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Eighteenth Century Fiction contains the complete text of 96 works of English prose fiction from the period 1700-1780, by writers from the British Isles. All of the most widely-studied texts are in the database, alongside others long neglected or unavailable. First editions have been used unless considered unreliable. Authors include Burney, Defoe, Fielding, Haywood, Johnson, Lennox, Manley, Richardson, Frances Sheridan, Smollett, Sterne, and Swift.

The OhioLINK Electronic Book Center contains scholarly and reference electronic books from ABC-Clio, Gale, Oxford University Press, Sage, and Springer. Also includes links to e-book collections at Oxford Reference Online, Safari Books Online, and Netlibrary. View a list of titles (with links) in the EBC.

Provides the full text of electronic journals from specific publishers in the Sciences, and to a lesser extent in the Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. This collection consists of electronic journals from Elsevier, Blackwell, Kluwer, Springer-Verlag, Wiley, Sage, Project Muse, Oxford, Cambridge, and others. The Electronic Journal Center (EJC) also provides notification via email about new relevant articles according to subject, author, or journal title.
Electronic Reference Books (ABC-CLIO) is a collection of reference books - encyclopedias, handbooks, biographical collections, guides - on many specialized topics from ABC-CLIO, an educational reference publisher.

Doctoral dissertations and master's theses from 13 Ohio institutions are now submitted and stored in electronic form and are freely available to the public. The papers are added to the database as they are approved by the departments accepting them. Several institutions are also submitting undergraduate honors theses as well. To find dissertations you can browse by author's last name and by institution/department, or search by author, title, subject, or keyword.

eLS features over 5,000 specially commissioned, peer-reviewed and citable articles in the life sciences. eLS articles are written by leaders in the field to provide comprehensive and authoritative coverage of each subject area. eLS is updated by approximately 400 articles per year, with new articles publishing on a monthly basis.

Features include:

  • Topic browse spanning the life sciences from cell biology to ecology
  • Topic coverage reviewed by a distinguished international scientific advisory team
  • Overviews and Suggested Articles to help students learn about topics
  • Key Concepts explaining critical learning points for the reader
  • Open availability of Abstracts, Key Concepts and Keywords
  • Open availability of high-quality illustrations
  • Open availability of References and Further Reading
  • In-text hyperlinks directly linking related eLS articles
  • Article Glossaries
  • New and updated articles added on a monthly basis
  • Updated articles clearly linked to earlier versions
Provides an exhaustive and organized overview of Jewish life and knowledge from the Second Temple period to the contemporary State of Israel, from Rabbinic to modern Yiddish literature, from Kabbalah to "Americana" and from Zionism to the contribution of Jews to world cultures, Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2nd edition is important to scholars, general readers and students.

Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations is a collection of 600 physics demonstrations available for viewing and downloading. Each video illustrates a particular principle of physics. The demonstrations are augmented by slow-motion photography and animation. Videos are available in RealVideo format and may be streamed or downloaded.

Encyclopedia of U.S.-Latin American Relations is a comprehensive A to Z reference featuring more than 800 entries detailing the political, economic, and military interconnections between the United States and the countries of Latin America, including Mexico and the nations in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Energy & Power Source offers cover-to-cover indexing from nearly 5,100 publications, including journals, monographs, magazines and trade publications, all directly dealing with energy industry-related issues. Hundreds of key energy-focused industry and market reports are also included. This database also features tens of thousands of additional energy industry articles, benchmarks and best practices, selected from thousands of trade and industry publications.

Use to access and search the Compendex and Geobase databases.

