 14, 1893
146,851Widger, Minerva A. Barcley, David F.; Mallory, Marcus (1/2) Improvement in preparing rennet for making cheese, & c Elgin, ILJan. 27, 1874
532,301Widmayer, Adeline Dumping wagon New York, NYJan. 8, 1895
533,937Wiedinger, Mary D. Window guard Chicago, ILFeb. 12, 1895
178,093Wiggins, Elizabeth Improvement in scissors gages Brooklyn, NYMay 30, 1876
491,455Wiggins, Susan Mangle Stewartsville, INFeb. 7, 1893
174,099Wilber, Cornelia J. Improvement in dress shields Buffalo, NYFeb. 29, 1876
302,875Wilber, Helen C. Salve Fayette, MIJuly 29, 1884
126,661Wilbur, Louise Improvement in hair turning hatchels Watertown, NYMay 14, 1872
323,991Wilcox, Eliza B.; Wilcox, Albert Device for hanging wall paper Maple Rapids, MIAug. 11, 1885
339,830Wilcox, Eliza B.; Wilcox, Albert J. Combined pitchfork and rake Maple Rapids, MIApr. 13, 1886
426,486Wilcox, Margaret A. Combined clothes and dish washer Chicago, ILApr. 29, 1890
482,772Wilcox, Margaret A. Wilcox Water Heater Company Combined cooking and hot water heating stove Chicago, ILSept. 20, 1892
492,857Wilcox, Eliza Carpet stretcher Ashley, MIMar. 7, 1893
495,284Wilcox, Margaret A. Wilcox Water Heater Co. Radiator Chicago, ILApr. 11, 1893
496,078Wilcox, Margaret A. Bake pan Chicago, ILApr. 25, 1893
509,415Wilcox, Margaret A. Wilcox Water Heater Co. Car heater Chicago, ILNov. 28, 1893
509,987Wilcox, Margaret A. Dough mixer Chicago, ILDec. 5, 1893
500,522Wilcox, Olive A. Bake oven sliding drawer St. Louis, MOJune 27, 1893
487,411Wild, Annie L. Lacing string Providence, RIDec. 6, 1892
395,411Wiley, Emma Aubrey Catamenial sack Los Angeles, CAJan. 1, 1889
39,856Wilhelm, Anna C. Burner for coal oil lamps Philadelphia, PASept. 8, 1863
135,739Wilhelm, Anna Catharine Button for garments Philadelphia, PAFeb. 11, 1873
386,227Wiliams, Arvilla Stovepipe thimble and cap Saratoga, KSJuly 17, 1888
250,120Wilkerson, Nancy P. Cattle car Terre Haute, INNov. 29, 1881
521,628Wilkins, Bertha S. Housekeeping cabinet Los Angeles, CAJune 19, 1894
431,157Wilkins, Caroline J. Remedial cosmetic Denver, COJuly 1, 1890
496,928Wilkins, Sarah Splasher holder Red Jacket, MIMay 9, 1893
54,804Wilkinson, Jane Maria Adjustable sandal Urbana, ILMay 15, 1866
471,926Willard, Emma A. Bodkin Greenwich, CTMar. 29, 1892
223,621Williams Ella S. Dress protector Mount Morris, NYJan. 13, 1880
144,177Williams, Carrie W. Improvement in caps for scissors points New York, NYOct. 28, 1873
512,349Williams, Electa Fruit jar Pavilion, MIJan. 9, 1894
494,613Williams, Emma F. Fastening for dress shields Richmond, INApr. 4, 1893
354,960Williams, Glennie A. Dough raiser Kansas City, MODec. 28, 1886
194,392Williams, Josephine Improvement in dyeing and coloring feathers, laces, and other fabrics Columbia City, INAug. 21, 1877
352,022Williams, Katie A. Hair curling device Providence, RINov. 2, 1886
406,491Williams, Mary A. Combined corset and breast pad Kansas City, MOJuly 9, 1889
