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C19 indexes a wide range of 19th-century British and American books, periodicals, newspapers and other documents such as British Parliamentary papers. C19 also includes Archives USA, an index to archival repositories and description of their collections. With the exception of journals in the American Periodicals series, C19 does not provide links to full-text articles.
20th Century African-American Poetry contains works by more than 100 poets, including Audre Lorde, Langston Hughes, Rita Dove, and emerging poets. For early African-American poetry, see African-American Poetry 1760-1900.
Collected works and individual volumes of poetry covering the works of most major 20th-century American poets. Over 52,000 poems from more than 316 poets. The broad coverage of Twentieth-Century American Poetry includes collected works and individual volumes of poetry from all the major movements and schools, including the New School, the Chicago School, the Southern School, the Confessionals, the Beats, and the Black Mountain poets. For earlier American poetry, see American Poetry 1600-1900.
20th Century English Poetry contains over 44,000 poems by 288 poets, incorporating the Modern Poetry Collection and The Faber Poetry Library. The complete text of each poem is included, and any integral images are also scanned. Introductions and prefaces to the volumes are included, as are all notes and any prose sections. For early English poetry, see English Poetry 600-1900.
Compilation of articles about petroleum exploration, accessible via a text-and-image database that includes AAPG bulletin, AAPG special publications, and meeting paper abstracts, Journal of petroleum geology, Journal of sedimentary research
Our broadest, most general index to periodicals, Academic Search Complete provides abstracts for over 9,300 scholarly and popular periodicals, and full text for more than 5,300 of these. It covers virtually all academic areas of study, including social sciences, humanities, education, computer sciences, engineering, language and linguistics, arts and literature, medical sciences, and ethnic studies.

Academic Video Online is an Alexander Street Press platform where all of our subscribed video collections from ASP can be cross-searched simultaneously. This includes American History in Video, Counseling & Therapy in Video, and Theatre in Video.

The Archives provides the full text of primary historical resources from the 18th and 19th century, including Godey's Ladys Book and the Pennsylvania Gazette. The Archives contains databases of major Civil war articles from The New York Herald, The Charleston Mercury and the Richmond Enquirer. It also has a database of selected 19th Century African-American papers, including Freedoms Journal, The Colored American, The North Star the Frederick Douglass Paper (1851-59), and others. The Archives is searchable by keyword. It also includes Study Guides that will direct users to relevant resources on general subjects such as Crime and Punishment and Black History and prominent individuals such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
This includes accounting standards from FASB, GASB, and IASB along with full-text articles from accounting and business journals. Standards content includes Original Pronouncements, Statements, Interpretations, Board Opinions, AICPA Interpretations, Current Text, and EITF Abstracts. There is in-depth coverage of accounting policies, state and national tax legislation, corporate taxation, as well as related accounting topics such as auditing, compensation, pension plans, and financial management.
The ACM Digital Library contains full text of every journal article and conference proceeding published by the Association for Computing Machinery (about 54,000 articles from 30 journals and 900 conference proceeding titles). Also contains "The Guide" (know as the ACM Guide to Computing Literature), a more comprehensive computer science database that contains over 600,000 citations. Materials in the guide are from ACM and additional publishers, and not all are available via full text.
ACS Publications offers 35 prestigious journals in addition to its weekly newsmagazine covering the chemical enterprise, Chemical & Engineering News. With the ACS Journal Archives, ACS Publications provides searchable access to over 130 years of original research in chemistry, including more than 750,000 articles contained in 3 million plus pages of chemistry findings, dating back to the introduction of the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 1879.

The ACS Style Guide is an established and definitive source within and beyond the chemistry community, educating researchers on how to effectively communicate scientific information.

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AdSpender provides a fast, top-level summary of the multimedia advertising marketplace. This web-based tool spans five years of national summary spending trends, accessible by industry, parent company, and brand. Data is available via customizable reports with easy data exporting abilities to popular spreadsheet and flowchart programs.