English Poetry Database provides full text access to over 4,400 poetry collections (160,000 poems by 1,350 poets listed in the New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature). Excluded are English translations after 1800, verse drama, non-English language works, hymns after 1800, and unpublished poems or poems published in contemporary newspapers, magazines, or miscellanies, as well as writers once considered non-canonical. || Search by author, title, words-in-titles and in the full text of poems. || Complemented by the 20th Century English Poetry database and similar collections of American and African American poetry.
A full text database of over 1,600 plays by 350 English authors from the 13th to the end of the 19th century, based on entries in the "New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature." The database is searchable by author, title, specific fields such as cast list, genre, date of first performance, speaker, stage direction, etc. The editions chosen are usually contemporary with their authors. See also "English Verse Drama."
The English Short Title Catalog (ESTC) catalogs and describes works printed in any language in England or its dependencies and works printed in English anywhere in the world, 1473 to the end of the eighteenth century. Simple and advanced searches are possible, using author, title, subject, imprint, and other features. Most of the items listed are available online in Early English Books Online, Eighteenth Century Collections Online, and Early American Imprints.
English Verse Drama provides full text access to over 2,200 plays by 500 English authors (and 300 anonymous works) from the 13th to the end of the 19th century, based on entries in the "New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature." Materials included are materials intended for the stage and wholly or primarily in verse. The database is searchable by author, title, and specific fields such as cast list, genre, date of first performance, speaker, stage direction, etc. The editions chosen are usually contemporary with their authors. See also "English Prose Drama."

Entrepreneurial Studies Source offers users full text for hundreds of periodicals and reference books, numerous case studies, thousands of company profiles and hundreds videos with transcripts and related articles from the Harvard Faculty Seminar Series and Vator.TV, one of the world's largest social network sites for high-tech entrepreneurs. This database can be utilized by students for their entrepreneurial assignments or case studies ranging from solo projects to major entrepreneurial undertakings.

This resource includes five databases.

  • ClimateWire tracks the politics and policy on climate change issues, both nationally and globally, and is designed to provide comprehensive, daily coverage of all aspects of climate change issues. Published at 8 a.m. daily.
  • E & E Daily focuses on environmental and energy legislation in the U.S. Congress and is published every day Congress is in session at 7:30 a.m.
  • Greenwire covers how these issues play out in the courts, states and federal agencies, and is published 5 days a week at 1 p.m.
  • E & ENews PM is published daily at 4:30 p.m., and reports on late-breaking developments from Capitol Hill and elsewhere.
  • EnergyWire offers coverage of the business and political issues surrounding the rapidly expanding unconventional energy industry in the US and the world. Published at 9 a.m. daily.
Offers deep coverage in environmental aspects of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, natural resources, marine & freshwater science, geography, pollution & waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, and urban planning. Primary coverage is from 1975-present, with limited coverage from 1960.

The ERIC collection includes bibliographic records, with extensive abstracts, for more than 1.2 million items indexed since 1966, including journal articles, books, research syntheses, conference papers, technical reports, policy papers, and other education-related materials. ERIC currently indexes more than 600 journals. In addition, contributors have given ERIC permission to display more than 115,000 full-text materials in PDF format. These materials are generally part of the recent "grey literature" such as conference papers and reports, rather than journal articles and books. Older ERIC documents that are not free on the web are available on microfiche, but must be recalled from storage.

Please note limited availability of full-text: ERIC has had to disable access to many full text PDFs due to security issues.   ERIC is currently re-scanning and replacing documents online.

Essay & General Literature Index offers access to tens of thousands of essays that are otherwise inaccessible. This database unlocks a wealth of information in thousands of collections and anthologies and features content in a wide array of fields including archaeology, architecture, classical studies, drama, folklore, political science, psychology, religion, women’s studies and more.