523,253Williams, Mary A. Oven regulator Kansas City, MOJuly 17, 1894
140,983Williams, Mary A.; Williams, John T. Improvement in needle threaders for sewing machines Chicago, ILJuly 15, 1873
101,337Williams, Mollie Improvement in devices for measuring, laying out, and forming corsets Camden, OHMar. 29, 1870
371,401Williamson, Annie M. Corset St. Louis, MOOct. 11, 1887
337,617Williamson, Catharine A.; Rawlings, Budd M. Street car St. Louis, MOMar. 9, 1886
348,082Williamson, Catherine A. Gasoline stove St. Louis, MOAug. 24, 1886
364,075Williamson, Catherine A. Seat for bicycles St. Louis, MOMay 31, 1887
371,402Williamson, Catherine A. Seat St. Louis, MOOct. 11, 1887
228,238Williamson, Catherine A. Shoulder brase St. Louis, MOJun. 1, 1880
249,564Williamson, Catharine A. Corset stay St. Louis, MONov. 15, 1881
314,093Williamson, Sarah A. H. Stove Carson City, NVMar. 17, 1885
141,024Willis, Fannie H. Improvement in shawl straps Boston, MAJuly 22, 1873
31,843Willis, Martha Obstetrical bandage Rochester, NYMar. 26, 1861
524,052Williston, Ellen M. Apparatus for canning fruit Wellsborough, PAAug. 7, 1894
463,819Willoughby, Annie Catamenial sack and support Philadelphia, PANov. 24, 1891
497,365Willoughby, Annie Flatiron holder Philadelphia, PAMay 16, 1893
261,574Willsey, Anna A. Chapin, G. L. (1/2) Water filter Chicago, ILJul. 25, 1882
140,331Wilson ,Martha E.; Perry, Albert J. Wilson, Martha E. Improvement in fluting and plaiting machines Galesburg, ILJune 24, 1873
404,241Wilson, Adele Baby jumper Chicago, ILMay 28, 1889
410,818Wilson, Alice J. Dish drier Abilene, TXSept. 10, 1889
176,499Wilson, Annie Improvement in corsets New York, NYApr. 25, 1876
236,522Wilson, Elizabeth Hair crimper Shelbyville, INJan. 11, 1881
358,098Wilson, Elizabeth Dust deflector Kokomo, INFeb. 22, 1887
267,049Wilson, Elizabeth A. Self shaking sifter for sand Belvidere, ILNov. 7, 1882
505,150Wilson, Exilda Corset steel Detroit, MISept. 19, 1893
487,359Wilson, Harriett D. T. One wheel vehicle New York, NYDec. 6, 1892
232,162Wilson, Hattie D. Combined stay and shoulder brace New York, NYSep. 14, 1880
375,972Wilson, Josephine Sarah Dress chart San Jose, CAJan. 3, 1888
487,107Wilson, Lucindia Jane Washing machine Hardy, TXNov. 29, 1892
269,610Wilson, Maria A. Combined sewing implement Grayson, CADec. 26, 1882
498,096Wilson, Minnie E. Gas masking apparatus Indianapolis, INMay 23, 1893
362,691Wilson, Ruth E. Illuminated floral piece Brooklyn, NYMay 10, 1887
421,879Wilson, Sarah E. L. Adjustable Hat & Bonnet Holder Company Hat and bonnet stand Baltimore, MDFeb. 18, 1890
486,654Wilson, Sarah E. L. Hat or bonnet stand Baltimore, MDNov. 22, 1892
243,027Winans, Emeline A. Tucking and plaiting scale for sewing machines New York, NYJun. 14, 1881
389,625Windiate, Mary L. Egg testing packet Chicago, ILSept. 18, 1888
204,120Wingate, Julia F. Improvement in dress makers squares Boston, MAMay 21, 1878
376,497Winn, Ada Luzelle Button fastener Hillsborough,ARJan. 17, 1888