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A comprehensive database covering a wide array of important bibliographies, indexes and databases focusing on information to support The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). Topics include politics, history, economics, business, mining, natural sciences, environment, development, social issues, anthropology, literature,language, law, music, tourism and much more on Africa. Sources include book citations, periodicals and magazine articles, radio and television broadcasts, newspapers,pamphlets, maps, reports, theses, music recordings and much more

The African-American Poetry is a full-text database containing 3,000 poems from about n books of poetry by African American poets published up through 1900. The full-text of each book is presented, and readers can browse the books or they can search the database for words in any of several fields: author, title, dedication, epigraph, first line, or any line. They can also create fairly complex combination searches, and searches can be limited by the poet's gender and whether the poem is rhymed or unrhymed. Poems can be printed and downloaded. The poets included are listed in Afro-American Poetry and Drama, 1760-1975: A Guide to Information Sources. Ed. W. P. French, M. J. Fabre, and A. Singh (Detroit : Gale Research, 1979). DAAP complements the American Poetry Database

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AGELINE, a comprehensive bibliographic database produced by AARP, provides coverage of gerontology related topics. With references from both academic and general publications, AGELINE contains indexes and abstracts of books, journals, research reports, consumer guides, book chapters, and video reviews. It is a valuable source of information on the delivery of health care to the older population and its associated costs and policies are particularly well covered, as are public policy issues, theories of aging, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, marketing to older adults, elder care, Alzheimers, financial and retirement planning, fitness, nutrition, and housing.

AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) indexes materials owned and cataloged by the National Agriculture Library. Subjects covered include: animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences, forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, farming and farming systems, agricultural economics, extension and education, food and nutrition, and earth and environmental sciences. AGRICOLA also maintains the Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) and so it is a good source for animal welfare and animal rights information. Formats include periodical articles, books, book chapters, reports, extension bulletins, computer software and audiovisual materials. Use Subject Category Codes to improve your searches.
The Air University Library's Index to Military Periodicals is a subject and keyword index to significant articles, news items, and editorials from English language military and aeronautical periodicals. The Index contains citations since 1988. For the years 1953-1990 see King Index Reference shelves.
This database focuses on the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness. Alt-HealthWatch indexes and provides some full text articles from more than 170 international peer-reviewed and professional journals, magazines, reports, proceedings, association & consumer newsletters plus hundreds of pamphlets, booklets, special reports, original research and book excerpts.

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Alternative Press Index is a bibliographic database of journal, newspaper, and magazine articles from over 700 international alternative, radical, and left periodicals. Alternative Press Index covers theories and practices of: socialism, revolution, ecology, democracy, anarchism, feminism, organized labor, indigenous peoples, and gay and lesbian issues. API coverage is both international and interdisciplinary and begins with 1969.

America: History and Life (AHL) abstracts journal articles, book reviews, media reviews, and dissertations on all aspects of American and Canadian history from prehistory to the present. Sources in AHL are almost all in English and include state and local history journals as well as major history journals. Search the index by keyword and limit the search by desired time-period covered in the article. For additional help in searching use the link in AHL.
Online version of The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies, which since 1956 has provided an annual comprehensive listing of journal articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, dissertations, online resources, and selected government publications produced in the United States and Canada on all aspects of East-Central Europe and the former Soviet Union. Volumes of ABSEES for 1957-1990 are in the circulating collection under the call number Z2483 .A65

An online resource for researching the individuals, regiments, and battles of the American Civil War. The database contains indexed, searchable information on over 4 million soldiers and thousands of battles, together with over 17,000 photographs. With thousands of regimental rosters and officer profiles, the database will continue to grow as new information is loaded semiannually.

The American Civil War: Letters and Diaries consists of diaries, letters, and memoirs by famous and unknown individuals from the North, South, and foreign countries. Aside from a keyword index, other indexes include characteristics of author, personal events, battles and date/day or month.

Full-text of over 700 plays by 300+ American playwrights from 1714-1900, with numerous search options. Search by author, title, and words in text, cast list, stage directions, epigraphs, and dedications. A work in progress, when finished American Drama will feature the complete texts of more than 2,000 plays written by American dramatists. Based on "English and American Drama of the Nineteenth Century" and "Three Centuries of Drama."

The American FactFinder provides access to information about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas collected by the US Census Bureau. Data included is drawn from the 2000 and 2010 Decennial Censuses, the American Community Survey, American Housing Survey, Economic Censuses, and Population Estimates Program.

A work in progress, this edition of American Film Scripts Online contains 776 scripts by 856 writers together with detailed information on the scenes, characters and people related to the scripts. Users can search by subject (topics, events, places) as well as by character name, writer, film title, and people (actors, director, producers) When complete, the collection will include more than 1,000 scripts and over 100,000 scenes of life as portrayed in the movies. Produced by Alexnder Street Press.