Interdisciplinary, bilingual (English and Spanish) and comprehensive full text database of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press. Designed to provide the "other side of the story," ENW titles offer additional viewpoints from those proffered by the mainstream press
Ethnologue, 15th edition, provides comprehensive information about the known living languages of the world, currently some 7,300. Ethnologue information is organized by area and by country, with maps and information about speakers and uses of the languages, and a clear discussion of the issues involved in defining languages.
This database provides political and economic information for more than 250 countries and territories. Information includes regional and country profiles, information on physical and social geography, history, economy, and country and comparative statistics. Directory information for governmental, society, media, and business enterprises is also provided as is a bibliography.
EBSEES lists books, journal articles, reviews and theses on Eastern Europe (formerly Communist countries) published in Western Europe. It includes documents, whether published in that country

Based on the authoritative bibliography "European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed in Europe Relating to The Americas, 1493-1750", this database is a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750. It covers the history of European exploration as well as portrayals of Native American peoples. A wide range of subject areas are covered; from natural disasters to disease outbreaks and slavery.

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Factiva includes full-text coverage of all the major US and international newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, etc. It also includes television and radio transcripts, and business and trade journals as well as company reports and financial data.

FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Service) Daily Reports are full-text, transcribed and translated intercepted radio broadcasts from foreign governments, official news services, and clandestine broadcasts from occupied territories. Many of these materials are first-hand reports of events as they occurred. Key historical events are accessible directly through predefined, hyperlinked collections. The FBIS Daily Reports constitute a one-of-a-kind archive of transcripts of foreign broadcasts and news from 157 different countries, with other countries to be added via content updates.

Formerly GPO Access. is the Government Printing Office’s information storage and retrieval site which provides access to authenticated information directly from the United States Government through the Government Printing Office. offers powerful search features and the most up to date versions (daily when applicable) of information and resources.

The Medieval Feminist Index covers journal articles, bookreviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages. The time period covered is 450 C.E. to 1500 C.E. with Russia extending to 1613. The geographic area is Europe, North Africa, and theMiddle East as well as areas in which Europeans traveled. To use the subject browse the list of subjects or broad topics.
FIAF Index to Film Periodicals lists articles about film and television in 300 international periodicals from 1972 to the present. This database also contains information about 40,500 silent-era films (features, short films, actualities and fictional works) in the collections of the major international film archives, along with information about the world's major film archives, libraries, and educational institutions, and publications by film archives since the 1960s.
Film & Television Literature Index is an index to articles in popular and scholarly journals about film and television. The publications indexed include international film journals, popular and trade journals, and reference books, and subject coverage includes film & television theory, preservation & restoration, writing, production, cinematography, technical aspects, and reviews.For reviews see Academic Search Complete or Readers Guide Retrospective; for scholarly articles see also the MLA International Bibliography.
The Film Literature Index (FLI) annually indexes 150 film and television periodicals from 30 countries cover-to-cover and 200 other periodicals selectively for articles on film and television. The periodicals range from the scholarly to the popular. For reviews see Academic Search Complete or Readers Guide Retrospective; for scholarly articles see Film and Television Literature Index and the MLA International Bibliography.

Food Science Source includes more than 1,000 key food industry and market reports, as well as tens of thousands of additional food industry articles, benchmarks and best practices, selected from thousands of trade and industry publications. Designed for food industry experts and information professionals of all types, this database offers the foremost full-text collection of food industry-related content available today.

Foreign language video clips in which native speakers elaborate on a wide variety of topics about their culture, family, and daily life. Languages included are Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Swahili, although the majority of them are in Russian

Freshmeat maintains the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software and Palm OS software. Each entry provides a description of the software, links to download it and to obtain more information, and a history of the project's releases, so readers can keep up-to-date on the latest developments. In addition, freshmeat offers a variety of original content on technical, political, and social aspects of software and programming.
Fuente Academica provides full text (including PDF) for 260 scholarly Spanish language journals from Spain and Latin America. This multi-disciplinary database offers full text content to many academic areas including business & economics, medical sciences, political science, law, computer science, library & information sciences, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy and theology.
Provides 25,000 entries and is searchable by keywords within the articles. Entries are short with no bibliographies.
Index of academic and popular articles about plants and gardening. Topics include horticulture, garden and landscape design and history, botany, ecology, plant and garden conservation, garden management, and horticultural therapy. This index and abstract product is designed for gardening enthusiasts, professionals, and students of horticulture, garden and landscape design and history. More than 300 core titles, mostly English-language, are indexed and abstracted.