244,103Winslow, Alice J. Thread holder and cutter Kalamazoo, MIJul. 12, 1881
185,655Winsor, Anarella A. Improvement in children's carriages Boston, MADec. 26, 1876
312,056Winter, Caroline Harding Shoe St. Paul, MNFeb. 10, 1885
258,518Winter, Mary E.; Crary, Cushman W. Winter, Mary E. Adding machine Galesburg, ILMay 30, 1882Crary assign Winter
357,354Winterhoff, Louisa Method of decorating glass Hammersmith, London, EnglandFeb. 8, 1887
239,631Wittich, Louisa Foot rest Baltimore, MDApr. 5, 1881
520,284Wonson, Clara Newton Convertible chair Gloucester, MAMay 22, 1894
240,066Wood, Alice Boise Corn popper Beaver Dam, WIApr. 12, 1881
439,286Wood, Alice J. Seam pressing frame New York, NYOct. 28, 1890
429,492Wood, Alice Miriam Toy toboggan Muskegon, MIJune 3, 1890
362,692Wood, Cornelia C. Bunk for railway cars Sibley, IAMay 10, 1887
416,087Wood, Eliza A. Mop wringer pail Easton, NYNov. 26, 1889
446,909Wood, Eliza A. Mop pail and wringer Easton, NYFeb. 24, 1891
467,798Wood, Eliza A. H. ; Gordon, Minnie Wood Dish washer Bloomfield, FLJan. 26, 1892
341,300Wood, Elizabeth Draft regulator Evansville, INMay 4, 1886
413,426Wood, Elizabeth Emily Skirt protecting garment Topeka, KSOct. 22, 1889
221,648Wood, Emma J. Improvement in corsets De Ruyter, NYNov. 11, 1879
375,859Wood, Julia Beard Draft book for vehicles Manchester, NHJan. 3, 1888
389,948Wood, Julia E. Corset Syracuse, NYSept. 25, 1888
508,073Wood, Julia R. Lasting and sole laying machine Foxborough, MANov. 7, 1893
D23,235Wood, Juliana Badge Philadelphia, PAMay 1, 1894
448,568Wood, Lizzie Florence Aerator for milk or other liquids West Lebanon, NHMar. 17, 1891
418,260Woodall, Adelaide H. ; Romme, William S. Reverse movement attachment for typewriting machines Quincy, ILDec. 31, 1889
410,476Woodard, Bridget Marcilla Combined crumb brush and scraper Manchester, NHSept. 3, 1889
202,209Woodbull, Anna M. Improvement in sandals Freehold, NJApr. 9, 1878
385,158Woodhull, Anna Matilda Safety seal for checks Freehold, NJJune 26, 1888
123,434Woodruff, Catharine Improvement in dish washing machines Antioch, CAFeb. 6, 1872
307,157Woodruff, Emma J. Compound for preserving flowers, & c Chicago, ILOct. 28, 1884
327,636Woodruff, Emma J. Process of treating butter Chicago, ILOct. 6, 1885
205,457Woodruff, Julia Improvement in fruit jar holders Detriot, MIJun. 25, 1878
522,394Woods, Margaret A. Abdominal supporter Somerville, MAJuly 3, 1894
415,760Woods, Maude P. Cuff buttons Lynn, MANov. 26, 1889
383,845Woodward, Ellen E. L. Woodward, Frederick S. (1/2) Safety car Chicago, ILMay 29, 1888
6,375Woodward, Mary Ann Rocking chair fan attachment Palmyra, NYApr. 24, 1849
491,001Woodward, Mary C. Detachable handle for coffee pots Pony, MTJan. 31, 1893
320,830Woodward, Mary Ellen Folding crib Parker, Dakota TerritoryJun. 23, 1885
484,944Woodward, Mary Stewart Inhaler Chicago, ILOct. 25, 1892
359,046Woodworth, Gertrude H. Foot rest for stoves Algona, IAMar. 8, 1887