Contains over 90,000 entries featuring 10,000 new words and senses, 70,000 audio word pronunciations, 900 full-page color illustrations, language notes and word-root appendixes

American History in Video provides the largest and richest collection of video available online for the study of American history, with 2,000 hours and more than 5,000 titles on completion. The collection allows students and researchers to analyze historical events, and their presentation over time, through commercial and governmental newsreels, archival footage, public affairs footage, and important documentaries.

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Online version of the 24 volume reference work, which updates the Dictionary of American Biography. It "offers portraits of more than 17,400 men and women -- from all eras and walks of life -- whose lives have shaped the nation." All subjects are deceased. Biographies which overlap with the DAB have been completely rewritten.

American Periodical Series Online is a full-text collection of 1,500 American magazines published from 1741 into the 20th century. The database provides PDFs of page images and single articles. It can be browsed by title, editor, or publisher, and searched using a sophisticated search menu. The collection includes the first American magazines, early literary and cultural reviews, the first scholarly journals, and many popular magazines that continue to be published to this day, including Atlantic, Ladies'Home Journal, Vanity Fair, Puck, and Scientific American This is a work-in-progress and is updated daily.
For additional indexing use the 19th Century Index and Index to Early American Periodicals. The collection also is held in microfilm.
Contains the full text of over 40,000 poems by more than 200 American poets from books published from the 1600s to 1900. Readers can browse the books or they can search the database for words in any of several fields: author, title, dedication, epigraph, first line, or any line. The poets included are listed in Jacob Blanck's Bibliography of American Literature (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1955-95). APD complements 20th Century American Poetry, African-American Poetry 1760-1900, and 20th-Century African American Poetry.

Full text access to a collection of 25 technical journals from theAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers from 2000 forward

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American Song is an eclectic collection of music from Americans of diverse origins and all walks of life, from America’s past and present. The songs are by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers, cowboys, and ordinary people. They touch topics as varied as Civil Rights, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, anti-war protests, and more. And the range of genres includes country, folk, bluegrass, Western, old time, American Indian, blues, gospel, shape note singing, doo-wop, Motown, R&B, soul, funk, and others.

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Ancestry Library Edition delivers billions of records in census data, vital records, directories, photos, and more. Ancestry Library Edition brings the world’s most popular consumer online genealogy resource to the library. It’s an unprecedented online collection of individuals from North America, the UK, Europe, Australia, and more. Includes more than 7,000 available databases. Here, you can unlock the story of you with sources like censuses, vital records, immigration records, family histories, military records, court and legal documents, directories, photos, maps, and more.

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The online style and usage guide used by newspapers and the news industry in general. Reporters, editors and others use the AP Stylebook as a guide for grammar, punctuation and principles and practices of reporting. Although some publications use a different style guide, the AP Stylebook is considered a newspaper industry standard and is also used by broadcasters, magazines and public relations firms. It includes an A-to-Z listing of guides to capitalization, abbreviation, spelling, numerals and usage.

Applied Science & Technology Full Text covers all applied science specialties–including acoustics, aeronautics, neural networks, nuclear engineering, physics, space science and much more–to provide access on all of the topics of scientific interest from today’s top headlines.

This database provides full-text coverage of hundreds of periodicals and books, as well as cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts for nearly a thousand academic journals, magazines and trade publications and books. The database also provides selective coverage for additional publications and an immense Image Collection provided by Picture Desk and others. Full-text coverage dates back to 1937.

AATA Online is a comprehensive database of over 100,000 abstracts of international literature related to the preservation and conservation of material cultural heritage. Coverage is broad and global, and includes works of art, cultural objects, museum collections, archives and library materials, architecture, historic sites, and archaeology.

Publications covered include over 150 current and over 300 historic journals in the field of conservation, monographic series, and conference proceedings. Occasional papers, theses, digital, and audiovisual resources are also included.

Includes more than 94,000 digital images from commercial providers and from the Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO), as well as contributions from select OhioLINK institutions.

Art Full Text indexes articles from over 370 art periodicals from around the world. Sources include periodicals, yearbooks, and museum bulletins in English and other languages. Coverage is broad and includes art history, architecture, advertising, archaeology, crafts, fine arts, folk art, graphic arts, interior design, jewelry, film, and photography. This database also cites art reproductions used to illustrate articles or advertisements.
Full text is available for selected journals starting from 1997. Abstracts available for articles published after 1994. Citations indexed from 1929-present.
Art Full Text continues Art Abstracts and Art Index.