Temporarily unavailable.

Business and technology market research reports in the IT sector. Special features include Hype Cycles and Magic Quadrants.

Gender Studies Database combines the Women's Studies International and Men's Studies databases with the coverage of sexual diversity issues. Source documents include professional journals, conference papers, books, book chapters, government reports, discussion and working papers, theses & dissertations and other sources. Several hundred links provide access to carefully selected and important websites. This database includes more than 921,000 records, with coverage spanning from 1972 and earlier to the present.
GenderWatch is a full text database of publications that focuses on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas and countries. Subjects include: business, education, literature and the arts, health sciences, history, political science, public policy, sociology and contemporary culture, gender and women's studies and more. Indexed are journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, regional publications, books, booklets and pamphlets, conference proceedings, and government, NGO and special reports.

Geobase provides comprehensive bibliographic references to important journals in the fields of physical and human geography, geology, mineralogy, ecology and development studies. International in scope, Geobase provides coverage from over 1,800 primary journals, books, monographs, reports, and theses. Geobase pulls together the information from seven abstracts journals - Geological Abstracts, Geomechanics Abstracts, Geographical Abstracts: Human Geography, Geographical Abstracts: Physical Geography, Ecological Abstracts, International Development Abstracts to enable comprehensive multidisciplinary searches of international literature.

A Cumulative Index to 70 years of German Life and Letters with names and subject cross-indexes created by Gordon Burgess and J. Mellis and available from the Blackwell website.
GMID contains more than 4,500 US and international full-text market research reports, offering in-depth strategic analysis for consumer, industrial and service sectors. It also has statistics on consumer market size data for over 300 product categories across 52 counties.
Written by a staff of experienced, professional journalists, Gongwer's daily Ohio Report provides coverage of every bill in the General Assembly and closely tracks the activities of the executive and judicial branches. Beyond daily news reporting, Gongwer provides its readers with a suite of products that enhance their ability to monitor and react to political and policy developments. Includes House and Senate activity reports; bill tracking and history reports; legislative committee meeting schedules; committee lists, rosters and contacts; correspondence tools; Day Planner scheduling service; Agency Calendar; Political Planner: notices of political fundraisers, conferences and other political activities; Statehouse Job Market; links to the full text of key documents, reports, opinions and transcripts; directories, biographies and contact information for lawmakers and executive branch officials; information and biographies on candidates and ballot issues; bill introduction & enactment reports.
Searches the full text of the U.S. patents. View images of original patents online, or save and print them for offline use. Covers the entire collection of patents made available by the USPTO
GPO Access

GPO Access has been superseded by FDSys.

GPO Monthly Catalog is a comprehensive index of United States government publications. This index covers publications of executive agencies such as the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Transportation, and Treasury; numerous independent agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Social Security Administration; and Congress. Publications cover a wide range of subjects in the social sciences and sciences. This index also includes citations to government resources on the Internet. Many of the publications in this index are shelved by SuDoc number in the Government Information & Law Department, basement of King Library. Publications received in microfiche are in Microform Storage. Check the library catalog and use "Request item".

GreenFILE offers information covering all aspects of human impact on the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles include content on the environmental effects of individuals, corporations and local/national governments, and what can be done on each level to minimize negative impact. Topics covered include global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. GreenFILE is multidisciplinary by nature and draws on the connections between the environment and a variety of disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology.

Publisher Greenwood provides an interface to search thought its printed Daily Life series'. Texts explore the daily life of culures and countries and cover history and current topics. Also included are primary documents, images, maps, vetted weblinks, Tours through Time features, Spanning the Globe features, and thousands of folk and fairy tales.

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