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Index of academic and popular articles about plants and gardening. Topics include horticulture, garden and landscape design and history, botany, ecology, plant and garden conservation, garden management, and horticultural therapy. This index and abstract product is designed for gardening enthusiasts, professionals, and students of horticulture, garden and landscape design and history. More than 300 core titles, mostly English-language, are indexed and abstracted.
Gender Studies Database combines the Women's Studies International and Men's Studies databases with the coverage of sexual diversity issues. Source documents include professional journals, conference papers, books, book chapters, government reports, discussion and working papers, theses & dissertations and other sources. Several hundred links provide access to carefully selected and important websites. This database includes more than 921,000 records, with coverage spanning from 1972 and earlier to the present.
GenderWatch is a full text database of publications that focuses on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas and countries. Subjects include: business, education, literature and the arts, health sciences, history, political science, public policy, sociology and contemporary culture, gender and women's studies and more. Indexed are journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, regional publications, books, booklets and pamphlets, conference proceedings, and government, NGO and special reports.

Geobase provides comprehensive bibliographic references to important journals in the fields of physical and human geography, geology, mineralogy, ecology and development studies. International in scope, Geobase provides coverage from over 1,800 primary journals, books, monographs, reports, and theses. Geobase pulls together the information from seven abstracts journals - Geological Abstracts, Geomechanics Abstracts, Geographical Abstracts: Human Geography, Geographical Abstracts: Physical Geography, Ecological Abstracts, International Development Abstracts to enable comprehensive multidisciplinary searches of international literature.

A Cumulative Index to 70 years of German Life and Letters with names and subject cross-indexes created by Gordon Burgess and J. Mellis and available from the Blackwell website.
GMID contains more than 4,500 US and international full-text market research reports, offering in-depth strategic analysis for consumer, industrial and service sectors. It also has statistics on consumer market size data for over 300 product categories across 52 counties.
Written by a staff of experienced, professional journalists, Gongwer's daily Ohio Report provides coverage of every bill in the General Assembly and closely tracks the activities of the executive and judicial branches. Beyond daily news reporting, Gongwer provides its readers with a suite of products that enhance their ability to monitor and react to political and policy developments. Includes House and Senate activity reports; bill tracking and history reports; legislative committee meeting schedules; committee lists, rosters and contacts; correspondence tools; Day Planner scheduling service; Agency Calendar; Political Planner: notices of political fundraisers, conferences and other political activities; Statehouse Job Market; links to the full text of key documents, reports, opinions and transcripts; directories, biographies and contact information for lawmakers and executive branch officials; information and biographies on candidates and ballot issues; bill introduction & enactment reports.
Searches the full text of the U.S. patents. View images of original patents online, or save and print them for offline use. Covers the entire collection of patents made available by the USPTO
GPO Access

GPO Access has been superseded by FDSys.

GPO Monthly Catalog is a comprehensive index of United States government publications. This index covers publications of executive agencies such as the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Transportation, and Treasury; numerous independent agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Social Security Administration; and Congress. Publications cover a wide range of subjects in the social sciences and sciences. This index also includes citations to government resources on the Internet. Many of the publications in this index are shelved by SuDoc number in the Government Information & Law Department, basement of King Library. Publications received in microfiche are in Microform Storage. Check the library catalog and use "Request item".

GreenFILE offers information covering all aspects of human impact on the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles include content on the environmental effects of individuals, corporations and local/national governments, and what can be done on each level to minimize negative impact. Topics covered include global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. GreenFILE is multidisciplinary by nature and draws on the connections between the environment and a variety of disciplines such as agriculture, education, law, health and technology.

Publisher Greenwood provides an interface to search thought its printed Daily Life series'. Texts explore the daily life of culures and countries and cover history and current topics. Also included are primary documents, images, maps, vetted weblinks, Tours through Time features, Spanning the Globe features, and thousands of folk and fairy tales.

Guide to Interest Groups and Lobbying in the United States offers a thematic analysis of interest groups and lobbying in American politics and over the course of American political history. It explores how interest groups have organized and articulated their support for numerous issues, and have they grown – both in numbers and range of activities – to become an integral part of the U.S. political system. Beginning with the foundations of interest groups during the late 19th Century Gilded Age, to the contemporary explosive growth of lobbying, Political Action Committees, and new forms of interest group cyberpolitics, readers are provided with multiple approaches to understanding the complex and changing interest advocacy sphere.

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