494,726Woolfenden, Mary F. Window bead fastener Highlands, COApr. 4, 1893
40,877Wooster, Emma C. Ruffles New York, NYDec. 8, 1863
85,502Wooster, Emma C. Improvement in ruffled trimming New York, NYDec. 29, 1868
160,500Wooster, Emma C. Improvement in housemaids' pails New York, NYMar. 2, 1875
126,122Worden, Betsey Ann Improvement in car couplings Scranton, PAApr. 23, 1872
373,384Works, Hattie S. Frame for signs Brooklyn, NYNov. 15, 1887
457,947Worley, Mary J. Pencil case Shelbyville, ILAug. 18, 1891
472,420Worn, Mary E. Pencil sharpener Philadelphia, PAApr. 5, 1892
115,407Wright, Ann E. Improvement in remedies for worms Hamlin, NYMay 30, 1871
501,265Wright, Elina M. Forming decorative panels Hartford, CTJuly 11, 1893
393,319Wright, Eliza Mary Combined hook and eye and safety pin New York, NYNov. 20, 1888
434,413Wright, Eliza M. Reid, Mary J. (1/2) Combined holder and bracket Brooklyn, NYAug. 12, 1890
461,252Wright, Eliza M. Broom holder Brooklyn, NYOct. 13, 1891
483,886Wright, Eliza M. Hook and eye safety pin Brooklyn, NYOct. 4, 1892
D21,737Wright, Hallie L. Spoon Washington, DCJuly 26, 1892
85,118Wright, Luna; Miller, Samuel J. Improvement in corn plows Economy, INDec. 22, 1868
462,905Wright, Priscilla Agnes ; Wright, Charles Romley Alder Window cleaner London, EnglandNov. 10, 1891
430,163Wroe, Missouria E. Trace and trace chain supporter Brenham, TXJune 17, 1890
196,615Wuerfel, Julia Improvement in dress pattern charts Sheboygan, WIOct. 30, 1877
452,406Wylie, Lillie J. Hanger for pictures, etc. Hoboken, NJMay 19, 1891
450,092Wyman, Maud Slate attachment Oakland, CAApr. 7, 1891
488,411Wyman, Maud Slate attachment San Francisco, CADec. 20, 1892
400,421Wynkoop, Mary T. Rubber boot Utica, NYMar. 26, 1889
191,742Wynne, Katie A. Improvement in finger guards East Boston, MAJune 5, 1877
316,928Wysong, Ann Amelia Ironing board and table Baltimore, MDApr. 28, 1885
532,997Yancey, Belle Dish cleaner Carlinville, ILJan. 22, 1895
409,133Yarborough, Cora Montrose Lynne, James H. Plant protector Durham, NCAug. 13, 1889
458,137Yeates, Jessie J. Jr. Boykin, Frank Jr. (1/2) Bale tie Birmingham, ALAug. 18, 1891
177,780Yeomaus, Clara Improvement in attaching uterine and other supporters Clinton, IAMay 23, 1876
345,470Youart, Isabella Pastry board Troy, OHJuly 13, 1886
469,955Youlten, Annie Frances Maria Sliding window London, EnglandMar. 1, 1892
410,999Young, Annie M. Smith, Abby C. Glove Providence, RISept. 10, 1889
474,074Young, Annie M. Dress facing and protector Providence, RIMay 3, 1892
165,970Young, Corinne Improvement in ribbon runners New York, NYJuly 27, 1875
235,112Young, Corinne Corset New York, NYDec. 7, 1880
422,682Young, Effie E. Card game, promoting the study of language Orange, NJMar. 4, 1890
333,711Young, Elizabeth M. Hand plaiting attachment Dansville, NYJan. 5, 1886
116,786Young, Julie Desmarques Improvement in toilet pastes San Francisco, CAJuly 4, 1871
120,808Young, Sapphira Improvement in skirt supporting corsets Elmira, NYNov. 7, 1871