Art Index Retrospective allows you to search more than 55 years of art journalism from more than 600 publications. Feature articles, interviews, film reviews, book reviews, bibliographies, exhibition listings, conference reports, anthologies, editorials, reproduction of works of art, notices of competitions and awards and letters to the editor are indexed. Subjects covered include advertising art, antiques, archaeology, architecture and architectural history, art history, crafts, and much more.

ARTbibliographies Modern provides full abstracts of international journal articles, books, essays, exhibition catalogs, PhD dissertations, and exhibition reviews on all forms of modern and contemporary art. More than 13,000 new entries are added each year.

Subject coverage is broad and includes traditional media (e.g. drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture), as well as decorative and applied arts (e.g. ceramics, fashion, graphic design, jewelry, textiles) and newer art forms (e.g. body art, computer and electronic art, installations, performance art, video art).

While the focus is on late-19th and 20th Century art, coverage also extends back to include information about the influence of earlier artists. Photography is covered from its invention in 1839.

Artemis integrates literature resources from Gale and Literature Criticism Online into a single research environment.  Cross-searchable access is provided for all of the collections below:

  • Literature Resource Center
  • Literature Criticism Online
  • Scribner Writers Online
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
ARTFL (American and French Research on the Treasury of French Language) provides full text searching of over 2000 French language texts in literature, philosophy, and arts and sciences. Sources date from the 13th to the 20th centuries. Searching must be performed in French. Several searches are possible, such as in single works, in multiple works by one author, in works from a specific time period, or in the entire database. || At present the corpus consists of nearly 2000 texts, ranging from classic works of French literature to various kinds of non-fiction prose and technical writing. The eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries are about equally represented, with a smaller selection of seventeenth century texts as well as some medieval and Renaissance texts.

ArticleFirst is an index of the items listed on table of contents pages of over 12,000 journals. This index covers articles, news stories, letters and other items on topics as diverse as business, humanities, medicine, popular culture, sciences, social sciences, and technology. For most items, the database also provides a list of libraries that hold the journal.

A huge, multidisciplinary database indexing over 1,100 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals, as well as selected items from over 6,800 major science and social science journals. AHCI covers archeology, architecture, art, Asian studies, classics, dance, folklore, history language, linguistics, literature, music, philosophy, poetry, radio, television and film, religion, and theater. The unique feature of this database is the Cited Reference Search, which finds how many times a work has been cited by other articles and identifies where they were cited.

ARTStor is a repository of over 500,000 digital images of art, architecture, photography, decorative arts and design, and archaeology. ARTStor's software tools support a wide range of pedagogical and research uses including: viewing and analyzing images through features such as zooming and panning, saving groups of images online for personal or shared uses, and creating and delivering presentations both online and offline. ARTStor is funded by the Mellon Foundation and is now linked with JSTOR.

ARTStor's featured collections include:

  • The Image Gallery (200,000+ images including the former AMICO library)
  • The Art History Survey Collection (4,000+ images from 13 standard art history survey texts)
  • Illustrated Bartsch (57,000 images of 15th-19th century Old Master European prints)
  • The Carnegie Arts of the United States Collection (4,500 images of canonic works of American art and architecture)
  • The Huntington Archive of Asian Art (12,000 images of Asian art)
  • The Mellon International Dunhuang Archive (images and QuickTime Virtual Reality tours of Buddhist cave grottoes in Dunhuang, China)
  • The Museum of Modern Art Architecture and Design Collection (8,000 images of design objects and drawings from MOMA)
  • Native American Art and Culture (10,000 images from the Smithsonian of historic photographs documenting Native American subjects)
  • Schlesinger History of Women in America Collection (36,000 images from the Schlesinger Library's photographic archive) is an open-access electronic repository of over 500,000 electronic scholarly articles. It is an important database in physics and math but also covers computer science and quantitative biology.

    Contains 252 plays by 42 playwrights, together with information on related productions, theaters, production companies, and more. Continuously updated, when complete the collection will include more than 250 plays, of which some 50% have never been published before. The database also includes selected playbills, production photographs and other ephemera related to the plays.

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