229,225Young, Sarah Gilman Sofa bed Hartford, CTJun. 22, 1880
156,721Young, Zillah K. Improvement in button fastenings Philadelphia, PANov. 10, 1874
517,636Youngquist, Louisa ; Youngquist, August ; Mehrtens, Fred L. N. Ash sifter Milwaukee, WIApr. 3, 1894
192,807Yvelin, Cordelia E. Improvement in wash basins New York, NYJuly 3, 1877
400,385Zander, Ida Jar holder and kettle cover Milwaukee, WIMar. 26, 1889
475,429Zeiser, Jennie E. Scrubbing pail Schenectady, NYMay 24, 1892
328,073Zelie, Polly A.; Smith, Albert Composition for graining wood Dundee, NYOct. 13, 1885
214,271Zundorff, Anna Improvement in combined tables, sinks, &etc New York, NYApr. 15, 1879
163,958Zimmer, Anna M. Improvement in wood grinders for paper pulp Elkhart, INJune 1, 1875
486,948Zimmerling, Lissette F. Stove Jackson, MINov. 29, 1892
246,271Zumwalt, Elizabeth Caroline Stove mat for coffee pots and other utensils Port Orford, ORAug. 23, 1881
42,677Moody, Mrs. S.A. Improvement in hoop skirts New York, NYMay 10, 1864Reissued as R1,872 Feb. 14, 1865
260,589Mayer, Amalia Ornamenting fur and other goods New York, NYJul. 4, 1882Reissued as R10,245 Nov. 21, 1882
194,045McGee, Charlotte A. Corset Jackson, MIAug. 14, 1877Reissued as R9,496 Dec. 7, 1880
445,882Donally, Amalia M. Bottle filling apparatus New York, NYFeb. 3, 1891Reissued as R11,300 Dec. 28, 1808
184,545Philbrook, Emeline W. Underwaist Boston, MANov. 21, 1876Reissued as R9,971 Dec. 13, 1881
R3,718Kirk, Susan M.; Howlett, Edwin J. Howlett, Edwin J. Tools for manufacturing paper bags Philadelphia, PANov. 9, 1869Original 62,342 Feb. 26, 1867; Reissued as R4,029 Jun. 14, 870
42,591Moody, Sarah A. Medical compound New York, NYMay 3, 1864Reissued as R2,165 Jan. 30, 1866 ; Mrs. Sarah A. Suningham 225,211 Mar. 9, 1880
39,911Foy, Lavinia H. Corset skirt supporter Boston, MASep. 15, 1863Reissued as R2,653 Jun. 18, 1867 Reissued as R2,654 Jun. 18, 1867 Reissued as R4,831
62,342Kirk, Susan M.; Howlett, Edwin J. Howlett, Edwin J. Machine for manufacturing paper bags Philadelphia, PAFeb. 26, 1867Reissued as R4,029 Jun. 14, 1870 Reissued as R3,718 Nov. 9, 1869
55,469Cole, Henrietta H. Fluting machine New York, NYJun. 12, 1866Reissued R4,349 Apr. 25, 1871
70,801Cashman, M. M. Creeping robes for infants Boston, MANov. 12, 1867Reissued as R5,847
132,963Heermance, Louisia M.; Heermance, Charles W. Improvement in combined strainers and funnels New York, NYNov. 12, 1872Reissued as R6,614 Aug. 24, 1875
191,368Rennie, Sarah M. Rennie, William J. (1/2) Dust pan Binghampton, NYMay 29, 1877Reissued as R7,866
191,035Drew, Luna Baker Irving, WIMay 22, 1877Reissued as R7,869 Sep. 4, 1877
267,107Purdy, Louise J. Pattern tracer St. Louis, MONov. 7, 1882
8,130 Hulings, Margaret Hand machine for spinning wool Randolph County, INJun. 3, 1851

Susan E. Hocker, Miami University Libraries.12/12/03 If you find errors or problems please send email to shocker@lib.muohio.edu